‘Chiginya did not vote during special vote’


ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission (Zec) director of polling logistics Japhet Murenje yesterday told a Harare magistrate that the examination he carried out on police officer Mugove Chiginya proved that the latter did not cast his ballot during the special vote.


Testifying in the case in which MDC-T deputy national chairman Morgan Komichi was allegedly found in possession of Chiginya’s ballots in contravention of the Electoral Act, Murenje said he examined the police officer’s finger using an ultra-violet light detector and no traces of voting ink were detected.

Chiginya’s finger was examined on July 26 and two days later, Komichi was arrested by police at his Bluff Hill home.

Another State witness, Jane Pamhidzai Chigiji, who was the special voting team leader, told presiding magistrate Tendai Mahwe that it was Komichi who had told the commission that he opened the tamper–proof envelope out of curiosity.

“He told the meeting he had opened the envelope. He said it was sealed when he received it, but opened it out of curiosity,” she said, adding that the accused refused to disclose who had given him the envelope.

She said the envelope was called tamperproof because once it was opened, it could not be resealed.

When prosecutor Michael Mugabe produced the envelope and its contents as exhibits, defence counsel Alec Muchadehama objected arguing that Chigiji was not the proper witness through which the exhibits could be produced.

“We are not even sure that she touched these documents before today. She has not even identified the documents properly,” he said.

Mahwe, however, overruled the objection on the basis that the production of the exhibits had not been disputed.

Allegations against Komichi are that on July 25 at the Harare International Conference Centre, he approached Zec and presented a ballot envelope which he said had been picked up from a rubbish bin outside the Command Centre.

He is said to have alleged that Zec was destroying ballot papers of members of the uniformed forces who voted for MDC–T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his party.


  1. even if it were true he voted will he admit it now considering the paper was marked for Tsvangirai.after all police officers have been sent away from the force for lesser crimes.

  2. it being a criminal offence to open the special vote papers, the following questions cab be asked:
    i. was the inspection done in the presence of the accused to ascertain if the policeman didn’t vote or voted? ii. was the accused called to witness the inspection? iii. did they have mdc-t people around to witness the inspection? why was the ultra-violet light detector not used around the country during voting time to avoid possible double voting.

  3. ndapanduka zvachose, leave that person haana mhosva. you promised us a lot of things but you failed to give us since 2000. I need to tell the whole nation about the other side of my part

  4. Magetsi hakuna, Mvura hakuna ndiyani ati dhuu mutoireti. Instead of concentrating in Economic resasitation these guyz are bizy following up on silly issues. Please release that man. We want electricity, water, High salaries.

  5. Im one police officer who found my name voted during the special vote but i didnt vote,
    plz lets leave this can of worms and leave behind the long gone elections.

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