Address power shortages or lose integrity, Mavhaire told

TRANSPARENCY International Zimbabwe (TIZ) has implored Energy and Power Development minister Dzikamai Mavhaire to address power shortages afflicting the country as an accountability measure of government.


TIZ information officer Cheryl Khuphe said in a statement that the corruption watchdog, through its Community Advocacy Unit, was concerned with Zesa’s incessant power cuts.

“Incessant power cuts have become the order of the day for Zimbabwe amid reports that Zesa has increased its load-shedding resulting in homes and businesses operating without power for long lengths of time,” she said.

She said failure to deliver quality services to rates and tax payers eroded the ministry’s integrity.

“Accountability is uttermost in this new parliamentary dispensation and the honourable minister is called upon to provide answers to the public through Parliament on escalating power outages,” she said.

Khuphe said Mavhaire had an obligation to allay the public’s anxieties by outlining his ministry’s plans to contain the problem of power outages.

She said Zimbabweans have endured power challenges for too long and the pre-paid meters seem not to have brought the expected relief.

“Zimbabweans demand and deserve a long-term solution to this problem that has entered its second decade now,” she said.

“The general populace had hoped the adoption of Zesa prepaid meters would add revenue thereby increasing power supply.”

Mavhaire, however, last week said the increased power outages were caused by maintenance work being undertaken by the Zimbabwe Power Company since the beginning of September, but would soon ease.
“We expect the current situation to continue to improve. The breakdowns at Hwange and the transmission challenges have been resolved,” Mavhaire said.

“The power supply is expected to improve steadily and reach acceptable levels by the end of October.”

He said Zimbabwe had a shortfall of 563 megawatts (MW) of electricity due to maintenance works as the local power stations produced 1 167MW.

He said Hwange Power Station was producing 470MW from four units while Kariba was generating 500MW.

Other small thermal power stations contribute 47MW to the grid with only 200MW being imported from Hydro Cahora Bassa in Mozambique. Zimbabwe uses 1 730MW per day in summer and 2 200MW at peak in winter.

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  1. minister fire zesa top brass im sure they are artificially exergerating power sure they are nw playing politics in office instead of delivering.vari kuprotester kuti zanu pf yakahwina.kuda kushoresa Gushungo kuti honai them nw plz

    1. Splitting hairs. There is no politics here. Our infrastructure has decayed and has been neglected for far too long. The problem in this country is that there is no planning at all. This is what Smith left and since then no attempt has been made by the ruling power to address this cancer which was there long before GNU. What we must demand now is delivery and not casting aspersions at MDC which had nothing to do with power issues since it inherited a decaying stock. We need to build a new power station, something that is going to take up to 8 years.

  2. TI, like other ngos is politically motivated to achieve regime change. Power outages did not start when Mavhaire assumed office. During gnu, this ministry fell under mdcteaboy, outages were the order of the day but I dont recall TI making such a statement.

    1. @Gandanga, we never experienced power to this level during gnu. some times we spent two weeks without experiencing losd shedding. former minister Mangoma was better.

    2. Gandanga, you are right. Power cuts started a long time ago because Mugabe has no clue how to plan for anything. You may have forgotten that he has ruled Zimbabwe for 33 years and the buck stops with him. All the rot that we see around the country – corruption, pot holes, cholera, typhoid, hunger and starvation and power cuts are evidence of an incompetent president.He believes when you are a president your job starts and ends with the looting of national resources.

  3. Wezhira, jokes aside, yu have a serious challenge…everything else hinges on energy….panoda maserious

  4. zimbabwe needs an alternative source of energy like gas for stoves and so on… Continual reliance of coal based coal will always lead to power shortages…. zesa should consider introducing gas stoves in households.. And one more thing rural electrification should be considered on a solar energy basis…. And/or use of biogas too much energy is being lost and we dnt even use it….

  5. Zanu causing all this,charlatans!!goons!!

  6. tete rufaro mazviwana kupi izvozvo.

  7. Elementary mistake. The Minister should not try to be the public relations executive of ZESA, he should let them deal with the mess after all, they never bothered to communicate with the public before and during the load shedding.
    The minister should be angry with the public, publicly demand an explanation and publicly demand a resolution within days! That is the reality of politics and he is a politician. His “truth” wont win him friends!

  8. Munoziva…vanhu veZanu musatidaro..kana makundikana to deliver why kupomera isu veMdc mhosva…People need delivery of services not that regime change mantra…you ‘won’ elections,can you just deliver

  9. Thats typical Zimbabwe electricity sometimes available

  10. bring in new players in electricity generation,we got Sengwa coal fields with vast of coal,lets give it to those who got the technology to set up thermal plants

  11. the only reason we get is maintanance of equipment. why kip on relying on 40 yrs old machinery instead of coming up alternative solutions like new power stations. coz wat it means is there is no expansion to power generation so problem stil persists coz its jus maintanance. mr minister we nid alternative sources plz .

  12. Seriously, alternatives like gas and or solar suggested above should be the short term solution while we do an FS of harnessing small scale hydro stations, We gotta get it right, Yes we can do things on our own…Zva Mangoma muregererei…he was a man on a mission…unfortunately it all failed.

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