Zimbabwe Diamondgate: net closes in


THE Anti-Corrruption Commission and the police have swung into action after Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday lifted the lid on the $6 million bribery scam involving ex-Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation chairperson Godwills Masimirembwa.


Anti-Corruption Commission chairperson Denford Chirindo confirmed in an interview last night that the commission had started investigating the matter, but refused to shed more light.

“I must, however, point out that all law-enforcement agents are taking that (corruption) seriously and we want to make sure we achieve what the President wants us to — fight and eradicate corruption. That is what we are geared to do. We don’t disclose what we are doing, but we investigate and refer matters for prosecution. Definitely, we want to make sure that we eradicate corruption.”

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba said police investigations have commenced, but would be expedited when complainants from Ghana come. Sources at the Attorney-General’s office said they would only act on the diamond case after the police are through with their investigations.

Mugabe on Tuesday lashed out at Masimirembwa, accusing him of taking a $6 million bribe from Ghanaian investor William Ato Essien — the founder of Gye Nyame Resources (GNR).

Mugabe declared that such corrupt activities would not go unpunished under his watch.

Yesterday, analysts and political parties said the diamond case could be a tip of the iceberg which would see Mugabe saddled with the unenviable task of dealing with corrupt top Zanu PF members.

While some doubted Mugabe’s sincerity over the issue of corruption, others believe that the 89-year- old leader is genuine, but faces a mammoth task in eradicating the scourge.

Political analyst Enerst Mudzengi said: “I think he is serious and appears genuine. Resources from that sector (mining) have not benefited the nation at large to the chagrin of the President. It’s difficult to tell who else would be targeted, but he is likely to come hard on them (senior Zanu PF officials) to correct his legacy and in this quest, heads are likely to roll,” he said.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora called on Mugabe to walk the talk.

“If President Mugabe and Zanu PF are serious about curbing corruption, they should not be selective in their endeavour. It is a good starting point. If indeed he (Masimirembwa) did what he is alleged to have done, he must be brought to book and so must others who are higher than him,” Mwonzora said.

However, MDC secretary-general Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga expressed skepticism over Zanu PF’s sincerity.

Misihairabwi-Mushonga said singling out the ex-ZMDC boss could be Mugabe’s strategy to divert attention from economic and social challenges which she felt Zanu PF was not able to solve.

“Zanu PF is in a difficult position as it has to deliver economically and socially. The whole corruption crusade could be one area President Mugabe would want to lean on. I think we are seeing the beginning of what is to come. He needs something to walk with while trying to sort out the economy,” Misihairabwi-Mushonga said.

Mines and Mining Development minister Walter Chidhakwa also said he would be briefed on the matter today or tomorrow.

Ex-Mines and Mining Development minister Obert Mpofu, whose ministry supervised the deal between Ghanaian investors and ZMDC in a joint venture to mine diamonds in Marange, remained tight-lipped on the issue, saying: “I have no comment. I don’t want to talk about things in another ministry. Talk to the minister responsible.”


  1. Mugabe is hiding behind his finger. Everyone is aware that those close to him were looting diamonds and cover up by praising him. Mugabe and zanu pf are not clean to handle this matter. That is why we are calling for a change at the top. All those who still want this old man there are using his weaknesses as shield for their wrong doings.

  2. Its not a case of who was invovled in the looting of diamonds but who was not. Its like the biblical Sodom and Gommorah where Lot pleaded with God to spare mankind

  3. Ex-Mines and Mining Development minister Obert Mpofu, whose ministry supervised the deal between Ghanaian investors and ZMDC in a joint venture to mine diamonds in Marange, remained tight-lipped on the issue, saying: “I have no comment. I don’t want to talk about things in another ministry. Talk to the minister responsible.”

    Ober Dumbuguru you know the story. How can we ask Chidhakwa yet you were the Minister of Mines then. SHAME ON YOU

  4. anti corruption commission, please dont waste our time. you know you are toothless dogs. you have been given a lot of evidence, but because your hands are tired to get to the big fish and you are always watched that you dont even get closer your work is but in vain. retire than waste people’s money especially if you have a conscience.

  5. So it needs Mugabe to say something in public for one to be investigated. Hapana mutemo apa, kumirira kuudzwa the next person to investigate. Why was the Anti-corruption stopped from searching some ministries a long time ago, now they say they will do what the President want and not the law says.

  6. We shall remain skeptical until appropriate axn has been taken being the wily fox that he is he will stop at nothing to spruce up his battered image, talk of a scapegoat after all he is just a small fish when the big fish get caught will we give Mudhara some credit now its only waffle bull and cock nonsense.

  7. The net wont go very far. Just a few unimportant casualties…because if it goes far it will catch the main man in this whole web. dont tell me Grace doesnt benefit from these deals and we know who she fronts for. Tiri kungoitwa mafuza zvedu….haimbobati chaipo chaipo nyaya iyi. Mbeki spoke about this issue yemaGhanaians about 4-5 yrs ago kuna Bob. Why is it just coming out now?

  8. Pasina kubatwa Obert Dumbuguru zvichikwira kuna boss vake hapana nyaya. kutungana kwembudzi. The real corrupt pple vari kumusoro. Masirembwa is corrupti but he only got the crumps from the high table!

  9. The best manipulator is Gushungo he is lying because he knows what happened and that delisted lawyer did not pay his rent . so its pay back time but we know that this case will die a natural death .hapana anoenda kujeri. ko zvinyowani here ? Gushungo said it if you make money in zpf thre is no word like stealing in zpf . pliz refresh my memory kana pane zpf cadre yakamboenda kujeri nestealing unless warasa gwara remusangano.which is unless wakanya Gushungo

  10. Mabvuku Tafara ndiye Mp wedu he has got his people at heart.takaisirwa matanks emvura mudzimba,mumachechi,nemuzvkoro. Pama Mp ese emu harare anosenza chaizvo even hake akadyiwa na Maridadi pa ma elections hazvina kumbomumusa kuita zvakanaka ku vanhu.and haatarisi kuti uri Muzano here kana muchinja anongo batsira munhu vese

    • He has been putting his loot to good use..i guess thats the point you are hitting at Mukariri. I dont dont know what you will say of a thief who gives his loot to the church(by the way we had one such case in the not so distant past).. I understand this guy also has a college offering law diplomas courtesy of the diamond money of course. So the moral dilemma is should we say he must be forgiven because heput his loot to good use and according to Muikariri without looking at people’s political affiliations

  11. Anti Corruption works like our own ZRP who waits for someone to complaint or say it in public for them to act. Why Obert is not also charged with Incompetence of failing to manage his surbodinate. In each and every company, courts and ministry of labour employees are axed for being incompetent if they fail to surpevise their juniors. With this only, Obert Mpofu must also be answerable

  12. Uyu Masimirembwa anenge ane yaakapara isiri ye corruption. Of course we know kuti corruption yakaitwa but haisiyo yega nyaya iripo apa. Iye ainyanyawo kufarisa, kubva mazuva e price control than becomes a quack political analyst, zmdc boss and recently aspiring zanu pf mp. Akaura, mudhara Bob haana hukama hunoenda kure, ukamukanya unochiona.

  13. Chindori Chininga was sacrificed murdered for bringing the very same issues to light. And they even denied him hero status. Now Mugabe professes to walk on high ground…. And $6 million? What about the $10 billion in unaccounted fir outflows that could lift our country off its knees?

  14. Relax everyone.these charges will soon fizzle out once the sharks get caught in the net.Masi is just a sardine.u will see

  15. Lets have Masimirembwas story he said there are people who are the owners of the deal who misrepresented H.E. if they are also ropped in only then can we believe

  16. The generality of the Zimbos are not surprised by the Corruption Saga .It is like breaking news to the Zimbos that the sun rises from the east and sets to the west. That is not news at all.
    The issue is, can this culture of corruption that has found itself in some influental people ‘s veins be flushed out. For the good of the nation it has to happen or we sink.

  17. lets hope and pray that this corruption doesn’t carry on to the new government coz its gonna be disaster.Dumbuguru Obie hameno zvichauya lets fold our arms and see how they will tackle it

  18. Takakuvhoterai kuti musunge Maisimbe embwa here, he already brought the country to its knees when he did his price control act. We voted for u to be indeginised not to give the nigerians licence to loot our resources. Westerns are a better option for investiment than nigerians!!!!!

  19. hahahaha…not news at all Zimbabwe is pathetic…Zanu criminals are untouchable only until bob says ‘catch this one’ if anyone from the ACC or ZRP tries to touch the true and real tsotsis..we all know them….he will go the Masimirembwa way…shame on us

  20. People,people,people,do not be fooled,this is drama makuda kuti bhohwa mange,loot in silence but remember one day you will die and leave all this.MUGABE IS TO SMALL AND OLD TO SOLVE THIS CASE,it starts from his bedroom.

  21. To Gandanga – It was not Lot who pleaded for mankind at Sodom & Gomorrah, rather it was Abraham Gen 18 v 22- 32.

    Still two wrong cant make a right. Why would you licence Ghanians for that matter. Have we run out of our own makorokoza.

  22. keep on doing good for the nation ,many zimbabweans are so so poor yet this thievies are enjoying,no jobs yet they took our money to use for prostituting .their sins will find them out and they wil pay.am so suprise with this thing they call baba jukwa for still leading zimbabweans to distructing open ur eyes and look forward u people wil need to build nt relay on gospy

  23. Nyika yanga iine nhoroondo yakanaka US$ rakatanga manje manje but you hear some people are now millionairs but none of their companies are doing well workers going months no pay.The countries history is being killed tichitonga batai mbavha nyika ifambe iyi.

  24. You are now in the right direction Mr President root out corruption and save our country resources and help to rescue the poor the right for their wealth.

  25. Masimirembwa’s grovelling appeal is nauseating. He said, “I respect and love my President and I just hope that I will be given an opportunity to put my side of the story,” he told the Herald newspaper, instead of robustly stating that “Mugabe is talking nonsense, I am innocent”. Why start with the “respect and love” nonsense? Such deification of Mugabe makes Mugabe think he is some kind of God among us.
    He should have told Mugabe that he [Mugabe] had more skeletons in his cupboard than himself. We can help him compile the dossier on Mugabe’s theft of state resources over 33 years. It’s back-to-the-wall moment you have to hit back robustly.

  26. Goddy what goes around comes around. Remember the many people you instructed the police to arrest over nyaya dzemadiamond? Most of them people just trying to feed their families. Nhasi ndezvakowo and ukaita munyama you will be meeting some of them very soon.

  27. I think obert mpofu nakasuwere ngavasungwe if e president want to win e hearts of e pple. Kangai akasungwa ingawani. Wats so special to those 2 guys. Munhu angatenga vic falls yese kuita yake. And it seems president vakavarwira panguva veanti corruption vaida kuita basa ravo.nw vaakutya and president ndovaakutoti uyu sungai uyu regai. So better vaite zvese vega no need for anti corruption commision nd police.

  28. there could be a degree of seriousness from the President but I foresee charges being dropped as soon as the president knows other big gays involved directly or indirectly. more cases are likely to emerge. wait and see.

  29. and whos going to impeach mugabe. u only have to read animal farm to know whats happening. this anti corruption thing is a shadow of what was called the leadership code back in the 80s. this led tounearthing scandals such as willogate and the sandura commision was instigated. we know buses and lorries from willowvale were taken to mugabes in-laws in Ghana. the investigations stopped in their tracks just as they were about to touch the big fish. one (nyagumbo) committed suicide after feelin betrayed whn he wasnt protected by gushaz. the smelliest calprit one Fredrick shava only felt jail for 9hrs bfor gushaz set him free. is this the same one whos talking corruption. cmon guys its been 33yrs nw and one mugabe is as guilty as sin too. this anti corruption thing will never see the light of day. its a scapegoat for the monumental economic failures of these electoral fraudsters…

  30. Some people hero-worship gukurahundi Mugabe to bit I tell you!!

    Some of these commentators/analysts surely, to believe Mugabe is genuine about fighting corruption is the hieght of lunacy.

    If he is genuine, then how do you explain that Chinamasa came up with millions of Rands for elections just on the eve of these elections and did the gukurahundi question where this money was from? Was Chinamasa the Finance Minister or the Finance Minister was Biti?

    You can not be genuine in fighting corruption if you are being selective. Clearly the gugurahundi narrative is that corruption is bad if it serves the interest of individuals, but is ok and acceptable if its serves the interest of the gukurahundi party – absolute bull if you ask me!!!

  31. Zanu-PF want to appear to be fighting corruption Considering the revenue from Chiadzwa diamonds $6million is peanuts. Ndiko kupengera mhutwa (peanut frgaments) iro dura rizere nzungu rakadyiwa kudhara.

  32. Ahhh! Who would believe this rubbish? The Zanu way is: Use corruption to win an election. If you fail to win you are not a good corruption practitioner, so we don’t need you. We do away with you, FOR FAILING TO CARRY OUT CORRUPTION EFFICIENTLY, YOU CANNOT GO ON WITHIN THE RANKS OF ZANU (PF).

    Dai Masimirembwa Wembwa uyu akagona kuita huori mushe, aaa, dai ari mushe so. Bvunza Patireki Chinamasa.

  33. @doritori

    I think we must forgive him because the 6 million benefited the Mabvuku Tafara Community unlike others who are self benefiting Masi had people at heart. Late alone Masimirembwa Trust
    which is paying school fees for disadvantage pupil in Tafara/Mabvuku Community

  34. @Mukariri- this makes Masimirembwa even more dangerous as he was corrupting the minds of the youth..Imagine what this does to young minds that you can steal and give droppings to the disadvantaged and everything will be OK..Robin Hood the 13th century thief did not keep any of the proceeds for himself unlike this gentleman. Our young should be told the importance of a full day’s work and the beauty of the reward flowing from this. No sir, this is one part we can not forgive..stealing has become common place in the land but please spare our children, they are all we have left!

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