Zesa cuts off Gweru council


GWERU — Power utility company Zesa Holdings has disconnected Gweru City Council over an outstanding bill of $10 million.


Mayor Hamutendi Kombayi confirmed the development saying Gweru Civic Centre had been relying on a generator since last week.

“Gweru council has been cut off by Zesa, but I am still to be furnished with details on the actual amount owed to the power utility. I just have unconfirmed figures that estimate the bill at $10 million,”said Kombayi.

He said the council plans to engage Zesa to work out an agreement on how best to settle the bill without disrupting operations at the municipality.

Zesa also cut off power at council’s works yard near Kudzanai bus terminus.

“I understand key areas such as clinics and our waterworks have been spared after disconnection of the works yard,” Kombayi said.

Council finance director Edgar Mwedzi could also not confirm the amount owed to Zesa when contacted yesterday saying he could only do so today.

“I can’t give you the figures off-head, but if you come tomorrow (today) we can talk,” he said.

Council went for three weeks without power in September last year after Zesa switched it off over a $2 million unpaid bill.


  1. A commission of enquiry must be set to investigate ZESA. Power cuts are being done willy nilly though most people are on prepaid meters. This is fraud at its worst. If anything is to go by and ZESA continues with these power cuts, they should revert back to postpaid meters. These idiots are shortchanging us.

  2. truetrue now they are on super loadshedding since pasina wekudzira magetsi mudzimba.Yu can see the supermode in operation citywide if u stay koBulawayo.VaGwasira tiudzei mamwe manyepo.Asi zivai kuti muchapererwa nenhema chete.

  3. The truth is that most of the electricity is going to people who are not paying. Now that they are in charge, ZESA cannot ask for payment or bill them. The ordinary will suffer till Jesus comes.

    • @jemma. yes people like Gweru council were getting electricity without paying and now zesa has no but to disconnect. now that Council has slashed our debts, how is going to settle its old electricity bills?

  4. Zesa is very busy with economic sabotage, Minister act now! I recall just before the elections we went for a period of 4 months without load shedding. Suddenly after elections we are getting 12 hour load-shedding. This stated when govt. was mulling bill cancellation in the light of sanctions induced hardships. Generating capacity didn’t change in both periods. So what’s going on?
    I then recall that when the GNU Minister took over at energy, Rafemoyo was retired. Is the sitting CEO correctly aligned to the new political dispensation? Just wondering!

    • Do you want ZESA to provide us with what it doesn’t have? Former energy minister E. Mngoma used used to negotate imports. If new minister, Mavhaire can’t negotiate imports with our neighbors then thats it. ZESA has no option but to manage the little they have i.e load shedding.

  5. @Farai I agree with you on most of your issues except where you say our hardships are sanctions induced our hardships are from bad governance and misdirected policies

    • @Trooper, on that note I would have to conclude that you underestimate the full extent and impact of Sanctions. Unless you are referring to bad governance and misdirected policies over the management of these Sanctions. We have not yet even started to try to deal with the Sanctions issue mistakenly believing we can argue the West into abandoning that policy on the basis of it’s injustice and immorality.
      Unfortunately they seem more determine to achieve their end objective then we are in countering it.

  6. Can’t you all see that there is now great improvement in supply of electricity since Tsvangirai and left government. New government is importing more electricity to help zesa. Pamberi nezanu. We are now irrigating our farms for free. Hameno henyu munofarira kugara kutown muchirega kunorima. Magetsi avakuminda. Pamberi neblack empowerment, pamberi neZANU PF.

  7. some pple are funny,they asked zesa to scrap some of the bills & expect it to provide uninterupted electricity,bt how on this earth!i believe our average generation stands at abt 1300 mw agnst an estimated demand of abt 1900mw during pick hours.zesa used to bridge the gap the thru e importation.now tht the working capital is being drained by the politicians hw do we expect zesa to survive!the same pple who advocated for the debt write off are the same who owes zesa millions of dollars.to me zesa is 1 of the parastatal doing well.its installed capacity its abt 1900mw agnst 1300mw tht is currently produced.simple mathematics will sho its capacity utilisation @ 68%.wht we need @ zesa are permanent solutions like building new power stations @avoidance of interference by politicians.i dont see any improvement of the situation in the near future with calibre of laeders we have.experts say it requires abt 5yrs to build a power station!hameno hameno

  8. zesa is very very patient with debtors. can you imagine $10million without being disconnected. these are the institution which are killing zesa. how can zesa import electricity when people and withhelding such figures. pamberi ne disconnection.

  9. City Council must not behave like vanhu vanopenga, What happen last week vakanganwa hanti? They Clamped ZESA vehicle at the ZESA office. and also they damaged the Vehicle in the Process.
    FIRE by FIRE kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  10. “Handidi zvekufonegwa vusiku, kuoffice kwangu mokuziva, huyai kuoffice (I don’t entertain these late calls at night, you know where my office is, come to my office),” he said before hanging up.


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