‘Mugabe, Tsvangirai to discuss PM’s exit package’


OUTGOING Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai may get an exit package — including the government house he is living in and at least two vehicles.


However, according to Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, the issue would be discussed directly with President Robert Mugabe.

Tamborinyoka yesterday refused to shed light on his boss’ possible exit package, but said Tsvangirai and Mugabe could meet soon to discuss the issue.

“If there are any exit package issues to talk about, the former Prime Minister will talk directly to the President and these are certainly not issues to discuss through the Press,” Tamborinyoka said.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba also refused to speak on the issue yesterday although he has, in a previous interview with our sister paper the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper, indicated Tsvangirai could buy the Highlands home he was currently staying.

“No one will evict him from the house,” Charamba was quoted as saying on the sidelines of Mugabe’s inauguration last month.

“There was an agreement that he could purchase the property and the agreement still stands. The question is whether he can afford to pay for the house, because the State should get fair value for it.”

Reliable sources yesterday said apart from the house, Tsvangirai could also be given the option to buy two vehicles, a Range Rover and a Mercedes Benz.

Outgoing ministers may, however, take with them their official vehicles which they would have to buy at book value and nothing more.

Outgoing Cabinet ministers whom NewsDay spoke to yesterday about the issue of packages said they did not know what would happen.

Outgoing Public Service minister Lucia Matibenga said: “To be honest, I know nothing about the (exit) package. All I know is that I received my end of August salary which was my last in government.

Unfortunately in the conditions of service (for ministers), nothing of that sort is mentioned. I still have the vehicle allocated to me though I may surrender it if ordered to do so when the new Cabinet is sworn in,” she said.

Another MDC-T minister who spoke on condition of anonymity also professed ignorance on what was due to him.

Ex-Energy minister Elias Mudzuri said he took with him only the vehicle he had been using which he bought at book value when he was relieved of his ministerial post in 2011.

“I was only given the right to buy my official vehicle, a Mercedes Benz E280, which I bought at book value for about $5 000,” Mudzuri said.

He said in his opinion, ex-ministers in Zimbabwe were getting a raw deal and deserved to get better exit packages. He said ministers were usually individuals who would have left their other jobs or businesses to go into government on a full-time basis and yet they were exposed to destitution upon leaving government.

“They must give them something like what other countries such as Nigeria do. These politicians would have left their jobs to serve their country full-time. They are then forced to return to politics to avoid being destitute,” Mudzuri said.


  1. Politics is a job like any other, it has a specific term being your period in office. Your performance in office either gets you an additional term or your contract expires. There is no need Mr. .Mudzuri for you to claim exit packages because you made a choice. Either way Ministers still run their business anyway, maybe that’s why their performance is dismal. Packages, if any should be at the discretion of the State. Whatever job we do, we are all serving Zimbabwe, saka tikati tese toda chigumuro panopera contract zvingaita here. A Ministerial Post is a civil servant position and the policies of the civil service should apply.

    • wena sithutha escalade
      From today sithutha ndini, know that politics is not the civil service, therefore politicians are not civil servants. Dont expose your ignorance and low levels of education on these platforms. Uboyangeka mani, hlakanipha vuka!!

  2. Is this news what of the greater part of the civil servants who lost out during the dallarization, up to now some have not yet received their peanut pension funds. Some even died in dire poverty leaving famine and starvation as the only heritage to bequeath to their families after serving for years in government ministries, Gono committed a serious offense and only God will judge.

  3. Is government giving exit packages to contract workers i.e matemporary teachers and all those in different ministries who would have worked without any medical aid benefits and all other benefits.Chii chazokosha pachiInclusive government ichi,our own 42nd Congress.You can as well recall all Selous Scouts and give them packages.

    • A package should be given to him.he worked for the country which benefited us all saka ipai munhu zvinhu zvake like any other companies do.

  4. If I were an ex MDC cabinet minister I would be rreally careful what I say about these exit packages. People are seething with rage over the elections and they are appotioning blame in all directions..the ex MDC officer better be really careful they dont draw this super charged ire of the voters and their supporters..This clamour for cars as exit packages just like request for two cars on joining government made people really angry with the party, now instead of providing leadership they are shouting loud and hard for these benefits which made people angry with them in the first place..I know Luke is the PM’s spokesman and can hardly be expected to be everywhere but this is very dangerous and slippery ground the ex ministers are travelling. I suggest they refuse these cars or if the worst came to the worst they should have them auctioned with proceeds going to charity..This is like waving a red flag to a charging bull.
    As for the PM he should go back to his house in Strathaven. People are watching very closely how he is going to react to this..and here all their PR people should manage how this is communicated to the public. I have faith in Tamborinyoka, he should manage the flow of info on this car and houses exit packages saga..the MDC does not need any ugly publicity in the game at this stage.

    • MDC-Tea are hungry LIONS mzaya wait and see. Its first time the hear people asking about exit packages. We may end up-with back-dated exit packages for former Ministers. This party is MDC the real DESTROYERS AND THEY STRIVE ON PROTEST VOTES. Theirs is “if the situation does bad people will vote us in”

  5. politicians are also humans beings who deserve to get exit packages like all of us. but the problem is that the exit packages that these guys get are extra ordinary, how can they get million dollar exit packages when some in civil service are not getting paid for months on end, i see animal farm happening

  6. Engineer Mudzuri gets it wrong in a few places. Ministers are not contracted workers. They can be appointed today and be fired the next day without them having any right to ask for terminal benefits. Yes, Nigeria might give its former ministers exit packages, but then Nigeria is overflowing with oil and they can have the oil money as a ‘thank you’ gesture to departing ministers. Any former minister who expects terminal benefits should check in their files if they ever applied for the job or if the job was ever advertised and what the conditions were. Only professional jobs are advertised with all the engagement details being made to applicants. Ministers never applied for their jobs, so they can not ask for terminal benefits which are usually for professionals who signed a contract with the employer. Because they are not professionally hired, ministers have never gone on strike in any country to demand a salary increase or better working conditions. In other words, ministers are just volunteers, and I have never heard of volunteers demanding terminal benefits. Gratuities, yes, but those are not a must.

    • You are very correct, Hove. My own advice to Morgan Richard Tsvangirai is: Forget about the house as a package and just accept the cars at book value. There is no law saying that former Prime Ministers must have their official residencies as exit packages. The house is a govt house and must be given back to the govt. In any case Tsvangirai has his own house so why worry? The house is being dangled as a bait so that the public will see that Tsvangirai is just as greedy as ZANU PF folks. ZANU PF has trapped Morgan by sending ZANU PF women to “honeytrap” him and he has often fallen for the trap. Now they are coming back with the house trap. Wise up, Morgan.

    • mr sir, nigerian ministers can get terminal benefits coz the country is over-flowing with oil? yes. but I hope u had not forgotten that zimbabwe is over-flowing with diamond. and for a record, a minister besides being a politicians, he is still a human being and a zimbabwean on top of that. if it were u offered, would u reject it because u are a politician belonging to an opposition party commanding a great following? definitely not.

  7. I love the maturity in your contributions. Further cultivate the spirit of tolerance when it comes to a competing view.

  8. C’mmon, Elias Mudzuri, talk like an educated person, kanti unjani wena siwula. A whole Engineer, mfondini?

    Politics is NOT a profession, you should not go into politics expecting personal returns. The only returns you should seek to achieve as a politician should be to the country, by way of devoloping the country. This is why, political positions/jobs are not subject to Labour laws. You can be removed at any time.

    The only political poositions that normally attract retirement packages in most countries are the President and Deputy president, and that is simply out of respect of the office of the Head of State. Former Heads of States should not end up embarrasing the nation when they become desitute!

    People should go into politics to serve the country and its people, and not to make a living for themselves. You make a living through your own means like studying and obtaining a qualification or setting up a business, not through politics. This is why you find that in most Western democracies, those who pursue politics are already well off in their own right. In Africa people who have achieved nothing for themselves in their private lives, become politicians and end up being presidents, hence the corruption. This is the problem.


    • @gukurahundi – this is the only time I agree with what you have stated but not the rubbish that Josh Nkomo did something or that Zanu or Zapu “liberated” the country.

      • @Musona we liberated this country, you may not like it but its a fact. Lina lalingaphi thina sisiya empini. We fought a bloody war. Musona have you ever held an AK47 in your hand. We liberated this country and if you don’t believe it try to start another war and we will teach you a very good lesson

    • NEVER TRY TO RUN A WHOLE COUNTRY, WHEN YOU HAVE NEVER PROVEN TO BE CAPABLE OF SUCCESSFULLY RUNNING YOUR OWN PRIVATE LIFE!! are you referring to a certain presidential candidate loser?Gukurahundi ka! pamuromo pakaipa

      • I’m referring to Africans in general including Gukurahundi Mugabe, who duty to the nation should have ended with the liberation struggle and no further!!

  9. Tsvangirai anogoda exit package yei? Aiita basa reyi? Hatina kuona zvakaitwa na Tsvangirai pa 4 years dzaakagara mu chi GNU. Saka exit package ndeyei? Exiting from what? Chiyi chaakachinjawo mu GNU chatakaona? Hapana. Uku ndokutambisa mari yedu ma taxpayer. I defy anyone, including blind followers, to give us just one thing that was done by Tsvangirai in his 4 years in the GNU which benefited the country. I just want one don’t bother about giving me two things he did in the GNU.

    • exit package yaTsvanCry anayo. ndiye Rizabeth ka uyu wekupota achimboisa gumbo panze. Ungadei chimwezve kunzekwetsvarakadenga yakadai?

  10. That issue does not even require the former PM to seek an audience with H. E the president. Instead one of the clerks in the relevant Ministry will handle chematama’s exit package. Do not belittle the office of the President over such trivia.

  11. l personally think Falcon you are going too far with this issue, you must think that these people have worked in the inclusive government and their families were depending on salaries and benefits gotten during the period and by losing elections whether through rigging or not their families still need to survive. Our country has suffered a lot through political fights and this is high time people should put aside differences and move forward. There are a few companies still surviving and the future of our children are really in danger and exposed to criminal practises. We have degreed children with nothing to do and we are not privileged to loot from the country’s resources under the guise of indigenous like those that have been looting through political muscles. The only thing forward is to have two parties working together as one government, the inclusive government did a great improvement in our lives then in the past that we battled to put food on our tables and children failing to go to school.

  12. Musadaro musadaro if my memory sevz me very well the wife of the late Brig General Gunda he was fighting from being evicted from the house which was allocated to them by government was it not fair kumutengesera as the wife of the late Gunda being a civil servant as he was? What is so special about Tsvangirai and The MDC ministers after all they wr some how leaders in kleptocracy and lootocracy and you now want to give them an exit package for what? MUSADARO

  13. I have read all your comments but i think there is always a law to all this, so lets find out what the law says about ministers leaving cabinet. I hope that will put this issue & all our comments to rest.

  14. @Nansi Lendoda – “liberation” of the country is a myth propagated by ZanuPF liars and gullible young people who believe the embellished history written by ZanuPF spin doctors. You are backward if you think holding an AK47 is a sign of bravery. Less intelligent people have handled AK47. I have been a member of the second black political party in Zimbabwe in 1959 and have followed political events since the late 1950s and at no point did I ever see either Zanu or Zapu “liberate” any country or so much as take a police outpost on the border. Zanu and Zapu were fighting and expecting victory which never came – they would tell you they “liberated” the country wouldn’t they so that they remain relevant in the political arena but the truth is they did nothing.

  15. Hayi Malume please don’t get into politics. Abantu bengakhawula ngokuthethiswa! Surely our friends with money should be able to take care of the former MDC deployees in government. They have done a stirling job of perpetuating the Chema Economy. Unfortunately it didn’t produce the desired outcome so an exit package would be hard to justify.
    The actions of the MDC LEADERSHIP are those of a defeated lot but they still claim rigging and cheating. Inherent contradiction are hilarious, they boycott the opening of parliament and yet they expect the same person they refuse to acknowledge to give them favors! One act for the membership the other for personal greed! Pathetic lot.

  16. pasi imhindu pindu vakomana. Tsvangirai ndiye aitaura zve ‘exit package’ yaBOB zvino zvino asi nhasi ndiye ava kuenda kuna BOB kuti agadzirirwe ‘exit package’ yake!!!
    ndirini mudhara BOB ndaimbotora leave ndozouya ndomugadzirira after new year!
    chamatama chainyanya kutaurisa. he-e service chief reforms nhasi reform yawa kwako

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