Moyo to address media stakeholders


Newly appointed Media, Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Jonathan Moyo is set to address media stakeholders on Friday.

Eshmael Mlambo

In a statement yesterday, the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) said chief executive officers and senior editorial members were expected to attend.

“The Ministry also requested the VMCZ to advise its institutional members, particularly media houses, to attend this meeting,” VMCZ said.

“The Ministry, however, also stipulated that due to space constraints, it would be preferable that stakeholders send the Chief Executive Officer and at least two other persons per media house (preferably at editorial level) to the meeting.”

Moyo bounced back as Information minister last week when President Robert Mugabe appointed a new Cabinet.


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  3. Moyondizvo, Murozvi Mukuru, Bvumabalanda is back…JUST watch him.Those who report falsehoods WILL be prosecuted. Vakomana tendaivo zvimwe, local content created OPPORTUNITIES and space for a whole new generation of young artists…By analogy German Television and radio is 100% local, no foreign music or language is entertained. Musangoshoora zvose.

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