Meikles Hotel refurbishment nears completion


THE $8,5 million Meikles Hotel refurbishment of its north wing is nearing completion, a company official has said.

Report by Tarisai Mandizha

The hospitality group embarked on the sprucing-up of its main hotel in Harare in April last year.

Speaking at a media tour of the hotel on Tuesday, Meikles commercial director Tham Mpofu said final touches were now being done.

Mpofu said the new north wing project includes, a range of quality offerings for guests, from the presidential suite and imperial suite, club rooms, gymnasium and banqueting rooms.

“We have already started welcoming guests and we are excited that after a long period of planning and execution, we are now ready to be back at full strength with our room’s inventory,” Mpofu said.

He said to date there had been many encouraging signs of renewed growth in travel and tourism.

“Our biggest undertaking has been the $8 million refashioning of the north wing to prepare it for what we hope is a brighter and busier future and to allow this hotel to retain its reputation for building on a solid foundation of experience and tradition while utilising innovation, imagination and creativity to give to give our guests an experience that is unmatched in this market,” he said.

Mpofu said the group was looking forward to increased interest in Zimbabwe as a destination for travellers of all kinds especially in the upper end of the business and leisure markets which are where Meikles is positioned as the natural and first choice.

“What must be acknowledged is that, although we have come through the recent years of challenges and are ready to meet the future with strength and energy, Meikles Hotel, in common with all operators within the sector, has had to address issues of a physical nature and has had to undertake investment and expenditure to bring its infrastructure up to the highest possible standard and create for itself a fresh new look for the 21st century that matches the keen and warm welcome extended to customers,” Mpofu said.

He said as part of the refurbishment exercise, the group had also acquired new banqueting furniture and equipment and undertook various upgrades of products and service, such as the introduction of new beds and flat screen TVs for all rooms and suites.


  1. l do appreciate one strength by Miekles that it has over the years never compromised on quality. The hotel industry thrives on a peaceful environment and l bet business is set to escalate now, given the fact that stumbling blocks like GNU and MDC are out of the show. Hats off to ZANU PF.

    • Ngoma you are ill advised if you have analysed Meikles results or one article in the press they borrowed this from foreign banks l dont see where politics comes in.Please make fair and reasoned comments dont take news headlines at face value. Do your own analysis

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