Majuta Mpofu obituary


IT is very disappointing and shocking that Majuta Mpofu is no more. It is very sad because I played with him at Highlanders. He joined Highlanders from Eagles, but I cannot remember the exact year.

Douglas Mloyi

He was already a senior player when he joined Highlanders and I was already in the senior team as well.

I used to enjoy playing with him because he was a good striker. He was very helpful in the field and he was a dribbling wizard.

I knew that if the ball got to him he would dribble past one or two defenders and position himself to score. If he was not in a good position to score he would pass the ball to any player who was in a better position to score, in short he was not a selfish player.

I cannot single out any league or Cup games final that I played with him, but I remember our derbies against Zimbabwe Saints. He would make sure that he would beat a couple of defenders and he was always working hard to ensure that we would win. I played with him for five years before he retired.

The difference between today’s players and that of yesterday is that in the olden days football was not all about money. We used just to get a little, but we played football because we enjoyed playing. It was unlike these days when football is all about money. The difference is that nowadays football is a profession, but during our playing days with Mpofu we would be having other professions, but at the same time play football.

Although he never took up coaching after retirement he was a very sociable man. He was always in good books with everyone and although he was a quiet man he used to laugh all the time. It is a very big loss to us.

Douglas Mloyi is a former Highlanders player


  1. Lala ngoxolo “Jujuju” kaMpofu, sizakukhumbula njalo nje. Ongabe esazi ngomgcwabo please communicate.

  2. Point of correction: He joined Highlanders from Bulawayo Wanderers and NOT Eagles, JM Habvane was the club chairman then!

    RIP JUJU, the dribbling wizard that ever lived in ZIM!

    • Another point of correction. He DID take up coaching at Eagles after Trevor Caresle. He would keep the strikers behind for dribbling lessons. What a beautiful human being!

  3. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Happy to know that some of Bosso’s yester players, exempli gratia Douglas ‘british’ mloyi are still surviving.

  4. i raised his name after so many years of silence the likes of Majuta Drimbiri Boyle Musana katsvere mandigora lawrence phiri william sibanda major names . I wish i had money would start a hall of fame some names deserve to be on the streets for our kids to rememeber these names Ayilale ngoxolo indoda

    • Why cant we have streets named after our heroes in Bhora than what we are seeing in zim today politics galore which give us nothing but heart aches at least apart from Zifa which is partisan at stadiums we are the same and enjoy bhora the same Give us a break.

  5. Thank you jujuju for those exciting dribbling skills, although it used to pain me how you outwitted Chihororo defenders.RIP.

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