Mabasa goes online to evade piracy

ZIMBABWEAN author Ignatius Tirivangani Mabasa has partnered online book marketers Worldreader for the publication of his books.

Silence Charumbira

The award-winning veteran writer said he had engaged the company as a way of trying to evade piracy that has become rampant in the book industry.

“No laws are protecting us as a sector.
“A few days after publishing a book, the pirated version is all over the streets,” Mabasa said.
“With this partnership, at least I can get something out of my effort.”

Mabasa said so far he has managed to get 12 novels online, nine of which are his, while the others are by Tinashe Muchuri and a story by his nine-year-old son Paul.

He said he is trying to engage other writers so that they can understand the business fundamentals of the project.

”I am talking to other authors like Clever Kanhenga and Memory Chirere among other so that at least we can make sure that our work is protected,” he said.

“Worldreader has got partnerships with local publishers like amaBooks, but most of their content is adult literature so I come in with child literature.”

He said he had been approached by College Press for his upcoming novel, but had opted to sell it online and will only publish a few hard copies.

His most recent books that are currently on the website under the Kindle Edition are Katsi Yakwira Mumuti Murefu and Izicathulo zikaNoku.


  1. It is a good idea, but the biggest challenge is the market.

  2. good move, but make it possible to buy books with ecocash

  3. Wake up my fellow zimbabweans get busy just follow this link and see it for yourself

  4. Agood idea indeed, fix these worthless vampires who just want to suck the blood of athers

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