Jonathan, Gorden, stop fiddling while Rome burns


Yesterday our sister paper, the Southern Eye, published a story titled Jonathan Moyo taunts MDC-T in which the Information minister and MDC-T’s provincial chairperson Gorden Moyo were having a go at each other.

NewsDay Editorial

“They (MDC-T) won in Bulawayo and you know we won in Zimbabwe,” Information minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said.

“As you know, those who won in Bulawayo cannot use that to rule Zimbabwe, but those who won in Zimbabwe can use that to rule Bulawayo,” the minister reportedly said.

Gorden Moyo is said to have countered: “There is an island of hope, peace and prophecy for democracy. I am a proud chairperson today because the world knows that in Zimbabwe, there is an island that has remained an MDC-T territory.”

This kind of discourse is not good for the country because it promotes polarisation instead of development. The two gentlemen need to be reminded that no one owns Bulawayo or Zimbabwe. What we need in this country is not such kindergarten type of thinking; we need politicians who engage not only with each other regardless of political affiliation, but with all stakeholders for the development of the country.

The discourse we should engage in at present should be biased towards development. MDC-T and Zanu PF should learn to work together for the benefit of Zimbabwe, not for the benefit of their political parties. Political parties, like empires, have a lifespan — they come and go — but Zimbabwe will always be there. Those who have the privilege to rule should remember that they do not own the country and its citizens, while those who are not in power should attempt to engage those in power so that policies crafted are for the benefit of the people. The people, in reality, do not care who governs them, their major interest is food on the table. This applies to those in Bulawayo, Harare, Masvingo, Gweru, Mt Darwin etc in equal measure. Our major weakness in this country is that we spend too much time fighting each other instead of fighting together for a common cause.

We emphasise too much on our differences instead of harnessing our strengths for the benefit of our country. We have decided to see each other as enemies instead of seeing each other as the same people with differences here and there that can be overcome to promote development. And with politicians who put personal pride before the country, there is no hope for development. We need mature people who do not get over-excited by winning an election or those who do not want to stomach defeat. Such politicians are just two sides of the same coin — they spell doom for the country because of their big egos.

The question these gentlemen (and their respective political parties) should be grappling with is: How best can we work together despite our differences for the benefit of the country? Politicians should learn to compromise lest they lead the country into unnecessary infighting. While MDC-T and Zanu PF continue with their childish fights, people have no water, power, jobs and other basics. The two parties should stop fiddling while Rome burns.


  1. Jonathan is a bigoted politician and sadly places a high premium on just winning an argument. He regards himself as most educated. I should remind him that during his time, my time also, political science was for the mediocrity – poor A level grades – and hence those of our time do not hold him in high esteem to the extent of his educational qualifications. Jonathan we are riled by your narcissism and ask you to humble yourself. After all you lost an election in ZIMBABWE and do not have the people’s mandate to rule in Zimbabwe (or Bulawayo) . To Gorden; MDC are not in power because of their fragmented view of Zimbabwe. You focused on winning island so you could run fiefs. With your attitude Bulawayo will forever remain backward. We can not have than. You are both stupid and myopic “politicians “.

    • Thank you boss .well said.i used to argue with my politicsl xcience roommate at uz and he had such high regard for me for i rausec valix points he expected from a fellow scholar.this guy thinkd he is yhd most educated coz he has so mzny uneducated colleagues as schools werd few in his time

  2. Spot on, we shall remain zimbabweans after zanu and mdc are gone, for we were such long before they came around. we have a common destiny which binds us, and this far such narrow minded and partisan approach to our politics serves as a detour to our destiny as zimbabweans.

  3. Bulawayo yangu kani hameno, ukuwo kanzuru inongoti bhadharisa mapenalts emvura asingaperi every month, mwari tinunureivo veduwe tawona moto

  4. kana vanhu ava vanetsa udzai mukoma Chinos vakati hatisikuda zvisina basa this time we need development only.they spent time fighting vana Chinos vachingorovera bhora mberi.Watch Buhera for the next three yrs. Mamwe madevelopments haadi too much education anoda nharo sedza mukoma Chinos now he is there in parly.

  5. Jonathan making his presence felt. I hate Jonathan – I hate MDC T. I dont care – they may as well tear each other to peaces.

  6. mr jonathan we knw u are gud pane zvenharo izvozvi,dai pasina vaMUGABE vatinoda dai menge muri kusholocho imi musashamisira,wakadii kuramba uri indipendent candidate,so tht was a sign yekuti dzimwe nharo hadzishande.vanhu havapere munyika and u wl nt rule fo eva,basa kutamba nepfungwa dzevanhu kunyepa hee 40tv stations heeh this baba imi.tanga wafunga.ikozvino magetsi ma1 kudai 40stations dzinonekwa newe ka uno afforda bek up yemagetsi.Joy tv wakavharisa wozoti 40stations.ndimi mukunyepera mutungamiri imi.

  7. ko tilda karizamimba wakamubvisireiko panhepfenyuro iwe chemhanza. izvezvi chirongwa chedu che sunday hapachina. makaitaseiko imi vana chemhanza. makatibirira u bused voters to our cities, manipulated the voters role used nikuv to rig e election.

  8. The politics in Zimbabwe is not right and you cannot expect people to just carry on business as usual when they are being ruled by people they did not choose. The polarisation is palpable in the country because people are being oppressed by ZanuPF. ZanuPF stole an election and you cannot expect people to just accept this state of affairs. We have an unequal society in Zimbabwe right now so how can you expect people to just accept this situation? Those in ZanuPF do as they please while the rest of the population makes do with second rate facilities. What you are suggesting is nonsense. There should be polarisation until people are free from ZanuPF oppression. You cannot expect people to congratulate ZanuPF when they are operating in the dark (without electricity at times), thirsty (without water at times), with no jobs, no money, no freedom, no land, 5th rate health care, poor standard of education but plenty of oppressive laws and unpunished corruption in high places.
    Don’t encourage docility: you must urge people to fight for their rights.

    • thank you editor for such a well balanced, accurate, unabiased, informative and educative commenting, John the Revelator would have sumed it like this “He who has ears let him hear what the Spirit say to the churches” but I will say he who has the wisdom let him grasp what the editor is saying to the peace loving and development oriented zimbabwean

    • Musona taura zvako. Imagine munhu anomira right in the middle of the road causing a traffic jam just to talk to a girlfriend. Asked why is he doing that? He replies “nekuti ndisu tirikutonga” I have seen people being turned into thugs, unlawlessness yawanda in the name of Zanu. Manje tikataura muma highways corruption yacho irikusemesa. Nekuti from Harare-Mutare Highway the other day we had more than 12 road blocks and hwindi we kombi anobuda mari yeku briber mapurisa and the VID. Hameno kuti izvi tichasvika kupi nazvo.

  9. The Editor has the mistaken notion that we are one people – he must be told that it is not only whites who oppress black people, black people also oppress black people as we are seeing now in Zimbabwe. And black people kill other black people to gain or retain power. Forcing vulnerable villagers to vote against their wish is oppression as happened in the last election. Polarisation will always be there until people are free from ZanuPF oppression.

  10. To put it another way – why would blacks opposed and fought white governments in the past when everything was available and not oppose and fight an oppressive, corrupt and inept black government when electricity, water, jobs, money are not available with 5th rate health care facilities, no freedom, no land and poor standards of education and social housing?

  11. To put it another way – why would blacks who opposed and fought white governments in the past when everything was available and not oppose and fight an oppressive, corrupt and inept black government when electricity, water, jobs, money are not available with 5th rate health care facilities, no freedom, no land and poor standards of education and social housing?

  12. Well done editor for reminding politicians to lead by example. It’s a pity that some people don’t want to grow up.

  13. The small minded Jonathan Moyo is back with theatrics and blaster . His comments are very rich coming from a man who got into cabinet through the back door. Lest we forget this ignoramus called Jonathan Moyo is an über opportunist , an election loser whose own arguments for his loss would have derailed the entire Nikuv project – Hence he was expediently put in the cabinet .

  14. Let’s call a spade a spade , Jonathan Moyo will sell the very Zanu PF he purports to belong to for 30 pieces if silver. He is all about self preservation , ruiner in chief , now watch his single handed , simple minded campaign derail the entire Zanu PF project .Come 2018 Zimbabweans will wake up to realize that the entire Zanu PF agenda has been derailed by his tom foolery and motor mouth- he WILL turns friends into enemies and enemies into irreconcilable foes with that ungovernable gob.

  15. Yebo kambe, but I have a problem with Gorden’s sentiments that at least there is the small island they rule but to what benefit. Would it not have been better for them to live with the people during the GNU days. By now mhlawumbe they would be dictating the rules of the game than these lousy statements.. yee lokhu ye lohuya. Nxa lingelakho okokutsho thulani boMoyo; you led people to hell now lifuna severence packages, what for? You are not for the people but for your selfish selves.

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