Ian Kay joins Bennett in MDC-T leadership change call


MDC-T Marondera Central losing parliamentary candidate Iain Kay has joined the party’s exiled treasurer-general Roy Bennett in calling for leadership renewal within the Morgan Tsvangirai-led party.

Report by Jairos Saunyama

“This is like a soccer team. If the coach continues losing, there is need for the technical board to sit down and deal with the issue,” Kay told NewsDay in an interview over the weekend.

“There is need to plan ahead before the ship sinks and if there is need to change the coach, then let it be. Or should I say it is like a rusty bolt? There is need for it to be removed and replaced with a new one rather than leave it like that,” he said without elaborating.

Two weeks ago, Bennett, who is in self-imposed exile in South Africa, torched a storm in the MDC-T after he openly challenged Tsvangirai to step down accusing him of failing to dislodge President Robert Mugabe in the past three elections including the just-ended race where he garnered a paltry 34% of the vote against the Zanu PF leader who got 61%.

Tsvangirai last week told journalists that he would step down only after being voted out at congress in 2016.

“I don’t intend to stay a day longer beyond my mandate, but I am not going to step down because a newspaper is saying I should step down or because Zanu PF is saying I should step down,” Tsvangirai said.

“If there is need for leadership renewal, we don’t suppress it; we actually encourage it. But you don’t just walk up in the streets and say Tsvangirai must go. There are processes that should be instituted and there are forums that will make that decision and one of those key forums is a congress. I was elected at a congress of party delegates in 2011 and the next congress is in 2016.”


    • People who need to be replaced in Mdc-t r tribal Lovemore Moyo and Nelson Chamisa because thy wer suppose to unbeit factionalism and nepotism before primary elections and the catario was divisive.As am speaking rigging and manupulation of part Strucures was witnessed and no one dealt with it.Morgan Tsvangirai before u accuse Zanu pf of rigging first deal with your house it is shocking and unbelievable tht some Mdc-t bigwigs are getting away with muder in front of you foristance Bulawayo structures r in shambles because of Albert Mhlanga ,Reggie Moyo And Dorcas Sibanda who r creating parralel structures inorder to secure thr positions more over security guys r involved becaus ethy r paid and its happening with the blessing of Vice president.Truelly if u r a part of excellence why Dorcas Sibanda is fueling rascism and she is never punished and coucillors excises thy democratic right r punished Albert Mhlanga is finger in stealing Cdf he is never punished but councillors finger in any corruption activity r severly punished unless its a party of certain untoucheble species.

    • And many still deny that rhodies fund and have always called the shots at MDC T. Only Bennett and Kay are calling he shots and demanding this and that must happen, tumabhoyi twavo twese turi mwii! Biti aripiko? Chamisa? Kana Tsvangirai is not responding directly to baas asi arikungoti ‘handiende’ – baas is saying it directly so please address baas wako, iwe Tsvangirai!

  1. these 2 guyz bennet and kay must nt fool themselves in thinking they cn win elections in zim over my dead body zvakapera 1980 backwards tsvangirai was tried and tested.is the one who showed resiliance in tempestous voyage

  2. The sooner MT steps down, the sooner a new leadership can start searching for more effective strategies for dealing with ZANU PF, and working on how to deal with 2018. To simply refuse to participate unless certain reforms are in place would have worked in 2013 but will no longer work in 2018: there will be no SADC roadmap, and ZANU will simply say MDC is now scared of ‘another’ loss etc. Economically we may be better off than 2008 but politically we have gone backwards. It is time for new leadership, new ideas and accountability for ineffective strategies.

  3. Tsvangirai is like Chiyangwa they talk too much,and they think kuti tichafunga kuti mari yavo ichaita mari yedu,hatina kupusa zvakadaro ,Power is a drug its addictive i wouldn’t be surprised if Tsvangirai doesn’t step down if he is beaten pa Congress pacho he would just split,Since Mdc is like ZECO or Penacle or any other Chiyangwa business you cant fire the Boss,its not about the party its all about Tsvangirai saka Bennet na kay pliz don’t be fooled ne ka democratic karipakati pe movement ne Change there is no Democracy pa business re munhu.Pliz start your own parties amuno kocha kana muchiziva mudye zanu pf but semaonero angu masvika ku dead end,so i advise u to save the little thats left in your pockets and invest in other things.

  4. The Rhodies who are owners of the party want the puppet out and to install another puppet to protect their interests. Tsvangirai failed to prevent the land reform program and must go.

    • @SAM–Iwe ndiwe dofo risingazivi kana kumeso kwaro…This confirms what i hv always said that mdshit is a puppet regime and now the chickens are coming home to roost….the puppets must move out and make way for the master,,,,kkkkkkkkkkkk,,,,this is sweet news kwatiri isu ve zpf….


  5. Save havana kwavanoenda as long as mugabe aripo Save tichinavo saka kana pane afunga kuita imwe party aaahh bva ngaite zvake uchiziva kuti hauzi iwe wekutanga kubuda muMDC ende wese wakabuda unovaziva nekwese kwavari

  6. The rise of the Rhodesia Front! After-all Rhodesians never die do they? First Bennett, over the weekend it was Ben Freeth now its Ian Kay. Whither to VaMusona? Now you can show your true colours, restore your Rhodesia, it’s Flag and it’s anthem preserve all the names you seem to hold so dear. You can also come to terms with the illusionary “life was better then” Dream on Sekuru, ihope dzechembere kusuwira wumvhana.

    • Do you hate white people and what they brought to Zimbabwe? They invented and brought a lot here, including: eletricity, running water, irrigation, modern medicine, the Bible, science, books, education, architecture, roads, cars, airplanes, clothing, bras and panties, trousers, boots, cricket, soccer, rugby, deodorant, internet, trains, writing (pen and paper), computers.

      Search for photos of the 1890’s when the first white settlers arrived. Would you rather go back to living like that?

      • @mahobho the scientist

        Now, don’t be silly. No-one floated a tender for the provision of such services as science, the bible, roads, panties…to Zimbabwe in 1890. no zimbabwean was starving from the lack of boots, or internet, bras and pants and dying to have them.instead you should be telling the audience why the white people brought all these things when they were not asked in the first place.tsitsi ndedzeyi kubvisa mwana wemvana madzihwa? bennete na kay are two remnants of social misfits. perhaps someone should be kind enough to remind them that they are the ones more kwafied to depart from events, forums, lands, endevours, infact; anything to do with zimbabwe. chupet !

      • Search for photos of white people before Egyptians and Ethiopians invented alphabets and governance systems; alternatively your pink nose can go back to rat infested Britain before colonization, I am sure you would not rather go back to living like that because we did not have the plague out here in paradise!

        • The first alphabet was formed in the Middle East – the first writing system was developed by the Greeks.

          A lot of different cultures have contributed to the technological advancements of humanity. While the European scientists have put us on the moon, given us airplanes, motorcars, computers, heart and brain surgery etc. we shouldn’t use this to look down on other races or insult them. That isn’t very nice at all.

  7. The kind of attitudes shown make MT believe the party is his. Its not. He knows he has failed to take the party forward and is now always talking about history of what he has done for opposition politics… beginning to sound more like zanu. Let the man go.

  8. Tsvangirai,congress put u there.continue doing your job as mandated by congress.if these mdc anarchists continue these noises,just get out with us the ppl and leave them nedemhe ravo.they are so used to riding on your back they think they are popular.we want to see hw many they will put to parliament or council.i bet they will get zero while u put many!mark my words!

  9. To hell with you all there.Tsvangirai is not the problem here,we did not lose the elections,zanu pf overrigged the elections here.So stop blaming Tsvangirai,why him only.

    You the electorate are also to blame for the Party’s demise.Anyway Tsvangirai will not be removed by Push cart boys from Madhuku’s party.

    Those who want to leave can do so and leave us alone.We don’t care as we came a long way with Tsvangirai.

    So keep your party zanu pf and let me keep my Party MDC T.

    • If you consider the origins of MDC, who has the right to talk about the existence and competence of the party – Bennet or Morgan? The party was formed by Bennet’s kith and not Morgan and you should understand that ownership before you put MDC into your pocket.

  10. this clearly becomes proof enough that chamatama is the most astute of all political pole bearers today able to wade through a maze of misfit pretenders and crummy handlers like these ones while taking on mighty nugabi who noone else wishes to challenge. instead of plainly explaining that the voter was fooled and lulled to sleep by specialist crafters these monkeysh characters are busy disuniting the country how silly of you. the first is to become awake to how the literacy fallacy was applied in swindling freedom and fairness from the gullible who still believe they are not less intelligent than somalis, circuitously speaking that is. silly. silly !

  11. A good proof that “it’s a blind leading the blind”. How on earth is the new leader ( if he accepts the the results) going to put together strategies to dislodge ZANU from power? Zimbabwean politicians are so greedy and power hungry. If MT really is serious about removing RGM , it’s high time he looked back and says, ” I ve lost 3 times, we need new blood. He became leader when he was 48 and he is almost 62 now and will almost be 70 in 2018. My advise is, MT, step down today for continuity. Look what Tony Blair did.

  12. u failed yo seat becoz u just re appeared to yo pple when it was election time & tried to woodwink the electorate but u sunk.boora ngoma kay.rule yo brains

  13. and you josefa, really you give any wild card chance to our friend the huku? come on… you know president huku can only be sworn in after your name sake as a far off new millenium plan. hey !

    • My friend you may try to use your useless jargon but i must tell you that it is useless. Ian Kay lost the elections because he did not not campaign clearly.

      He has to blame himself for the loss not to put the blame on one person and that is Mr Tsvangirai.Stop the nonsense,push cart boys.

      Mr Tsvangirai is going nowhere,surely we will shed blood in the Party if there are people with that agenda of trying to remove our own President Tsvangirai from the Leadership.

      I think I have made it clear,Tsvangirai can not be challenged,it is taboo to challenge him.I rest my case bloody bastard.

      • “Mr Tsvangirai is going nowhere,surely we will shed blood in the Party if there are people with that agenda of trying to remove our own President Tsvangirai from the Leadership.”
        These are statements which all political parties should avoid to make under whatever circumstances. For our elections to continue to be peaceful in future, let us start now – through responsible language

  14. MT must go! He has lost 3 times, presided over the MDC split coz of his dictatorial tendencies. Now he must move over for Tendai Biti or some other capable leader. We just need to convene a special congress as per party constitution. Its time to CROSSOVER to a new winning MDC president! Chinja!!!

    • I think you made a masiteki, wanga uchida kuti, “Now he must move over for Tendai Biti or some other capable loser.”

    • I do not see the reason of being complicated or sophisticated or even scholarly when when you want to communicate with your colleagues. Kana kuri kuti uchazoda kuvhoterwa uchitaura zvausinganzwisis iwewe pachako, you will lose and blame others. Be clear not to show us how far you have gone with your further education – which might not be important at this platform.

    • Lecturer you are a shame.Keep your stupid but nonsense jargon to yourself,otherwise you are saying nothing here my friend.

      • Lecturer reminds me of MT, wapedza kutaura unohwa wanhu woti, “ko kwazhii paya” – asi kana Gusgungo wataura munhu wose anobata mazwi oti either idi ndabvuma kana bodo ndaramba! Clarity ndiyo inoratidza kufunda, kwete kungowawata nemazwi emu dictionary!

  15. MT must clarify xactly how the elections were stolen. How he lost by nearly 1milion votes to r.g.m. Why is his party losing in by-elections if his party is really popular. its time to swallow yo pride and give a mdc.

  16. I empathise with you fellow zimbos, Rhodies again!! eish.. Imi maifunga kuti isu takarwa navo 16yrs tinopenga? We were shocked by the alliance nomurungu, democracy does not mean being desperate to the point of seeing Bennet as being ever closer to you than cde akakusunungura. MT is NOT leadership material.Hezvoka hamuchaziva kana kuti zuva rinobuda nokupi sevanhu vakarohwa nezvousiku. Dzokai ku ZANU PF.

  17. Tsvangirai should just tell the whole world if he is going to contest for MDC T leadership in 2016. The more he keeps on dishing to us this Zanu pf speak of the people want me, i have the mandate from the congress stuff the more he turns the party into a mini Zanu Pf. MDC was not formed to be a copy cat of Zanu PF. When the proper forum voted for Senate election participation who vetoed the decision? Was it the people or Mr Tsvangirai? Democracy is a battle of ideas which is fought through lobbying if you don’t lobby and stiffle lobbying then you are undemocratic even if your ideas plans are the best.
    MDC can never and will never beat Zanu PF as long as its leaders behave and act as Zanu PF. Mr Mugabe is in power now because he believes he has the mandate to lead the people not because he can offer the people what they want. Mr Tsvangirai should know that he was not given the narrow mandate of leading MDCT as he would want every one to believe he was given the mandate to come up with way of making putting MDC into govt and that he has failed three times not only because of the of skewed political environment but also because of skewed strategic thinking and planning. Senatorial boycott was forced on the people, GNU was forced on the people MDC candidates forced on the people Mayors too now he is forcing the people to accept him as the leader. The dissent by the Councillors should be viewed as what it is, it is rejection of the leadership. Tsvangirai is leading people into another defeat in 2018 courtesy of the sycophants that surround him who are no different from Mr Mugabe’s bootlickers. People leave leadership position when they are still wanted.

  18. seka haiku. Takazvitaura kuti tumapepa twemanyepo utwu daily ne newsday tuchapandukira mwene Tsvangirai neMDC. Hezvo one by one they are now all subtly or explicitly calling for inept Tsvangirayi head. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that this is in line with the papers Western Sponsors who are fed up with Tsvangirai but want to use newspapers to influence the few MDC supporters left standing.

    Its very easy to become irrelevant Tsvangirai, Baba Jukwa vapera sehondo no reporters, news and tv agencies worthy there salt are following any of there activities. It can only get worse. Meanwhile President wevanhu vari kuAMERICA zvavo

  19. Finally the right noises! Tsvangirai is not the best the MDC has to offer. I have always raised that issue. Most of these leaders take personal issues and make them party issues. If Tsvangirai cannot work with amicably with Welshman why not sit down and come up with workable solutions than disintegrate? Same applies to Mutambara! Can’t they learn from Zanu pf. Those people don’t agree but they understand the party is more important than Mujuru, Mnangagwa etc. No one is thrown out for infighting. Mavhaire said Mugabe must go long back he suffered under Zanu today his patience has paid off.

    MDC must learn the same long suffering. Not everyone can support Tsvangirai, but it does not mean they are not MDC. We are rich in diversity. Let’s encourage different opinions even in opposition politics. Personally I think Ncube and Tsvangirai should step aside for failing to read the map, and leave the stage for younger cadres who will unite the MDC. Otherwise there is no difference between Tsvangirai & Mugabe. I’m just advising because more people like me are gonna go back to Zanu & 2018 will be worse for MDC

  20. All you: Be careful that you may end up renewing shock absorbers, wheel etc when the problem is in the roads. Zimbabwe’s roads are deadly and so before you sell your car because its uncomfortable on a drive, be sure it is the car and not the road.
    The political problem of Zimbabwe is the same since Ian Smith took the reins. It is the system which was made such that anyone fighting from within will find it hard to dislodge whoever is in power by peaceful means. You have to wait for God- literary. This is why we, the populace should have listened to Tsvangirai when he said we should not have elections until there are security sector, judicial, etc reforms. But we, the populace pushed the democratic leadership to go for it under the current circumstances. Now we want their heads on a platter?! If a leader is unbending, we say they are dictators and must go. When a leader listens to people (democracy) we say they are weak and must go. Surely with whatever millions of people in Zimbabwe against the present system, how come we think one man should achieve freedom for us? Do we still have people who are able to risk their lives as used to happen during the ‘hondo’? Because if we had a few more people of that nature we would surely have moved Zimbabwe out of its present crisis.
    Leadership renewal is a necessity, but its timing and process is important if we are to have a just society. Therefore I think right now the MDC must discuss possible leadership renewal, but give time for the post ‘election’ euphoria to die down and allow sober thoughts. Then the process will be more beneficial. If the process is carried out right now you will make the same mistake Ncube made. We do not want to lose the only viable alternative to the present rulership (as happened with ZAPU).

  21. Remain united, we voted for MDC-T and zanu pf stole the results. We must call for Makarau who allowed zanu pf to manupilate the results right under her nose. Tsvangirai played his part well. Thats why we were all surprised and shocked with the results. As for Blaz Roy Bee and Ian Kay , do not follow the Coltart way, mark my words, you are not getting any where. If you remove Tsvangirai from the helm of the party, that will be the end of MDC. It will become as weak as Welshman’s party and the forthcoming Madhuku party. If Zanu pf had changed its leadership it would have broken in to many pieces and lost in rigging the results. If Tsvangirai is to form his new party we are going to support it and it will be the biggest party in Zimbabwe. We do not want to start again from roots, no no never. We want to start building from where we left. MDCT should be silently planning a shocker for zanu pf or even how to rig next elections. With Mugabe at the helm of zanu pf nobody will dislodge him in any unfair elections, even Madhuku , never.

    • I agree with you,Tirimukai,should Morgan decides to form his own Party definitely I will go with him and we will support his Party for good,apa tatopanduka zvamuchese manje.

  22. Vanhu ve ZANU musango wawata…imbondiudzaiwo kuti for the past 33 years kamudhara kenyu karipo what meaningful development have we seen on Zim…Bennet naKay have an agenda.

    • Space wont allow, his biggest accolade which yu cant ignore is leading a liberation struggle to free yu and MT so yu can freely speak yo mind like yu are doing, now yu can walk in First Street, use toilet paper! have a bank account, be a human being in yo own country…..education…. 16 universities for 13m people! which country beats that?, development, nation building, giving the land back to its rightful owners, empowerment, indegenisation,peace, combating HIV,….woshoora! MT, on the other hand, runs to Europe to call for sanctions till he becomes President! nokuti akatiitira chii? If he is such a democracy enthusiast where was he when Vana cde Teurai Ropa (at 15) and other thousands, chose to fight Smith? Hatidi President aneface seyemunhu anotengesa nyoka!

      • Please do not lie to yourself and young readers people could walk in First street as far as 1973..manga muripi? Ndiyo danger yekuuya ku Harare ne bhazi re rally ya 1980 maiona ka? 16 Universities dzine vanhu vanotengesa ma juice card..yah which other country has this dubious record??

        • @Falcon, its sad yu are angry, but the truth remains, first street was for whites only and so are the toilets in Africa Unity Square until after 1980 unless if yu were/are a municipal worker…Iwe wadii kutipa a better answer than kutuka, ZANU PF yagara inorwadza if yu oppose the revolutionary tide.For your information I was born in Mbare, ?

  23. Tsvangirai, Biti, Roy, Ian, Chamisa, Mudzuris, Mutinhiri, Theresa, Eddie, Matutu, vanaBhebhe, Chebundo, Matibenga, etc, etc. REMAIN UNITED. STOP TALKING about leadership renewal at this moment. It is time to nurse election wounds and not inflicting more wounds on fellows. Makapusa seiko? I am an MDCT supporter in my mind but I am working in Zanu pf just to earn a living. I hear ZANU pf chefs saying they are so happy with Roy Bennet’s words because without Tsvangirai MDC will be finished off.

    • Yes I know you Pambuka,and you have shown me that you are one of the vapanduki chaivo,this is good keep it up Pambuka.

      Honestly should Tsvangirai goes,the Party will disintegrate for good.

  24. Vakomana, the postmort should focus on why the MDCs lost the poll, what killed the beast? The personality of the leader had a shocking but predictable effect, we saw it coming…the women debacle, the threats to chiefs, generals, the police.the bellicose disposition, vitriole, lack of home grown patriotic flavor..expelling other party members, imposing candidates, the homosexual bomb, open alliances with western powers…sanctions….. ad infinitum. Vanhu vava kuzviitira and zviriku fire big time. Answer; ……fire MT.Kudzidza kwakanakawo chaizvo.

  25. To all those who are calling for Tsvangirai to step down.Are you genuine supporters of MDC T or you are Zanu pf supporters crying for the end of MDC T through weakening it without Tsvangirai.If you are true supporters of MDC T why didn’t you inform how the election was going to be rigged?I think true supporters of MDC T knew nothing about this rigging mechanism.Why then do you expect Tsvangirai to have avoided the rigging when he does not know how its done.It was supposed to be an election competition and others turned it into cheating competition.

  26. Lets call a spade a spade. MDC shld not keep on straining a three time race looser with competition. Let it rest..unless if u want to keep on pointing fingers and celebrating loss for the rest of the party’s time. Biti is not again the right candidate owing to his arrogance, predictive confusing statements and his subortagic mentality. It failed to work. Lets agree that Tsvangirai is afraid of Biti as he is academically inferior though he used to base his power on being the most trusted puppet. Gentlemen u r not Politicians but chancers. I encourage u to use your British remunerations as they will continually pay u hefts for selling them lies. U r now rich guys they will wake up!

  27. We have been telling you guys, Chitsvangison is jus clueless together with Khupe, vakadyiwa ne Inclusive, must resign or else will remove him violently

  28. but it you call nothing @kinte but it has attracted your ire hasnt it?
    consider it good to find wisdom in material anew and you will find wisdom too. debate is not only for the unenlightened my good friend

  29. It’s clear that the owners of the party now want their party back. They have realised that hiding behind their puppet is no longer paying dividends. Line up will be: Bennett president, Ian Kay sec gen, Kay’s wife vp, Ben Freeth international affairs, Eddie Cross economic affairs, David Coltart legal affairs, John Robertson finance, Giles Mutsekwa defence, Bennett’s wife gender and women’s affairs, Alex Bell information. SW Africa radio will be their media outlet alongside other foreign funded printed papers like the Zimbabwean.

  30. @mahobo scientist, wow man, you guys brought all that stuff on your ox drawn trailers? Remind me again, who had invited you?

    I suppose before then we were starving savages killing each other for fun. Gee man! I need to be eternally grateful. I could be wearing skins and hunting with a bow and arrow!
    Do you remember the shaduff, papyrus, hieroglyphics and the wheel from the Egyptians? You taught them that? Then they were broad nosed and black skinned.
    Do you understand why your pharmacologist spend so much time with our traditional doctors? I bet you it’s not to teach them modern medicine!

    I do not hate white people I just don’t buy into your civilizing narrative and your portrayal of our traditional lifestyle as primitive. Why don’t you search for pre Renaissance photos. Would you want to go back there? We took you lot out of the dark ages!

    • Was it a traditional healer in a hut who performed the first open heart transplant? Do you understand how many inventions there were preceding the first transplant? These marvels of modern medicine did have their roots in the Renaissance.


      1 Artists and architects
      2 Mathematicians
      3 Authors
      4 Philosophers
      5 Composers
      6 Dancemasters
      7 Explorers and navigators

      Leonardo da Vinci is one Renaissance figure that I admire. Galileo Galilei is another one.

  31. Wafundisei mukoma! Marhodies aya, they are the least significant and most irrelevant collective of people on earth and nobody loves or cares about them! Dai wariwamwe waiti ‘sorry, tine hurombo, ngatishandei tose kuwaka nyika’, asi nhasi wanoda kuzvinzwa shuga sekirimu dhonanzi!

  32. I don’t think your particular African tribe, or any African tribe, took Europe out of the dark ages. After all, the dark ages weren’t that dark anyway:


    While there were various cultures who had alphabet, wheel, government etc. Southern Africa had never reached that level of advancement.

    I do believe the Egyptians were an advanced civilization for a time, though it was a multicultural society with black Africans and white Europeans among them.

    As humanity we are one and we should stop fighting about race, promoting xenophibia, degrading women etc.

    • I had a chance to speak with historian James Hannam on Tuesday about his new book, “The Genesis of Science: How The Christian Middle Ages Launched The Scientific Revolution.”

      Hannam debunks some common myths, including the notion that people in the Middle Ages believed the world was flat.

      More importantly, he undermines the notion that the “Dark Ages” were a time of “intellectual stagnation” where few scientific accomplishments occurred.


    • @Hood Rich, none of the 7 marvels you list are new to the world inventions but mere copies and improvements of cultures practiced elsewhere. What the west was good at was stealing other peoples science and registering it as their own patented invention without acknowledging the original source cultures.
      You have heard about Vivien Theodore Thomas who pioneered cardiac surgery? He was black. He was never acknowledged and died a poor man.
      The dark ages were a very dark, savage and uncivilized period and only through contact with our very black, broad nosed, curly haired brothers in Egypt did Europe start to see the light. Europe used to practice cannibalism, burn people alive on stakes for practicing pagan religions! You used to banish the sick to woods outside the city walls. We treated our sick using medicine and psycho therapy.
      Medicine you copied, architecture you copied, mathematics you copied, science you copied. Paper we gave you, ink too! Where would all the marvels you talk of be without the foundational basic science?
      The current crop of Egyptians are not the original Egyptians. These are remnants of the Greeks and Romans who came centuries after. The originals were black like me! There were no Europians! Look at the Syphinx? Unfortunately Napoleon was so miffed he blew the nose off!
      Now you want to separate Africa between
      North and South, why? Africa is Africa just like Europe is Europe. Southern Africa was very advanced in culture, farming, medicine, the arts and architecture. The Monomotapa empire stretched into Eastern Botswana, Northern South Africa, Southern Zambia, and Western Mozambiques. A great civilization at peace with it’s environment, ecosystem and it’s neighbours.
      We took Europe out of the very uncivilized, uncultured dark ages. Your Hannah postulates and debunks without proffering any evidence?
      If humanity is one, when is the West going to start treating Africans as humans? When is it going to stop sponsoring wars in Africa? Looting Africa’s resources and spreading diseases? If we are one, compensate us for slavery and colonization first then we can all be one big happy human family.

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