Female ‘con artist’ faces six counts of fraud


MARONDERA — A 39-year-old local woman, who allegedly masqueraded as a foreign currency dealer before fleecing several residents of various amounts of money, last Friday appeared before magistrate Josephine Sande facing six counts of fraud.

Jairos Saunyama

The suspect, Mollen Kanyungwe, denied the charges and the matter was remanded to tomorrow for trial.

Prosecutor Godfrey Makwanya told the court that on August 10, 2013, Kanyungwe approached Caroline Jorinasi claiming that she was a foreign currency dealer.

The complainant then gave her $100 hoping to get R1 000 in return.
Kanyungwe indicated that she had left the money at her house, so she asked the complainant’s daughter to accompany her and collect the money.

On the way, she disappeared leaving the complainant’s daughter stranded.

The matter was reported to the police. Three days later, the accused approached Patience Mahute (39) in Marondera town where she told her that she was in the business of buying and selling foreign currency.

After the two agreed on the exchange rates, they both headed towards Kanyungwe’s house.

Along the way, Kanyungwe allegedly indicated that she did not want her husband to know about the transactions.

So, she asked Mahute to give her the $180 she had and told her to wait along Shoko Street as she rushed to collect the equivalent in South African rands.

Kanyungwe never returned.

Mahute reported the matter to the police after realising that she had been duped.

Kanyungwe then duped four other people using the same modus operandi where she allegedly collected various amounts of money.


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