EU lifts ZMDC trade embargo


THE European Union officially lifted its trade embargo on the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) with effect from yesterday, paving way for the export of diamonds from Marange Diamond Fields in Manicaland to EU member countries.

Dumisani Sibanda

In a statement yesterday, Belgium-based Antwerp World Diamond Centre, which facilitates the trade of 84% of all rough diamonds and 50% of polished gems, said it received the EU notification of the lifting of the ban on Zimbabwean diamonds on Tuesday.

The statement reads: “Today (Tuesday) the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) received notice from the Federal Public Service Economy that European Union (EU) sanctions on the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation were lifted.

“Rough diamonds with Kimberley Process certificates will be permitted into the EU beginning September 25, 2013 (yesterday).”

The centre said as a result of the lifting of the trade embargo, ZMDC was now free to export rough diamonds from its joint venture partners Marange Resources, Canadile, Mbada Diamonds, Kimberworth Investments and Diamond Mining Corporation.

“The rough diamonds have to be packed in a tamper-resistant container and accompanied by a valid Kimberley Process Certificate for entry into the EU. As the world’s most important trade centre in rough diamonds, the AWDC has always respected the EU restrictive measures. Thanks to the support of the Belgian authorities, the decision to lift the restrictive measures will result in diamonds commercialised by the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ), to be sold at their optimal market value instead of the current lower prices in other markets.”

EU sanctions were originally imposed against President Robert Mugabe and his allies in 2002 on the grounds of political violence, human rights abuses and the failure to hold free and fair elections.

AWDC said the opening of the market for Antwerp-based trading companies would have a positive impact on mining revenue, boost Zimbabwe’s social and economic development and improve transparency in the marketing of the gemstones.

“In addition, this decision will also improve the position of the EU within the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).
The EU decision to maintain restrictive measures was incompatible with the decision taken at the KPCS plenary meeting on November 30, 2012, to lift all measures on the trade of Marange diamonds.”

The KPCS was established in 2003 to prevent “conflict diamonds” from entering the mainstream rough diamond market.


  1. Lets see the gukurahundis develop the economy, instead of using these targeted sanctions as excuses for their pathetic failures.

    Zim’s economy was destroyed by the gukurahundi’s illegal participation in the DRC wars on the side of Laurent Kabila; the land grabs of white-owned farms and gukurahundi looting and corruption.

    This sanctions excuses nonsense should stop now. These sanction are not UN sanctions. Gukurahundis have tried to make them a national question so they can gain simpathy from the Zimbabwean population at large.

    You can only cheat your heroworshippers about this, not clever switched on people like us!!

  2. @Gukura- Too late, not even the old sabhuku is buying the sanctions mantra thinks the governent does not care whether anybody believes them or not, they simply do not give a hoot!

    • @Falcon

      You will be surprised the gukurahundi party supporters buy the sanctions mantra, hook, line and sinker.

      They are so beholden to these thugs, they have no minds of their own, just like robots – its unbelievable.

      The gukurahundis were advised by Nelson Mandela when he was President NOT to participate in the DRC war as this would ruin their economy, but to instead allow peace talks to take precedence – they simply refused.

      The next day Gukurahundi Mugabe had sent the army to the Congo. Remember in Zim, parliament is never consulted before deploying the army for whatever reason.

      The combination of the DRC war, land grabs and corruption/lootingproved a lethal combination for the Zimbabwean economy.

      The targeted sanctions were certainly not the cause of economic distruction in Zim – if they were, then certainly Rhodesia should have fared worse, since theirs were UN comprehensive sanctions that were far more divastating in that they involved the participation of the whole world save for South Africa!!

      • If u are mdc t then that is why your party always looses. You cant all people robots and get away with it. State your point in civilised manner my boy. You seem to hate your country so much. Do not be rigid if you value your health. Your anger is misdirected

        • @Chiichocho

          Only a robotic mentality would make one believe that targeted sanctions are the cause of Zimbabwe’s economic misery.

          Because the gukurahundi bosses in Harare say so, therefore it must be right – thats the mentality.

          And by the way, I have nothing to do with the MDCT!!!

  3. Moyochena wetsvimborume kupisika mwana wemvana madziwa. What was the cause for the sanctions really? Was it credible? Were they conflict diamonds really?

  4. Zimbabwe imposed sanctions on john matinde,gerry jackson ,claire short etc. I have not heard these and others complaining or asking the un ,au to lift these illegal sanctions

  5. saka cha chinja chii??? these guys have been beaten 5 – 0. yeah five nil. They have discovered that tyme is running out and their sunctions are not really useful, having been asked for by yours truly. All they want is a share of the spoils. They dont have you and me at heart. Where were they, during the Entumbane war, where were they during Gukurahundi. Participation in the DRC war was result of an agreement in the SADC, were of course certain SADC brothers could not participate for reasons known to themselves. What I think we should realise, whether ZANU PF or MDC is that Europeans are not there for our good but to take the loaf while we eat the slice. The chinese will however take a loaf and give you half a slice. The African brother will jus keep the whole loaf and if he sees you witha slice, he will take it as well. I think lets keep our resources for generations to come, if we cant use them now. Inga wani the use doesnt mine its oil.

  6. Administrator you are protecting Gukurahundi Upbringing again and he is misinforming the public. His hate speech is dangerous and not progressive. Allow us to respond.

  7. Malume@Guks, your recollection of historical events is so factually deficient it’s dangerous. Have you ever head of the SADC Protocol on Defense? If Mandela did actually ignore the pleas of a fellow SADC member state and even tried to discourage other countries from helping, he is a worse sellout than I thought.
    If Sanctions were as inconsequential as you claim, why did the EU and US go to such lengths to impose them? And why renew them annually? Haven’t they got something better to attend to?

    • @farai
      I SADC protocol yokuthini usinya nje lapha – suka!!

      So you telling me its only Zim that was so keen in observing this so-called SADC protocol – not Namibia, not South Africa, not Botswana, not Swaziland, not Mozambique, not Zambia, not Malawi, not Madagascar, not Mauretious, not Tanzania?

      Which other SADC injunction have the gukurahundis been so keen to observe? why this one, what about the one on elections?

      Are you normal upstairs or you are just a blind gukurahundi follower?

      No wonder you are always dancing in the streets for the gukurahundi – brainless and thoughtless robots!!!

  8. I take it you don’t know again! This is getting a bit tedious you must know something! FYI 3 countries answered the call to DRC. Clueless SA supplied the arms to Rwanda and Uganda on behalf of the Americans.

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