Budiriro ‘witches’: Prophet charged

THE “prophet” at whose house the two suspected witches were found naked before being arrested two weeks ago, has been charged with “engaging in a practice associated with witchcraft”, a charge similar to that the two women are facing.


Alfred Mupfumbati (30) appeared before Mbare provincial magistrate Reuben Mukavi on Monday and was remanded to October 6 on $200 bail.

The charge emanates from Mupfumbati’s alleged association with the two “witches” and involvement in the events that led to the women being found at his house naked and in possession of items associated with witchcraft.

Meanwhile, the Attorney-General (AG)’s Office yesterday appealed to the High Court to dismiss a bail application by the two suspected witches on the basis that they were not denied bail by the magistrate, but simply remanded in custody to establish their mental status.

The matter failed to be heard because the prosecutor who was supposed to represent the AG’s Office, Edmore Nyazamba, was said to be engaged in another case at the Constitutional Court.

Justice Joseph Musakwa eventually rolled over the matter to today after the State and the women’s lawyer, Tawanda Takaindisa, agreed to the postponement.

However, in his written response to the bail application filed by the suspects, identified in court papers as Maria Moyo and Chipo Chakaja, Nyazamba argued that the application was not properly before the court according to Rule 5 of the High Court of Zimbabwe (Bails).

“It is peremptory to state the name and address of applicant, whether or not bail has previously been refused by a magistrate and if it had been refused, the date on which it was refused and the grounds on which applicant seeks release on bail, the amount of bail he is prepared to give and names of persons who are prepared to stand as sureties for his attendance and appearance in court,” Nyazamba said.

The prosecutor further said in respect of the current application, all the requirements of the High Court bail rules had not been met by the women’s lawyer and urged the court to dismiss the application.

“The grounds on which the applicants criticise the decision by the magistrate do not appear anywhere in the bail statement. With respect, it is submitted that the papers before the honourable court are not properly before the court as they are incurably defective,” the prosecution went on.

“This ought to be an appeal against refusal of bail instead of an application for bail albeit without the essentials of a bail application. For these reasons, it is humbly submitted that the application must be dismissed.”

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  1. the only way to get money in Zimbabwe is to be a well known prophet. Mupfumbati was trying to be famous in this issue and at the end he failed to finalize it properly. this is caused by economic hardship, the national managers failed to manage the national resources. they loot all the resources and enjoy it with their family, friends and small houses. lets hope God will intervene before we see a lot of fictions.

  2. Making ends meet through hook and crook by changing barrels, MDC resorts to witchcraft after futile attempts in politics.

    1. They way you pop your ugly head in and bring MDC into everything is so pathetic, so lame, so funny!

      You do realise that you sound very childish, almost retarded?

    2. @changlong 11,were does the mdc come in?this story is about witches.nonsense,monkey.

    3. How does politics find its way here?

    4. hai! Nhamo yemunyika medu yanyanya kutsvaga mari kwakadai ummmmmmmm

  3. The honourable High Court Judges, the honourable Magistrates, the Prosecutors, the accuseds’ Defense Lawyers, the Police handling this matter, Legislators in Parliament, the majority of the good people of Zimbabwe, just about everybody knows that this is a spiritual matter and something way beyond what the courts can remedy. Why then all this waste of magistrate’s, police and judges’ time. Can’t we come up with an appropriate law that at least won’t result in people wasting their time like this. And to all those handling this issue BEWARE lest you find your own spirits entangled with these spirits you are meddling with!

    1. This whole thing was made up. It has nothing to do with “spirits”.

    2. Nonsense mhani Murutsisi, this aint any spiritual bullsh*t, and by the way, we are sick & tired of these spirit this, spirit that analogies by cult churches. There is no such thing. Only members of cults and ocults believe in spirits. See things as they are not see them the way you want them to be seen.

  4. Morena..

    Morutisi there is no entanglement with these spirits, because they don’t exist at all in this case. May the spirit of bribery. This thing was staged.

    I agree on wasting time presiding over a simple matter, all these culprits must sent to rot in jail. Ha re ba batle mo se chabeng tu!

  5. Wanoda ku fixer mupostori kuti nyaya ishaye value. Coz wakamboti waibva gokwe apa wachinja. Batai munhu murange

  6. what crime did these women commit? apart from causing alarm and despondency and a few exciting hours for the journalists and entertainment for the public, there is no case here. They should be cautioned, discharged maybe with a suspended sentence. why waste judicial time. as taxpayers do we really want to feed 2 jokers

    1. yes vanenyaya huru yekunyepera Zimbabwe. Such people would dare kill someone if promised money after the act. So dont release them together nen’anga yacho. Such people dont merit to leave in a society such as ours. Rot in jail.

      They are rich, as they have engaged a lawyer. Please dont call that man mupositori because he is not, but a fake n’anga. He has no church he attends to. If he has one, its just a grouping feigning to be worshiping, yet in reality they dont. Lawyers be aware, you support the insupportable just for the sake of money. Beware heaven awaits you!

    2. Well said Aaron. There is no case here. Let these women be free or otherwise you want to make the papers make money by this story which should have expired loong back.

    3. chibondo exhumation

      I like this well reasoned view.these ladies are the best best jokers of the year surely the judiciary cant waste time on these clowns.

  7. Nhai changlong 11 ko MDC yapinda papi munyaya dzeuroyi nechiporofita.

  8. This all goes to show that this country is still backward. 21st century and people are still talking of witchcraft?

    1. Yes, that is so true, though there are backward people all over the world who still belive in it. There are people in Europe who think they are Druids, Warlocks, and Witches. I doubt their spells have any real power. Anyway…… I believe in science.

  9. ke mo Sotho i agree with you. Most families are at each other’s throat becoz of these so called prophets. Everyone involved in this greatest act must receive harsh sentences. Falsehood does not pay

  10. hapana apo muporofita wacho ndiye muroyi mukuru tsikamutanda.

  11. Can the state prove that wat these ppl engaged in is witchcraft? Who was bewitched and wat happened? If the whole thing was stage managed, who was swindled/conned? The charge against these ppl does not hold water. Instead, the ladies should be charged for indecent exposure while the prophet goes scot free bcoz the court cant prove that he is a charlatan. Please don’t waste time and money on this non-event.

  12. Surely this is a waste of everyone’s time. In the final analysis these prophet and the ‘witches’ just pulled a practical joke on everyone, and surely that is not a crime, barring the fact that they mixed up the month of April with September. The learned court officials and lawyers should just admit that they were duped.

    1. These ladies are desperate women trying to make a buck which stupid law are thet being charged under if we waste time and resources on such trivial matters we wont go far as a country why not also arrest those who claim to make miracle money

  13. marwadziwa nei whether abatwa nenánga or muporofita asi muroyi muroyi. Yanguwa yekutendeuka kana nánga dzakuita kuti waroyi watendeuke nekutya kubatwa dzakushumira chasara ndidzo kutendeuka mapasta busy kushora nekusimbirira offering isinga tendeutsi vanhu asi kuehedhutsa

  14. All of them must do time. Behind bars, we sick and tired of these stage managed things, just to steal other ppl’s hard earned cash. Why have ppl commercialized the church?????? God help us.

  15. These two women have no case to answer under the so called Witchcraft Act. They are just con woman who were used by the mupositori.
    Surely the police cannot live the police station to arrest actors. If witches really exist, the police would not have caught them. When would just have got on to their ‘crafts’ and flew away. Ki ki ki.

  16. the psychoanalyst

    wamwe wanoyende kuzvikoro zveruzivo kuti wagowana zvitambi from medical school vorava nekuvandudza ma science for a better future yet these voodoo cults now all over the place are officially certified as medical practitioners at equal level to experts if not higher idzo modus dzavo dziri dzokurota zvegore ragochanhembe mixed nechihabhurakatabhura raabish. tiri kuyiteyiko kuno uku?

    1. That is why a minister, Dr S, who is a medical doctor by proffession ,who spent years studying the sciences at the university , was tricked into removing his shoes & made to clap hands at a rock which was supposedly pouring out diesel in Chinhoyi. It beats me. Basic science tells us diesel is one of the products made from crude oil after refining. How on earth then does diesel pour from a rock?
      Yet this very respected & educated minister who did the sciences at a very high level managed to believe that.
      The way in which an educated Zim nation has been gripped by the frenzy of believing cult & occult beliefs is frightening. At this rate,we are heading to be another Kenya of religious extremism, where cult & occult violence is killing people because people there believe anything…..that one ‘s cult religion is more important than someone else’s cult religion & people have to die to even things.

  17. Ini hangu ndongoti dai Mwari vatiwanira nyasha tese. Let us learn to pray for ourselves and not rely on so-called “miracles” lest we be deceived. Nyaya iyi iri confusing. This Mupostori anobhadharisa here? bcoz I have heard that most dnt get paid, if not, then wht does he gain from staging witchcraft. if he gets paid then….iiiiih….. zvakaoma!

  18. gadzirisai zvemagetsi nemvura iri kunetsa ukoo munosimbira zvisina basa nxaaaaa


  20. Money game,look at Ruth wedhizir kuChinhoi,Tino,Nare nani futi………………………????????

  21. Am surprised poor pple get arrested wen tryiNg tO make a living but anamakandia swindle millions by fakiNg gold, 3 days baby and get away with it

  22. Funny how pple dismiss reality and embrace fantasy. It reminds me of the mdc recent victory in the harmonised elections of July 31.

  23. Iye akambouya nazvo zvekuti munhu wenyama angofunga kumuka nhasi achizviti akunzi prophet this, prophet that ndiani? Who decides that so & so must be addressed as prophet? Is this not blasphemy?
    I think the so called prophecies that every person who calls himself/ herself prophet makes must be recorded on tape, given to the Police & later compared to outcomes of actual events, and if there is any deviation from the alleged prophecy, they must be prosecuted & do time in jail. I know famous ‘prophets’ that you all know, who have made some dubious ‘prophecies’ before & who command a very big following will end up in jail.
    That is why some ‘prophets’ end up being arrested but some ‘prophets’ are not because there is a perception that some prophets are more prophet than others & they get away with this . The yardstick for arresting them must be the same. If they lie that such & such a thing will happen & it doesn’t , they must go to jail because they were not forced into calliing themselves ‘prophets’.
    We are sick & tired of this ocult circus in our courts as if there are no urgent cases of robberies , murder & rape to attend to.

  24. pfutsekk venga ZANU zvakanaka vanhu ve MDC magara munonetsa Nway pamberi neZanuPf maCdes

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