Audio: Tinopona Katsande speaks on sex tape


Suspended ZiFM Radio DJ Tinopona Katsande has exclusively sent an audio response to NewsDay amid a barrage of criticism over her leaked sex tape.

Tinopona Katsande. Picture by Michele Fortmann
Tinopona Katsande. Picture by Michele Fortmann

Listen to what she had to say below:


  1. It was crappy and poor for a 34 year old. Please just delete such videos from your phones, just keep juicy ones such as Poky and Stunners’. Plus, geza kuzasi uku ubvise mapundu ayo. Zvinhu zvako zvino semesa, feel sorry for the poor guy who has courage to put his in that mud hole.

  2. Hi Tino. Just thought i d tell you that you have my sympathy(however much not deserved). Please be strong, lay low for a while but not too long, then carry on carrying on. These things come and go, we all make mistakes, itsjust unfortunate those of you in the spotlight get published. You made your bed(no pun intended), now sleep in it i.e. you chose showbiz. Just be more carefull next time, in fact don’t record stuff wazvinzwa hanzvadzi? I want to see you up and running and a changed person soon, bye and take care.

    • True dat bro above. May he/she that aint not sinned cast the first stone. How many of us have sextapes? i ve seen quite a few in my life, only difference is they r of unknown pple hence no raucus caused. Just chill girl, you gonna be aite. Come back w a bang and shodem!

      • well said Eddie. Just because her sin has been exposed dosent mean isu hatina zvedu. We all judging her but iye maybe iye atokumbira rurgerero kunaIshe wake. Kwasarira isu tine zvitema zvatirikuvanza zvisati zvabuda. Just because her sin has been published doesnt make anyone of us a better sinner.

        • yah tin tin you are just unlucky to be dragged through this embarrasing episode. its all becoz (i) you r e celebrity in zimbabwe or (ii) you did it on purpose coz you wanna go to big bro? i hope its one in which case sorry dear be strong and i hope you come back to zifm. the mornng drive is empty with ‘ichokwadiiii’. if you did it for big bro…..girl put some energy in it and make those beads do some ‘kupepeta’ they are designed for.

    • No i am not having a nervous breakdown. Sounds like you are having one though. Angry, dissappointed in myself, embarrased, yes yes yes,but nervous breakdown no no no ma’am.

      • Whom are you thanking here, and for what? You poorly did your staff and later decided to record it, for whom to see? The Nation? So that you thank them later? Shame on you Tino. If I were you I would hibernate for a very very long time.

      • Whom are you thanking here, and for what? You poorly did your staff and later decided to record it, for whom to see? The Nation? So that you thank them later? Shame on you Tino. If I were you I would hibernate for a very very long time. Perhaps kutombonopinda church yechipostori wombopfeka gemenzi chairo.

      • remember foni yakabiwa and zvakazoitika tino could not control tukai mbavha yakaba foni ikabuditsa zvakavanzika. Kune vese varikushora nekutuka tino munombogona zvipi coz empty vessels makes annoying noise. siyayi mwan it shows kuti mukadzi akakwana anoziwa kuti anofanirwa kurara nemurume. Ikodzero yako Tino to have sex newaunoda. Vamwe muri kudaro tikauya kudzimba kwenyu hey tinogona kushaya kwekunyarira Judge not so thou shalt not be judged.Tino i will support you all the way kusvikira vanyarara

    • nhai i cant even understand she is thanking who? for what here? she is very tactful being ambiguous and being vague yet sincere…AH these actors!

  3. Ko wairamba wakachengetera mu4n neiko. Dai wakaisa padisket paive patori safe, hona zvawava kuitwa manje. Be a changed person from nw on.

  4. Please forgive us as you expect us to forgive others…we all say those words, but apparently few of us mean or understand what it means, gauging from some of the vitriol on this forum. Sad

  5. I hereby declare that anyone who watches that tape is just as filthy as the stuff that i understand is on it! Just knowing there is porn on a video should be enough for any self respecting person to turn away in disgust not watch it over and over like you sorry perverts and voyeurs are busy doing! get a life all u

    • Thank goodness for that, at least you-tube has some standards, unlike half the country which is busy fwding this filth via whatsapp etc. Ngatinyareiwo, we shouldnt take pleasure in such dirt

  6. Shame on you Zimbos for judging Tino all this girl did was have sex with her man in the privacy of her own home . Munhu aka leakisa ndiye mbudzi most of you r saying he he it’s filth but you watched it Tino no worries mate it’s your life at the end of the day Keep your head up.

  7. @eddie , thats the catch…those porn stars are unknown to us, to many even in thier own countries…this one we know kuti ndiTino…

    • ndi Tino yes but she did not deliberately put that video out. does that not count for anything, are you that hard hearted you honestly don’t feel anything for her? even though she was wrong to make it in the first place, have some empathy mate

  8. I think its a lesson for all of us who might want to record ourselves feasting on the ‘forbidden fruit’ and my word of advice is ‘Please don’t record’. Phones get stolen and lost. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a few seconds to destroy it. Tino just pick up the pieces and move on. We all have sex after all and the only difference is that yours has transgressed certain moral boundaries. but we all human, aren’t we? and to err is human after all. We wont judge you but we also expect better after this because of your standing in society. we expect you to be a role model since we always invite you into our homes and lives through radio and tv almost on a daily basis

  9. The guy who leaked it ndiye ane moral decadence. What benefit accrues to him for leakin the video. Imboko and haana ganda kumeso

  10. Celebrities among us lives behind a mask.

    when they are out of the public eye they take off the mask and do unthinkable things.

    they are also human.

    forgive and forget.GOD will do the rest

  11. She is demon possessed. The spirit of prostitution attacked her and she was defenceless. She must find a good prophet who could exorcise those whoreism demons. She must go to lagos to get help from TB JOSHUA, the world’s real prophet.

  12. Now l am more confused after listening to this audio, who is she thanking here, the cameraman who shot the video?, the guy who was banging her?, the people who she has slept with rehearsing for this video?, the people who watched it? or maybe she is thanking Big Brother for a chance to win in future?

  13. Am really disappointed in you Tino but anyway its done and just want to say things happen and i feel sorry for you. I hope you really have a bond with Jehovah becoz Mwari akatendeka even the world judges you , he is the only one who knows you better.Just be strong and face the world and know that life goes on and thank God you are alive and you have a purpose. Take Care and dont do something stupid that yu will regret

  14. Tino dnt u worry girl , ko ndirikuda kumbokunzwawo toita sei ths time toita mu tub vanongoona ma bubbles chete plus panenge pana camera man

  15. Tino its jus a phase inopfuura ini ndakambopindanawo nezvakadai asi zvakatopfuura, time heals shamwari asi handisi kuti zvekurecorder izvi zviri right shaa. Zvose zvinopera.

  16. Hey gal to err is human to forgive is divine.all will be well u those who speak with hate as if they so not err surprise me.God is thw only person that can judge us and everyone else’s opinion really doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

  17. Vasikana ngatisatamba naMwari. Haasi cartoon Tino waunongoimba usingamuzive. We don’t need to hear you talk about him when ur action demonstrate ur lack of knowledge of him. Silently seek him and if u change tichapupura kuti shuwa unomuziva. And stop the sick thanking u sound high kunge urikutogadzira imwe porn movie. Shut up and retreat to ur hole and resurface wen all the hype is gone. Usanyepere kungwara. . .oh and give ur personal brand mgr and pr team the boot Havazive zvavari kuita. If they exist that is. Wafurirwa kuti utaure nesu and u r offending us further. Nxaaa! You need deliverance iwe.

  18. Tino l will be candid with you here, you messed up big time. Some things are best kept covered and to be seen for a good reason by either the lover(s), the doctor, gyeno, corroner at the post morterm…nt every body unsolicited. This is more so if its an unkempt mud hole like that one down we now all know where!

  19. tino you need a complete change i have met you several times your behavior lives a lot to be disired you smoke you drink most of the time you are drunk you have made it worse but for the video i blame who ever leaked it next time dont record such stuff coz on the other side we might question your intension of record it might be this but you need a complete change of life style

  20. Tino,

    I feel you have been betrayed by someone too close to you. usazotora mavedio nomatter hiw luved you may feel. if you ask me ….from my analysis of the clip, aitora made sure kuti haatombobude but iwewe…. ai think akakutora ane chekuita nekuenda kweclip to HMetro

    but remain strong, the bigger fool is that person who sort to humiliate you.

  21. Why did you record the act? You should never do such a thing.

    But on the funny part, put on some weight shamwari. Wakanyanya kutsonga.

    Also do not feel ashamed about the play. Everyone is doing sex. Pretend nothing happens and move on.

  22. Tino owes no one an apology.. and only God can judge her who are we to judge.. oh you hypocrites , if you yourselves have such ‘good morals’ why did you watch the video. Zimbabweans full of crap instead of worrying about the things that are affecting your lives, like the fact that there is water shortages, erratic electricity supply, ARV shortages in hospitals,did you even see that article in newsday you decide to eb all up in the young woman’s pubic hairs..shame on you.What ever happened to the high literacy rate nhai Zimbabwe yave primitive land with people focusing on petty issues kana iriyo escapism yacho , wither zimbabwe

  23. Tino owes no one an apology.. and only God can judge her who are we to judge.. oh you hypocrites , if you yourselves have such ‘good morals’ why did you watch the video. Zimbabweans full of crap instead of worrying about the things that are affecting your lives, like the fact that there is water shortages, erratic electricity supply, ARV shortages in hospitals,did you even see that article in newsday you decide to be all up in the young woman’s pubic hairs..shame on you.What ever happened to the high literacy rate nhai Zimbabwe yave primitive land with people focusing on petty issues kana iriyo escapism yacho , wither zimbabwe

  24. pple just waiting to judge , if she smokes so what , mind yo own business guys , tino luv life goes on no one is perfect ,

  25. Ndiwo amunoti ma celeb munyika here iwaya.Publicity stunt gone bad.I saw,got disgusted and deleted pu-u tsvina zvayo.Repent Amai,murikuzvinyebera.

  26. Musarambe moudza vanhu kunyanya vekunze kuti ndiwo ma celeb ekwedu tingahwe ne kusekwa.Kuzvichipisa kudaro vanasikana.Hanzi hee much is given paka pillow kakadaro what much is given.Behave watokura so.

  27. Tino dnt worry abt those who r judging @ least u hv done a mistake and u now knw wht to do and nt to do in life. Just get low for a while and stop trying justify yo self but time will do tht for you dear. There is nothing new with wht u did we all do it maybe with wrong pple. Be strong and be couragious my dear.

  28. tinoporna ngaatikwanire.she must be barned from getting involved in activities that will make her a public tinodzidzei .we are fed up nenyaya dzake dzechipfambi.she has been changing partners like pants.why does she commit herself to one man like other ladies.

  29. Yeah funny how pips are so judgemental and even invoke God’s name yet they have no problem watching the so called ‘filth’. Ye without sin cast the first stone. Don’t see what this whole noise is about. Someone had sex, so what. Get a life

  30. am sure as we are all mature enough here in mind,we all understand that shit happens to everyone of us in our life time. check it out, mayb you never look at it, if you are actually doing something better.remember there are some people who are spoting your ways (snipers). they know all about you, you have been talking to them all along since they are your freinds and tell them every step you took, but hey they are not all who are honest remember…… got my sense now, betrayed,,,,,,,,,,,,they got to find a way to drug you down, one day till they won you,surely you can be exposed…………but we all know that shit happens and everyone does sex but it becomes new… can even find that shit in politics and you guess what, the same guy who publish all your privecy is the one first to say sorry, but deep inside they say ”””Oh yes now am refreshed””’ did you see that point uuuuuuhu it happens guys come on………..????????????……… Then may he forgive our sins, we all do wrong. remember some people they find streangth in someone’s weakness uuuhu….when you fall before you get to the point,you got to quickly raise up and speed up with others till got there come on Tino go go go.

  31. ndozvinoita mababy ekuchinamwari here izvii. Ummm wakadzikisa standard Tino @ ndakuziva kuti Kim kadashian anemafans nefollowing yakawandayi. Getting ready for part 2, by the way neva say the lords name invain 2nd commandment. A leopard will neva change its spots ndozvauri zviripo. Dayi urimumwe watopinda muna 1st wakabata mogo yako kuti vanhu vazive zvauri. Ps marozer arikuita $1 for 4 tega razor usandise.

  32. People, telling someone that what they did is wrong is not being judgemental. Judging is what God will do that is, to decide if someone is worth eternal life or eternal destruction just like a judge in court sentences someone or declares them not guilty. I believe people on this forum are doing what any Pastor would do Ksave for some of their language) to tell this girl that her actions are wrong and that she should repent before she receives God’s judgement. That is not being judgemental.

  33. Its true that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and even those who preach in churches and those who prophecy are sinners but does that mean we shouldnt heed their teachings? Wrong is wrong and right is right and i think people on this forum who are telling her its wrong are not judging her but this sex tape thing is not going to stop in this country because some people keep condoning it all in the name of “dont be judgemental”.If people condone, you are sending out the wrong msg to society.

  34. how do we kno that the phone stolen was the one with that poor porn video of rs, I smell a rate like I said befor yu seem to have planned this and all now yu are saying yu are regretting is may b r job wc to me its fair yu lose it cause yu are now putting the name of the company in disrepute of wc if all fairness is done during the hearing that yu are suppose to b accorded yu MUST be FIRED. period!!!!!

  35. well this just goes to show that chisi hachieri musi wacharimwa.this whole sextape thing is odd to me like seriously how can two people honestly say they are having sex whilst the other one is recording where is the love in that.Tino well sorry hako coz eish just coz ur a well known person it has blown out of propotion.

    Its a sad yet crazy world we live in.if it was ur hubby it would have been better but boyfriend.

    Lesson of the day:No matter how good the sex is dont record it

  36. hapiness will come when u treat yourself as a queen, as beautiful as u are on the outside u need to work on the insides too. Smoking wont do u any good, sex out of marriage will never bring u hapiness. Never give up on youself, u owe that to yourself. Be courageous and be bold, life goes, youll be ok hun. Ps pipo there is more to life than watching atha pipo live it. The video is nothing and does no one any good. kip yo head down hun, someone else lives to hog the limelight another day

  37. @Amai is right. The sex tape lady if she is sincerely regretful, shld take sme quiet time off air and really seek God if she indeed knws God. In Biblical times, repentant sinners vaitopfeka masaga nekuzora madota 2show their sad state.Self introspection is important if one is 2change their ways and is sincere about it. Sending thank you messages on the other hand, ummm i think tht gives people the wrong impression altogether about the sincerity of the whole thing, tht is, if it wasnt just a publicity stunt.

  38. Guys, lets just not talk about God kana zvivi zvedu zvabuda pachena kana tava pa tight totanga kuti God this God that. What about patinenge tichiita sin yacho tinodii kufunga the same God Iyeye? Guys tisadaro mfunge. Ma sex tape enyu aya ari kudzidzisa vanhu zvisizvo. Plus hamusikuzvi protector, all the work iri kuitwa nevanhu ve aids prevention you are undoing because muri ku promota unsafe sex zvese ne fornication. Hayewa, Jesu chiuyai, izvi zvakaoma veduweee.

  39. aaaah, flat breast no booobs, skinny legs, wrinkled hands, ahhh – what a waste of time. That stupid guy cud have found better if he had looked around a bit. He was short changed – ngaapiwe mari yake. He is a fool.

  40. Its not about what you do, newewo waita izvozvo uchirerova video if it was a song you were going to make a lot of money zvakureva kuti nyika yese yakuziva zvauri. Sex is something secrete in your bedroom affair. Nxaaaaaaaaaa I will never support you again you disappoint me forever ndaora moyo newe unonyadzisa yazara Africa yese. Dai waishandira ini ndaikumisa basa for six month until vanhu vaita give up nezvako wamakisa wangu I was your fun forever anyway stick on your life. Wakapenga don’t give up produce some videos you will double your pay. Thanks for keep us high wakasara zveshuwa. From now you must know that you are nothing without God. Tsvaga nyasha


    Taora moyo

  41. has any of you seen that the family basket price has gone seems no one is commenting on that story..are we not affected or is it a form of escapism running away from our problems huh..wasting our time on people’s private matters surely zimbabweans have we stooped so low, why why guys we are better than this..tino and her sex tape ..whats that got to do with the price of mealie meal in OK or bread at Spar..

  42. Vana muchamama zvipi zvamoziva what’s private about ma public parts a tinopona tibvire kumhepo hahaha hapana munhu akambomanikidza kutora video iroro ende hapana akamuti arichengete Makore nemakore so face the music judgment is here and now weather you like it or not iwe Tino yako hapana zviripo apa inotosemesa. Tamirira. Next on the line

  43. pipo, leave her alone. who are yu to judge her, coz of her talent n being celebrit? kwanai . hw many of yu are clean? nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  44. good or bad, this is a publicists wet dream(no pun intended).. the vid went viral! now i tell u tin tin all dat matters is wat u do next, get somthing big in the pipe line(no pun intended again) coz people will be waitin 4 yo response career wise. wat u do next professionally could send u to the peek of your career. dats my word!

  45. and don’t wait too long you need to do this while this is fresh in peoples minds. whateva you choose to do do, remember content is king! i know alot of people are talking down on you but success will be the best revenge

  46. be strong tino. ts very unfortunate zvaitika but take completely a nu turn and be a better person. there are always second chances in life. you will get thru this

  47. I am sorry for what u are going through tino, its a phase of life…i dont have anything against you but i feel sorry about what pple are saying about u…..zvichapera hazvo

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