Asiagate saga: Rushwaya acquitted


CHITUNGWIZA regional magistrate Estere Chivasa yesterday acquitted former Zifa chief executive officer Henrietta Rushwaya, who was facing charges of failing to disclose to Zifa trips embarked by the senior man’s national soccer team abroad.


The case gained national infamy and had been dubbed “the Asiagate scandal”.

The former Zifa boss was last year arrested and charged for her alleged failure to disclose to her principal (Zifa) the full nature of transactions pertaining to games played by the Zimbabwe national team abroad.

Chivasa said the State had failed to prove a prima facie case against Rushwaya so as to warrant the court to place her on her defence.

Rushwaya, who was represented by Charles Chinyama, applied for discharge at the close of the State case, arguing that the State had failed to prove that she acted contrary to Zifa’s constitution.

“In terms of the Zifa constitution, the person who was in charge was (former Zifa president) Wellington Nyatanga and from the evidence led in court, he was aware of each of the transactions carried out by the accused,” Chivasa said.

“Accused (Rushwaya), therefore, cannot be found guilty for failing to disclose a transaction to a principal,” she added.

The magistrate further said evidence was led in court that at some point, Nyatanga would sanction the national team’s overseas trips despite being out of the country.

Allegations against Rushwaya were that while she was in office, she failed to disclose to Zifa unsanctioned games played by the Warriors in Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Malaysia, Bulgaria, China and Thailand.

Rushwaya pleaded not guilty to all nine counts, arguing that the matter was purely a labour dispute and not criminal.

The State was represented by Oliver Marwa and Sidom Chinzete.


  1. Its better to have no courts in the country. They cant convict a straight forward case like this? This is the weak area of Zimbabwe.

  2. Magistrate wacho anotoda kusungwawo futi for such waste of time and state resources. Dai rushwaya asina mari she was going to be convicted. if u a rich u can do whatever you want even defacating at the magistrate’s office door. Ndaenda ini.

  3. Our judicial system is so biased. Its certainly is our weakest point, this seems a clear cut case just ready for judgement. How can Rushwaya be innocent when she’s so involved in the whole thing? If she’s free then evry1 else from players to coaches r deemed not guilty

  4. Unfortunately, the charges against Henieretta were raised by Cuthberth Dube and Gumede and not Nyatanga who was her boss. Dube and Gumede had no grounds to charge her but only note the way things were being done. Even players and coaches who were charged should not have charged been because these were following instructions from those who were responsible for organising the matches.

  5. Please lets respect our courts. The office bearers are well trained and experts. There is no staright forward case here. Remember, Henrieta is mother of the Nation. If we listen to street talk hen everyone wll be in jail.

    • @LMN- remember Henrieta is a mother of the nation. and LMN is the god of the nation….very good, velly velly velly good she should be acquitted, yah? Can not fault the logic, bravo!

  6. Munhu wechikadzi anoita seyi chief executive officer we ZIFA – bhora revarume? That is strange. Anofanirwa kunge ari we ZanuPF chete.

  7. Pakadyiswa vangu mari apa… kubva kuma lawyer acho eZifa… maprosecuter acho, magistrate netumwe tumbuyu twese tungada kusimudza musoro.

  8. haiwawo nxxxxaaaaaa makadya marika zhinjika imi vana Estere..mhosva ingori pachena iyi nxaa saka macoach nemaplayer amaka banner makaabanirei haiwawoo spit on this crazy judiciary system..mupfume natwo twumari itwotwo the true judgement is coming very soon

  9. These days if you engage good lawyers you will be acquited even if you had committed a serious offence. Something needs to be done on our justice system. I know this lady besides having money and prominent boyfriends she also uses party(zanu) when she wants to get out of messy

  10. Rushwaya had no case to answer in the first instance. Its like taking an Army and going to war without the country or the commander-in-chief that practically possible? Nyatanga must face the music now that that Rushwaya lady has been acquited. Waita zvako Chinyama wapedza stress yamai ivavo. Vanombovata hope dzakanaka. Vanhu vepi vanongoda kutsvaga mbiri nokuchimbidza kumedza kutsenga kuchada? Kusanyara nxaaa-a.

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