Anti-corruption report fingers Chombo


Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo has been fingered in a corruption report produced by the Zimbabwe Anti–Corruption Commission (Zacc) and submitted to the Harare Regional Courts yesterday.


Chombo is alleged to have fraudulently acquired a piece of land designated as a “public place” in Glen Lorne. He allegedly sold the property which he had not paid for, according to the report.

This emerged in court yesterday during the trial of Zacc commissioner Emmanuel Chimwanda who is accused of breaching the Official Secrets Act.

Chombo’s name came out as defence counsel Jonathan Samukange was cross–examining Zacc chairperson Denford Chirindo who is a witness in the case.

Chirindo had begged the court: “This information is supposed to be privileged. I don’t think I can read this because it’s something that has not gone through the commission and has not been finalised. I don’t think it’s proper to read it in court when investigations have not been concluded.”

But Samukange stressed that it made no sense that his client was

being charged with breaching the Official Secrets Act, which he said only bars people from communicating information that posed a threat to national security.

He said information pertaining to corruption allegations levelled against a government minister had nothing to do with national security.

Regional Magistrate Hosea Mujaya, however, ruled that the report should be read as prosecutor Michael Reza was agreeable to its reading since it was part of the State papers in the case.

Part of the report, as read by Chirindo, stated that on June 25, 2004, the then local government secretary Simon Pazvakavambwa wrote to Harare City Council to transfer the land, sub-division “K” of Nthaba Glen Lorne, Harare, to Chombo saying it was allocated to him in 1995.

On November 19, 2004, the city’s director of works Psychology Chiwanga is said to have told the City Valuer and Estates
Manager that he had no objection to the transfer but, according to the report, he “had no authority from the Harare City Council” to do so.

On January 7, 2005, Chirindo said council lawyers, Honey and Blanckenberg, requested the agreement of sale between Chombo and the local authority. The latter, however, only responded on February 2, 2006, and enclosed the title deed.

The then town clerk Nomutsa Chideya indicated that no payment had been made and suggested that either the State should pay the city council or they could consider a land swap.

On December 12, 2006, a local government ministry official identified as W Chimba wrote to the town clerk agreeing to a land swap and acknowledged in the letter that the land in question belonged to the city.

On June 2008, Chimba wrote to the town clerk ordering the transfer of the land to someone else on the basis that Chombo had sold it.

“Chombo sold a stand he never purchased himself,” the Zacc report says.

In 2011 NewsDay reported that Harare city councillors had filed a fraud case against Chombo at the police’s Serious Fraud division for alleged illegal acquisition of land in the capital.


  1. i have no doubt in my mind that despite these serious fraud allegations, ‘home-boy’ Ignatious Chombo is going to top Mugabe’s choice of cabinet ministers, including also the ‘cry baby’ from Matebeleland responsible for ensuring that Zimbabwe does not benefit from its diamonds.

  2. its obvisious that chombo is the first person to be included in the new delayed corruption cabinet…now elected members of the ruling party uses that chance to access their lives not zimbabwes economy…

  3. These corruption reports are a waste of everybody’s time. Nothing will happen to Gukurahundi Chombo!!

  4. Chombo,Chombo everytym,siyanai nemunhu uyu pliz pliz give him a break.Hapana munhu asingabi muzanu pf chanyanya kushamisa pakuba kwaChombo chii?

  5. I am inclined to agree with Gukurahundi here..Just watch and pretend to be surprised when Chombo is rewarded for his ‘creative genius’

  6. Hehede. toda kuona kuti Sekuru vachaita sei na homeboy wavo. I think kune imwe faction mu zanu iri kusimudza mhepo remember kuti kune showdown nenyaya ye macabinet posts. So expect more dirty works. Chegore rino tichaonerera.

    • Yaa stealing for 33 years and still stealing. Point a clean Zanu PF minister and Zimbabwe will become a land UNLOCKED country!!

  7. This is the reason why I always take issue with people who like excusing Gukurahundi Mugabe from the actions of his ministers.

    You hear people saying Mugabe is a good leader, he is being undermined by his Ministers – what nonsense is this?

    There is no good leader who appoints corrupt Ministers again and again but still expects different results.

    No good leader will have the same Ministers in his cabinet for 33 years and still expects something positive from them.

    No good leader can lead an organisation for over 37 years and still believe there is no one suitable to take over from him – thats not leadership in my book.


    • @Gukura- one dollar gets you a million Chombo will be in cabinet..the odds are that good. The other favourite to land a cabiet post is the odds are even better one dollar gets you what are you waiting for? The bookies’ phones are ringing off the hook.

      • @falcon

        On that score we are in agreement – those two gukurahundis Mpofu and Chombo will certainly be in his next cabinet.

        But if then this is the case, why do some people excuse Mugabe from the failures of his government, his cabinet?

        Accountability starts at the top – remember the quote “THE BUCK STOPS HERE”. If you are responsible for appointing people below you, the buck stops with you.

        The problem we have with the Gukurahundis is that its all about political survival as a party, NOT as a country. If the most corrupt of all people is the one who brings the votes, it does not matter – he will certainly take the post.

        Even MDC-T has fallen into this trap – it doesn’t matter what Tswangirayi does, he is the MDC-T and he will remain there until amen even if it means amending constitutions and manipulating every rule book to suit him.

        These are the same people who are now accusing SADC of lowering elections standards to suit Mugabe, what hypocracy!!

        I have a serious problem with such politics, its highly unprincipled!!

  8. Well done Samukange.Use this trial to expose all of them as part of Chimwanda’s defence.They are accusing him of flouting the Official Secrets Act because he investigated corruption.Now this corruption is public record.If Mugabe is serious about stopping corruption,he must act against his Minister.

  9. Now we know why this guy is religiously opposed to Obert Gutu a lawyer being appointed Mayor of Harare.The guy has so many skeletons in his cupboard that he has to keep under lock and key.The guilty are afraid.The protection given by Mugabe to this shameless thief and many other looters is that they deliver votes and shore up the Presidency using violence and intimidation.

  10. @gukurahundi upbringing I absolutely agree with you. You can’t keep on doing the same thing expecting different results. Over the past 33yrs mugabe has been recycling his cabinet of dead woods expecting them to fire up and produce results but alas that never happened. changing a thieving minister to another ministry hoping he won’t steal but once a thief, always a thief. if mugabe is serious about nipping corruption in the bud, chombo and many like him shouldn’t be part of his cabinet

  11. I think this is all propaganda to tanish Chombo ‘s name.I think kuda has a fact hapana asingabe or use one’s position to his advantage,the only problem now is Chombo’s post gives him access to vast wealth.Honestly nhai iwe, dai waiva Local Government Ministern dai uine how many stands and houses?

  12. Those who were ashamed of being corrupt left zpf in the late eighties. Those protected by his excellence continue to defraud the nation in day light. They are going to be reappointed into cabinet despite these shininags.

  13. what a disgrace Chombo, how do you sell something that does not belong to you- you give Zanu pf a bad name- disgraceful.Is that how you acquired all your properties?? Commission of enquiry pronto!!!!

  14. Zanu PF inosarudza cream yainawo muparty. Kubva kuna President wayo kusvika kuna minister. their yardstick does not include maresults eyi ivo vakarwa hondo. If i was mugabe i would just die.

  15. What wrong did he do? He acquired it in arbitrage fashion and sold it fairly. Now its owner is happy Chombo is happy too and the state is even happier the land has ay last found an owner.

  16. Baba Mugabe please remove these corrupt people from your cabinet. They bring their names , your name, the party’s name and the country’s name into disrepute. PASI NEMBAVHA

  17. Kunedzimwe nyika minister vanogadzwa pakarepo kwete kuita mwedzi mitstu pasina cabinet. ZveZimbabwe zvinokunda ngoma kurira. Iye akati kuneRetirement aipenga here. Tichatongwa nevakapfeka mapumpers gore rino.

    Vanhu ava haguti kuba uye havasvodi. Chiichabuda apa?

    Muchavona tikatongwa naRobert Junior maprofessor makangoti vavava.
    Chinokonesa kuti Mugabe arapwe paGomo hospital kaMasvingo General hospital chii? Zvibvunzei? Sei vana vemashefu vachipinda chikoro kunze kwenyika iwo maUniversity akati bayai vanhu muZimbabwe.

    Nguva ichasvika hayo. Pane vaiti hatibviri vakaenda chete. Where is Mobuto Seseko, Kamuzu Banda, idi Amini? Sadam Hussain? Tshaka? Chaminuka? Stalin? Mussolini? Hakuna anoramba kana ishe vadana. Do you think that the mentioned leaders could not have rigged death so they rule forever. If there is one thing zpf cannot rig is ageing and death. Tarisai my one kuputana kwaita shaya dzavo!!!

  18. prsdnt vakango mudzosera vanenge vaka bikwa ne shishto chaiyo…ndsaka raka dzingwa ku constituency kwaro ku zvimba north.anoba ngaasungwe.

  19. Zimbabwe,Zimbabwe,Vamugabe your new cabinet you are yet to announce is the last chance to redress your regacy issue,there is no smoke without fire,if you happen to invite Chombo and Mpofu in your cabinet you would have tanished yourself for good.The truth is laid on your table if you choose to ignore turf but remember us citizens we are part of your eyes.we believe and trust your ears are on the ground,we are now here to give you our final rating.Wait to see,I thank you.

  20. Zimbabwe will move in leaps and bounds, shake up the whole continent and the world if we could just place integrity at the centre of how we operate, especially our leadership.

  21. He is very corrupt and no doubt he is going to be awarded a ministerial post.anotodzoserwa paanga ari agonyatsoba

  22. Chombo and Obert Mpofu are no doubt going to make it to the corruption Cabinet.The former will be rewarded for successfully suffocating MDC in local government while the later,I mean uMdudla will reap from his being obidient to his father as evidenced by his bankrolling of the entire Zanu PF campaign program including the hiring of Nikivu through our diamonds.My dear Zimbabweans it will be fool hardy to think that corruption does not reward Zanu PF.Infact in Scientific jargon corruption and Zanu PF dwell in a symbaotic type of existance.For record,Munangagwa and a few influential securocrats succssfully eliminated Moven Mahachi from earth,yet he (Ngwena) was fingered in the looting of DRC mineral wealth during our involvement in that war that was never sunctioned by the then pro Zanu PF Zimbawean Parliament.Paradixically Emerson Munangagwa became the next Defence Mininster and he he will obviously reetain his post and he is tipped to be next President given the securocrats’s unpararreled influence in Zim Politics.To be brief,N.Goche will be rewarded too remember his tolgates scandals,the Tsholotsho professor,a corrupt and highly unprincipled academic is also likely to be in the octagenarian’s cabinet.As for him( Jonah),his inclusion or exclussion is going to be good for Zimbabwe in that unlike the late Zvobbgo’s 1987 Executive Presidency his AIPPA

  23. Imi pane nyaya apa panonetsa, ingawani ku MDC mu council maipinda ma vendor saka hapana kana ane mayoral qualities saka Morgan akutotsvaga from outside elected councillors. Mugabe does not have ministerial material, men of integrity but matsotsi ega ega.

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