Al-Qaeda welcomes United States stance on Syria


DESTRUCTION by United States Special Forces soldiers of Osama bin Laden by no means led to the collapse of the military structure of the al-Qaeda international terrorist group. \

Report by Own Correspondent

No less odious leader Ayman al-Zawahri, who took over the reins of government of al-Qaeda, constantly urges his colleagues to deploy a holy war against infidels in all corners of the world.

Carrying out orders of its leadership, the group has in recent years expanded the scale of terrorist activities and with the results of the Arab Spring it is bolstering its influence in North Africa and the Middle East — such is the opinion of leading American political scientists who presented their report to the US Congress on the status and prospects of military-political situation in the region.

However, an outstanding characteristic of al-Zawahiri’s leadership is that, unlike bin Laden’s intentions to create a global Islamic emirate, the new header sets a narrower and very real goal to win power in certain States and even in the region.

That is, where governments are forced to fight for the preservation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity against foreign intervention and for the maintenance of internal security.

And, it must be noted, al-Qaeda begins to take part in the events only subject to an explicit intervention in the internal political conflicts of third countries. So it was in Yemen, Iraq, and now it is most clearly observed in Syria.

However, all would be fine, but just the opposite disturbs. For an obvious reason the Arab monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula, in particular, are interested in taking control of Yemen and establishing a friendly regime there.

In both cases, the leaders of these countries were deprived of power after direct or indirect intervention of the US in the events!

In Yemen, the former president Ali Akbar Salehi quite successfully fought against the armed groups of al-Qaeda.

By the way, it was just al-Zawahiri that once headed the Islamic emirate in the south of the Arabian Peninsula and was hiding in South Yemen.

But at one point, Ali Akbar Salehi became out of favour with Americans and they forced him to leave his post. Since then the terrorist activity in the country has increased dramatically.

The United States on the wings of its tomahawks brought Western democracy to Iraq. So what now?

The government is de facto geographically separated into three parts, where only the north controlled by the Kurds can be regarded as a kind of piece of security and stability, thanks to the relative mono-ethnic unity and a rigid system of self-government. In central and southern part of Iraq a day never passes without explosions thunder in public squares and mosques, whose victims are not innocent civilians and police.

The Pentagon has withdrawn its troops from Iraq, and Muslim extremists immediately took advantage of the vacuum. Al-Qaeda openly fights against the Iraqi government and announce the far-reaching plans for establishing an emirate as part of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon under its control.

And now, al-Qaeda has created a network of divisions true to their intentions and free companies in the territory of Syria.

al-Zawahiri has openly supported the plans of the US to strike with missiles on the Syrian government army, which has recently become the burr under the saddle for al-Qaeda.

He again called on his supporters to continue the holy struggle against Assad and promised after the US bombing to slaughter one village of Alawites for each victim of the gases in Damascus.

Maybe it was not the Syrian opposition that demanded from Washington to organise foreign intervention, but it was the leader of al-Qaeda himself.

In light of recent statements by terrorists, the US became ally of al-Zawahiri because it acts only in the interests of the Syrian Jabhat an-Nusra and other Islamic fronts.

According to Barack Obama, Americans must protect the Syrian people from mass destruction and prevent attempts to use chemical weapons against it.

At the same time, the president does not explain who wants to get hold of this kind of deadly weapons, and does not even bother to think about for whom it was advantageous to use gas against the civilian population!

Now chemical weapons are under the control of the Syrian government troops. The relaxation of this control as a result of US strikes can lead to capture of poisonous materials by the extremists. Will Barack Obama give in this case clear guarantees to Israel that these weapons will not be used against the Jewish state.

Or, otherwise, after the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad and coming to power of Islamists the US expects to conduct a new operation against Syria, now for searching and destroying chemical weapons by the type of the war in Iraq.

For the present, the neighbouring Israel authorities are carrying out intensive work on provision of the population with protective equipment against chemical weapons.

The units of the armed forces in the north of the country are generated and deployed, as well as additional antiaircraft defences of the Iron Dome missile-defence system are put on alert.

Partial conscription of reservists is planned. Does Israel need it? Probably, it doesn’t. Because the Israeli military and political leadership has repeatedly stated that Assad so far firmly controls chemical weapons, but the danger of capturing them by Muslim extremists remains.

Israeli intelligence reports that recently fortune has favoured the Syrian government troops in inflicting a significant defeat on the rebels and alien mercenaries.

This begs the question: so why weaken the government’s pressure on their opponents and the same al-Qaeda?

The answer is simple: Americans do not want to destroy it completely. At the situation created in Syria, the international terrorists are allies of the US administration in its plans for the Middle East.

Because exactly the US special services created and brought up in the 1980s Osama bin Laden, and now pander to Ayman al-Zawahiri in the Middle East.


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