2 Point 1 high with debut


THEY are new in the game. Two girls and one boy, who call themselves 2 Point 1 and their music is the urban grooves type.

Garikai Tunhira

Hailing from Warren Park 1, the group consists of James Mutero (23), Rumbidzai Chinaka (24) and her younger sister Samantha (19).

And thanks to this year’s Harare Agricultural Show, the group got recognition and their hit single is now a regular on local radio station Power FM.

At the yearly event, they managed to stage performances at various radio station stands.

It’s their debut album carrying the single Ndimi Mega Amai, but 2 Point 1 has what it takes to whither the storm.

Many an artiste or group have had their first recordings not doing quite well and even failing to get airplay on local stations, but 2 Point 1’s song will certainly set standards.

And for anyone who has had the chance to listen to the album a nod to the above sentiment is expected.

Through determination, courage and hard work, the group managed to record the single in July at Big Tings Music, a studio run by producer Lazarus Chapo, better known as Lazzie T.

“It wasn’t easy recording the song, but we had to sacrifice a lot to come up with a polished product,” Rumbidzai said.

“James came up with the lyrics of the song and me and my sister (Samantha) talked James into changing the chorus. We had to make it lively,” she said.

“He agreed and we started rehearsals for the song. Time and again, we would face challenges, but we soldiered on.”

Samantha chipped in: “We had a beat that we had loved to go along with the song, but when Lazzie T listened to it, he turned it down.”
She went on: “He said it sounded funereal. ‘Imagine coming onto the stage after a very active and breathtaking performance with this dead beat’, that’s what Lazzie T said to us.”

So they had to change the beat, add some life into the song and that was Lazzie T’s specialty.

James could not hide his joy with the developments.

“I’m happy we are getting recognition on the radio stations thanks to the Harare Agricultural Show. It was not an easy road to this product. And already, we are working on an album. We haven’t decided how many tracks it will carry,” he said.

The message in the song is that no one can ever take the place of a mother, saying that any mother’s love is irreplaceable.

It takes the imagination of a soothing and unmatched effect of a mother’s love to appreciate the song.