ZimRights official fined $1 000

ZIMRIGHTS Highfield chapter chairperson Dorcas Shereni and her co-accused Tatenda Chinaka and Farai Bhani yesterday got off with a fine and community service respectively after the court ruled that their case did not warrant imprisonment.


Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei a Shereni to pay a $1 000 fine by Friday, failure which she would be jailed for 12 months.

Chinaka and Bhani were sentenced to 380 hours of community service at Zengeza 8 Primary School.

The three were on Monday convicted of manufacturing fake voter registration certificates.

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  1. very lucky indeed

  2. What about the Hatfield group that was caught with fake voter registration certificates. Please action action.

  3. May somebody tell me what actually happened

  4. What had happened with the fake voter regies in question here? who used them and to whose benefit and at whose cost and to what result? May somebody shade some light please

  5. cde mapinganzira

    ndiwo ma mdc ka iwaya. civic groups dzenyu ka idzi. vote rigging???? mapenzi and silly hormosexuals zvino zvakaramba.

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