Zim Elections: ‘Nikuv paid $10 million to rig’

The MDC-T yesterday made sensational claims that shadowy Israeli firm, Nikuv Project International — which deals with voters’ rolls and elections, among other things — was paid $10 million to manipulate the voters’ roll.

Report by Wonai Masvingise/ Moses Matenga

The details are contained in a dossier accompanying a court application lodged with the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) by party leader Morgan Tsvangirai challenging President Robert Mugabe’s victory in the July 31 polls.

The document shows that Nikuv received over 50 payments between February 4 and July 30 this year averaging $200 000 each.

“What is also worrying is the involvement of an Israeli firm, Nikuv Projects International, in the development, management and manipulation of the voters’ roll,” reads part of the dossier.

“In a letter dated 12 July 2013, Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) denied the involvement of Nikuv in the preparation of the voters’ roll. However, we have it on record that Nikuv has been operating in Zimbabwe since the 1990s.”

According to the dossier, the Israeli company received the first payment of $202 000 on February 4 this year and the last instalment of $200 000 on July 30. The total, according to the dossier, amounted to $10 578 335.

In the run-up to the elections, Tsvangirai took aim at the Israeli firm, which he alleged was operating in Zimbabwe with local electoral bodies to influence the outcome of elections.

Addressing journalists after filing the ConCourt application, MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said there were 15 grounds on which the MDC-T was seeking the nullification of the election results.

“Under matter number CCZ (Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe) 71 of 2013, the MDC-T has filed its election petition. The prayer that we seek is that this election be declared null and void in terms of section 93 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe. Also that a fresh election be held within 60 days,” said Mwonzora in the company of the party’s lawyers Chris Mhike and Selby Hwacha.

President Robert Mugabe, Zec chairperson Justice Rita Makarau and chief elections officer Lovemore Sekeramayi have been cited as respondents.

Mwonzora said in the application the party had raised issues of bribery of the electorate by some contesting candidates.

“We saw doling out of foodstuffs, kitchenware and so on and that is not allowed in terms of our Constitution. The other ground is, of course, of the election not being in terms of the Constitution,” said Mwonzora.

“We were vindicated by the findings of Sadc that the election was peaceful and free, but not fair. Our Constitution section 155 says an election must be free, fair and peaceful so one element is missing and that has been mentioned by Sadc already.

“We have also dealt with the disenfranchisement of the majority of Zimbabweans, that we have been assisted by Zec as well, the figures that they published add up to about half a million people not allowed to vote for one reason or another. We make a point that the figure is higher than that and we will be able to give evidence.”

Mwonzora added that the MDC-T would provide documentary, oral and physical evidence to the court and this would include teapots and flasks as well as the voters’ roll.

In his founding affidavit, Tsvangirai cites the failure by Zec to provide an electronic copy of the voters’ roll in searchable and analysable form yet it was able print copies of the voters’ roll from an electronic format.

“My major concern is that the absence of the voters’ roll was a serious handicap because the voters’ roll is the most critical document used to determine whether or not a person is eligible to vote,” argues Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai’s poll challenge, however, suffered a huge setback when the High Court set down for next Wednesday the urgent application seeking to compel Zec to release election material used in last Wednesday’s elections.

The outgoing Prime Minister filed two urgent chamber applications on Thursday, seeking an order to compel Zec to release election material used during the July 31 poll to enable him to lodge his election petition with the ConCourt.

Tsvangirai wanted the electoral body to provide him with the number of spoilt ballot papers, number of assisted voters and the number of voters turned away.

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  1. let justice prevail so that the country moves forward,but with the calibre of judges in this country that remins to be seen.Honour and integrity is what we ask for.

    1. Nikuv are even boastful of their Zim project yet Mdede denies ever courting them
      Go to their official website

      1. Where exactly are they boastful of this Zim project, I visited the site there is nothing like that.

        Are you sure of what you are saying, cz all they said was that they have done projects in Nigeria, Bots as well as Zim.

        Read and understand.

      2. NIKUV operates in Botswana – so do they rig elections there since they work with that government?

      3. Shame, Nikuv Project International have even suspended their website… cowards.

  2. let justice prevail so that the country moves forward,but with the calibre of judges in this country that remains to be seen.Honour and integrity is what we ask for.

  3. The Court holds in its hands a clear mandate to stand by democracy not just for the Zimbabwean people …instead its work is to stand for the democratic process on behalf of all Citizens of the SADC region.

    The world awaits.

  4. Now is the time Moses pliz lead us to Canaan no retreat, no surrender victory is certain. GOD want to bring justice to pple Zim. We have starved enough we are with yu Mr Morgan now is the time. Even some zanupf officials want yu to be in office havadi havo kubuda pachena musi vanotya makunyangariswa.

    1. saMtoko Mupanduki

      Moses goes again before Pharaoh to plead that he set His people free,but again Pharaoh will harden his heart. Whatever the outcome lets not give up, remember Pharaoh after seeing all the wonders done by Moses he continued to harden his heart. But it took only one night,after the heaven dispached a unique angel. If Pharoah continue to harden his heart,then the angel will visit us soon,and the people will be free. But for now lets pray that justice prevail,we dont want shedding of blood.

      1. Yeah thats right…leave it to moses …meanwhile in the real world the west is wondering its next move to reclaim your resources…dont you know the eu is financially collapsing…

        1. Meanwhile, your Moses goes back to shag more chicks before coming back to big bad Pharaoh, what a joke! Read the Bible again and see if the biblical Moses was a philanderer impregnating 21 year old girls before forcing them to abort. See if Moses in the Bible was a tool of an evil empire’s agenda, your Moses is funded by British and American governments, our Biblical Moses reports directly to God! Unless you are saying that Tsvangirai is speaking to God and getting his instructions directly from God?

  5. The elections were free and fair the fact that Mr. Tsvangirai failed to win does not make them null and void because even if people vote again and he does not win he will still say that they were not free and fair.

    1. all what we want is democracy. why paying such amounts to nikuv. just to steal elections. OOOOOH VEDENGA PINDIRAI> PHARAOH ATINETSA UYU

      1. Was this not paid via biti’s ministry?? It was paid through his ministry so biti paid on behalf of Zanu pf pliz give us a break


    3. U are really brainwashed

  6. Devine intervention is needed not just going to the courts. Munomboendao monoona vanhu vaMwari with all the documents enyu you see. Im saying it because i know that God is saying something and the ways of God has no bloodshed and resistence. We all know that the presant president and the next to come are all apointed of God for diffrent purposes. God bless Zimbabwe and her leaders.

  7. Uchawona matsotsi zvaanoita ipapa,achatanga kutsika tsika kurambaramba kujamba jamba kutuka tuka ku……zvichatoratidza zvoga kuti boys rinoziva zvarakaita.
    Munhu anemaoko akachena anoonekwa kuita kwake,hapana chaanoviga viga.

  8. The other thing mugabe was sure of was to rush the elections but let me ask again frow all positive zimbabweans please analyse for me what were the achievements of the SADC appointed facilitating team ,if I can ask and for the Election road map what is it that they achieve .The only thing so far was the new constitution for Zim but what else, you people you were not serious never be intimidated if they say you are interfering with our judicial system to whom these patsan concourt judges reports to.I say all the loopholes and rigging was as result of you working in gvt you were suppose to negotiate everyting when you are not in GVT your people we thought you are educated but you are not where was your check list.you went into this election without a check list of compliance other ways it was better you were suppose to bycott.if next elections in future if you did not have a check list of compliance you wil not win but Bob has one check list thats why every time he has better hand.Nb check list is your own standard of what you expect ………………….

    1. Ndakambozvireva

      Yes DOFO what were the results of mediation when none of the reforms was implemented and now the same SADC rushed to thump up the results. So that was the ultimate goal to pretend that there was mediation yet they are the same. We have learnt from Uncle Bob, the SADC resolutions are not to be taken seriously just ignore them nothing happens.

  9. Zimbabwe and its tribulations. We have a 90 year old former statesman turned election thief (three counts), we have judges who do not understand justice and its principles, we have a constitutional court that has not read our constitution, a court that rules in favour of one individual, ignoring previous cases of a national nature, we have had powerless governments that have been frog-matched by this geriatric into all sorts of sewage mud, but the question is for how much longer??? Can we expect justice to be rendered this time around??? Can the ConCourt this time sober up and handle the cases that are likely to be before them shortly as judges would?? Does any of this mean anything to them, than their desire to please one person at the expense of an entire population. If our courts cannot protect us citizens of this country, then who will???

  10. Mwonzora as a lawyer you know that the referee-in-chief of zim elections is zec not sadc , so being vindicated by sadc is not in the constitution .

    All Mugabe needed was to be declared winner by zec not sadc.

  11. Yes I agree. The voters roll is the cash book of any election. This applicant seems to be saying he was availed only the bank statement at the end thus his accounts cannot be certifiable without extraction of a bank reconciliation statement. Bookish but not spookish!

  12. The question is , was nikuv paid to rig or , as Theresa makone has already admitted , nikuv has a running contract with the govt.

    Is there a nikuv receipt which is written ” being payment for rigging ” ,

    1. Ndakambozvireva

      Which contract when everyone in charge is refusing connection? NIVUK will be in the dock cross examined and an electronic voter’s roll will show when the changes were made by who and who was affected, SQL database can fire a trigger, a simple query will show this. SQL fundis be on stand by to cross check this and give credible evidence to the not so update party that relies on old tricks that are primitive.

  13. we want ths copys like now plz rita makarau @ mudede zanu pf mmber@ plz we dnt want war again in zimbabwe @ bt if u dont wnt to sho pple those copys u aply war…a u sure …u give those fcn pple a lot of money bt …we dont have zesa,no road,no money for workers @ cme on dont do tht man ……we a looking for future 4 life bt u wnt to dstry all thngs in zimbabwe…

  14. was the money coming out of Zanu pf coffers or treasury. if it was from the treasury then Biti is also an acccommplice.

  15. During the liberation war, smith aibeja achiti munhu mutema anozotonga nyika kana ropa roita serwizi richisvika mumabvi, meaning kuti muafrican haafi akatonga nyika, asi zvakangopera wani sesipo kuwacha. Ivo vanofunga kuti noone else can rule this country. Zvichapera izvi hama dzangu sezvakaitawo smith , tichafara nekupembera very soon

  16. Gud God…now wat we need is intervention…with our own power and mighty we are nothing b4 this complicated dubious situation….let the horns of justise prevail..and let yo people live….amen

  17. I now understand why Hittler used to butcher these jews!

  18. Chidyausiku and the other judges should be brave enough to nullify the election and become instant heroes. What can happen to them in open court.

  19. Claudius kamukwereni

    Which way Zimbabwe with the stalemate on rigged elections evidenced by vedios circulating in Zimbabwe and the world eg voting for mdc t (tsvangirai) but the X going to(mugabe) Zanupf box? Is that not incredible (rigging) at advanced level technologically by Lunkv (the isralise) paid a wooping $10m us dollars by a party winning at all cost? Is that democracy? I beg to differ with Zanupf! The constitutional court should for the first time come to the rescue of Zimbabweans and order a re run. The elections were null and void and therefore a rerun necessary under the circumstance. Mdc should also send copy of the election petition Sadc, Au, usa, europe, australia, canada, china, russia and hear their conclutions/vedicts and in comparison to Zimbabwean courts. The world is a now a small village, lets MDC T expose the rigging to the world to see why in Africa it is impossible to hold free and fair and credible elections in purported democracies. May God intervene?

    1. also another copy to vapositori vejohanne marange. ooooh LORD PLEASE HELP US. can these thugs rule for another 5 years. mwari pindirai

    2. @Claudius, that is graphics at work then if u believe that in the real world i’m short of words. nothing like that will happen on a hard copy that is why MDC did not include that as evidence.

  20. Ndakambozvireva

    yaaa the proof for NIKUV involvement is one such thing that will make a real challenge to ZPF. On verification, please include the type of ballot part that was used which was converting one’s vote into PF. That is why there are no celebrations. Other evidence needed that ZEC is refusing with is not necessary, these 15 points are good enough. Hokoyo, even the judges acho achaona nhamo kuda kuvhara asi a re-run is certain. Go team MDC go.

  21. I think the diamonds money that Biti was saying is not coming to Treasurey could be what paid Nikuv

  22. What is the point telling us about this Nikuv scandal now when the horse has bolted? MDC T were in govt all these years and couldnt detect these anomalies, my feeling is that these guys are not bright enough to run the country after all, i am pissed off!!

    1. the guys are very bright , only that they are too kind and innocent. you know zanu pf are thugs. real thugs. they can do anything for the sake of power. but what they did this year is too much and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. this is the beginning of the end i tell you.

    2. If you can recall that Tswangirai was barred from entering Chiadzwa diamonds fields then you will know the crooks he was working with.At least the man is a thorn on flesh to znpf.

      1. @bercky bokpenga une zvicherwa zvipi zviri kutorwa neCHINA, BOOTLICKER ye zanu. ANZI ZHANGA ZHIRI ZHAKO ZHAZHANGU

  23. People sound as if we are together in MDC. You pray on my behalf kuti Tsvangirai abudirire. I dont want to hear nezvake and I am not alone. Thats why he lost, looking for technicalities here and there instead of real issues. Minda nezvicherwa ndezvedu not for the Rhodies you dont seem to get it. Muchiri kunamatira pa propaganda ya 2000 nanhasi, chero Bob akatadza zvinengei as long as he sings the song yemwana wevhu even 600 Tsvangirais wont win our hearts. Rusununguko chairwo is what we have. Rwamuri kunamatira is imaginary. Check interview yaDavid Coltart who has been fighting a regime change battle since 1983 and now, like always, planning to regroup – haalume.

    1. Ndakambozvireva

      Madzimbiwaka vashe munda wenyu munochengeta ndokunge mune only ONE, asi kana mune multiple forms mairasa.

  24. McAron your rhodesian/boer sour the argument so somere else mam

  25. Nikuv used reacton chemical on ballot papers wc makes ink to move from one point to another…so rigging this tym happened in the ballot box,obsevers and agents cld not see anything….forensic audit is needed urgently

    1. does anyone remember CHROMATOGRAPHY from ‘O’ Level Chemistry, i think it the very same method that was used paballot paper apa.

      1. Cool study and advice. On

      2. Ndakambozvireva

        Yes, the subject was in Chemistry and it is along that line. Spectrum and CHROMATOGRAPHY.

  26. Mugabe Robert the magician who would make Jesus Christ go green with envy.

  27. Ladies & gentlemen let’s face reality we have 2 options (1)Wait for 5yrs or (2)Milltary solution-Diaspora can play a big role.Anyone ready for option 2 goodluck we can not watch Mugabe destroy our country.Freedom needs SACRIFICE,Your country needs you.We setting shop for armed struggle soon,to remove a gvt that uses state institutions to silence its people.DIASPORA we need structures & cells to launch our struggle,DON’T BETRAY THE MISSION TO LIBERATE ZIMBABWE FROM OUR KITH & KIN OPPRESSORS,OUR CHILDREN WON’T FORGIVE US FOR the Mugabe fallout.Victory lies in our cohesion.ALUTA CONTINUA!!

    1. Good luck with that…lol..you sound like a white man….

    2. You couldnt have said it better. We all want to move with the times but our direction is vital. Tsvangirai is a step back as far as black empowerment is concerned. Some will say it not about race but majority should have control of its resourses of liberation. It is good to have an opposition party but they have to stand for something. Zimbabwe would be in a better position if our fields and mines had a helpful/watchful eye in those departments. Unfortunately mdc has been left wanting in that department. Opposition looks at every department and challenges statergy policy. Urban politics is just noise to the ears and not our backbone
      For those who are considering violence as the answer remember for every action the army and police will have something to say.

  28. Nyaya dzenyu ndedzekutungana kwembudzi .hamusati makura papolics chete ,nekuti nyaya dzenyu dzawandisa .zvinotaridza kuti hamuna zvamati mabata zvamunoziva

  29. Its time Africa must get rid of all dictators small and big,forget SADC & AU,they are very irrational to bless a stolen election in their own backyard.African civil society let’s hear the cries of of our people.

  30. Taurazvakoshasha Tigarisane

    The election challenge was submitted to the concourt. What good things can we expect to receive from this court which is full of Mugabe hand picked judges. They will just throw away the election challenge. The only good thing is that the case will expose zanu pf ‘s rigging machinery so that everyone knows what actual happens. To judges they are under serious test which will paint them as independent judges or zanu pf judges. Lets wait and find out what kind of judges are managing our courts. Country ‘s laws are being manipulated pachitariswa kuti wabuda mumba maani. Hazvifadzi izvi hama dzangu

  31. What evidence do you have, mzaya wotonorima 8uhera polical carreer over mzaya

  32. zanu is a mafia cum terrorist organization,rumour says they also gave millions of diamond money to al-qaeda and now they want to supply uranium to Iran.its high time the international community acted drastically on zanu and co-horts.

  33. its so hard, but not imposimble, to unseat those who had bn there for 33 years. We are with you Mr Morgan

  34. If MDC and all concerned parties herein mentioned as complainants were presesent from the onset,it is now a mindboggling affair for these people to start scrapping the barrel to get a reprieve. Botswana,Germany,America,England and even the EU are just a loud voice in the wilderness of african politics. For as long as what Africa says or do not say in their election processes do not make any significant change, why should we allow that ‘stinkinking’ notion of diplomatic intervention as quipped by Mwonzora to be of any significance? To every sane and sensible panAfricanist, the sticky battle we are confronted with is that of preventing at any cost modern day colonialism that can come under the guise of ‘International’ conventions or statutes. Africa for Africans and Europe for Europeans full stop. What have they done in the Arab world? Is it democracy they want or oil? Why do we still allow to be confused by man-made domestic squabbles? We must wake up and realise that the Wild Wicked West is after nothing but our inexhaustible natural resources. They formented confusion in Egypt and right now they cannot contain it. Tsvangirai chinja mashandisirwe utevere gwara roRusununguko. Dont force Zimbabweans to ‘live’ politics. Let us give Development,Peace,Indigenization and Homebased politics a chance. Taneta stop wasting our time we dont want rulers/leaders who are proxy rubber stamps like you. Infact where were you during the gunfight? Enda kuBritain unozorora kana zvaramba.

  35. the current scenarioin zim aspires a revolutionary nexus to the radicals

  36. What the hell is thi Nikuv doing??

  37. The headline is simply trying to swing public opinion to favour mdc case . Unfortunately courts need solid facts and mdc must not waste time if there no facts to sustain the petition . Screaming headlines have no place in court . Be ready to cry foul and to blame the judiciary when it is your petition that cannot stand the test.

  38. we want to see what comes next .a robbot ahead just few days to come .nikuv waita hako nekubuda pachena kwasara vana makarau nachidyausiku…no one on this planet have got the power like god …its only matter of time ndiyani aifunga kuty vana veisrael vachapona thats why iam its all upon to god

  39. Tsvangirai knew about all these things yet he agreed to go to the polls. Talk about being stupid! How can you agree to go ahead when there’s no clarity about the voters roll? Munhu akadai haangambotongi nyika! Fuza!

  40. asking zanu pf chosen judges to be impartial at this one is a big ask

  41. If Mugabe and his crew think its over now then they are still in dreamland. This time they wont know what hit them. I swear nasekuru varipasi. Humbavha pasi nahwo taneta.

    1. Prince of lions

      This is too little too late. Mdc has been in govt for too long yet couldn’t administer significant change. Couldn’t even influence govt with a majority in parliament since 2008. This group has been there since when?? Many feel cheated, disgruntled but yet no one wants to look in the mirror.
      Every election is rigged yet no measures are taken. Mdc has a weak leader who lacks basic fundamentals in he’s leadership. If he was a football coach he would’ve been sacked for lack of preparation b4 a match and fined by match officials for talking out of term about the referee after the match.
      My second point is this, if you do have evidence you risk tainting it if it is published b4 the court has examined it. A smart defendant would start his/her clean up process as you have lost that element of surprise.
      Zimbabwe achieved something which many post apartheid nations failed to do, empower black
      To many city dweller this is irrelevant as madeals are a core of transactions in the city. Land and resources are non existent in their quest for survival thus of no importance.
      The growth point boys claim violence but can you really handle a violent zimbabwe. Most of you know what the riot squad is capable of.
      No one is in favor with the west unless they are being exploited. Even tsvangi would become a villian if he had some of our interested at heart, because we will never be accepted as equals regardless of change.
      The logical thing to do is to have reform in your party. Get a few policies that have indigenous people’s concerns at heart. Leadership is also your biggest liability. Tsvangi had his time and failed to capture the moment. Become a man of loose morals and integrity amongst the respectable and a fool to the intelligent. He gave no substance to represent significance in our political arena.
      The only problem now with his ranting and raving is that its more damaging to the nation at whole. United we stand and divided we fall. I haven’t seen a western intervention in any of these war torn countries which has been a success. Zimbabwe is our home and the solution will only come from within. War is not the answer either (dedicated to the growth point boys who suggest a revolution ). Who would be the enermy. Ambuya na sekuru who still remember chimurenga and are opposed to sell outs??
      Farmers like me would most definitely become your foes then as we have started to reap the seeds of our labour and we can legally carry 303’s and shotguns.

  42. Morgan is right.Elections were peaceful,free but not fair.

  43. Robert NIKUV Mugabe once said no dudicial decision would stand my way, chaasingazivi ndechekuti rwendo rwuno ndezvashe. There are some who are dnying that now Goddy Chidyausiku will deliver nekuti humbowo hwakazara huripo in the public domin. Aluta coninua

  44. mdc hamulumi kkkkk

  45. GOD INTERVINE!!!! Thank you Lord

  46. ska muri kndiudza kti Zimbabwe yese yashungurudzwa naMgabe? varume, plz lets all go against this. Kana tichifira izvozvo ngazviitike taneta nembavha. Nyika iri kuchema mari ivo ndopovopa Nikuv mari yakawanda kdaro? Saka tiri chii munyika yedu varume?

  47. Nhai hama dzangu baba Jukwa varipi

  48. The zimbabwean soap opera continues..nw enters another shadowy character “NIKUV”… Just 3months ago who ever thot on this day we wld all be siezed in a quandary caused by something by the name nikuv. Some script we have here,indeed!

  49. The Zimbabwean election is so unconstitutional that it is not even necessary to take the matter to court. Only in a country like Zimbabwe would it be even neccesary to go to court over such an obvious illegality.

    Let’s analyse this election with reference to Zimbabwe’s constitution. Here is an extract of the Zimbabwean constitution on Principles of elections:

    *1. Elections, which must be held
    regularly, and referendums, to
    which this Constitution applies
    must be:
    a. peaceful, free and fair;
    b. conducted by secret
    c. based on universal adult
    suffrage and equality of
    votes; and
    d. free from violence and
    other electoral
    2. The State must take all
    appropriate measures,
    including legislative measures,
    to ensure that effect is given
    to the principles set out in
    subsection (1) and, in
    particular, must:
    a. ensure that all eligible
    citizens, that is to say
    the citizens qualified
    under the Fourth
    Schedule, are registered
    as voters;
    b. ensure that every citizen
    who is eligible to vote in
    an election or
    referendum has an
    opportunity to cast a
    vote, and must facilitate
    voting by persons with
    disabilities or special
    c. ensure that all political
    parties and candidates
    contesting an election or
    participating in a
    referendum have
    reasonable access to all
    material and information
    necessary for them to
    participate effectively;
    d. provide all political
    parties and candidates
    contesting an election or
    participating in a
    referendum with fair
    and equal access to
    electronic and print
    media, both public and
    private; and
    e. ensure the timely
    resolution of electoral

    Sections 2c and d have been breached as the state refused to give the voters role to the MDC and blatantly refured to give MDC access to ZBC and Herald. As ZEC is the sole organiser of elections, the involvement of Nikuv nullifies the whole process


  50. Vanhu vakagumbuka in all corners of zim and all over the world UK,New Zealand,Usa,Aussie,SA where ever a zimbabwean is. They might think they won it by playing blatant political tricks but the law of the bible shall be instituted soon. If u were part of this fiasco of denying zimbabweans the full right to exercise their constitutional right through intimidation or fraud, watch the horizon mubairo wako wavapedo.

  51. Hamuna story. Get over it and regroup in 5 yrs kana musati masplita imi zvimbwasungata. VaMugabe panyanga

  52. Politics z a lot different from other professions guys
    The only catch is the open connection between MDC & USA & UK
    Why does UK care to know abt Zim elections? It’s our former colonizer and we never voted the Rhodesians into power.
    The 3 Chimurengas fought were to correct the colonial imbalances in the distribution of political and economic power.
    So if the MDC had no links with the imperialists, it would be easy to win an election acceptably, but as long as the MDC has links with London , I promise you even fresh elections in 60 days might give ZANU PF 91% in Parly and RG MUGABE a whooping 95%
    But unfortunately MDC and it’s friends will only endorse an election which they win. MDC had its polling agents at all stations in the recent election, and they endorsed the outcome of the election at their respective centres.
    So how do Nikuv rig election? How and when did MDC know, why then ddnt MDC refuse to participate in election?

  53. There is too much censorship on this page especially when one too critical of mdc-t or gays

  54. pliz mdc give us a new leader.uuuu! Uyu atadza


  56. Our leader of Mdc is very myopic he is like some one who plays ufejafeja and be amazed after e unfair victory,almost every teacher was commanded to hold votes away from his station so that he will not vote why?elections were rushed while zec had inadequate material why?if Tsangirai,s advicers were clever enough ey were to smell e rigging chemistry.now Botswana president z against Mugabe WHY TSANGSON Z NOT GOING TO THAT GUY AND ASK FOR ADVICES WC ARE EFFECTIVE RUTHER THAN ESE UN FAIR VOTES AND COURTS WC ONLY SUPPORT VOTES,WAKE UP MAN HOW CAN U LEAD US TO CHANGE SUCH A CRUAL CALIBER ZANU WHILE U R TOO SOFT,,PEACE PEACE UNTILL WHEN,WE NEED A RADICAL AND CLEVER LEADER PLEASE


    Mr Tsvangirai, without DIVINE HELP, you wont be successful. First, you get help from genuine prophets. Also, according to sec 93 of constitution, fresh elections be held within 60 dys….most people especially those who voted MDC, have lost hope and are dejected and mark my words they wont vote again after all these allegations, they would rather stay in their homes.


    TB Joshua once prophesied something about Mr Tsvangirai, isn’t it high time he go again there to Nigeria and ask the man of God to do another prophecy?

    1. I second you.

  59. Its been more than a week since the Elections. MDC is crying foul about the Electronic Voters roll, well maybe I live in my own world but Zim has no justice and if you don’t take the initiative you won’t get anything. MDC should know that.
    Simple suggestion, MDC should have taken the printed copy of the Voters roll they were given and scanned it with an industrial scanner (a party of their magnitude should be able to afford one). Use an OCR reader to convert to word, which can easily be converted to Excel or get a kid who knows programming to consume it into a database, in a day they should be having an electronic copy of their own.
    Deal with the courts whilst doing your own investigations instead of being such a cry baby. The whole nation has pinned their hopes on you, SOS!

  60. Boniface taura hako shamwari vanhu ava we mdc vane zvese asi wese vaneusimbe musashore munhu one(1) asi vese musatemba veMacourts kana veSEC even any other body asi garai ne vanhu maindividuals pasi umwe neumwe sector by sector palastatal by palastatal village by village zvamaimboita paya pachina uya nhamo Musekiwa akarohwa ne zanu pf akazofira SA.Mari apa dzichishandaka 85% yevanhu vemuzimbabwean iri kwamuri imi veMDC T asi muriku lack strategy chero kubira imi munotadza kubirawo seiko zvinotarisai mhuri yese yezim wanochema nemi mabirisa mai election edu kubva pa 15% of the population to 61% .15% Ndiwo mavhoti chaiwo evanhu vanoda zanu ……. 61% iyoyo ndenyu we MDC T

    1. Prince of license

      No one actually knows the facts. Daily arguments but facts are vital. In a boxing match decided by the judges usually both fighter think they won on the final bell. The judges decide and life goes on. 5rand combi to town and lunch at the 1st floor in eastgate. Neither parties will change the day to day.

  61. Mapfupa angu ari kumuka izvozvi sezvaakamboita nguva yeudzvanyiriri hwemabhunu. tichafara very soon as has been said by Mai tiiiiii. when suffering reaches its peak, those are the times for divine intervention to come down. War is also around the corner; mark my words. Imiwo vatungamiriri vedu ku MDCT mukai muri mumachira chaimo. Makavharirei Hondo yainge yatova kumuka muna 2008 by joining this useless four-year government. this time wake up and don’t join hands with other parties for no gains. the other thing is that the people who were overseas during the terrible suffering like Eric Night and Ezra Tshisa should not get MP seats for people will not vote for them. Rather, give these guys some internal top seats within the structures. The other thing is that lower down the party to the common people where it originated from. There are lots of affluent people who used various routes to get to the apex of the party at the expense of the original owners of the party who are the common people.

  62. munoda kudya kuri kwenyu pedzeranai yakauya neropa kubvarini pamberi nebyebye maoko mudenga mudhara kumusha

  63. ndezvenyu ikoko .munowanza dhodhu .

  64. kwahi tsananguriranayi kuti ‘not fair’ zvinoreveyi. magona izvozvo munganzwisisa nyaya.

  65. haiwa chifuku hauzive zviri not feya feya here? Zvakafana kuti Chivandire okaruka apinda munzanga mako worigwa (rigging) wosungwa mbira dzakondo obva hezvo wonyudza mukombe wake muchirongo/hadyana/ kana tsambakodzi yako ie your most special secret possession of sacred value hezvo ohomwa mahewu ako kusvika adhakwa. mazoyenda kumatare zvonzi hapana mhosva since usina prove kuti your most sacred stuff yakanyudzwa mukombe waChivandire. Yet inyaya iri pachena zvisingatsanangurike vasikana. Hazvidi kukurudzirwa izvi.


  67. Even if its 0600hrs Tsvangirai would say its quarter to 2. The next tym he is going to say his name is tonny blair. He’s always in denial. I wonder y some pple stl subscrb to his nuisanse. Leave him alone


  69. This is all sensationalist rubbish. Anyone taking this as proof of anything untoward need to get their head examined. Nikuv has a contract with the government since the 90s that’s long before the MDC was formed. When Biti as finance minister authorised these payments what did he think he was paying for? By failing to ask such simple questions it shows why MDC deserved to lose the election. They are easily excitable over a non issue. The judges will obviously see this for the complete waste of time it is.

    Some stupid comment talked about how ballots marked in favour of Tsvangirai changed to Mugabe’s yet Tsvangirai got 1.17m votes? How was this possible when all the ballot papers were designed to change to Mugabe? Kusafunda kuno netsawo futi. It only goes to show that MDC yakazara ma zungairwa.

  70. It is fair comment all this bar talk is reminiscent of a debate between Duutuu na Benzi. The script is rich as Benzi is posturing he is very clever while Duutuu prefers to leave the lead to knowledgeable people to argue the wisdom in whether or not to cross the flooded river. Toyambutswa nani ndoo mubvunzo mukuru uri kurwirwana naDuutuu and Benzi pamusoro apa. Sandizvo?

  71. Thanx for all your contributions. Even at home, if you are soft, and someone beats you and you don’t fight back, they will just say…aah wakapusa, deno wadzoserawo. But is it good to fight back when you think that it was better to reason than to fight? Ok…it means vangu vari kuda kutongwa nenzira yakashata naTsvangirai are many, ah, that’s their choice. So why shout at them? Why kuvabirira? Vashoma havadi UK, US but vazhinji vanoda havo . Tsvangirai adii zvake, gamba zvaro rakakwanisa kuti vaMugabe chizororari. By the way, when are we celebrating?

  72. ndoo maisha bwana

    ZVAVAKURU hazvikurukurwi wena asi kune ngwere dzinohovhomoka mativi ose dziri kutsukutsana yet mpango hamna! Kwahi bhazi ngariyambuke vanotya sarai kana usingade kumhanya huya ndikumenye! Herr Hitira hahah!

  73. ngationei kuti iye NIKUV uyu shuwa shuwa here akazviita.

  74. Muchirikuchema nezvishoma zvamakaona gore rino izvi ,come 2018 muchachema zvakare ,mwari havatodi kuti zimbabwe itongwe nemunhu akaita sa @tsvangirai ,mwari vangatsamwa nyika ikabvaruka ,mark my words pliz .tinoti pamberi nekodzero dzedu savatema .pamberi navamugabe ,vakutaurisa taurai zvenyu asi muchadzikama zvenyu

  75. Prince of lions


  76. what lies ahead is a moment of truth. Nikuv was used by Zanu PF to rig the elections. Qn: Why dd Zanu refused the UN observers to come and observe the elections kana vaiziva kuti they were nt going to steal the elections? Hw come Zanu c america wen we tok abt un? If Nikuv was involved in an election scandal in 1996 in Zam then y nt now in Zim? Y dd Tobaiwa Mdede utterly deny having weked with Nikuv wen they themselves point to zim as one of their case study?? The bottom line is Zanu stole the elections by their abuse of the media, police force, and the traditional chiefs who were threatening the people shld they vote for change. What was done on the 31 of July was a completion of a long term process.

  77. You guys yu going crazy about this rigging thing,chekutanga you are forgetting 500 000 farmers of tobacco each family it has 3members who voted unofunga vakavhotera ani,chechipiri ko varikurima chibage n thirdly mayouth who have been empowered ne indigenisation vangani ko vari mumastands emacoporative ndapedza ndipewo figure yevanhu vamunofunga kuti they have voted for zanu pf,don’t be fooled nevanhu Ava vanonzi MDC there there to coz problems muzim ngwarirayi kutotererwa nyika makasvinura Sematemba,MDC its not yet serious nevanhu vemuzimbabwe ,ungavhotere munhu anokuurayisa nenzara bcoz he wants a vote no no no let’s fight the enemy directly tsvangirai hapana chako re-run ikaitwa uchanyara wadyiwa kudarika zvawakaitwa kusvika 95% unyare DON’T BE MANIPULATED nemadofo, lobengula ndzoakaitwa zvirikuitwa mumwe wedu kupihwa tushuga wofuga kuti wagarika

  78. Nikuv, Nivuk, Mikuv argh whatever, this colony will never be a country again!!

  79. Africa and all its resources are the birthright of African people everywhere
    All Diamonds are Blood Diamonds
    2. The U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq has forced us to recognize the
    terrible price paid by peoples around the world the oil reserves necessary
    for the daily functioning of the U.S. economic life. The slogan is “No blood
    for oil.”
    3. In the Niger Delta of Nigeria African people living in dire poverty are fighting
    shell Oil for control over the multi-dollar oil industry on their own land. 70
    percent on less than a dollar a day. The poverty, lack of electricity and
    sanitation and profound pollution. Yet Shell Oil and other oil corporations
    have made more than $300 billion on Nigerian oil. White people live in
    mansions with big SUVs in the same area. The people of this area are waging
    armed struggle. They say if they cannot benefit from the oil, no one will
    benefit from the oil. They call it “blood oil.”
    hw then can Zimbabwe want to go back to colonialism when the rest of Africa is awakening and discovering they were being taken for a ride AFRICA FOR AFRICANS!!!!

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