Zanu PF vote theft unearthed

Twenty Zanu PF officials were yesterday reportedly found in possession of voter registration slips in Hatfield, Harare.
MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti told a Press conference in the capital yesterday that the party’s House of Assembly candidate Tapiwa Mashakada had bust the alleged massive electoral fraud and reported the matter to the police.

The matter had been reported to the police under case number OB10939/13, he said.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission deputy chairperson Joyce Kazembe confirmed the incident of voter registration slips at a Press conference last night.

Said Kazembe: “We did receive that report. It is still a matter under investigation. If there is still more, we won’t know until investigation is complete.”

The incident allegedly took place as more than 140 suspected MDC-T supporters were yesterday arrested for allegedly attempting to rig elections and causing post-election chaos.

Police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the arrests, saying 111 of them had been rounded up as they arrived at the Beitbridge border post in 40 buses from South Africa.

She, however, denied that 20 Zanu PF members had been arrested for possession of registration slips. Instead, Charamba said only one Zanu PF member was arrested for possessing six voter registration slips.

“Police arrested Ricky Misheck Chijoko, a  Zanu PF member, at Hatfield shopping centre when he was searched and found in possession of six voter registration slips belonging to the following people: Anold Tapera, Tapiwa O’Brian Jani, Sarah Matipedza, Auril Tsungai Chiyangwa, Elcy Mathetha and Ndengu Tawanda,” said Charamba.

“Upon interview, the accused admitted tohave been in possession of the said documents which he alleged were being kept at Zimbabwe Youth Council in Newlands, Harare, for safe keeping after a proper registration. Investigations are in progress.”

But Mashakada last night dismissed police assertions as a distortion and insisted that 20 people were rounded up for possession of many voters slips.

Earlier Biti said: “For some reason, some Zanu PF candidates have printed voter registration slips. In one notorious constituency in Hatfield, 6 000 people are being given slips at a Zanu PF candidate’s house. As we speak, some of the people have been arrested and Mashakada is at the police station with those slips,” said Biti.

“These are trying times for the people of Zimbabwe and for the MDC in our quest to achieve a real transformation in Zimbabwe. We raised so many issues about the conducting of elections by Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) that were partial, inexcusable, laughable and stupid.”

Confirming the Beitbridge arrests, Charamba said those picked up were border jumpers who were suspected to have come to cause “chaos and pandemonium”. She said 11 bus crew members were also arrested for facilitating border jumping.

“Forty cross-border buses from South Africa suddenly arrived at the South Africa border post today (yesterday). A security check of the buses resulted in a total of 111 people being arrested for border jumping, they had no passports and any travel documents on them,” said Charamba.

“It is suspected that these border jumpers who are coming from South Africa without travel documents do not intend to cast their votes, but cause chaos and pandemonium for reasons best known to their organisers.”

MDC-T organising secretary Nelson Chamisa, however, said their supporters from South Africa had been blocked from coming into the country.

Charamba said in Budiriro an MDC-T chief election agent was arrested for allegedly stealing a voters’ roll and giving it to Phillip Mabika, a fellow MDC-T activist, in a move she said was clearly meant to discredit the process.

Police alleged there was a huge scam involving MDC-T election agents in Harare, Masvingo and Manicaland who were found in possession of forms which Charamba said was meant to facilitate the premature announcement of results.

“An MDC-T Harare West constituency election agent, Cosmas Kamba, was found in possession of SV11 forms which are used for collating the elections results.

“Similar other cases have been reported in Masvingo where three accused persons have been arrested and one person in Manicaland (all MDC-T election agents).

“The MDC-T election agent arrested in Harare has said that he was given these forms by MDC-T council candidate for ward 16, Harare West constituency, Lancelot Mudavanhu.”

Charamba said Mudavanhu initially implicated MDC-T candidate for Harare West Jessie Majome, but withdrew this after the coming-in of his lawyer in a bid to protect Majome.

“No wonder why MDC-T leader Morgan Richard Tsvangirai during the campaign indicated that he was going to announce the results himself and he has been singing the rigging tune. Contrary to his utterances, indications and evidence on the ground seem to suggest that it is MDC-T intending to rig elections.”

In Mabvuku, the MDC-T aspiring councillor for Mabvuku-Tafara was arrested for attempted murder after allegedly running over two voters while trying to evade arrest.

Another person was arrested for allegedly stealing a bag belonging to an Ethiopian observer at a local outlet.

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  1. Inhema idzi Kuda kuwana marambire, biti


    1. iwe unozviti mcgyver urirombe what truth do you have you maggot stop judging you know nothing about it . We know the people of your type Zanu Pf kiss my arse type . Everytime you shit on yourself you point others when are you going to accept reality you thieves. Shame on you Zanu Pf maggots

      1. I agree with you 100%. These zpf thieving scum must fu*k off and leave us to fix their pathetic attempt to run the country. I suppose the thieving was easier than actually working for the country.


      2. Keep calm everyone. We will raise our voices when the official results are out. Then we’ll compare with what we have on the ground.

        Asi ndapera simba ndanhwa kuti they declared them rigged. What next nhai? How many more years?

        Zvedu zvakaoma.

        Ini uko ku Jonhi, ndonomirira next coming years. Kukanzi Mugabe ndiye, ndaenda ini ndonoita desktop supporter sedzimwe hama dzedu. Ndongono shandira mhuri yangu.

        Izvi zvarwadza. Endi tevhota nemwoyo wose. Tashinga. Tatambura. Taviga hama dzakashaya mishonga nemari. Vana chero a good birthday celebration totadza. Apa zvonzi nditerere nonsense yavo futhi?! mx! Ndingatofara kuhwa kuti ichokwadi kuti Jonathan Moyo aruza.

        Anyways, keep calm. Tohwa first

      3. The rigging process was very clear nationwide.
        It was a simple case of avoid all mdc millions from registering and unofficially issue out thousands of voter slips to all your sympathisers alike.
        Thts why they were so mum about the voters roll.

  2. Anu weZanu akomana – typically uncouth like Mcgyver

  3. What can you say, birds of a same feather flocks together. If a thug always a thug.

  4. Once a thug always a thug like Mcgyver.

  5. I do not see any major crimes that have been committed here. At the beitbridge border post there is always a que of people who pay their fines when crossing the border back to Zimbabwe without documentation. There is always a que at the ZRP office for such offenders. Besides border jumping is an offence and not a crime, which warrants a fine and release. This is the major problem I personally have with ZPF. Constitutional judges insert semi colons where non exist. The police decides who is llikely to commit an offence before it is committed. Seeing that there were so many pople who wanted to vote, the police should have made special arrangment for them in order for them to speak out. It is now common knowledge that the ZPF conduct elections not for the people of Zimbabwe but in order to get international recognition. We need elections for ourselves first before we get any foreigners approving us. We read of accompanyment voting and ask ourselves, for who are we conducting elections for? Now we can see who is a puppet of foreigners, trying to act like an ” English Gentleman” to be liked by the queen when in reality you dont care about being liked or approved by your own black people.

    1. Well said Lovemore!

    2. Its not a crime to publish voting numbers before official results. The numbers are counted at constituency and ward level, those numbers can be published by anyone. The public is allowed to witness the counting if I am not mistaken or the party agents. The party agents can send reports back to their fellow party members before the official announcement. These are normally reffered to as unofficial results. Why they unofficial. Its not the numbers that can change, they are only unofficial in case someone feels agrieved. Those counted numbers do not change whether the box is stuffed or not. The same numbers become official only if everyone involved in the process is happy, however the numbers themselves do not change. Unless obviuosly the numbers can change in transit before being announced. In other countries celebrations start well before the vote counting is complete using the unofficial numbers which really will never change unless there is some court rulings (remember the 1st Bush win).

  6. you dont have to have form SV11 9or any other form) to collate or announce results if you want. one can compile results on any piece of paper and announce the results
    This is bull shit coming from a whole police commissioner – typical – huding behind a fingure – something bid=g was happenning thru the ZPF camp – voter reg slip. This is the rel BIG ISSUE not ”collating & announcing results”. You arrest before he announces

  7. MDC-T is crying much …and is trying by all means to the elections…Tsvangirayi this your last chance to challeng ZANU-PF…

    1. No one can challenge zpf because they are a bunch of lying cheating bast*#ds who will pay other people to make sure the polls are rigged in their favor such as the israelis. Pity Hitler didn’t exterminate all of them.

  8. personally ini i give up on Zimbabwe. regai vatonge ah. handisti ndamboona zvakadai ini. amai nababa vanoviga poto yeusavi vana vachirara nenzara…


    Ime smell sana kama fishi ya siku nyiingi!!! Tiri kuyiteyiko kuno uku??

  10. batai vanhu ngonjo

  11. this lady spokesperson is she a woman or a shemale all defensive when it comes to zanu pf issues and always attacking other parties. a mother who finds fault and never fair in all things akomana
    nyika ndemunhu wese this time we have come to roost hamuvapedze

  12. Well the election is being run by ZEC, and not by zanu pf or MDC, that is why the police are arresting idiots from both parties. they system is full proof. i voted yesterday and its going to count. those who are crying even before the result are out definitely know that they are losers. Chematama kumusha.

    1. You too stupid to see that the results are going to be fixed so mugs will win. We can see that happening already fool.

  13. Kirimu Dhonanzi

    Therefore the elections were unfree and unfair!

  14. Wel said Reason. Prob wth Mdc n its blind followers z that they feed into the ideology of th mainstream media frm th West.Now Biti z parroting their agenda- hee Mugabe has stolen election,hee voters roll bla bla! Does th voters roll indicate that Mr Sory n so iz Mdc, this one z Zanu pf or Zapu? Biti speaks as if all th ppl disadvantaged were Mdc supporters. Truth z, away frm West’s propaganda,Mugabe z very popula in Zimbabwe and that Tsvangirai z the West’s cry baby with nothing to offer.He easily get drunk in rhetoric spewed by the likes of Jukwa n co. Muchadya izvozvo!

  15. che gumboreshumba

    reason u ar an idoit ,a zanu fanatic,those whores rita & charity wil pay zimbabwe ine day!!!! reason u party riggs elections ,manje hamutongi without md c ,muchamama ,mati madini ,tongai tione

  16. taneta nezanu isu, these old people must go and rest pliz, they have no new ideas to take th country to th old good days, mugabe zorora pliz upe vamwe mukana, zvako zvakwana taneta nazvo,

  17. muzukuru wajukwa

    Typical of Zanu criminals.Zec stands for Zanu pf Election Commission!! Mbwa dzevanhu!!!!

  18. Ndava Pedyo Kuramwa

    I ve been in the diaspora for years now. Ndinogara muka one room. More than half yemari yose yandinoshanda ndinoendesa kumusha – for food, mishonga in times of sickness, etc. I dont have any meaningful investments because of this. And come elections, hama dzangu, the very same people vandinotamburira kuno, are some of the people who vote for Zanu PF. This time ndave pedyo nekuita give up. I cant go on like this for the next 5 years or more. If Zanu PF doesnt go, ndava kutoita chichoni. I have to look after myself, my children nd their future. Yes, I also help veropa rangu kana zvaka vadzvanya. But they have to also help themselves. Ndaneta. I am tired. And by next week, pamwe ndenge nda surrender.

    1. waramwaka iwe chigara ikoko akakuudza kuti unoshandira vanhu ndiyani isu Zanu tinotoida bhururu munda handina kutenga stand muharare nemacoperatives ndakatopedza kuva kanzuru mabills akakanzurwa now driving to work maoder tichingo supplier iwe uchiti MDC MDC urimuone room

      muka kwakayedza karekare

    2. uchamama kusvika kare

  19. ramwa hako. nowadays, its not about how many card holders belong to yo party nor a manifesto you would have cooked up. its all about springing surprises like debt cancellation that makes voters notice you. of late who has noticed biti? not me.
    welcome to the real zimbabwe folks. give them three years, the mdc-t will be disfragmented and most of their talkers sprung back to the boondocks, into oblivion.
    i said it but we all know it.

  20. Vakadii kukanzura zvikwereti tisati takuda kunovoter I’m ashamed of how fickle Zimbabweans are. Shame on you. Seems literacy and reason don’t go hand in hand

  21. murikutiyiko???

  22. madyiwaka vekwatsvangirai? Munotaurisa zuro zvamaiti munohwina mamusati mazviona kuti mabirwa?nxa. Kure go to hell and hang! Zanu pf for life….mugabe life president

  23. how can you run whilist your legs are in chains .

  24. For your information all who attended rallies were given registration slips. One wekuMbare was even issuing them from his house. Rigging is very clear only God knows why He allowed our President to remain.

    When bills are paid, workers get their pay, water chemicals are bought, bins are collected?, and very soon the load shedding will worsen, roads……..I dread to think what will happen,

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