Tsvangirai speaks on VP post

Morgan Tsvangirai

Former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai says he is not entertaining any talks on joining an “illegitimate” government.

Report by Staff Reporters

His comments come in the wake of speculation that President Robert Mugabe was courting the MDC-T leader and had offered him the Vice Presidency.

Mugabe is expected to announce his new Cabinet next week.

Writing on his Facebook page yesterday Tsvangirai said: “I am aware of reports circulating that I have been offered a post as Vice-President in a new Cabinet. Those reports are false. The fact is I am not talking to anyone about the possibility of joining a government which the majority of Zimbabweans consider as illegitimate,” said Tsvangirai.

He was reacting to reports quoting a top official of his party and some unnamed sources within the MDC-T claiming the former Premier had been approached with an offer for the VP post and other Cabinet positions.

Zanu PF secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa said he was not aware of the development, suggesting that the question be put to Mugabe and Tsvangirai.

Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba said on being asked by NewsDay: “I don’t want to talk about that matter please.”

But MDC-T nationalyouth leader Solomon Madzore said: “Our president Tsvangirai has been approached by Zanu PF offering him the post of First Vice-President and some of our think-tanks have been approached with a view to offering them ministerial posts.

“We have said that is nonsensical and they (Zanu PF) should rule alone since they said they won the elections. We are not going to be part of them and it is unfortunate that they do not have a clue on how to run the economy,” he said.

Addressing party supporters at the Large City Hall in Bulawayo yesterday, Tsvangirai said his supporters should not listen to rumours that he had been offered a post. He also said the only way to restore government legitimacy was to call for fresh, free and fair polls.

“Mugabe’s legitimacy will not be endorsed by me or the MDC-T,” he said. “Until a new election is conducted and gives voice to the people, we will not rest.

“Mugabe can win an election, but can never win the legitimacy of the people. We did not lose elections although Zanu PF has a sense of triumph that is not victorious.”

He said he always knew Mugabe wanted a peaceful but rigged election and the confidence to face the people who rejected him in 2008.

“Ask yourselves, in your wildest dreams, where can Mugabe get two million votes in Zimbabwe? The vote was stolen two years ago,” he said.

“Even Mugabe was shocked by the level of rigging,” he said.

Tsvangirai said Mugabe’s recent statements disowning Bulawayo and Harare voters were signs that the Zanu PF leader made false promises in his campaigns.

“He knows he cannot deliver on his promises to restore industry in Bulawayo,” he charged.

“If you have won, then why are you insulting me? You should rule. How do you have service delivery without paying for it?”

Tsvangirai said the party would use its majority in councils to show their systems of government. He dismissed reports that he wanted to impose a mayor in Bulawayo, saying he would consult the structures, but insisted the party would support a strong candidate.

Meanwhile, the party’s organising secretary Nelson Chamisa told journalists in Gweru after the party’s provincial meeting yesterday that the MDC-T did not dream of the VP offer after it had been robbed of an election the party had won.

“There is nothing like that. You cannot rob me of my cattle and want to give me the same cattle,” Chamisa said. “In any case, we do not dream of such an offer from a party that robbed us of an election that we won.”


  1. With this man being greed and seeling out the poor soulds of People of Zimbambwe im sure will will take it, This guy is a joke, Mugabe wants to use him again after the GNU Gov, If you take it i will form My Party and will not fight Zanu but you MDC.

    • This is wishfull thinking by Mr Tsvangirai as he thought President Mugabe would offer him VP post. Tsvangson is power hungry and is merely seeking attention from the people of Zimbabwe who rejected him in the first place, and his western masters. If president Mugabe offeres this dofo the post of VP we will all go in the streets to protest and no-one will be left behind even those who voted for MDC T. I wish Mr Tvangirai can stop this thinking that he is a very important person in Zimbabwe when he is not. Pathetic public relations and daydreaming.

      • Its not in the benefit of Tsvangison to accept the offer , it will give bob Leverage over these guys and score him political marks, he knows for a fact that he wont deliver , if he failed for the past 33 years , what makes you think he will do it for the next 5 years . Ask yourself these questions
        Why is there a delay in announcement of cabinet ?
        Why did bob compromised to engage in a GNU in 2008 yet he was the legitimate winner ?
        Why ddnt go in the streets in 2008?
        If he comporomised then what makes you think he wont do it again?
        Why is the VP post still vacant ?

  2. MDC-Tea Tsvangirai has no brains, how can he spend time talking about the VP post that he has not been offered. He wants free and fair elections now while the elections can only be held in 2018. If the 2013 elections were not free and fair why are your MPs in Parliament.

    Can you please Mr MDC-Tea tell all Zimbabweans how you think the elections were stolen from you. Call a press conference and tell us by giving evidence how H.E. stole victory from you. Talk without evidence make you look stupid and greedyyy Mr MDC-Tea Leaders.

    You spend your precious time following pub talk. May l please joins your party as your Special Advisor for Internal Affairs in Charge Of Personal Affairs

    • Iwe ndiwe usina brain , so you wanted him to ignore the speculations , this are all speculations ema CIO to create confusion within the MDC .

  3. What a load of nonsense. Moggy has no leadership qualities. Instead of mapping a way forward he still wants to complain about an election that is over. He still talks about the last elections as if it happened yesterday. The fact is he didn’t do anything to encourage me to vote for him. Merely being an opposition doesn’t win you an election. Campaigning makes you win.

  4. How came this lunatic comments on mere useless rumours, no wonder why Zimbabweans rejected him as a joker.

  5. but what is wrong with joining the gvrnmnt if one has the interest of zimbabwe at heart? if joining gvt will take the country forward why not join? or this tsvangcry man is not intrested in seeing a successful zimbabwe. this country will still move forward with or without tsvangcry and all like minded people

  6. u have been contrilling the local government for a long time now,so wat do u mean by showing yor system of government now?

  7. Whom do you think you are.TSVANGIRAI thus why I did not vote for u. Go to Brussels and rule we don’t need you here. Nonsense . Bhurati furu. get lost

  8. It is an open secret that the poor man is a perpetual hallucinator, I am surprised by the tolerance from the WANACHIs of such hopeless leadership, the people rejected the sanctions, threats to all and sundry and lofty unfulfilled promises…ndine shamwari dzine mari…vanambuya hamuna kana mabhurugwa…., madzishe muchazviona kana ndava president….ndichadzinga maGenerals ese…….homosexuality is a human right!!….Tvagai mumwe mutungamiriri vakoma.

  9. Where to now Zimbabwe? Will our problems never end? Are we ever going to be a normal country again ?

  10. mdc should form a parallel govt and withdraw all support and co-operation with zanu. any talks, negotiations, etc. give legitimacy to the zanu claim that they won. withdraw all kansilaz, mps, everyone and let zanu rule as they see fit. they want a one party state so let them have it.

  11. Tibvireapo Morgan – muna 2008 wakajoinha wani GNU wati iwe MDC-T haimbofa yakabatana ne ZanuPF sezvakaitwa ku Kenya asi pawakanzi ungangoitwa prime minister wakabva wa chinja. It all depends on what position you are offered. Haunetse kutsvetera nekuti anokwanisa kuchinja sezvaunoda vatedzeri ve bato rako vanongo tera zvaunenge wada iwe. Ko hurumende ya Mugabe ya 2008 yaka iri “legitimate” here yawaka joinha? Usade kuti bata maziso. Ukaregera ku joinha unozoiteyi kusvikira 2018?
    You got ahead of yourself by thinking you were the President-in-waiting and the election was a mere formality. Kana ukabvuma kuitwa VP wa Mugabe unosvera uchiita basa rei? You unwittingly gave legitimacy to ZanuPF. Dai waita zvimwe politics haudzikwanise. Maybe kukurira kumusha ndokwakuvhiringa. Unotsikwa konzi nekadara kavekudakufa, Mugabe? Waiti iwe the GN was just a “transitional arrangement” saka wakakundwa.

  12. chihwayika vakomana. kutsva kwendebvu varume vanodii…? honayi mudonzvo tinawo huye donzvo munoriziva. sango redu tose ndiyoyi zimbabwe yacho that we have to put together from scratch. munhu wese pandima yamazano anovakka !!

  13. Heyi heyi.leave Morgan alone.Zvakafanana nekutorera munhu mukadzi kwavekuti huya tikwire tose.Mbavha ngadzitonge dzonga.Vose varikutuka Morgan kuhoro.

    • Ko kuti hazvisi kuitika kweari iye Morgan here? Chituta chisaikuziva donzvo renyika ino. Iye ndiye mbavha kwete ZPF.

  14. NEWSDAY has just been proven to be liars. A serious newspaper does not publish pub talk as news. Shame on you mr editor and your illiterate journalists. Morgan was never offered the VP post and he will not be offered any post. He is politically dead coz we did not vote for him. MDC won’t survive until the next election in 2018.

  15. a view from abroad:
    the highest court on election and constitutional matters in zim has made final pronouncements on the 2013 elections. it is high time mdc-t and its leader face the reality that no international ,diplomatic, nor internal pressure can reverse the court’s pronouncements. mdc-t should review its leadership structure and start preparations for the 2018 elections in earnest. mdc-t cannot continue to have the same leadership since 1999 and claim to be democratic.

  16. It is getting desperate.Puppet Fools are hallucinating of “offers” and then reacting to their own false story inventions. and the Tsvangirai is not even even ministerial material.

  17. an ancient psychoanalyst, THOMAS HARDY is the one who found that among us there is ‘a child of 40, a young man of 60….’. dzidzirayi kuita hunhu hwavana vanyamunhu SAVANHU veZimbabwe akomana muchere chikomba moti puuu tsvina kusiyana namafungiro emhukayesango yapinda muMbare.

  18. Tsvangirai do you remember the words of the President some 10 or so years back: ZVIROTO ZVIROTO, NGAZVIPERERE KUDZIMBA. Daydreaming is not a thing for people who lead national political parties, let alone shamelessly display such. Noone offered you anything but during the funeral of Mafikeni you insinuated that ZANU PF was looking for you to “help in ruling Zimbabwe”, do you remember that? Now you are saying they never offered you anything!!! Zimbabwe was going to be a disaster under your leadership. Please find another career, politics is not for small boys!

  19. Tswangison musoro wakazara matosi. Wishes don’t breed horses. So take a hike on foot fool. This is the end of the road on your ndege yemashanga. Zidofo!!!!!

  20. There is a joke about a man who decides to lie to people waiting in a long queue for water that there is a dead elephant some 500m away and people are cutting off chunks of meat. He lies in order to make them leave the queue to enable him to get the water when the people have gone. The people take his word for it and they leave in droves calling to their friends in the nearby homes. Stunned by the huge response by the people the man says to himself “Maybe it’s true, let me rush along too in case the elephant is actually there!” He leaves the water point and joins the rush for ‘elephant meat’. Such is the character of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, he has gotten to a point where he believes his own lies and actually responds to them with such enthusiasm that you would think it’s true.

  21. This is absurd, what kind of journalism do we have in Zimbabwe? Really this newspaper is slowly going to the gutters. We thought it was one of the best papers, but it turns out that it is one of those whose editorial is on CIA payroll just like its founder. This paper should just do the honourable thing, apologise to Tsvangirai and President Mugabe for publishing falsehoods.

  22. Pliz leave Tsvangrai alone u lost pple! Yy do u attack him as him he’s the president? Afta all he won bt was cheated as usual. Its hez ryte to choose not to join govt as VP. To all those who jst luv critisizing morgan,its tru tht thr have bn toks to take him as VP and to gve Mdc 5 cabinet posts as well. Morgan is a principled man who cn turnaround our country thats yy bob wants to take a “loser” in. Mugabe z feeling guilty cz he knows he ddnt win and he’s clueless to run zim

    • The most funny part of it is Tsvangirayi is the one going about talking this V.P. nonsense, today this tomorrow that. And thru this paper it seems Tsvangirayi has a big mouth for nothing and he is more like a village pop who can’t reconcile what he preaches, hence exposing himself. Where have we heard Pr RGM saying he wants Tsvangirayi to be his Vice? A fool shouldn’t be left alone, he needs help.
      Consistance is also his problem, pupuru pupuru kunge hwiza inongotevera nekwakananga moto. Even his personal life, DISASTER rega rega.So how can he manage a great country like Zimbabwe? He has no principals, DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. attack attack attack!! chiyendayi kudondo vakomana indegenisation ibude!! take out all the nuts. tsvangirayi can keep his bulawayo harare mutare gweru. zhizha ravuya iri!! kudondo !

  24. The problem with ths fake majority party is that they are living in their own kockooland,if you trully claim legitimacy,form your useless cabinet of old useless fools and see .usichithela isikhathi mugabe.

  25. The problem with ths fake majority party is that they are living in their own kockooland,if you trully claim legitimacy,form your useless cabinet of old useless fools and see .usichithela isikhathi mugabe.

    • qaqaqa what’s your problem? who said he wants Tsvangirayi and where?? who told you it’s going to be a useless cabinet?? why don’t you wait and see kuti in the next five years the government will be useless. You are crap man, crap.

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