Tsvangirai fights over 100 poll results

THE MDC-T yesterday said it would challenge election results in at least 100 constituencies and the presidential poll by Friday.

Staff Reporters

In an interview yesterday, MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said the party would mount a three-pronged strategy in its electoral challenge.

“We are pursuing the legal, diplomatic and political routes,” Mwonzora said.

“As we speak, we are compiling the dossier on the irregularities of the polls before, during and after the elections. On the legal route, by Friday we should have filed the main court application challenging the results of the presidential election and over 100 other applications challenging the outcome of the polls in House of Assembly constituencies.”

President Robert Mugabe won the presidential contest after garnering 61% of the vote, while his Zanu PF party won 160 out of 210 seats in the House of Assembly.

Since Sunday, the party has been compiling reports from its
losing candidates across the country on alleged poll irregularities, including voter intimidation, manipulation of voters’ roll, use of fake voter registration slips and double voting, among a litany of electoral fraud allegations.

Other allegations include non-transparency in the printing of ballot papers where an extra two million (35% of the total ballot papers) were printed, in violation of Sadc guidelines which recommend not more than 5% extra ballots.

Mwonzora said in terms of the new Constitution, the President could only be sworn in after the electoral challenges had been cleared and this had to be completed within 14 days.

He said the MDC-T believed more than 500 000 voters were disenfranchised, an observation supported by the largest local observer mission, the Zimbabwe Elections Support Network, which said a huge number of people in urban areas — believed to be MDC-T strongholds — were turned away from polling stations without voting.

On the diplomatic front, Mwonzora said the party would appeal to Sadc over the alleged  poll fraud although the Southern African bloc’s facilitator on Zimbabwe, South African President Jacob Zuma, has already endorsed Mugabe’s victory.

MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti told NewsDay yesterday that his party had been aware Zanu PF would attempt to rig the election, but had never imagined the vote theft would be of such magnitude.

“We actually never thought Zanu PF would rig to the extent that they did. The extent of rigging was shocking, to say the least,” he said.
Biti also said the MDC-T participated in the poll under pressure from their supporters who were itching for elections, confident of victory in spite of Zanu PF’s rigging.

“If MDC (T) had not participated in this election, the people would have been extremely bitter.  The people actually said if we opt to pull out, who then would stand in for them?” he said.

Biti denied media reports that his party had ignored advice from Zuma not to participate in the elections on the grounds that the ground was not even. He said the MDC-T was not aware of any such advice.

“I am actually shocked to hear there is such a report. There was never such a suggestion raised at all the formal meetings we attended in Maputo,” Biti said.


  1. I can understand the part of taking the legal route, it is sensible and the best thing to do. However, the political and diplomatic routes are a puzzle to me. Someone please help me to grasp this, thanks in advance.

  2. Let them compile as many dossiers as they desire as it is their democratic right but this will not change anything. The courts will still reject the dossier as it is not proof enough. The people of Zimbabwe have rejected Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC T. The MDC T must focus their energy on the next election instead of wasting precious resources to fight court battles they will never win. Morgan Tsvangirai has failed as MDC T Leader and he must step down.

    1. The CIO didnt even know abt it we avoided so tht no information wuld leak it ws a whirlwind


    MDC-Tea Leader once told a rally that RG Mugabe’s CIO feed him with all the information about what Zanu Pf and RG Mugabe are planning. To the effect that he knows that Mugabe eats for lunch. How come he is now CRY BABY. This Tea-Boy is amazing.

    Voting results were done at in voting Polling Stations and reults posted outside. Can MDC please just reconcile just one Constituence for us using figures from polling stations in that Constituence, and prove and anomalies. I DONT YOU GUYS EARLIER THAT YOU GONNA LOOOOZIEEE.

    We are waiting for you to boycott Parliament/Senatorial/Council so that we also get a chance to be voted into POWER. AMUSI NEGAAA KAA. Kikkk Ndaseka zwangi mina waseNkabazwe

  4. The judges are from the Zanu Pf stable. Beware.

    1. If you award MDC-T president with 500 000 votes of those who were turned away from voting for various reasons, i.e. 11720000 +500 000= 1,672, 200. still Chematama falls far too short to overturn the winner’s tally. So, there is so much hullabaloo for nothing. Try your luck guys. In any case, you already believe that the whole judiciary is Zanu pf. Then, you also approach the courts with dirty hands accusing them with all sorts of allegations. You’ ve no confidence even in ZEC which is also your baby! Only perfect people come from MDCs or the Western World.

      1. The truth is most of those who were turned away were actually Zanu pf voters. remember there was a big rural-urban migration between 2008 & 2013. these migrants did not transfer their names on the voters’ roll from rural to urban. when the day for voting came, they went to the urban polling stations. that is when they were turned away and told that they are registered to vote in the rural areas.

        so please mr mowonzora stop inciting people about vote rigging. In any case why did the mdc lose in the urban areas like marondera, rusape, bindura, chitungwiza south, mbare, kadoma, chegutu, masvingo urban, gwanda, harare north etc.

      2. @kumbi
        Benzi iwe you must be poor at maths.
        Add 1172000 plus 750000 plus 2million who were not allowed to register from urban areas during registration.
        you get
        MRT- 3.92million for Morgan
        RGM- 2million

  5. zim courts are zanu pf agents, mdc could have tried to stop nikuv from stealing e election. Where in Africa had the election result reversed? Zanu pf must only fulfil their promises and stop their notorious policies so that zim can go on. Madhuku u ar gold digger you dont hev objective. May God bless our country and allow it to prosper again

    1. I agree with you, but for the country to move forward with Mugabe and Zunupf????? Never ever, can a 90 year old man run a country come on, it’s like giving it to a 5 year old to run. For the next 5years all you will hear from Zunupf is the same old story about the west and sanctions. The truth of the matter is Zims is now in the dumps,Zunupf has to many corrupt people who can’t wait to get their hands on whatever deal they can make to fill their pockets. No one will want to invest in a country that is run by thugs,you blacks that are living in Zimbabwe please don’t have any children they will only suffer, those few that voted for Zunupf take note the shops in Zimbabwe will soon be empty it’s to late you have voted.

  6. Biti and mwonzora are very daft lawyers. They don’t understsnd the relationship between SADC and our judicial system. That’s why they led the ignorant Morgan to celebrate in maputo when they had actually lost.
    MDCT took the pple for granted and we hit back in the polling booth. Complain all you want but we will not vote for you puppets again. Your handlers in the west are crying louder than Zimbabweans. Why? You had promised whites manna from Zimbabwe now they cry. We will remember this in 2018 polls.

  7. Chiweshe akatomirira kudismissa case yacho so. or to reserve judgement for 5 yeras. hahaha.

  8. Let Zanu rule for they thnk they will rule forever ,,,,, time will tell . God is still on the throne !!

  9. my rights were tempered with when no moment was spared to educate me on voting. aint it evwryone’ has a right to education? why was i sidelined?

    1. @ sir lancelot im very sory my brother the only absolute right that is guaranteed is the right to life. no one can take that one away from you, however any other rights are limmited rights, they depend on the availability of resources

  10. Tichafa Tazvigwira

    A waste of money to contest these results. Better use the money to rebuild the waning support for the party. How do you prove voter intimidation, double voting, fake voter registration etc.?

  11. We are now waitng fo the split of this party of puppets! A party which had nothing to sell to the electorate.A party led by the most confused leader i hv ever known! MDC consider urself dead n buried.Another confused chap is Simba.See how they confused their own supporters in Manicaland. Their suppoters werent that stupid,tho coz they fot bek in a mch clever way. Cry the CryBabies!

  12. I think this is the end of the road for Tsvangirai! There must always be a plan B, and I think the MDC as a party should regroup, refocus, and come up with a renewed leadership to take the country forward.

    And I am not saying this because I support Zanu, no! I say this as a Zimbabwean, deeply disappointed by Mutambara, Welshman and Tsvangirai. What they have done doesn’t inspire confidence. It shows they never learn. They are as stubborn as itshongololo (centipede). As soon as they tasted the levers of power, they were on each other’s throats, straddling the breath of the country decampaigning each other, instead of finding common ground and using an unprecedented advantage. Several own goals including love scandals, cosying up to Mugabe unnecessarily, failure to push reforms in four years (with a parliamentary majority!), making useless coalitions and failing to reign in Zec! I’m just numb frm all this negativity surrounding Zimbabwe because I’m at the deep end, the receiving end of this whole mess.

    Now all hope is gone. We must admit as Zimbabweans all this education, literary counts for nothing. We are in deep shit for a long time, we are the laughing stock, victims of xenophobia and insecurity for a long long time. I have to invest my hope in Mnangagwa and the new rulers who will emerge. Why? Because what I need now is not democracy, but survival. What I need now is not ideals but food on the table. What we need now is not more contestations but a rebuilding program, with the leaders who are there. We can fight forever but we are not getting younger, we cannot entrust our lives with perennial losers! I’m desperately fed up. I’m crushed, & I know there are millions who feel like me, there are millions who want peace in their lives, who are tired of clueless opposition politics, who are tired of hauling abuse at Mugabe. We want solutions to the our problems and this opposition (as it is), is a waste of political space

    1. Where do you get the time to write so much rubbish???? I guess you are an MDC-N!!! Zero seats!!!!!

      1. Crocodile Squad

        MDC-N has two seats in Parliament and 2 in the Senate. Remember proportial represantation. vakamiramirawo vakomana

    2. eish….yah thats not nice for sure. It will be well one day my friend.

    3. @Mkhululi; A war is not won in a short period (14 years of MDC existence) , it takes time, even Zanu PF knows that. It took them more than twenty years to overturn a cruel colonial regime and it will also take us time , as things are at the moment, to overturn this current cruel regime. Remember , you don’t fight a war for self benefit only but for the benefit of future generations as well , we might or we might not benefit from the fruits of this war. Unfortunately cowards and shortsighted people like you who give up the arms and surrender to the enemy can be rightfully equated to sellouts. What hope do you have in a regime that has failed to deliver anything tangible in the past 33 years in power even if it was to thrust into the ring your so called “emerging leaders”. Zimbabweans have just lost a battle and not the war. The Zimbabwean situation is no longer plain politics but it’s now a typical war without arms and a war is never fought fairly , you use whatever advantage you have to win as many battles as you can and Zanu PF has just been doing that since the formation of the MDC. The MDC needs to re-group and map a way forward , on that note I agree with you. Yes , we need to survive as you are saying , however , I will encourage you not to be egocentric but to look at the broader picture and into the future. Zanu PF has nothing to offer , under it , you will continue to struggle just to remain afloat and for basic necessities of life irregardless of who leads it. I will encourage you to continue the fight like any fair minded Zimbabwean would do , Canaan is within sight.

    4. @Mkhululi You fool. It took Mugabe 20years to fight the Smith regime.
      Furthermore it was not the intensity of the war that gave Mugabe independence but thorough sanctions from neighbouring countries in particular South Africa.
      Morgan is more as long as Mugabe is in power

  13. MDC T why do u always complain. U said the election are free and fair during voting, then suddenly u dismissed that after losing. To tell u the truth hapana pamakamboita zvinoonekwa. Hatirarame nema promises. Apa munotityisidzira kuti 2008, hamuone kuti ndizvo zvinokutadzisai kubudirira. Sanctions kuvanhu vamunoda kuti vakuvhoterei. Tangai madzidza POLITICS imi?

    1. Prince of lions

      Promises are comfort to a fool.

    2. They will never learn at all. They always boast of causing suffering through sanctions. Now, they give warning of uprisings! They do not realize that people have already revolted against them. People revolted against your party in the ballot box. Now you want to force them accept you through dubious means and allegations.

    3. On the eve of the election day Tsvangirai was saying, i am so humbled by the large number of people who have come to cast their votes, only to turn around when he saw he was loosing and said vanhu vese ivava vabva kupi vavhota, Zanu PF HAS INFLATED THE FIGURES HE ALLEGED. oh dimwit







  15. Tsvangirayi is less wise. He thinks of running on the advice of Chinamasa. He must know if he were wise, that the courts are ZANUPF politiburo. They have frustrated him ever since. He mus not allow himself to be pulled by the nose and follow as sheep to the alter. I think he must step down as MDC T president and give others a chance. I cant believe that he can be outwitted by a centenarian then go and cry before his enemies-SADC&AU. The least they can do for him is to laugh at his stupidity. Its true he doesnt know the rules of the political game.

  16. Well said Mkhululi,u r 4ward looking

  17. I dont know why ZEC is now a ZANU PF wing after reading the news that was published 12 March 2013 below:

    Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, said principals to Zimbabwe’s coalition government agreed on Monday that Makarau should work for the commission full time.

    “It is true that the Principals have exercised their minds on the issue and agreed that the leadership of the Zec is such an important position that it cannot be headed by a temporary appointment, hence Justice Makarau will be its substantive chairperson and we are only waiting for the technicalities before her swearing-in,” Tamborinyoka said.
    “We had hoped that this would have been given priority given that we are moving fast not only into the election period but also you are aware of the referendum this coming weekend,” Tamborinyoka said.

  18. Mushonga Kabudura.

    Can someone enlight me on why Welsman Ncube and Mutambara are so quiet on the election saga?Their silence is deafening.Is Ncube satisfied with the election result or he went into this election charade as formality? Did Dumiso Dabengwa succesfully block Tsvangirai’s victory again.

    1. They know big brother has been beaten big time and they don’t want to be seen to be supporting him.

  19. why seek outside intervntion fight yo own battles,if u have a case produce evidence but where wl u get it. Zvamunnge makadzidza nxaaa common sense is nolonger comon

  20. Son of the soil

    Mkhululi I totally agree with you

  21. Mr tsvangirai ur never stop to confuse us.why can’t u just accept defeat. period.kkkkkkkk

  22. MDC-Teaboy is finished. Ppe voted and the votes were counted in the presence of all candidates and their agents who signed the requisite forms to acknowledge that everything was ok

  23. Prince of lions

    If the Teaboy was smart he would never have been a Teaboy. Have you heard of a garden boy becoming a lawyer. He was way over he’s head. He really tried but was up against an intelligent man even at the ripe age of 89. The remaining white farmers still need cheap labour. Go and live under their conditions as that’s the vision you had for zimbabwe. You probably wish Ian smith was alive.

  24. Some came in with undated voter registration slips. I guess they were registered well after the closing date of voter registration

    1. Bring the undated voter registration slip and produce it as proof before a competent court. We’re tired of bull-shit liars being peddled by MDC-T activist. Makazwarwa naAmai vamwe chete naTsvangison, naBabaJukwa here? If, you were my kids I would have sold to Tony Blair. Tsvangirai behaves as if he is the one who manufacture multi- currency. What a bad loser………!

  25. I will never celebrate when the people we fought for are being oppressed left right and centre.Cry the beloved country.Chatakatamburira musango chiiko nhai vakomana.Kuzodzvanyirira ruzhinji rwevanhu zvakadai?Ndachema misodzi yeropa.

  26. End of the road for the Buhera herdsman!

  27. To Morgan Tsvangirai I say you are a great hero of our times. He who dare call you a failure is a biggest one because he has done nothing to stand out of the crowd. All i pray is that you keep the flame in you and move forward with us till we see a new zimbabwe. Let that dossier be of great value to prove beyond any measurable doubt that the elections were manipulated in different ways. People all over the world are tired of Mugabe’s regime and all their hopes lies on you. So don’t let Mugabe’s regime corner you into believing that you are a failure. #Team Morgan for life. We need fresh elections which are transparent and would express people’s wills. I salute you Morgan

  28. chaps, you have indeed invested significantly in the pretence of your art of intelligence and counterintelligence to propagate your ordered instructions. now you have reached a stage where I can laugh at your naked artistry by way of advice. NOTHIN RUINS THE TRUTH THAN STRETCHING IT !! yaaa. posturing questions and answers in your newsroom iz polluting this rich space of my research. chimbobudayi panze!

  29. Seja the Gunner

    Compare and contrast 2008 and 2013 presidential elections. Almost 1 million people voted in 2013 who did not vote in 2008. The question is: can someone explain how it is possible that the almost 1 million people voted for 1 candidate? It defies the normal ditsribution curve. It defies the law of averages. It simply doesnt make sense

  30. seek thy kingdom of God first and all will be provided. Yes all: GOOD leadership..transparency, democracy,…..zvese kani

  31. the election was stolen pure and simple some of us suggested a boycott on this forum but no one believed us,how do we as a nation go for an election when the signs were there this election would be rigged worse than 2008 remember the president said zanu pf would fight like a wounded beast,forgive me for being this pessimistic but we had a very biased zec,eligible voters were disenfranchised in urban centres by intentionally denying them the right to register ,people pleaded with zec to extend voter registration and their calls fell on deaf ears,then the special voting was a mess,then the shambolic voters roll released very late ,if all these were not signs to pull out of the election i dont know what else is,as Zimbabweans we should maybe have sounded alarm bells than we did that the election be boycotted by all opposition parties because this result will make our lives very difficult

  32. Tsvangirai and the West thot the people who voted for them in 2008 were real MDC supporters but they were not. They only voted for MDC because of the hardships they were facing then. This is a fact which MDC did not realise for the past 5 yrs hence they failed dismally this time.

  33. The con-court should be able to rake in a lot of funds from the donors, or the puppets on these
    appeals, so that it will further improve on the functions and efficiency of the court. That is a very good investment, no matter the outcome, whether ZPF, MDC or ZEC wins as long as its fair judgement. Next time people will learn to respect the court. Let the imperialist’s money be used
    to improve the justice system. $20 0000.00 per sitting will be a fair figure. Who ever loses must bear the cost. Its now interesting.

  34. A lie no matter said a 1000 times and by a billion people in the world will remain what it is, a lie, period. Its time to accept the truth and the truth shall set us free and liberate us from ignorance. The fight is between democracy and dictatorship and every time the two have clashed, democracy has always emerged the victor and dictatorship a loser. The fight is likened unto light and darkness and ever since the light emerged into this dark world, it has emerged the victor. This very morning, the sun did shine and defeated the darkness which was there, so shall it be going forward. God has always stood on the side of democracy and against dictatorship. Watch them dictators that rose in the bible eg Pharaoh, Nebukadnezzer, Herod. Watch them Hilter, Stalin, Musolin, Mobutu, Idi Amin and so on. Lets all wait and see the already predicated outcome of the current contest in this country we call Zimbabwe. It is no exception. Democracy shall surely emerge the victor. I rest my case. Thank you.

  35. only a fool does the same thing over and over again and expects a different result.The courts wont decide against ZANU when will Tsvangirai learn that…SADC and AU are crap…

  36. MDC-T should not waste time for us. They are not strategists,thats number one. Secondly, for the past time they were MPs they never did anything for their constituencies. That is why they lost the election.

  37. Scot, these guys are throwing mud all over the place and clutching on straws. A sign of desperation and confusion. They don’t realize that even if we give them the 500 000 votes they still loose!

  38. haiwa munopenga imi bamkuru! matokanganwa kuti Nigeria yakazviita pariah of the world nenyaya ye legitimate and lawfully defrauding first its own citizens ichibva yazopinda kunowozhera kwavamwe? honai kubangobvuma vaongorori vembeu iyoyo! kuno tahwa nokusveeredzwa!! quoted complaint from someone!! hahahaha

  39. You cannot confront an armoured tank with a pistol and hope to destroy the tank with a pistol. This is what the MDCs are doing in Zimbabwe. The army police and militias are all ZanuPF how can anyone expect civilians like MDCs to win against the army, police and militias? The MDCs have bee trying the same solution over and over again and obtaining the same result all the time – a sign of insanity. Are the MDCs not aware the army, police and militias are running the mock elections? If you pour petrol in a car which is diesel you cannot expect it to run for long. If you dismantle the engine and spring clean all the parts and put the engine together you do not continue to make the same mistake and pour petrol again in the diesel tank, do you? This is what the MDCs are doing in Zimbabwe.

  40. @mr ganc
    Ahewaka mr gangster my brother. Our tradition and culture is centred on fact yekuti a poromise is a krediti ka. You forget zimbahwe is endowed with abundance of resources for all its citizenry? Zvino if you let in vana vaAbou Ben Ademu varoti vegoridhe at expense of your own children tingagohozvigona seyi pamberi apo veduwee hee?

  41. WHERE IS BABA JUKWA YOUR STRATEGIST NOW? tactless idiots makakundwa and you were clueless

  42. kumbi Fiasco paHarare

    Tsvangison you lost big time. Tinyarewo. Your party is in minority. Your never repaid people after 2008. You simply did nothing except only to your close friends and relatives. MDC-T is not a national party, it’s only a fractured partisan party. Tsvangison is pompous, stubborn, and arrogant. You behave as if you manufacture multi-currency. The truth is to be revealed now. People have rejected you. Your team does’nt understand democracy, period.

  43. Takeiteasy Marcaves

    Joseph, seyi muchinyadzisa chiparty chenyu ichi? Calling our President a dictator for being liked and voted by us defies all logic. President Mugabe never imposed himself on us. If you remember very well without bias it was us members of the ZANUPF party who endorsed his candidature and not even his family. So whatever you call our President names we dont mind because basa takapedza kare. I however want to give you an advice, Stop this game of insulting and calling others names they dont deserve. Remember your so-called president spent most of his time decampaigning ZANUPF policies and talking about our President’s age without articulating what your party will do for the nation when in power. President Mugabe when he mentioned former primeminister’s name at his rallies he was actually praising him for preaching peace to the people. So can you see the difference that put your party into the dust bin of politics? Zimbabweans love each other and if you rely on insults politics hoping to win the hearts and minds of this great nation then you are at the center of hwange national park alone.

  44. Strange things going on,

    Out of conversation with various people, turns out quite a few of them were turned away from voting having registered themselves to do so. Well I voted and spoilt my paper. No one on the Presidential candidate list captured my imagination to deserve my vote. But in my opinion everyone should have been allowed to exercise their right. The ideal world I suppose and let’s face it ideal in Zimbabwe is far off.
    Time tells the truth
    Renegade Godknows

  45. the generality of the populace left Tsangirai and the top party leadership to fight ZanuPF alone with particular regard to pushing for pre-election reforms. There should ve been demos and wide and vigorous debates. in the absence of these ZPF just ignored the mdcs. As long as there is no overt public support for the opposition Mugabe will remain obstinately hot headed.

    1. @godho taura zvako hanzi idama.

  46. Theres pple on this forum vanobvunza kuti hw do u prove voter intimidation. Ukauya kumusha kwedu uko for instance,ini nemkoma wangu,mukwasha wangu nemudzimai wake anova sisi vangu vekuseri kumagadheni uko kuduze nekurwizi,amai vemkwasha wangu……apa ndirikungoreva in our village. Ukaenda kumavillage ekumsoro uko haungavapedzi. All these pple vakaudziwa naward chairman pamsangano wakaitwa nesunday b4 election kuti vanhu vese vadaidzwa mazita ngavasare after msangano. After msangano takaudziwa kuti kungoonekwa uchienda kunozviisira x wotobvapo uchitama. Takatotaridzwa vanhu vacho vanofanira kuti taridza pekuisa x nekuti takamboratidza kuti hatipazivi in 2008. Here im talking several 000s evanhu vakadaiidzirwa mazita ward by ward. And all these pple as far as i know vanhu vakatomirira to give evidence. Saka to say “wheres the evidence” zvinongotaurwa newe wakagara muoffice or kumwewo kwakasununguka. Isu kwedu kuno hazvitishamisi coz even 2008 u and pple like yu wld have us believe kuti that bloodshed never happened. Even gukurahundi u cld even deny it. But pliz isu tirikurwadziwa nezvatakaitwa tisiyei tirwadziwe,iwe usina pazvinokubata wonyarara,musatidzimbira.

    1. Idzi ndidzo dzinonzi nhema nhema chaidzo. Kana imi manyora pano munozviziva kuti manyepa zvekunyepa zviya.

      Paunono isa X wako muBallot Box ndiyani anenge anewe uye anoziva sei kuti waisa X wacho papi ?

      Ingotii mafunga kumbotidakadza namazvi anopesana nechokwadi. Asi makatanga kuVhota gore ronosu?

  47. cde hondotapera

    concede defeat yu idiots.the pple of zim had spoken

  48. Tsvangson should admit that not everyone in this country loves him. He should just swallow his pride and come back to the real MDC. Had he come earlier, Zanu would not have had the +2 thirds parliamentary majority because most of the seats in the Mat provinces were won by Zanu with less than 50% of the vote. A united MDC would have ensured that Zanu would not win the majority seats in the Mat provinces. Unfortunately Tsvangson thought himself too big and so did not need Ncube. Even by not winning any seats Ncube decided who won the Mat votes and should therefore not be taken lightly as he emerged as the crucial vote in determining the parliamentary 2 thirds threshhold

  49. Tsvangirai has lost it. He is now behaving like a defeated dimwit and the only way to deal with such noise is to completely shut him off.

  50. mazitsotsi avanhu ko munogotukireyi vakuru vachinzwanana asi munopenga?? voting must reflect reality not fiction ka? you chaps are awful to a fault I suspect most of you are just cheapskates vanoda ill will for my country. ndoo chiiyi kuonekwa muri hell bent like ma iziram or ma nazi? ino nyika ndeyemitupo namadzinza musavengana kusvika ikoko weee manzwa???

  51. Mangwende we Zimbabwe

    I have always said that this country has its owners. Those who are directing everything from a certain world. We can howl at each other to the throat but the land of Zimbabwe is spiritual.


  53. Tambawoga Mwanangu

    MDC-T are the ones who actually printed those fake slips and they are the ones who also gave them to their surrogates whom they clothed with stolen Police Uniforms so that they can pretend they were Zanu PF. The same trick that was used by Komichi of dumping sleeps in the dust bin then pick them up and claim Zanu pF threw them!

    Shame on you. Can you prove they were from Zanu PF or Zapu or your Party?

    All this Nonsense is why the People rejected you in the Ballot Box.

    Just remember that It was the “Bullet” that brought the “Ballot” that you so want to abuse. There is a very fine line between the Bullet and the Ballot for the Bullet now safeguards the Ballot. Talking of uprising and Nonsense is being very irresponsible for its very easy to go back to the bullet again.

    Never talk about fighting because we can fight better.

  54. Hey vanhu!Ndanakidzwa nhasi namaCIO.Adzwagwa muNewsday hanzi totally confuse the victims and their supporters.hanzi dzingai tsvangi as mdc leader so that he wont cause mugabe headache!kikikikiki!i will continue voting for tsvangi,the only brave one who has caused yo hero headaches.tsvangi,go on man,we will follow!cios say what u want.u want evidence!gukurahundi,murambatsvina are evidence enough.also u are going to get a total dossier in court.hw can u love money mo than yo country u zany thieves?

  55. I concurr that what transpired at polling stations is what surfaced as the will of the Zimbaz, which should be a wake up call to Team MDC-T, coz what people want is real and tangible policies. A certain Western organisation conducted a poll survey and predicted what exactly transpired in the recent plebiscite and to my surprise they chose not to publish their findings as it gave ZANU PF more popularity and it’s also kind of disturbing coz what would have happened if it reflected otherwise. So we should be wary of what these Westerners’ motive is if they don’t even want to live with the truth they set out to find for themselves which is reality anyway. MDC-T’s no longer wanted by the majority and they should live with that truth. What we want is to take our country forward than waste precious time and resources on negative demonstrations that not yield positive results for all and sundry. Just accept defeat guys and go back to the drawing board and learn to craft your own home grown policies without being lectured by people who enjoy comfort zones in their countries.

  56. This is a fishing expedition by the MDC-T. They have nothing to stand on regarding this outcome. Anonzi matanda nyadzi avari kuita aya! Read ZESN’s report to see that the people who voted were on the voters role not this rubbish about people being bused and sorts.

    1. @dzvinyangoma
      There is a video evidence of thousands of youths some under 18 armed with voter slips who were bussed nema Zupco from as far as Headlands who were spread all over Harare constituencies.
      You should watch it. Its shocking the amount of rigging. sakan sekuru vaibeja kuti he will suffer a heart attack if mdc wins in Harare

  57. Hey guys, elections are water under the bridge. I warned you that ZANU[PF] shall rule until donkeys, zebra, and horses have grown horns. Lets have progress please! Since Chinos won a parliamentary seat, I propose that he be appointed Minister of Education, Sport and Culture. He will start by scrapping English Language from the skuru karikuramu! KkkkkLoL!

  58. MDC T has voiced there concern so is Zapu and other Civic organisations but why is Welshman aloof. Is he alive or these results could have caused him to commit suicide? Paparazzi where are you do your job please we want to know?

  59. Welshman is in a jovial mood on holiday. Mission accomplished!

  60. No need to fight children of Zimbabwe, kingdoms of this world are temporary. God’s kingdom is @ hand. No matter how much we suffer @ the hands of cruel people in this world, God is watching. One day he is going to put to an end all unrighteousness. Do not lose hope children of the heavenly King.

  61. MDC T was beaten fair and square. If there would be a re run they wil get zero seats this time, mark my words. I say so becoz rebels like Baba Jukwa will be back to vote for their party. Just thank God you got those few seat u rigged in Bulawayo. With a fist u can produce a sucker punch but with palm one can just clap. Hokoyo nechibhakera!!!

  62. I suppose a sense of freedom is possible on these pages with the anonymity that the internet affords us. So I could utter my wishes content without much fear. The whispering is defunct.
    I don’t know Real Madrid invites a team of disabled basketball players for a game of football. They proceed to withdraw the rules of the game from their opponents. For added measure they play with 20 people on their team to the 11 on the other team. Opponents never the less play the game out of false hope and lose overwhelmingly, as the dust settles and the questions are being asked, mine is for Real Madrid. If you are the best team in the world, why on earth did you need to flout the rules of the game to win?

    Time always reveals its truth,
    Renegade Godknows

  63. @ssuli what video are u talking about or zupco buses that can carry thousands? A zupco can carry on 65 pple and one needs 10 buses to transport 650 pple what about 8000 needed to win a ur particular seat? Pliz we are not kids or fools. Only MDC fools can be swayed by such a video which i can liken to nigerian movies. If Zanu pf wanted to rig it was going to use a trains not a bus fool! Ko zanu inobva nevanhu ku headland iko kuheadland hakuvhotwe here? Ko ink haina kutengwa naBiti here? handiti ayitongawo, heya haichasevenzi?

  64. comrade mwana wevhu

    you the western countries ask for elections in zimbabwe and the people vote for mdc tsvangirai you are happy and we cry, and when the majority vote for zanu pf and mugabe we are happy and you cry. So better you cry.

  65. kusvika wabvisa chimsoro chako pasymbol yemusangano hatkuvotere futi dictator teaboy

  66. ko politics is a full tym job… those in the office must therefore endavor to keep the electrote happy n satsfied coz ultimatly it is the C.E.Os.. saka munhu akaratidza kuty haazivi zvaari plus zvaarikuita plus zvatinotarisira kuty aite hatizezi kumubvisa muoffice.. i think ryt nw the pple hev chosen whm they persive to b mentaly fit for the top job… pple wntd sme1 hu has vast experience in dealin wit the (west) common problem to many africans THE WEST… n all this Tsvangison is doin wil prove to b a rilly (west) of tym..(all within.. thus deliberate).. PAMBERI NEVANOHWINA!!!! PAMBERI NEKUBATANA!!! NEKUITA INDIGENISATION!!! BLACK EMPOWERMENT!!! PASI NEVIOLENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ICHOOOOO!!!

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