Outrage over Mugabe threats


HARARE and Bulawayo residents yesterday reacted angrily to President Robert Mugabe’s threat to disown the two cities as punishment for dumping his Zanu PF party and overwhelmingly voting for the MDC-T in the July 31 polls.


In separate interviews with NewsDay in Harare and its sister publication Southern Eye in Bulawayo yesterday, the residents said the Zanu PF leader should stop being vindictive and act like a statesman by treating all citizens equally regardless of their political affiliation.

Mugabe, speaking at the burial of National Railways of Zimbabwe general manager and former liberation war fighter Retired Air Commodore Mike Karakadzai at the National Heroes’ Acre on Sunday, threatened to avenge his defeat in Bulawayo and Harare, the MDC-T’s strongholds.

The MDC-T said in a statement: “It is shameful that a man of his stature could stoop so low as to harbour petty political grudges with the people he purports to lead. Mugabe’s vindictive nature is pathetic and should not be tolerated by any sane-minded Zimbabwean.”

The Harare Residents’ Trust issued a statement, saying: “President Robert Mugabe should refrain from making statements that create disharmony among the citizens of Zimbabwe by insinuating that residents in Harare and Bulawayo should get services from the MDC-T who they overwhelmingly voted for in the July 31 poll.

“The President needs to recognise the diversity of the citizens he leads. The residents of Harare will get all services from the government of the day irrespective of whether or not they voted for that governing party in elections, declared free and peaceful by Sadc and the AU (African Union).

“President Mugabe, you also belong to Harare, and Harare residents expect you to honour the Zimbabwe Constitution, in line with your oath of office as you pledged at the National Sports Stadium before God and His people. We pray to God that President Mugabe will serve Harare residents like any other city/town in Zimbabwe. Fighting God’s people is fighting God Himself.”

Cosmas Wakatama, a Harare businessman, said: “He (Mugabe) is supposed to be President for all Zimbabweans whether Zanu PF, MDC-T or any other party. He acted like a father angered by his child and says he won’t give him or her food.”

Another resident, Felix Mutizira, said the residents no longer cared about Mugabe’s actions as his record showed that he had no regard for them.

“Whatever colour he is going to paint us, we don’t care. What has he given us in the last 33 years he has been in power? He gave us the worst and we don’t care what he says or does. We have suffered enough, he abandoned the people long back,” Mutizira said.

Sam Gondongwe said Mugabe’s remarks showed that he was determined to throw away the child together with the bath water.

“It means he would have abandoned even his own supporters,” he said.

Trevor Chimhandire said: “He has to go out of Harare himself because he doesn’t have support and leave those who won the election to stay.”

Simbarashe Moyo, chairman of the Combined Harare Residents’ Association, said: “We don’t expect such comments from a whole President.

“People must not be punished on the basis that they choose someone else. That’s an infringement on people’s democratic right to vote. It’s unfortunate he is saying that and we hope he was not serious because the world over, even in Africa, I have not heard of a President who says that.”

Although Mugabe did not clearly specify what kind of action he would take against the residents, Bulawayo residents expressed fear that the Mugabe administration might stall the city’s economic revival through underfunding.

Mthulisi Moyo from Pelandaba suburb said the city had been victimised for a long time as the government continued to delay projects meant to alleviate the poverty of the residents.

“We have been doing our own things for the past 33 years,” he said. “He (Mugabe) has never brought any meaningful development in this city except make companies to either relocate or close.”

Mbonisi Sibanda, a resident of Magwegwe North, said: “He (Mugabe) revenged a long time ago. How did he expect us to vote for him when he made us suffer for so many years? My father was killed during Gukurahundi and I am an orphan because of him. We should be the ones revenging because he has made us suffer under his unbearable rule.”

Tapiwa Machingaidze of Mahatshula said people no longer cared about Mugabe’s threats because they always had a way of surviving even in the most difficult circumstances.

“We are waiting for his revenge to begin so that we will also find ways to adapt and move forward with our lives.”

Dumisani Nkomo, a local political analyst, cautioned Mugabe against victimising people for voting for the MDC-T, saying it smacked of political intolerance.
“There is a reason why the people voted for the opposition. Mugabe is (supposed to be) a statesman. He should not victimise anyone.”


  1. He is going to unleash Ignatious Chombo to block any measningful progress in the two cities. Chombo has already ordered city councils to reduce rates , a move which only benefits a few with properties many of which are like him Chombo with multiple properties. That is meant to cripple the financial positions of cities. But now some of them are in ZANU(PF) hands. Chitongai tione

    • vabereki vedu varikumusha tisu tirikutovachengeta. tikafa nenzara kana varikumusha vanofawo. its us who have acces to litle loans from banks. A simple rule of lending and borrowing one must have collateral or a clear means of repayment. This has nothing to do with foreignersor enemies.even ideginous banking do that. CBZ, ZABG. KINGDOM, POSB. There is no way i will suffer more than the rural folk if the economy take a down turn.

    • The senile old fool wont last another six months so there is no point in making plans for the future.

  2. Mugabe is a shame to the land of Zimbabwe,how can he say such things?He is disowning Bulawayo and Harare because he can’t deliver what he promised them.Especially in Bulawayo where he promised to revive industries.

  3. This is a stupid story, there are people in Harare who voted for ZPF and the same applies to Bulawayo. The president only said you voted for those councillors and mps who failed to deliver and you still want them so you will get want you want from them. Do you expect him to impose ZPF councillors to deliver the ZPF policies without an election, its an obvious no, so you will get the services of those whom you voted for. That is very straight forward. Only idiots will fail to understand the meaning of that statement. What of chematama who threatened the whole country with sanctions for voting ZPF? A clear understanding of this is if you choose to pay the water rates , as an mdct supporter nothing can stop you from doing so, since the mdct councillors want to pay each other hefty salaries from the money meant for service delivery despite the writing off of such rates by a people oriented ZPF party.It is your democratic right to get what you so require from your party as long as it doesn’t violate the law.

    • Lets hope you reason being his spokesperson who understood well what he said will ask your counterpart not to throw spanners so as to appear as if MDC councillors are not doing anything in their rspective councils.Take it or leave it Chematama is the engine of Zimbabwe’s economy chikomana miraka uone if you think otherwise…RUN the show guys but asi don’t tell or preach History to us for we know our History reason so as your brother and its only idiots like yourself vanokanganwa chanezuro nehope.Since 1980 we are using the roads that Smith did and all you know is looting and throwing spanners to the MDC councillors manje run the show mega munoma** rwendo rwuno.

      • You don’t seem to understand the meaning of ‘engine of the economy’. What does Tsvangirayi produce which is tradeable? He might be a millionaire now, but MDC supporters are toiling like the rest of the population. This is where we get it wrong, praising individuals for what they are not.

        My intepretation of what Mugabe meant was that, you have to have a seat on the table be able to influence decisions.

        • Mugs doesn’t even know what he is saying or the meaning of what he actually said. He is to old and demented to do this job so don’t be fooled by things he says that were written by other people. He is a nasty piece of work and will kill you to get his way as that’s the only way he will get clever people to do as he orders.

    • Reason, i think it’s u who does not understand what Mugabe said bro where do MPS get funding if the government does not provide them with the required resources in order for them to develop their constituencies. What Mugabe said was that because we Harare & Bulawayo residents dumped his party for the MDC – T so these MDC -T MPS shld get resources from somewhere in order for them to develop their constituencies.This he is doing in order for us to say MDC -T MPS are under performing but how can they perform without adequate funding. Reason, reason my friend.

    • You are the fool statement was clear why u trying to convert it to suit a diff meaning. Crazy doctrinated minds.

    • Keep watching, the clock is ticking and soon and very soon… Booooooooooommmmm!!!! The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has told you and spoken through the Prophets. Don’t say you never saw it coming!!!

    • @ Reason, well said. The reporters of this paper want to be mischievous by distorting the import of the President’s speech. Even if one were to read in between the lines there is nowhere where you you can insinuate a threat in any form or shape coming from the President in that speech.

      The President was just confounded by what those who voted for the MDCs see in those parties….lead by ignoramuses!! Surely is that a threat??!!

      Lord have mercy.

    • i have never witnessed an election won 100%.if one wins he/she should not punish those who did not vote for him/her but rather prove to them why the others who voted for him/her did so

  4. this is totally hogwash…. mdc-t thuggs will cry and cry but no one will stop them. they deserve hell. no more going back…. terera unzwe kutonga…. mu office muna vamugabe ,,,,, chitima ngachirove pasi hapana anochimisa apa. the puppets will cry until they die crying. imi ve newsday don’t ask these thuggs , they will answer nonsense. kana munhu akundwa ane hasha ka

  5. Felix, Tapiwa THANK YOU SO MUCH, Who gives a shit what mugabe and his theaving government says and does? We dont CARE mr president coz you are a failure. What have you done anyway for those in Mutoko and Mt Darwin who have bn voting for you? NOTHING!!! sO bring on your revenge and we will give you ours!!


    • It’s time to rise up and have a Zimbabwe Spring. This fool has crossed the line this time. The armed forces will be on our side.

  6. I am sure at one time he wore the white robes ekwaMarange and Jesus himself forgave the Jews for crucifying Him, he did not vindicate them, so where is this coming from if he truly is a Christian as purported during the campaign kwaMarange uko, ooooh that was just politicking???

  7. He knows very well that no one voted for him; his vote came from NIKUV so he just wants to fulfill his promise to NIKUV as its the one that voted for him. Mugabe is wolf in a sheep’s skin. He is there to kill and kill for good. Wait and see who Mugabe is. He is an enemy of the people and he knows very well that no one likes him. Wait and see.

  8. Thank you @reason for making matters clear, this paper is running this story again, to what end I wonder? Let us be honest, did the President actually say that he is going “to disown the two cities as punishment for dumping his Zanu PF party” – come on now? Meanwhile, ZANU PF is making plans to scrap water and rates bills to give residents of Harare and Bulawayo some well deserved relief. What is MDC T doing for Harare and Bulawayo? What has Newsday done to build this nation? It appears that fault finding is becoming your forte!

    • Come on Scot you have done a lot better than this in the past..Newsday is selling news that is how their staff make a living..unless you are saying they are embellishing perhaps. If this were the case,please let the other readers know,where. The President is human, he can also make a mistake, what is wrong with pointing this out..This does not sound like you at all, whats going on?

      • @ Falcon, a newspaper such as Newsday doesn’t just sell news, it also shapes public perception and dictates what topics are discussed; continually running a story framed in a particular way causes people to think a certain way. Newspapers can divide or unite a people, I am wondering which end of the scale Newsday is positioned, as far as uniting or dividing Zimbabweans is concerned..

        • @Scotv- Of course you are right the paper shapes public perception and it is important that they report responsibly but they can not AFFORD to take their eyes off the bottom line. These are hard times with advertising revenue miniscule while all other costs to run a paper continue to rise. As long as they are not peddling falsehoods and distortions why not allow them their run? Perhaps this story has a selling edge so they will pursue it to death and you can not fault them for this given the ‘sales’ pickings from same? As a contributor of note yourself, dont you think you should be cutting them a bit more slack??

  9. @reason point of correction.Chematama did NOT THREATEN the whole country with SANCTIONS, he and his party crafted the sanctions and gave a go ahead for them to be imposed on poor zimbabweans.Hanzvadzi usarove imbwa wakaviga mupini.As a result of these sanctions we have created a generation of ” old” youths- a person at the age of 40 who still lives with his parents and does not own a house or car of his own coz the industry has been destroyed by these illegal sanctions.Such A PERSON IS TO REACH THE AGE OF 55 as a noone,the age inonzi someone should be a President.Comparison yana Obama with the African leaders inozoita here

    • What are sanctions? How dd they affect zimbabwe? Lol zhanu guys don’t just take zvataurwa nemuchembere as holy. Think let it swirl in yo mind before making a useless comment.

      Is it not robert who said he doesnt need the west for anythingg so sanctions or no sanctions industries should have been revived. Chii chiri kukutadzisai to build up those lost industries? 33 years and we not independent economically ndokutadza basa zve. Munhuu ane 40 anogara nema parents asina kana chaakashandira because the governers of this country did not create an environment that encouraged investments and hence job creation thats y people in zim do not have a futuree to look forward to. Zhauu has a lot of excuses and none of them point to their own failures!!!!

      Do u need the west or not? If you do need them u know what to do……start a dialogue to rebuild zimbabwe. If u dnt then do not cry about sanctions or whatever because with or without them u are saying we can make it……and ts been 33 years the question is how much longer????

      • What kind of dialogue,allowing same sex,retaining the 1998 status quo on farms and propping up a clueless opposition party to rule Zimbabwe against the will of the people for the benefit of who.

        • @Tendayi- this is where the problem begins you insult the west with one side of the mouth and in the dark of night plead to them to lift these sanctions..now which is which? If this is not the height of confusion what is? And Oh by the way talking incessantly about sanctions is self defeating because it says we can not survive with the west..and if this were the case what benefits are we reaping by insulting the same people who it appears we are dead in the water without them..Why not save everyone’s time and simply say we can not do it WITHOUT you guys to the west rather than peddle confusing diatribes which helps no one least of all our selves. The Cubans and Koreans hardly ever mourn about these so-called sanctions they run their countries quietly without blaming anyone for their failures that is why their people buy in to their programms. I am beginning to think sanctions is some kind of code word for freebies. In any case figures obtained elsewhere put the same countries accused of sanctions being in the top ten trading partners for the country. This sanctions mantra has outlived its usefulness. All it is doing is showing us for impotent people who can not move the country forward WITHOUT a contribution from the West.

    • @Tendayi why is it the so called sanctions do not affect Obert Mpofu who bought a bank let alone the other rumoured propeties elsewhere, Ignatious Chombo who bought such properties around the country that where raised in the High Court and how does His Excellency RGM afford eye checkup overseas which can be done by a simple nurse at Glen View Clinic? How did he afford to send Bona to study abroad in Hong Kong or are you telling us the sanctions where created for the povo and not mashefu? Please stop this sanctions nonsesnse coz if they were real taidayi tichitambura tese muno kwete kuti someone buys a bank for US$22mil cash while getting a salary of US$800. We have seen Chiyangwa boasting to all and sundry on CNN about his laxourious life and you tell us sanctions, my foot.

    • This country started disintergrating in the late eighties. There where no sanctions then. Do you remember the days of the Willowvale scandals where there where no cars to buy? We were truly on our way.Industries were already relocating to other investor friendly countrie like Botswana. As for sanctions wasnt Zanu PF calling for sanctions against Apatheid South Africa. Did they stop to think about ordinary South Africans.

  10. a little good sense of humour can go a long way towards making politicians address the peoples aspirations meaningfully. kupupirana furo hakuna zvakunoshanda. unity unity unity !!!

  11. Exactly what do people expect from a Gukurahundi? Expect nothing else except Gukurahundism. Even those rural people who have always voted for him in the last 33 years, what do they have to show for their vote – nothing.

    Former so-called Growth points have now become bushes; no piped water in rural areas – still the same as in the 1920s; no electricity in rural areas; schools without teachers, books or transport, crowding in rural areas continues despite the farm grabs – the least is endless!!

  12. Mugabe munhu we revenge and he means it. Gadzirirai kunwa mvura ine poo plus mabasa forget. Mumba chaimo anoramwa sadza kusvika aita revenge Be warned macity dwellers

  13. The economies of Bulawayo and Salisbury functioned and thrived under Ian Smith despite the intense United Nations international sanctions. Mind you these were international UN sanctions not bilateral sanctions as we have today. They were far reaching, and devastating.


    • Am sure you were not born by then Gukurahundi Tendencies, coz Ian Smith only managed the economy for the few whites, jobs were there fine but the blackman salaries were next to nothing.

      Everything thn favoured a White person. Genius to you coz you are just reading the stories. Thina sasikhona by then.

      • @Nansi Lendoda
        Musukukhuluma into ongayazi – I was around for your information, so I am talking about what I know – its you who was not yet born, that is why you support the Gukurahundis!!

        There are far more black people out of work today under this Gukurahundi government than unde Ian Smith – even if we were to talk in terms of proportinate figures to the black population.

        It is black labour that built the factories in Bulawayo and Harare – its not whites. So to claim the economies of the two cities exclusively benefited whites is a monumental Gukurahundi lie – blacks also benefited. Whites could have benefited more than blacks but that doesnt mean blacks did not benefit!

        If you look at Bulwayo as it is – what is it that Gukurahundi Mugabe and his thugs have built since they first took office in 1980, apart from the incomplete NUST? 99.99% of what you see as Bulawayo even today was built in the Ian Smith era – FACT!!

      • When Ian Smith was then running Rhodesia, he should of transferred power to the blacks in a processes which should have been a learning processes for both blacks and whites to advance together, but the whites were to greedy and wanted all for themselves, however the country then had the essentials like clean water,electricity,good roads, good education,and so on,that’s inspite of sanctions. Another thing is Smith did not kill or punish his next of kin the white people.

        Today we have Mugabe!! The black man has got his country,you have it, show the white man what you are made of show him that you can run your country, and you can run it better then him. NO Mugabe you are doing the opposite you are destroying your country,killing your own black people, stealing elections openly for the whole world to see, you lie so much, one day you say good things about MT the next you hate him, one day you say you want rebuild Bulawayo the next you don’t?

        Zimbabweans are good people all they want is a chance to live a normal life, but Mugabe is denying them that opertunity.Please Mugabe for the sake of the people of this great country GO.

    • Been asking zhanus the same question. Hw are we not surviving when all robert has told us is that we better than the white guy, when we have even more access to the mineral wealth and we have sold the country to the chaineez. As far as i understand we dnt need the west as zhanu always remind them.

      Zhanu is not capable of any meaningful action beyond the rhetoric. Short on delivery long on speeches.

      • Yesterday I wondered, what is more sad, a sell-out black man or a racist white man? Today I have the answer. A black man who looks at his former oppressor with admiration is far worse, a black man who references his former colonial master’s empire when looking for a great example of a functioning economy and near perfect society is truly pathetic. A black man who is on record saying rhodesia was better than present day Zimbabwe is indeed a pathetic human being. A black man who can only look back at baas’ world but is unable to look forward to many present day success stories is truly pitiful! A black man who is blind to the evil of a system but only chooses to see the bright lights and shiny things made through the blood and sweat of his dead ancestors in forced labour needs JESUS!

        • @scotv
          I say, LET ME BE THAT BLACKMAN A THOUSAND TIMES – what with a country whose economy has been halved to less than that of the city of Durban in a mere 33 years, despite all the goodwill in the whole world minus a few nations who decied on bilateral sanctions?

          I will never celebrate gross incompetence, corruption, and out and out tribal primitivity of divide and rule just to be counted among the so-called proud blacks – NEVER, EVER!!

  14. We don’t need Mugabe’s help in anything – he is useless, a waste of space. Get lost Mugabe. Stealing elections you fool.

  15. Mugabe is possesed by a demon which needs a strong pastor to pray for him,oh GOD help the dying old man.Mugabe usati kana woda kufa woda kusiya waponda nyika,haisi yako nyika iyi!There is continuity after your death!

  16. @reason, your ZANUPF party ie Chombo has a tendency of firing duly elected Mayors ie Elias Mudzuri, Misheck Shoko etc, it also imposes ‘special interest coucillors’ who are aligned 2 ZANUPF claiming false corruption allegations.

  17. Like it or not, Harare and Bulawayo is what makes Zimbabwe in terms of economy. Fodya tinorima asi inotengeswa and processed in Harare. Dzave hasha dzehwiza kudimbura minhenga inoita kuti ibhururuke. UMP yakabvira rini kuvhotera ZANU PF, chii chiriko?

  18. Hapana apa chero vacho vaari kuti vakamuvhotera varikungo kwangwaya wani…kusakara kwaita kamudhara kenyu aka.Harare and Skyes will never suffer because they are the major economic hubs of the country.

  19. The next five years we are going under zanu wil be akin to living in hell. Those in rural areas it will be even worse. U shall asked to produce zanu pf cards to benefit anything frm government.

  20. Mugabe its true we didnt vote for you and you know it saka waakuto budisa kuti landslide victory yako ndeyekunyepa

  21. There is nothing new about suffering under ZANU. Now we are heading for 38 years.

    Zimbabweans are more than ready to go through another 5 years of hardship. What remains is that WE DO NOT NEED YOU Dr Rigger Mugabe

  22. What the heck is going on? This controversy is a creation of the print media, viz, Newsday. These people are using unorthodox methods to market/sell their paper. His Exellency was quoted out of context! What he merely highlighted is that the urban electorate is foolhardy by continuing to blindly vote MDC, which does not improve the quality of their lives.The President like any father, knows that one cannot foresake his children because they are rebels or radicals. They remain one’s children!!

    • And the holy Herald used orthodox methods to hack into Mai Tsvangirai’s phone and e-mail… moron

  23. Uhhm! it is funny. The president is disowning Bulawayo not mentioning the capital city. Bulawayo has been reduced to a growth point. With all industries and businesses going to Harare. Mr President you have never taken care of Bulawayo even before MDC-T formation.

    Shame! Shame! It is a shame….. For a president to start fighting with mere citizens.

  24. People, the President forgot to say he was joking and i am saying it on his behalf.Any leader who wants to check whether he is still good or not should findout from pple from Byo and Hre,all others may give a mixed or false reaction.What do we expect from pple who are nolonger employed and are nolonger able to pay fees for their children?.What do we expect from NRZ employees who have gone for 10+ months without salary,Sugar Refinery workers whose company closed,Dunlop workers whose company is almost closing etc,etc?.It is not normal for pple to vote for you when the economy is declining and when the unemployment rate is almost 100%.Getting votes from pple of such a country calls for the examination of the voters heads.Let us delvelop and create employment for our pple in towns and rural areas and all votes will come our way.Pamberi nekubatana,nedevelopment,nekukudzana.Pasi nekuvengana,nekumanikidzana,nekushorana.

  25. What a shame president we currently have,infact we have been doing our own things without recognising you as our president.We do not even think of you at all.We think of PM Tsvangirai as our President.

    You killed people from Gukurahundi and Murambatsvina.Get out of Harare yourself and relocate to Zvimba,bloody bastard.

  26. Ko iye ngaanogara kwaZvimba ka kwaakavhoterwa kwacho. Why does he foist himself upon the people of Aharare? He must rule from the makayas and lets see how he will work that out! Anofunga nemaballs ake ane cancer chete! He has never done anything for zimbabweans for 33 years and he thinks we care about his empty threats? What can he take away from us that which he gave us before? nothing! he can get tax from his rural folks as well and leave the urbanites alone and we will have nothing to expect from him as we always do!

  27. hey newsday stop creating yo own stories and dividing the nation…….ndosaka makadyiwa…spent tuu much tym analyzing nonsenses rather than focusing on dvlping the nation……CONFUSED COCKROCH ,,,,infact yu behave lyk HEADLESS CHIKENS jus lyk yo leader ….

  28. President Mugabe should blame the people of Harare of having voted for Tsangirai overwhelmingly when he too voted in Harare together with the first family. That makes him and the entire first family part of the voting team. What he speaks in public and what he does in the ballot booth only himself knows. So please if he says people in Harare must go to Tsangirai for the includes himself.
    We can not be used as a weapon when voted for Tsangirai

  29. the president should work for the whole nation not areas that voted for him only . He is our dear president who should not abandon the cities . This may reflect that he is unable to deliver his promises and as Zimbabweans we should work towards unit regardless of our political affiliation .We must Know that Harare and Bulawayo are Zimbabwe’s capital cities ifthey are developed Zimbabwe will also develop . But that doesn’t mean that the government should leave other areas it must deliver all the promise so as for it to be trusted come elections. Tinokumbira kuti tingozadzisirwa vimbiso tione kukwanisa kwehurumende yavapo. saka tichatarisa budiriro kwese kwese kwete kumaruwa chete asi kudhorobhawo. VaMugabe takumirirai tongai Zimbabwe zvine mutsindo musasarura nokuti rusaruro mucherechedzo wokukundikano kupfiimba musikana nembama kana tyava hauiti kuti mukomana adiwe asi anotorambwa saka tinotarisira shanduko huru munyika yeZimbabwe kana ikashaikwa zivai kuti hapana achazvigona kunze kwaJesu noumambo hwaMwari ndihwo huchapedza zvose

  30. President Mugabe should blame the people of Harare of having voted for Tsangirai overwhelmingly when he too voted in Harare together with the first family. That makes him and the entire first family part of the voting team. What he speaks in public and what he does in the ballot booth only himself knows. So please if he says people in Harare must go to Tsangirai for the includes himself.
    We can not be used as a weapon when he voted for Tsangirai

  31. Ngakati bvire apa kakanganwa MURAMBATSVINA we disowned him since 2000 so whats paining him but its not MDC supporters only in HARARE and BULAWAYO there is ZANU PF also so the signs and symptoms of 100years are now showing very soon kukambaira kupinda mu Parliament kikikikiki

  32. To be honest the President is simply saying we rigged and noone voted for me. Its hilarious to know that the civil servants are waffling to have increments, l say to them forget. Do your work diligently. Mudhara vaudzei kuti ndiri panyanga nekuda kwenjere dzangu. Hamulume

  33. we dont care mr president. what did u do for the people in the 33 yrs u ruled? we are tired of yo empty promises. yo days are numbered.

  34. People, don’t stress. Mugabe never delivered anything to Harare and Bulawayo during the past 33 years. In fact he destroyed whole country. What is new? We will continue to survive without his input. His immature utterances will not change our reality. This man is full of self hatred and that is why he reacts in such an uncouth and cowardly manner to any challenge. Edgar Tekere in his book described Mugabe as a bully and a coward.

  35. You may ‘forgive us our municipality debts’ but ‘lead us not into temptation’ just enjoy the the ‘power and the glory’ for the short time ahead though. The further you keep away with yo touch of rust the more intact the cities ramain.

  36. Tell him to go hang.Even if he dies today I don’t think he will rest in peace after being buried where he is unwanted most.

  37. Rhodesia could NOT engage in international trade because it was under UN sanctions, yet it thrived. Zimbabwe is still trading with the whole world, even with the countries that have imposed sanctions namely the European Union, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but the country is in tatters. Bulawayo has become a Ghost town.

    Does anyone still remember the slogan “DON’T DRIVE RHODESIA DRY”, when motorists were issued with coupons to restrict fuel allocations? This was all because of UN sanctions that barred crude oil sales to the racist government.

    There are no such sanctions on crude oil sales to the Gukurahundi government and yet in 2007 all pumps were dry, and yet there were queues everywhere.


    • Yesterday I wondered, what is more sad, a sell-out black man or a racist white man? Today I have the answer. A black man who looks at his former oppressor with admiration is far worse, a black man who references his former colonial master’s empire when looking for a great example of a functioning economy and near perfect society is truly pathetic. A black man who is on record saying rhodesia was better than present day Zimbabwe is indeed a pathetic human being. A black man who can only look back at baas’ world but is unable to look forward to many present day success stories is truly pitiful! A black man who is blind to the evil of a system but only chooses to see the bright lights and shiny things made through the blood and sweat of his dead ancestors in forced labour needs our Lord, JESUS!

      • @scotv
        I say, LET ME BE THAT BLACKMAN A THOUSAND TIMES – what with a country whose economy has been halved to less than that of the city of Durban in a mere 33 years, despite all the goodwill in the whole world minus a few nations who decied on bilateral sanctions?

        I will never celebrate gross incompetence, corruption, and out and out tribal primitivity of divide and rule just to be counted among the so-called proud blacks – NEVER, EVER!!

  38. His talk is cheap. Cheaper than the Zimbabwean bearer cheque. He thinks loudily. No one loves the dear leader any more. He is tired and needs to rest. A very lonely old man. ZPF should start putting forward the names of the next president to lead the nation. I suggest Mai Mujuru. Or just do a referedum! I am proud, i have never voted for ZPF and the dear leader. Never ever!


    Urban vote is beta than beta than
    MDC is beta than
    BYO and HRE are bigger than ………ha ha ha ha

  40. CHINYARARAYI ! Kwahi hamhuna any right to win democratically saka why not go down harare road south pamahosteri apo monomenyana muri ipapo?

  41. its a pity that we zimbos have been put in a situation where our identity as a people has been degraded and brought low to being a member of a party. we are a people together – zpf and mdc. munhu wese akamboita baba anoziva kuti mumwe ndi pilot asi mumwe achave muroyi, asi vose vana vake. tolerance and respect are values we have to rediscover and tell our children and grandchildren….not anger and retribution as being preached by some revolutionary party leaders or new politicians.

  42. up to now m stl shocked how Mugabe won elections with less than 30% support countrywide. Now he is covering up so that whn we suffer we myt sae we ddnt vote for him when he has failed….dts why we ddnt vote for you coz u got nthin to offer us. I think u can go build a mansion in Beijing nd stay there

  43. Gukurahundis are primitive tribalists; pathetic and total failures – ADMIT IT – NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING PROUD OF BEING BLACK – NOTHING.

    This Black pride nonsense is just a cover up to gain support from miserable blacks, who are victims of white racism, so as to contuinue abusing them under the guise of black solidarity.

    Look at the way the Gukurahundi party and Gukurahundi Mugabe exploited and abused the Sh.o.na identity, to gain political maleage over PF ZAPU’s Joshua Nkomo, only to dump them and kill them when they tried to exercise their democratic right to choose Tswangirayi over the Gukurahundi?

    As for me – a primitive, tribalistic, divisive backward Gukurahundi blackman is just as evil, as the racist whites, if not worse and what I know is that WHITE LEADERS IN THE WEST NEVER OPPRESS OR KILL THEIR OWN KITH AND KIN!!!!!!!!

  44. Mugabe we are better without you.Get away you donkey.What do you think you can offer us today that youn failed to offer us in the last 33years.Pfuuuseekii matama mashoma.Coil urself in ur ofis chair and dream about Hell.Get away you Hog.

  45. Why is Bob talking like a savage? In other words he is saying Zanu Pf cheated since it won 6 seats in Harare . So he is going to punish even those who voted for him? There we are, being led by a vengeful lunatic now the oldest head of state this side of the moon. To hell with him. He thinks he is a god.


  47. is the war still on. everyone seems to be driving on the wrong side of the road. now fix me a waldorf salad ! I want a waldorf salad !!

  48. Fact remains Zim is not under UN sanctions, but Gukurahundis have been spectacular failures. Rhodesia was under UN sanctions, the economy thrived.

    When Nelson Mandela told you Gukurahundis that, you are a small exconomy stop being adventurous in Laurent Kabila’s DRC wars, what did you say?

    You never listened. Mandela warned that, that war in the DRC was gonna finish your economy, concentrate on developing your country and encouraging negotiations in African conflicts and stop taking sides militarily – you refused, you never listened.


  49. Imi vanhu imhosva yenyu nekuti ndimi nana MDCs munoti Zanu ne Zanpu ndivo vakasunungura nyika. This is why Mugabe says some of this nonsense because the 33-year old lie has now been taken as gospel truth.
    When those in Zanu say they liberated the country what do they mean? Whom did they defeat? When did they defeat the enemy? Where exactly did they defeat the enemy? PACK OF LIES.

  50. Hahaha I knew it, he concentrated on rigging without actually thinking at the enormity of the job if he won. Now the sheer size of the work to be done has dawned on him, he cannot do it even if he wanted to. He looked at the roads, electricity, sewage, corruption, health , education, jobs ..the list goes on, and he does not have a clue on where to start and his strategists came up with this excuse as a disclaimer. What a stupid excuse.

  51. This PARANOID,MAOPIC, AGED DICTATOR must just resign he is not doing any good for this country except running down the economy and wasting tax payer’s hard earned usd through his erantic journeyz how can a 90 year old apply for a job? this is strange guys from 1980 uchongoba chete asi hupfumi hwacho hunotorwa ne zvikwambo kani

  52. The funniest part of Zimbabwean history is when Zanu was voted into power and the then Governor Chris Soames told Mugabe that his party had won the election and it was now up to his party to take the country forward and Mugabe replied that “We have no experience of governing and none and us had ever governed and we would like you to extend your stay in the country and help us run the country”! To which the Governor politely refused and said, “Unfortunately, I have got no time: I have a lot of work to do back home”. So much for liberation. Imploring the former coloniser to extend time and help run the country!

    • @Musona

      Today they think we all have short memories like them. They think we have forgotten what they did and said in the early 1980s.

      We will always remind them of their undying love for their colonisers and the west, notwithstanding their claim to be later-day anti-west revolutionaries.

      They should never try the lies with some of us, we are just to wise and clever for those tricks. They can try that and win with the born 1990 crowd, as they are easy to brainwash!!


  53. This 90 year old PARANOID, MAOPIC, AGED DICTATOR must just resign. he is a huge liability wasting the tax payer’s hard earned usd through his erantic travels no new ideas in the economy which he can offer except re-cycled stupid statements

  54. For the punishment Marondera will be elevated to the capital city of Zimbabwe while Gwanda will also be elevated to the second capital city. How about this comrade Bob.

  55. For the punishment Marondera will be elevated to the capital city of Zimbabwe while Gwanda will also be elevated to the second capital city. How about this comrade Bob?

  56. Isu hatina basa nehurumende yekumusha. Iye mudhara ngaaende anogara kwaanodiwa. Kune dzimwe nyika dai ane nyadzi akasiya basa kare. Ukaona uchirambwa ne4 big cities (Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru & Mutare) woti ndinodiwa nani? Chiendaizve munopiwa mari yekurunner hurumende kumusha. MaCompanies ari muHarare nevanhu vemo vopawo vavakavhotera maTaxes. Hurumende yenyu ichawana tax kuUzumbaMarambaPfungwe. Its clear kuti mudhara akura haachafungi. Mari yemaTax unoida kwatiri but hautidi hypocrisy at best.

  57. Mugabe has become a disgrace to Africa and even beyond. Where on earth have heard a head of state talk like that? During his inauguration at NSS recently he promised to revive industries in Byo now less than a week he promises to frustrate the same city.People should teach themselves not to Mugabe seriously just what exactly did he want to do the people of Byo and Hre which he failed to for 33yrs in power.Anyone who thinks or dreams that Mugabe was going to bring change in the country should have his head examined.People of Zimbabwe should ignore Mugabe and pretend as if he does not exist.Mugabe can ignore or all and sundry but our Almighty Jesus Christ never will.As always He will. Ah! UMgabe sengenwe yini bantubeNkosi?

  58. Mugabe chii chakanaka chaakaita? Asi kuuraya nekuriga maelection kuti atonge pasina zvaanobatsira zimbabwe. Ngaachizorora achida asingadi.

  59. in line with the foregoing lawfull of averages, the psychoanalyst award of mvp in unity will be recommended for conferrement by the first among equals upon and with ever enduring title of TSVANGIRAYI THE GREAT !!! a round of applause !

  60. It is not Mugabe who rejected the big cities. They r the ones that rejected him with their vote. They saw nothing in his government. So what the noise all about? Makati VaMugabe hamuvade munoda chematama, now u got chematama mavakuchemera VaMugabe u confused. I need time with the lot of u. Knock in some knowledge, of the english as well. Do u know what threats r? Outraged, u been outraged eversince election results so whats new? Hamuna hunhu futi. Makatenga tikiti rechitima chiripa Exibition. You get onto in asi hapana kwachinoenda nyangwe chakanaka sei. We, going to our destination on the 1924 model yacho iyoyo. Tichaona achasvika.

  61. Its not going to change anything nyika haidi nhema inoda the truth kuti iyemde mberi all politicians must not tell lies the truth has no substitute

  62. Editor, tipewo manzwi avo. Hauna kuita quote the statement where his excellence uttered those words and to me makuhwa aya amurikupopotera.

  63. Mugabe has a great psychological problem which came out as a demon in 2000 when he lost the referendum. He did not take it lightly. He must have vowed to destroy the economy and everything that way built during his legacy. I think the man has dementia or some extreme psychotic disorder which can be dangerous. Does he really think that all of us should like him. Is he a god or a deity of sorts. From 2000 thousand Mugabe has been harboring a grudge against the whole nation. He does not give a damn how the people feel. In short the man is not a leader but a slave master of sorts. This man baffles us and has killed our lives. God have mercy on his soul because of his vindictive shameless behaviour. Mambo ndyire chaiye chaiye.

  64. We have now got it from the horse’s mouth that he does not tolerate those who don’t vote for him. What is the purpose then for elections? To get everyone to endorse him and Zanu PF. Such outbursts by the elderly statesman are simply puzzling and do little to help people hold on to whatever little respect they still have for him.

  65. I have seen kids forgo and forget even their names after winning fish-fish, arauru, pada, draft and rounders. Mugabe and company should never behave as if Zimbabwe is an island. We have made mistake in the past and should take accountability for it; in the 1980s we could get away with so many things, and we should not continue to pull what is left from under the feet of this generation…it will end up with so much anger against those who appear and behave like headless chickens

  66. Sekuru akataura takateerera. Siyana nepepanhau rakabuditsa mazwi ezvataurwa. Kuchembera kwakanaka kunounzira nyasha vanosara vachirarama. Agara achituka vanhu vemumaguta. Muchiri kutondera here kuti aitituka kuti tichaita mudumbu nesugar. Iko kutuka kurwadziva. From out of the heart the mouth speaks.

  67. Ndiko kunonzi kuchemberazve uku. Iwewo kubva nhasi enda unopiwa tax kumusha. People are required to pay tax to whatever government of the day & that government should use the revenues for the benefit of all irregardless of political affliation or persuasion becoz u also collect from non-Zanu members. Ncube was right we need DEVOLUTION. Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru neMutare to collecta mari dzedu toshandisa for the benefit of residents imiwo motorawo KuUzumba yematimati moitawo zvemiriwo nematimati enyu.

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