Nkala status continues to raise dust


Senior Zanu PF officials were conspicuous by their absence at the memorial service for the late former Defence minister, Enos Nkala, at the Trade Fair Grounds in Bulawayo yesterday.

Report by Nqobile Bhebhe

The notable attendees were Mines minister Obert Mpofu, Bulawayo governor Cain Mathema and Small to Medium Enterprises minister Sithembiso Nyoni.

The memorial service was organised by Harvest House International, a church the late minister belonged to.

However, Zanu PF provincial chairperson Callistus Ndlovu said in a telephone interview that not much should be read into the absence of some of the party top brass, as Bulawayo structures had endorsed Nkala’s hero status.

“People were not properly informed about the timing,” he said, adding that he was not in Bulawayo.

“It is ourselves who recommended that Nkala be declared a national hero and I signed the letter. Do not read too much into nonsense.”

Ndlovu said the absence of senior officials did not reflect anything.

Nkala’s hero status has reportedly divided Zanu PF structures in Matabeleland and Bulawayo, with some accusing the Zanu PF founding member of being at the forefront of the Gukurahundi massacres in which an estimated 20 000 people were killed in the region.

Ndlovu said despite the absence of senior provincial leaders, the province had organised buses for people intending to travel to Harare for Nkala’s burial.

Speaking at the memorial service, Mpofu claimed unnamed unscrupulous individuals were peddling lies about Nkala for monetary gain, adding that if he was not declared a hero, the national shrine should be destroyed.

“A lot of lies are said about Nkala which is not true. Some people made money by peddling lies about Nkala,” he said.

Interestingly, it was Mpofu who exposed the Willowvale scandal that ended Nkala’s career, sinking him into political oblivion.

Nkala resigned from Zanu PF after he was embroiled in the Willowgate scandal in 1988, where senior government officials fraudulently bought and resold cars from Willowavale Motor Industries.

Mpofu revealed that he joined Zanu PF at the recommendation of Nkala, saying the late nationalist was a brave man who joined Zanu from PF Zapu and was not a tribalist.

“So if Nkala is not a hero, then who should be buried there? The Heroes’ Acre would rather be destroyed.”


  1. Kushaya nyaya kwe Newsday, mouthpiece ye mdshiti….Nkala was recommended for ational hero status by the province of Bulawayo, meaning to say he was backed by the majority in the province for that status…..


    Tichatokuvakirai yenyu villainS ACRE yatichauya tichisvipira pamakuva enyu sevanhu vakaita mbiri yekuedza kutengesa nyika….

    • Haiwawo tuma slaves twema chaineez. Nyika yakatengeserwa machaineez. Y was chindori chininga not declared a nat. hero?? Double standards evanhu vezhanu.

      Mbiri yezanu ndeyei yaungade kuvhaira nayo??? U sold out to the chaineez woye.

  2. Mthwakazi Gukurahundi cadres are all the same, Nkala was not a tribalist, how? He was – what does it mean to “ukugeza ubuN.debele”? Is this not tribalism?

    Izinja zabantu lezi.

    Tribalism is not always about being against the tribe that is not your own, you can also be tribalistic by being against your own for tribal reasons, which Nkala was. If you are against your own for purely political reasons, policies etc, then that is a totaly different matter.

  3. Enos Nkala anogonzi i “national hero” nekuti akaiteyi? Kuti akashandiswa na Mugabe se manera (ladder) to get to the top of the greasy pole? Munhu akadzingwa basa ne nyaya ye corruption (Willowgate Scandal) ogonzi i hero sei? Hero reku pamba? Hongu Zanu yakatangwa mumba yaakange apuhwa ne mabhunu ku Highfields asika Zanu yacho hapana chaya kaita. Chiyi chakaitwa ne Zanu? Ndisu takava vhotera muna 1980 kuti vapinde muhurumende vatadza kukunda Ian Smith.

    • @magame

      Aiwa tsano, ngatisiyanei nezvaNdabaningi Sithole. Akasiyana chii naTsvanCry? Hanti vese vakadududza here kuhondo? Saka what have they to do with heroship?

  4. @Nqobille Bhebhe

    Nkala’s status would for instance continue to raise dust if there is a dissenting voice to his hero status. I never read from your article that there is even one voice against his status. If anything, all voices agree that if Enos M Nkala is not burried at the National Heroes Acre then no-one should, and actually, that shrine should be destroyed. That is what is writen even in your article. So which dust are you talking of? Where is that dust? How is it being raised? So the tittle and the content do not reasonate. Ain’t that a straightforward shame and a half article Bhebhe? Or is it you who is?

    • @Shame, isn’t it ironic that in our judgement of others that we sometimes expose ourselves? If your understand anything about journalistic writing, you will note that the most important thing is always found at the beginning. Bhebhe mentioned it that the only notable attendee of the Enos Nkala was Obert Mpofu while the other Zanny bigwigs were not there. The absence of the Zanny people suggest the Hero status of Enos is not much recognized or raises dust. That in the article Bhebhe gives room for pathetic excuses like the Zanny bigwigs were not notified in time only shows that he is being impartial and writing a balanced article. There you have it -Shame If you read comments from other people on this forum or elsewhere you will actually find that Enos’s hero status actually does raise dust especially from the potholes of the deeds of the party he helped form.

    • @Rigel – and what did Zanu do? Hero for founding a political party? Where it not for the whites who gave Nkala a house to rent in Highfields he would not have founded a party. If founding a political party is the criteria used to determine her status then Tsvangirai should also be a hero for founding MDC, Muzorewa for founding UANC, Chihota for founding NDU.

  5. Ko inga even in families not everyone attends a memorial service for their deceased members! In this particular case, the body was to come to Harare for burial only a few hours later. Does it mean that everything else had to stop and that everyone had to go to Byo in order for NoiseDay and MDC-T to believe that there was no division on the hero status of the late?

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