Mutodi finally granted bail


MUSICIAN–CUM–BUSINESSMAN Energy Mutodi, who had been in remand custody for close to a month, was yesterday finally freed on $2 000 bail by the High Court.

In granting bail, High Court judge Justice Hlekani Mwayera ruled that the magistrates’ court in Mutare had erred in its judgment denying him bail.

The judge said the bail conditions “should be decisive in view of the nature of the allegations”. She ordered Mutodi not to interfere with witnesses and investigations, to report once a week at Borrowdale Police Station and to surrender his travel documents to the clerk of court in Mutare.

Justice Mwayera said a perusal of the record of proceedings in the magistrates’ court in summary, showed that Mutare magistrate Noah Gwatidzo ruled that the accused was likely to interfere with witnesses and that there was a possibility of him absconding, but did not call the investigating officer to testify.

She said that omission made the court’s decision questionable.

“For the magistrates’ court to take it squarely upon the accused to call the investigating officer and not the State, in my view, is not a proper exercise of discretion. The court appears to have declined to admit the appellant to bail on the basis that he is likely to abscond. In the absence of substantiation of possibility or likelihood to abscond, it will be speculation,” she ruled.

Mutodi made two attempts to secure bail at the High Court which were postponed as the court papers pertaining to the case were not in order although the State – represented by law officer Public Mpofu – was not opposed to the bail application. The musician is being represented by lawyer Farai Nyamayaro.

Mutodi allegedly lured civil servants into making monthly payments to buy land in Mutare’s Gimboki South housing project promising to peg and service it before allocating residential stands to each of them.

Those who joined the scheme started paying varying amounts of money deducted from their salaries through a Salary Service Bureau stop order facility and Mutodi allegedly converted the money to his own personal use.


  1. What is going to happen to the monies civil servants contributed.This criminal should be compelled to refund the struggling civil servants.The state should not tolerate this daylight robbery.

    • why has this this thief been set free? this is not fair at all. I contributed to the housing scheme and later withdrew but i havent been paid back my money nembavha iyi. i wish this guy all the badest lucky

  2. Can the police and anti-corruption units also look into the matter of a similar fraudsters calling themselves FLAMBOYANT HOUSING TRUST which also lured civil servants into paying varying amounts of monthly subscriptions. Nothing fruitful has materialized for over 4 years now and they are starting to play hide and seek games with subscribers. They have since changed offices 3 times without notifying anyone. As I write, they are nowhere to be located, but our monies remain locked in their coffers. Please help!

    • I find it very surprising coming out of you, whats there to investigate ? , these people get into the contracts with the full knowledge of the 8th wonder of the world working against them.. People don’t learn , whats not yours , you cant get for free . I say to ABC give them money even for 200% till the bastards learn how to save .Yesterday it was Frank Buyanga in the limelight for giving money now you want to investigate ABC . Interest rates should be determined by the market , if we do not have a monetary policy ….

  3. This really calls for some serious investigations. The buster shd repay all the monies he swindled from the civil servants. But you never know coz so many cases of this nature have previously been swept under the carpet. Fact.

  4. This thief wanted to represent a certain political party in the past election as he had seen his kith and kin in that party which has become a haven of robbers.some of whom own towns and banks

  5. just sentence him why bailing conman.dispense all cash from him to either the state or victims or charity

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