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I am too senior for mayor – Mutsekwa


MUTARE — The outgoing National Housing and Social Amenities minister Giles Mutsekwa says he will not “stoop so low” into accepting the mayoral post of Mutare.


Mutsekwa, who was reportedly eyeing to be mayor of Mutare, said even if he was approached he would never accept the position.
He said he was too senior for the post.

“I have never had interest in that position. I don’t have that interest now,” said Mutsekwa.

“I wouldn’t accept that position because how can I climb down from being a minister to a councillor?. It does not make political sense at all.

“I don’t want to be associated with that position in Mutare and I am not within that group of people vying for that position. If the people approach me, I will tell them that I would not climb down from being a minister to a councillor.”

According to MDC-T insiders, Mutsekwa was rumoured to be eyeing the post of mayor for the eastern border city along with the bulk of losing MPs in Manicaland.

Recently the provincial leadership announced that selection of Mutare mayor would be done in consultation with the elected councillors and the residents to avoid imposition.

In several cities, MDC-T bigwigs are reportedly eyeing the mayoral position, a move that has received intense criticism and been branded as being greedy.

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