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Five more years under Mugabe


That Zimbabwe is going to face another five years under Zanu PF rule is now inevitable.

NewsDay Editorial

Although the MDC-T party is in the process of challenging the outcome of the recent polls that declared Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe the winners, judging from past experience, their chances of success are zero.

While Zanu PF is preparing to form a new government, it should be reminded that it has serious issues with the people of Zimbabwe that it must swiftly deal with. Such issues have nothing to do with party politics, but everything to do with the people’s survival. If these issues are not dealt with, Zanu PF will find itself at loggerheads with the people again.

People do not take issues such as dry taps, power outages, unemployment, corruption and bullying, among others, lightly. Zanu PF has, over the years, been guilty of all the vices mentioned.

Impunity is Zanu PF’s Achilles’ heel that alienates them from ordinary people. Anyone who is in Mugabe’s favour can do as he or she pleases without fear of negative consequences. Ministers can abuse public funds and office willy-nilly. Councillors and council workers can abuse ratepayers’ funds and nothing happens to them. Bills can be sent to ordinary people for services not rendered.

The laws of this country only apply to those who are not Zanu PF. Even the police, who are supposed to be the guardians of the law, behave like rogue elements in the party. They can arrest, detain and ask questions later. They have the green light to rob ordinary Zimbabweans through senseless roadblocks on the country’s highways. The police, army, judiciary and top civil servants are not professionals, but an extension of Zanu PF designed to suppress ordinary people.

Zanu PF, much to the chagrin of the people who know better, pretends that it has no criminals among its rank and file. And the party is so vindictive that it terrorises citizens who do not agree with them. It is the party’s crude partisan philosophy that disunites it with citizens, not the British or the Americans as it claims.

The party simply fails to embrace all and this makes many shudder at the thought of having Zanu PF forming a government for they know that their government espouses partisan rather than national causes. For once, Zanu PF must tarry a little and ask the gigantic question in whatever they do: Is what we are doing good for the nation?

If they continue with their intransigent behaviour, they will only have themselves to blame if people view them as this country’s number one enemy.
In short, either they change or one day they will face the wrath of the people whom they cynically view as “our people”.

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