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Diasporans: Zanu PF baying at the moon


I am not exactly sure what it is, since I cannot pinpoint it. But whatever it may be, it really looks like a serious case of selective memory on the part of Zanu PF.

Guest column with Daniel Molokele

Honestly, how can the political party really expect a massive migration back home of the Zimbabwean Diaspora after their so-called landslide victory?

Is this some sick joke or what?

But if the news reports are anything to go by, it is indeed true that Zanu PF has appealed to all the Zimbabweans living outside the country to start packing their bags and return home to rebuild their motherland.

According to the Zimbabwean newspaper, the party’s spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said in a telephone interview that there was no longer any reason for Zimbabweans to continue living outside the country.
He said results of the election had silenced the MDC and brought to an end all political bickering.

“Peace and tranquillity has returned to the country following the Zanu PF landslide victory. There are no more troublesome GNU (Government of National Unity) arrangements and Zimbabweans in the Diaspora should return home and help develop the country,” said Gumbo.

Gumbo said the Zimbabwean economy had space for the returnees and would facilitate their participation in the country’s economic activity.

Experience and exposure gained by Diasporans was described as invaluable in Zimbabwe’s bid to regain its position as a regional economic powerhouse.

Eish! The mind boggles! Am I missing something here?

This, in my view, is a serious case of reverse logic and denialism on the part of Zanu PF.

The party needs to be told in no uncertain terms that it was actually because of its failure to properly manage the economy and its closure of any form of democratic space that left millions of Zimbabweans with no choice, but to pack their bags and painfully turn their backs away from their beloved beautiful motherland.

The truth is that Zimbabweans who are now based outside the country remain patriotic as ever and do yearn to return home. Indeed they still totally love their beautiful motherland.

Given a choice, the majority of them would be more than willing to return home immediately.

The life in exile can be so harsh. It is not all rosy out there. In fact, it can dare be said that for the majority of the Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, life can be so tough.

But the exiles in the end choose to continue to toil and labour under the stringent life conditions abroad.

That is why there is no stampede right now of Zimbabweans rushing back home from all over the world!

How is it so?

The answer is very simple: The situation has not changed for better at all.

If anything, it now appears to have moved on from bad to worse.
Zanu PF continues to come up with bankrupt economic policies and to selfishly monopolise all the democratic space in the country.

Alternative voices remain gagged and opposition views continues to be muzzled now more than ever.

Zanu PF must reap the bitter harvest of thorns from the thorny seeds it has sown over the years and continues to sow daily up to today.
The Zimbabweans living outside the country owe it to their families and relatives home to continue to face the hardships of life in exile so as to continue to send remittances back home.

It is common cause that many of their kith and kin back home largely depend on their support for funding social issues such as food, school fees, rent, funerals, weddings and medical bills, among others.

On the other hand, Zanu PF must be told that more Zimbabweans back home in our beautiful motherland are now busy packing their bags in preparation to leave the country. In other words, Zanu PF must actually focus its energies on ensuring that no more Zimbabweans continue to reluctantly leave their beautiful motherland right now.

As for those living outside the country, Zanu PF must be told in the most clearest of all terms that it is not yet Uhuru!

Until further notice, the likelihood of a massive return home to Zimbabwe is a massive zero.

In fact, it things continue as they are right now, the chances of the majority of Zimbabweans ever returning home will continue to diminish every day.

Only a few part of the Diaspora population will ever return to Zimbabwe permanently at this rate.

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