Beauty pageant for Christians

IN a move that is likely to cause a stir among the Christian community, a pageant dubbed Top Christian Model (TCM) is on the cards.

Report by Entertainment Reporter

Organisers of the pageant set for the end of this month say the new beauty showcase seeks to create a platform for models to address stereotypes attributed to their industry.

“TCM is a platform created after the stereotypes the beauty and modelling industry has attracted over the years,” said Marcia Bangure one of the organisers of the pageant.

“Many people have condemned modelling because of the way most pageants are run. Resultantly, most church leaders have said it is anti-Christianity.

“As such, many Christians and other organisations have distanced themselves from pageants, but we want to change that perception.”

The pageant held its first round of auditions late last month where nearly 30 aspirants attended, most of them being first- time models.

Most cited lack of confidence in popular pageants from their parents and guardians as the reason why they were only participating in a pageant for the first time.

TCM founder Brian Mavindidze said this was a different from other pageants as the conduct their contest within Christian values with decent categories and outfits.

“We operate with the highest level of integrity and respect for the Christian society. Being the first pageant that closely works with churches, gospel artists and fashion designers, we believe we can educate and generate revenue to help the needy in our society,” said Mavindidze.

The pageant is set to be held on August 31 at a venue yet to be confirmed with 20 contestants, 12 females and eight males participating.

“The winners will automatically become TCM brand ambassadors. They will work with some of our sponsors on different projects.

“Their basic roles are to serve the community by being involved in charity work, church programmes and awareness campaigns,” he said.

The next round of auditions will be on August 10 at First Floor Gallery in Harare.

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  1. real sons and daughters will never join such things but church goers wno do not have The spirit of God can participate in anything

  2. Inga zvakaoma!!!! Ndapererwa!! Jesus will beat us up one day just as He did the Pharisees in the temple coz some of the things we are hiding behind His name, Christ(ians) doesn’t have any resemblance what so ever with Him and His mission. Anyway Chimboitai, we shall see when we die if its true that Heaven exists, and if it does, then HELL also exists, pray that such things dont exists my brothers otherwise some people will inherit ETERNAL SUFFERING!!!

  3. Why even dare step into those murky waters of beauty pageants? Pane problem apa. Madi henyu kudiverter energy into more meaningful activities other than getting people to strut their stuff on the ramp?

  4. Christians should be the salt of the world. let the world do their things while christians live as the real followers of Christ. This is hogwash…….

  5. The True Christian is not worried about the use of the term Christian by people who are clearly not Christian. In these last days there are many who will claim to be Christian… It is just a name. The very elect will not be bothered by such pranks. Never forget that there is a spiritual warfare going on. Many are the tactics of the enemy. This is just one of them.

    1. thats true, zvakangofanana nekupa mwana wangu zita rekuti Jesus. Haafe akazoita Jesus Christ the Son of God.

  6. Mthandazo Mabutho

    the moment pple start contesting fo beauty, Christ gives His back coz He created all men as beautiful. Christianity is abt evangelism not modelling. Beware of being deceived. There is no such thing as modelling fo Jesus. Beauty led to pride and thus Lucifer rebelled against God in heaven.

  7. …heady,high minded,incontinent,truce breakers,lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.Even so come now Lord…

  8. the spirit of the painted face jezebel upon her daughters. whorish reprobates not christians will partake and paticipate

  9. He who lives in pleasure is already dead whilst alive,those who love the things of the world has no the love of Christ in them. Seperate yourselves from the things of the world, let christians be christians and models be models.

  10. Basa ngarive rekuparidza shoko. Izvi zvaiitwa kuBabylon.

  11. I think everyone has a right to look and feel beautiful. If you are interested in trying eyelash extensions for the next pageant check out a whole team of experts to help with beauty needs,

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