149 killed in Egypt, Vice-President quits

CAIRO — Egyptian security forces crushed a protest camp of thousands of supporters of the deposed President yesterday, shooting dead scores of people in the bloodiest day in decades in the Arab world’s biggest country.


The health ministry said 149 people were killed, both in Cairo and in clashes that broke out elsewhere in the country.

Deposed President Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood said the death toll was far higher in what it described as a “massacre”.

Troops opened fire on demonstrators in violence that brought chaos to areas of the capital and looked certain to further polarise Egypt’s 84 million people between those who backed Morsi and the millions who opposed his brief rule.

The government imposed a month-long state of emergency, starting at 10am ET yesterday.

In the streets around the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque in north-east Cairo, where thousands of Morsi supporters have staged a sit-in for the last six weeks, riot police wearing gas masks crouched behind armoured vehicles, teargas hung in the air and burning tyres sent plumes of black smoke into the sky.

At a hospital morgue nearby, a Reuters reporter counted 29 bodies, including that of a 12-year-old boy. Most had died of gunshot wounds to the head. A nurse at the hospital had said she counted 60 bodies, and expected the number to rise.

The unrest spread beyond the capital, with the cities of Minya and Assiut, and Alexandria on the northern coast, also affected.

Seventeen people were killed in the province of Fayoum south of Cairo. Five more died in Suez.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s interim Vice-President, Mohamed ElBaradei, resigned after the security forces violently broke up protest camps set up by supporters of the deposed Morsi.

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    1. Egypt is no part of AU but Arab League

      1. @Morsi- Egypt is part of the AU and this once the AU got it right..they nailed it dead centre. The military in Eypt pulled a coup in Egypt and now they are killing people needlessly. You see the army will not leave politics this is where the problem in Egypt lies and YES the AU got this one right. That is not to say Morsi was a good leader, if anything most of the current Egyptian problems can be traced to his door. That said he should have been removed by the same popular vote that put him there or a vote of NO confidence of the people’s representatives in parliament. The way he was removed has nothing to do with governance issues but the military’s insatable desire for politics..they cant leave it well alone,and there begins the genesis of Egypt’s problems.

  2. Ndoo zvinoda kuitwa vanhu veZANU izvi.

  3. And to think that America approved of this coup! Had it been Zimbabwe American tanks would be moving in.

    1. @Edizah-Wrong, America did not approve the court you saw the chairman of the Foreign Relations committee Mr. Mc Cain declairing that the US was having nothing to do with the coup in Egypt and the EUs’ Catherine Ashton expressed similar sentiments, so EXCUSE you..no sane person accepts the coup in Egypt except the military and today you had Baradei resigning as vice president..it is not over by a long a chalk..Soldiers should go back to barracks period. Where did you get this anyway, chinese cookie or a lucky packet perhaps?

  4. End-time

  5. My heart goes out to the brothers and sisters under siege in Egypt and condolences to the families of the lost loved ones. My fight and hatred of American imperialism and hypocrisy continues while the deceived among us continue to look to America for ‘deliverance’; aluta continua! Never in Zimbabwe, ever!

    1. @Scot- better try and keep up Americans have made it clear what is obtaining in Egypt is a coup the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, senator John Mc. Cain made this known ditto the EU’s Catherine Ashton..Now after starting the post so well, why would you want to throw Zimbabwe into the middle of such a great tragedy? I thought you love Zimbabwe..

      1. @ Falcon, it became a coup the day Morsi was overthrown, not when McCain decides to call it. I do love Zimbabwe, perhaps you misunderstood me or I did not articulate myself well somewhere.

  6. Thobela..

    Eish you just wonder what is really going on in Africa? My wish is we should do away with elections, national governance, and adopt an ancient way of Induna / MadziMambo….haa because all what is happening is mind boggling and heart sickening…


  7. Am sorry about the mishappenings in North Africa. Regrettably, this is what happens when you let Western countries choose national leaders for you. We refused it here in Zimbabwe!

    1. @Gumbo- you may want to supply evidence this has happened in the past 10 or so years..This might have happened in the cold war days but without evidence it is difficult to take you seriously. Or do you care anyway? I mean if aanybody takes you seriously?

  8. Africa ma1000 chaiwo. I dont know why people blame americans, when are Africans goin to think for themselves without the chinese or russians or whatever other non african nations? Whats up with all the violence?

    VP resigned and in zimbabwe gukurahundi, 2008 political killings and NOT EVEN one person resigns. Dark continent kusvika narini. Too many monkeys at the helm bob included.

  9. Africans r hypocrites , ey want e Western way of Leadership (DEMOCRASY), but cannot leave up to it coz of eir cultural scripts like Kufa uchitonga.


    The world’s greatest prophet TB JOSHUA prophesied about this last july. He said this is going to spread ubiquitously in many African countries. Chengetai tsanangudzo.

  11. ma 10000

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