Why Tsvangirai will be next President

THIS is the time that the toiling and suppressed masses of Zimbabwe have been waiting for. This is their moment. This is their date with destiny. Indeed, this is it!

Report by Obert Gutu

Tomorrow will forever be marked in the annals of history as the date on which the people of this great nation called Zimbabwe finally extricated themselves from a very painful 33 years of Zanu PF hegemony, cronyism, decadence, corruption and greed.

The people of Zimbabwe cannot wait to show the little dictator and his cronies the ultimate red card. They are fed up with a continuous and monotonous diet of lies and deceit. A concoction of hate, malice, thievery and patronage! It is game over for the moribund dictatorship as the people of Zimbabwe cross over from the house of slavery and bondage into a life of plenty and happiness under the stewardship of a brand new, people-loving government headed by the people’s choice, Morgan Tsvangirai.

The people will wave goodbye to 33 years of penury, servitude, suffering and trepidation. Never again will the people of Zimbabwe allow any political party to subjugate them to a life of misery and human-induced poverty, hunger and disease. Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF have, over the past 33 years, reduced what was once the jewel of Africa into a hopeless and desperate basket case. From being the second biggest economy in Southern Africa at independence in April 1980, Mugabe and his corrupt legion have ransacked and looted the country into becoming a small, impoverished economy which now ranks lower than the economies of little Lesotho and Swaziland. This is the hallmark of Mugabeism. It has been a rollercoaster of kleptocracy and obscurantism; a cocktail of disastrous and toxic economic policies such as the notorious Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (ESAP) of the early nineties to the lunatic and self-serving Stanilist exhibition styled as so-called indigenisation and empowerment.

Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC that he leads have brought a breath of fresh air to matters of public administration and governance. The MDC-T’s entry into a coalition government in February 2009 led to a structural recovery of the economy and the restoration of Zimbabwe’s international dignity. Immediately after being sworn in as Zimbabwe’s new President in the next few days, Tsvangirai and his new people-centred and people-loving government will consolidate the recovery that they initiated and they will also provide a firm foundation for macro-economic stabilisation and growth. Tsvangirai and the MDC that he leads are easily poised to resoundingly win the watershed harmonised elections. The reasons are very simple, the main one being the catchy and hugely popular JUICE programme.

The MDC-T’s JUICE (jobs, upliftment, investment capital and the environment) is the party’s framework to create jobs and build a strong, growing economy that is financially and environmentally sustainable, where growth is evenly shared across the country and not just by a privileged few as has been the case under 33 years of Zanu PF hegemony. Eight out of every 10 people are unemployed and hence, any new progressive government in Zimbabwe should focus on job creation as the lynchpin and anchor of its economic tapestry. There is a crying need for Zimbabwe to be transformed into a democratic developmental nation state as well as to create sustainable jobs and to develop small and medium enterprises.

Currently, 80% of the 14 million people of Zimbabwe are classified as living in abject poverty; thanks to Mugabe and his moribund and faction-riddled Zanu PF party. The majority of the people are living on less than $2 per day; hence Zimbabwe is presently classified as one of the world’s poorest countries. We do not deserve to be poor when we are so rich in minerals and human resources.

Zimbabwe has got virtually every valuable mineral known to mankind: from diamonds, to gold, to copper, to platinum. But why is it that in spite of and despite all these abundant natural resources, 80% of our people live on less than $2 per day? Zanu PF has promised to rob Paul in order to pay Peter and they seek to sanitise this act of thievery under the misguided and utterly discredited so-called indigenisation and empowerment programme.

Have we forgotten that under Zanu PF’s misgovernance, the rate of inflation had shot to more than 500 million percent? Have we already forgotten those sad and weary days of the worthless bearer cheques? Have we already forgotten of those macabre days when millions of our people were subjected to the humiliation of travelling to South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique to buy basic commodities such as mealie-meal, salt, cooking oil and sugar? Do we really want to return to those days of slavery? A vote for Mugabe and his faction-riddled moribund Zanu PF party will inevitably mean the return of suffering and unprecedented poverty for the majority of the people. What is it that Mugabe, at the advanced age of 90, can now seek to rectify and do that he has failed to do in the past 33 years? Tomorrow, the people of Zimbabwe will no doubt free themselves from bondage. They will punish the moribund and corrupt dictatorship in the ballot box. Indeed, they will resoundingly give a seal of approval to Tsvangirai and the MDC-T that he leads. The people of Zimbabwe have decided to move to MORE!

Obert Gutu is the MDC-T Harare provincial spokesperson and a member of the national multi-party liaison committee formed by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. He is also the Harare Province chief election agent for the MDC-T presidential candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai.

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  1. SAVE save us. tapinda tapinda

    1. Zviroto zviroto.


      1. thats a pipe dream anohwina kudenga not pano pasi

    2. No HE WONT be President

      Sorry but the balance of power shifted against him when Welshman came out of the woodworks. Welshman will definitely not be president but he has followers whom he can influence if a run-off is to happen. A run-off will likely happen between Tsvanigirai and Mugabe.

      I do not see Welshman supporting Mugabe but I see him encouraging his people to protest by not voting.

      I think Tsvangirai should not have let Makoni compete for his constituency.

      He needs to be MP at least so that his team does not become big-headed and oust him. Like what happened with the Senate seats with Job Sikhala and Welshman. He needs to at least be in parliament just in case things do not go in his favour. But if things do not go in his favour and Mugabe takes the seat, chances are that a new leader for the MDC will be selected from one of the MPs. A most likely strong candidate is Biti.

      Tsvangirai’s ceremonial role in the GNU actually saved his political career. At that point for ZANUPF to agree to a power share, things were really really bad for ZANUPF and they were on zero. What gave them a new voice was the discovery of DIAMONDS. That is why they are talking sh*t and have confidence to say they can do away with a GNU.

      If I were Tsvangirai, I would not have insulted Ncube with that “Village Politician” statement. Sometimes its good to put emotions aside and react with diplomacy. To keep him close to keep him quiet or make him feel important.

      Now what he did was plant a seed for vendetta. With Dabengwa having is new issues, Ncube had the right ally to work on his side and effect damage to MDC.

      Matabeleland was squarely behind MDC-T from the very beginning after the void was left when Joshua Nkomo died. MDC-T should have put all and maximum effort to secure that region because they had their backs.

      But they ignored them and perpetuated the same ZANUPF mentality of not considering the region a priority for some of its issues.

      So there you have it, if you can swallow it… thats what brought us here and thats why Tsvangirai WILL NOT BE THE NEXT President UNLESS Welshman endorses him and encourages the Matabeleland voters to back Tsvangirai.

      If anyone thinks otherwise, am open to an analytical and emotionless opinion.

      1. No HE WONT be President

        Sorry, I got something Totally wrong. One cannot stand as a Presidential candidate as well as MP.

        So that limits the options for Tsvangirai.

        Good luck though!

      2. MT is the pillar of the MDC-T as RGM is the pillar of ZANU-PF. TM can win by a huge margin if the elections are free and fair. Thats the painful fact.

      3. Ncube will have to endorse him if he has the interest of all Zimbabweans at heart. What about Ncube calling Morgan clueless?

      Finally we got the bull by the horns…
      And long-awaited freedom beckons…
      Tomorrow we’ll see who’s Big Daddy…
      Bhora rakaponja haripindi mugedhi…
      The road to freedom has been rough…
      Until we finally said “enough”…
      Waving bye-bye to a 90-year old…
      Whose departure is as good as gold…
      He lingered like a bad smell…
      But Zimbabweans finally ring the bell…
      Smiles all over their brave faces…
      Proud they’ve removed the nutcases…
      And choosing proper aces…
      No more chefs & comrades…
      No more toyi-toyi & night raids…
      We salute our women & men…
      For bringing change by a mere pen.

    4. Kirimu Dhonanzi

      I endorse the above message. Thanx magafa!

  2. Change is coming n we r waiting 4 it….

  3. Regai madhara aya achimbozorora, zvanga zvanyanya! Time for Zimbabwe to move on, moving to MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In their late 80’s, they are tired but not retired.

  4. Tsvangirai is going to be come the ex-president of MDC coz he is useless he doesnt have the qualities of a leader.Bhora mugedhi MDC shall c Red!!

  5. Hallucinations dzaGutu

  6. Lets choose the better side of life !

  7. The time is nigh. Beware of the sword of Damocles !

  8. To prevent stroke, optimism should be balanced with pessimism !


    Alexandria, Virginia – A US
    government employee who
    struck and killed a man while
    driving in Zimbabwe in 2008 is on
    trial in Virginia, but he’s not
    charged with the man’s death.
    The US government opened its
    case Monday against Andrew
    Pastirik on charges of vandalism
    for causing more than $1,000 in
    damage to the Toyota Land
    Cruiser he was driving. If
    convicted, Pastirik could face up
    to 10 years in prison.
    Prosecutors say Pastirik was
    drunk when he struck 34-year-
    old Alois Pedzisai Matyoramhinga
    in Zimbabwe’s capital of Harare.
    Pastirik’s defense attorney said
    Pastirik was not intoxicated
    when he hit the man and that
    any other driver in the same
    situation would have had the
    same collision.

    1. This was delcared a hoax – do better research plz.

    2. Dude are you retarded? Can’t you this was a hoax. And matter of fact who is depending on whites and foeigners here? Mugabe received more than $5 million for his campaign from some British Business man. More than $ 20 Million from China! Who is depending on whites here. Mugabe has killed innocent people. Has destroyed whatever was in this country. If Mugabe and his greedy party remain in power, there wont be no roads in Zimbabwe, no recreational facilities, no water, no electricity, no freedom, valuable business, no nothing, no jobs, no industry just citizens thriving on corruption to make ends meet!

    3. Dude are you retarded? Can’t you see this was a hoax. And matter of fact who is depending on whites and foeigners here? Mugabe received more than $5 million for his campaign from some British Business man. More than $ 20 Million from China! Who is depending on whites here. Mugabe has killed innocent people. Has destroyed whatever was in this country. If Mugabe and his greedy party remain in power, there wont be no roads in Zimbabwe, no recreational facilities, no water, no electricity, no freedom, valuable business, no nothing, no jobs, no industry just citizens thriving on corruption to make ends meet!

  11. Rigging… Mugabe 52%. Tsvangirai 47%. Ncube 26 %. People this is how the rigged and doctored results will look like. This will not be a true reflections of the will of Zimbabweans. Zanu election committee, will not rig by a big margin. They will use a narrow margin to avoid suspicions.

    1. and that is 125%, lol

    2. Ndaseka Hangu

      Kikikiki kurigger manje uku kusvika 125 %

  12. Opposition strongholds have fewer registered voters. Haikona kungomhanyira kuti,’Chinja ! Chinja!’ Are you sure you are on the Voters Roll ? Regai muone, vazhinji venyu tichavaona vachikwesvaira vachibva pama polling stations vasina kuvhota !

    1. Jongwe roibva!

      Iwe Sword! Kasi you are part of teh repressive machinery inoziva kuti they can only win by curtailing people from voting. Munozviziva ka kuti Save vanesupport. Hence all the clandestine goings on of stopping the people of Zimbabwe from expressing their will! Munozviziva kuti Jongwe feya feya harina chance! Nxaaaa!!

      1. Mr Sword , we have checked our names on the voters roll we re not idiotic , and jus a reminder those tht zanu pf registred and thnks they are for them they will be shocked to realise they infact voted for mdc-t ,,,,, and the after shock is they will be asked to leave state house and go kwa zvimba ,,,so watch the space for a great after Shock!!!! God is in control ,,, who can challenge the Almighty?

  13. mzi, ma computations ako haasi kuita add up…kikiki.

  14. Vharai aiport nema border ose Mengistu asabuda. Imba yake tinayo kuno kuChikurubi. Kitsiyatota naMwale will be next. Vamwe hatichatauri, vangazorambira pazvigaro!!!!

  15. Obert gutu jnr


  16. My question to Zanu pple is if u r so popular as you think yy are u doing these childish and desperate tricks? Whr in the world do u get a votes roll nd no of polling stations jst a day before u vote? Zanu is desperate and now using ZEC, they know they will lose heavily. Inspite of all this rigging atempts,intimidation, Morgan Tsvangirai will be president!! Check out the red army yesterday at Freedom Square!!

    1. Everyone Thinks like that

      Every supporter gauges support using Rally numbers. Do not deceive yourself. The true determiners are those who stay away from active politics. Rally’s even full house in the biggest venue represent a very small fraction of the voters roll.

      The real truth comes on election day. Thats when you see that Zimbabweans are many.

      Questions should be who are the youth voting for? Are the rural folk well exposed to non-ZANUPF politics.

      If you play by emotion muchagwadziwa.

      Let us all vote. Let s all pray for our country.

  17. nxiii bepa iri harina nyaya zvachose, nhasi hapana nyaya apa . always mdc-t news , Vote zanu pf

  18. Zimbabweans wake up you are educated but can be easily tricked results are there already waiting announcement only(rigged)

  19. I feel pity for you Obert Gutu. Your reasoning is mixed up. I know you are melodiously singing for your supper. Do you know that the majority of your supporters are not registered? Please take that into consideration!

  20. Only uneducated people would vote for ZANU pf… Zimbabwe on the other hand has the highest literacy in Africa… That means the uneducated folks are in the minority… Hence a landslide victory for Save! Mdc-t already in the statehouse

    1. @ Free Zim, please clear up your muddled mind. You sound quite ordinary.

  21. Only uneducated people would vote for ZANU pf… Zimbabwe on the other hand has the highest literacy rate in Africa… That means the uneducated folks are in the minority… Hence a landslide victory for Save! Mdc-t already in the statehouse

    1. Looks like you have used this: literacy = education. Dear that does not work that way. A good example is you. You are literate but not educated. Go check your dictionary

  22. @ NONAME :

    1. Spot on!

  23. Musangano wevanhu made sure its supporters were registered. You do not need to be fooled by Harare drunkards, who will never vote Obert. I guess you know that this is the end of your sellout party Gutu.

  24. Gore rino kuchamamwa,dziii paState house..

    1. @Tapinda Pfeee, chikoro chishoma. Why employing this disgusting language ?

  25. to all ZANU PF members wake up and smell the coffee. don’t fool your self thinking that an antihill is is a mountain, a well/spring is an ocean /sea. Churu harizi gomo, chitubu/chinyuka harizi gungwa, GUSHUNGO/GWENGA haruzi rwizi/SAVE. BYE ZANUPF singing

    1. @splendour, it is the MDC-T that is gone. Isu takatopefza.

  26. Stop dreaming, 31 July is going to be a defining moment,that`s the day,sober-minded Zimbabweans will throw into the dustbin this political- pretender, i would rather vote for a 1000 year old sensible leader than vote for this 60 year old stupid and idiotic character, one who goes around taking people for granted by lying to them that, he`s going to create 1 million jobs, yet in actual fact he`s referring to creating 1 million babies.Enough of this buffon who goes around with a wide- open zip and a permanently shut mind. Welcome to the the real world,the honeymoon of 2008 is over. SEE YOU AT THE POLLING STATION !!!

  27. Uyu anonzi Mzilikazi akamboitavo here grade 1 kwataidzidziswa kuverenga kusvika zana????

    1. Grade 1 learner, continue learning how to count up to zana, until we come to the end of election period!!

  28. Zimbabwe was destroyed by populism and Tsvangirayi is no doubt a populist. We need a sober leader and Ncube is the closest to that. Let us think with our brains, not our hearts. My vote goes to H.E President Welshman Ncube.

    1. Mupfana weBikini

      Keep hallucinating- This is the end of W.NCUBE.

      1. Ndaseka Hangu

        Ncube, kikikikikikikiki

  29. Masupporters eZanu PF munondipedza soo…if your support base is so solid, unshakeable and you are so guaranteed a win, then why all the fussing and vote rigging tactics which we all know are an open secret? Hamugoni kakuhwina election musina kutamba game rehuwori? Zviripachena, vanhu havachakudayi and munotongozviziva futi!

  30. Harare is not Zimbabwe, imi machinja , you dr not even attempt to set foot in Harar South, unokwara

  31. wanwe waste your time, we hav the real numbers already , not imaginary, we voted for you long back, before MDC knows how to rig elections, forget about winning,

  32. Tendai Chaminuka

    Hope Team Tsvangirai will accept the results nokuti kuchema chete.Uyu mudhara wokuyera…anechidawo chekunzi Gushungo isimbi dzinomedza dzimwe simbi.

  33. zanu thinks because it curtailed voter registration in urban areas,deployed civil servants away from their place of registration and manipulated the voters roll then they think they will win but wait they are in for a big surprise.

  34. people are voting tomorrow and there is high possibility that the man i support, tsvangarai will not win.with that in mind i still want tell him know that if that happens he should walk this world with his head high because of all people he has achieved a lot and maybe that is all God wants him to do. what you have done mr pm is far more than any zimbabwean can ask for. people like dabengwa can now try to revive zapu and succeed because of the sacrifice you have given. my people will celebrate your lose but in truth they will be celebrating their death. in fact my of them will vote against you not knowing what they will be doing. you must have heart of forgiving like what Jesus did when he was dying on the cross. remember ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do.’ the people who you helped so much like magabe are on the stage today insulting you.
    with this in mind is that you coming out of this race will be the real final start of the revolution started by people like tongo, tekere and joshua nkomo. mugabe and the rest. zanu is yet to jump. they will be celebrating to see you beaten at last but i tell you, they will be celebrating their downfall there is no sin in this world which will remain uncovered unless it is confessed.
    one point which make that possible is the lies they have said during their campaign. those lies are too big. by the way it will be zanu against zanu and we will be watching the salvation of the lord. the young thugs they have trained will be on their case . watch my words. President may GOD in heaven bless you for all that you hane done

  35. there is no strong hold of zanupf.3/4 of rural people are young and they look for employment and also they are educated, you cant fool them infact they influence their parents. wait for tomorrow. you will be surprised.we are opening new chapter for a new Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans.zanupf is trying to intimidate, promising warcollaborators a lot of things but they now know that its lies. I am feeling mercy on some guyz who are used by zanupf. tsvangirai is heading for a landslide victory.zanupf prepare to run away from zimbabwe

  36. Zanu Pf is the only party that saves the interests of evry Zimbabwean so pipo must not be surprised on the reason why it continues to win elections forever

  37. Happyton Gweku

    Tomorrow will be a day of reckoning. All of Zimbabwe will come out to vote for Morgan Tsvangirai. MDC-T knows what our country needs. And it is to be free of the dictator who has turned our country into a wasteland. VOTE MDC-T!

  38. hapana chisingaperi vadikani wooyee, Mwari vane zano mazviri Hallelujar ,Viva SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Tomorrow will be a historic day for Zimbabwe.May the best man win!I do hope that the MDC wins…………Tsvangirai,whether you win or lose you have given the people of Zimbabwe hope and courage.We salute you for standing up to this tryrant party of Zanu PF that thinks Zimbabwe is for Zanu PF supporters only.

  40. Bhora mugedhe, ma MDC ma street kids hava vote. Fear no ZANU PF.

  41. INTERESTING….History repeats it self. Mugabe once was the MP like Morgan now Tsvangirai will be our next president. God extricate your people. VIVA Tsvangirai.

  42. bhora mugedhi

  43. Yesterdayz people cannot solve todays problems….

  44. Its a pity if the youth of this country vote Zanu pf, it shows they are not looking forward to the future but enjoy listening to history lesson taught by Zanupf! Viva MDC t!!! We want new minds to lead this country

  45. actual results, Tsvangirai 70% Mugabe 28% Welshman 2%.
    final “official results after rigging” Tsvangirai 47% Mugabe 51% Ncube 2%

  46. Kuita trillion dollar note lol zanu legacy lmaoo. Remember the tine they used ti slash off zeros on the currency!

    Zvaita SAVE, tasvika Canaan veduwe…..thank u

  47. Yes ! Tonight is the night for your last dream/s before the Sword of strikes! Could you please honestly answer the following questions before tonight’s dream/s. > Who registered voters ? Do the multitudes I witnessed at rallies all appear on the Voters Roll.
    > Who compiled the voters roll ?
    > Who registered special voters ?
    > Who is going to handle computation of votes ?
    > Who is going to announce election results ?
    > Who is going to handle appeals on election irregularities?

    So you see madoda, dreaming is an inalienable right. Keep on dreaming ! Once upon a time we were told that Pants Down held the keys to elections. The gullible fell down with a thud, but they are still dreaming to this date. One elementary lesson from all this is that,’If you are not holding the key to the electoral process, then you are looking for keys to State House in a haystack!

  48. may i remind some amongst us that this is not about appearing to be clever and taking the moral high ground.this is about the future of this country especially its economy.This indigenisation is an unproven and utopian scheme meant to deceive the people of Zim they will be masters of their economy.

    Fact is we all know jobs will not come from this programme.

    We all know it will benefit mostly Zanu pf aligned individuals like the land reform.

    We all know Zanu pf will continue to run this country on fear of the Army,police and CIO.

    We all know that they have no succession plan hence making a Mugabe stay a security threat.

    We all know Mugabe will not be pressured to deliver coz they have a scapegoat of Illegal sanctions.

    We all know we will continue to be a basket case forever to the effect that we will continue importing grains from Zambia.

    We all know the Zbc will not improve and be subjected to propaganda and the disgustingly poor programming as proven by the popularity of the removed Sabc channels.

    We all know all the education will be for nothing as there wont be any jobs anyway.

    So consider your future seriously and vote wisely

  49. In other news elsewhere there is a complaint by the usual cry babies that about 2 million youth were disenfranchised on their right to vote, otherwise they are not registered to vote. Now if you analyse the turnout at MRT’s rallies you would note that the majority are youths and one wonders if 50% of the people at these rallies are registered to vote? ZPF was crafty to ensure that most in MDC strongholds don’t register to vote and that is how ZPF intends to harvest the urban vote. Numbers at rallies for MRT are good, no doubt about that, but are the same numbers reflected in the voters roll – this might explain the reason why no opposition party has a copy of the voters. Names could have been removed and some dubious ones added. It is quite curious in my view that up to now ZPF has not murdered, maimed, raped or made anyone disappear, they must definitely have something up their sleeve. I foresee huge disappointment on the part of the opposition – this will be a carefully managed election whose result will be carefully manipulated in the following manner; ZPF 95 seats, MDC-T 99 seats and MDC 16 seats; council seats will follow a similar pattern but here is the BIG SHOCKER – MUGABE wins the Presidential Vote by 50.9% followed by MRT 43.7% and WN 5.4%. There won’t be a run-off as most of you have been made to believe. The results will be announced within 5 days and most probably on Sunday 04.04.13. The elections will be declared relatively free, fair and representative of the will of the people. MTR will complain and usual and shout the rigging mantra but to no avail. Mugabe will be very swift to arrange a presidential swearing in ceremony most probably on 10.04.13 to allow for the courts to dismiss MRT’s rigging claims and to allow foreign dignitaries to troop in for the swearing-in ceremony. MRT will try to cause some public out-cry leading to a very short-lived revolt which will be swiftly squashed by the security forces and they will make sure that no life is lost during that process. On Monday 12 August 2013 during heroes day Mugabe will announce a largely ZPF led government but a will invite a few opposition faces into not-so-key ministries and some will be appointed into deputy ministerial positions. Those in the opposition who would have tasted life in ministerial positions from the GNU government will not resist the offers causing some raptures within their own parties, l will not go into that detail for now. I might as well advise you to get ready for a surprise return of Arthur Mutambara into the new government, this will be payback for leading Tsvangirai astray during the GNU while Mugabe used both of them during Welshman’s fight with Mutambara.

  50. OPERATION PHONE KUMUSHA – Today all Zimbabweans who have means of contacting vari kumusha, pick up the phone or use whatever means and tell them TODAY to do the right thing! That their vote will be secret despite threats it will be known. Zimbabwe needs a new beginning.

  51. hey,my father is a w\vet he votes zpf.his children are are six,they are voting mdc.mom is deacesed.she was alien.so every family has more children than parents.

  52. @js.u are a fool my friend how can u compare the life of ur fellow zimbabwean to a toyota hilux.shut ur plates of meat if u have nothing to say.uchinje ganda rako nevhudzi unonyadzisa vanhu vatema iwe.Mbora mugedhi.

  53. after all the prophecies, campaigning, speculations, continued prophecies, street discussions, bussing people, giving presents, threatening people, shrine visits, clothing people with different colors, manipulating people and organizations, uttering unrepeatable speeches of hate from party to party, and prayers of an ordinary Zimbabwean. Only Jehovah, our God’ s prophecy will stand.

    He will allow and not cause the outcome!

  54. Its not the people who have the power to change things.
    Jehovah ‘s time is the best.
    Remember whom to give praise to when you receive a blessing in life.
    Things don’t just happen in life.Things happen for a particular reason, only the wise at heart will notice and know, and then give praise to the Rightful one not to a human being.

  55. We have 3 important quick questions: 1. Has anybody tested the ink., or will anybody be testing ink tomorrow to ensure that an individual cannot simply wash it off and vote more than once? 2. With all the extra ballot papers being printed, along with those allegedly found in a dustbin etc, what is being done to prevent an individual carrying those extra ballots on their person and then stuffing those extra ballot papers into the ballot box while posing as a regular voter and placing their “genuine” vote into the box? What is to stop me going in with 20 extra “pre-filled” ballot papers in my pocket and slipping them into the box while putting my genuine ballot paper in? 3. What systems are in place to ensure that a “voter” cannot tamper with the box while placing their vote?

  56. Gutu keep on dreaming, and after the announcement of the new president you have a case to answer, regarding the lady who you conned into sex using your ministerial position and later threatened to kill her. the AG has perused the files already. No matter how much you hallucinate mhosva haiori.

  57. keep dreaming obi its your constitutional right

  58. Sarudzo 31 July 2013. Mutambo watsvuka ropa. Zvirikunzi Morgan has lost a lot of weight in the last few days – kutya kukundwa.

    Sarudzo 31 July 2013 – takakutaurirai kare kare kuti kana va Mugabe vadoma zuva resarudzo hakuna chinozosanduka.
    Game over.

  59. The beginning of the end for Mogiza. I feel pity for Eriza. Like a string of other ladies before her, she aspired to be a First Lady. So near, yet so far !

  60. One thing for certain is that the pple of matebeleland will not support mugabe and neither would they ever favour his likely victory because of gukurahundi.in this case,ncube’s pple nomatter how few, would rather have tsvangirai than mugabe.it is clear that if it’s not tsvangirai then it’s mugabe and therefore the equation is very simple.l see matebeleland voting their mps in and tsvangirai for president.l want to believe that even ncube’s presidential candidature is clearly visible to the pple of matebeleland as a pro mugabe game because it is meant to deny tsvangirai victory.if the pple of matebeleland are vigilant ,they will not give ncube any vote because that would push mugabe closer to tsvangirai in total ballots.

    I hope matebeleland is as tired as the whole country of the mugabe regime that they won’t ever wish to create any chance for his possible victory-fair or foul.in any case ncube is sponsored by zanu pf.

    1. wedzera kuvata kwako wega, i for one am from matebeleland, i will not put my x to a puppet.

  61. Vaka rigger toenda pa freedom. Square zveku Egypt ka1

  62. Prediction: MDC-T- 49%, ZANU(PF) -35%, MDC-15%.

    Run off: ZANU9PF) 51%, MDC 49%

  63. our gogos and mamas had their IDs taken away during that registration period kuthiwa awakhanyi kuhle kumele ayelungiswa so they wont be able to vote. yenalo owasitshisela amabhayibhili ethu lo

  64. Mr. Gutu please update this story. Kana kuti muri kumariro.

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