The world is watching Zimbabwe — Sadc

THE Sadc organ on politics yesterday said the world was watching developments in the country ahead of the forthcoming elections to be held on July 31.

Report by Feluna Nleya

Speaking at the launch of the Sadc election observer mission in the country, the representative of the chairperson of the organ on politics and diplomacy, Bernard Membe, said Sadc expected the country to hold a free and fair election.

The organ is chaired by Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete.

“The world is watching you. It watched in March during the referendum and it is going to be watching the people of Zimbabwe speaking, watching them making their will which should be respected by everybody in Zimbabwe and outside Zimbabwe,” Membe said.

“If these elections will be conducted in a free and fair atmosphere, the Sadc team and the region will accept the outcome of the polls because the people would have spoken. They would have expressed their will and Sadc will be left with no option, but to accept the outcome.”

Membe urged all interested stakeholders, including Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, law enforcement agents, presiding agents and party agents, to exercise restraint to avoid frustrating the electorate.

“We must come together to resolve our issues now, if there are problems. Let us try and resolve our differences during this time as we go down to the 31st. Let us sensitise people to use this time to raise concerns now before the elections,” he said.

Sadc executive secretary Tomaz Salamao said as the country gravitated towards the elections, the challenge and responsibility to have peaceful, free, fair and credible elections lay within the hands of the Zimbabwean people.

“The process must assure voters and all stakeholders to honourably accept and respect the people’s verdict,” said Salamao.

“As a region, we are here to encourage the people of Zimbabwe settle the political challenges that have beset the country in the recent past through the ballot.”

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  1. Edmund Khalambo

    Dont say u will accept the outcome of the elections. Remember in 2008 there was a cooked outcome and Presidential results were withheld. Rather say an outcome with accountability and integrity-these politicians arghhh

  2. we a tied of dis so called AU and SADC ……..

    1. Kirimu Dhonanzi

      You are afraid, right? You know what, Filo, the world has moved on since 2000 and they won’t accept rigged election outcomes. So behave yourself, Filo and your friends and you will just be fine. No-one will bother you if you play a fair game on July 31.

  3. Gushungo Win with a wide margin

  4. Sadc and the AU let Zimbos down in 2008 when they let Matibili off the hook after a resounding whooping by Tsvangirayi. I hope this time around they have acquired the strret smarts not to be hoodwinked by the geriatric

  5. Membe stressed the point that if elections will be conducted in a free atmoresphere meaninng without violence, intimidation, murder or any of the zanupf means, the outcome will be acceptable. So the ball is in zanu’s court now that 89K police officers failed to vote where are they going to get the figures from

  6. My President Richard Morgan .

  7. this election is decisive to the future of zimbabwe

  8. What did he say in effect ? – has he now already rubberstamped the election ? – even although the entire process from the beginning is already flawed and even against the expressed wishes of SADC itself ? Another stolen election by Mugabe ?

  9. Rigging at its worst.ZPF and ZEC have failed to conduct elections in Zim and imagine they took two days with only 60 000 voters what more 6 million voters he-ey maybe they will take two or four months shammmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  10. Chinja maitiro

    Sylvester ane yese

  11. maonamotozvakwana

    Zvavakuda united nation

  12. ZEC ZANUPF no differnce Wait and see the DISASTER come 31st JULY 2013.

    Failed even to plan for a meager inflated special vote

  13. Habhraghadhabhura

    Anti-riot squad called to control rowdy voters
    The voters breached a human security barrier manned by the anti-riot reaction team before making their way into the polling station and forming a queue inside.
    Although the exact number of voters could not be established by late last night, at least 300 voters had cast their ballots by 9:30pm.
    Quotation from the other newspaper. Now imagine on the 31/07/2013
    where u expect 13-14 million people when they can not manage 80 000 uniformed forces.kikiki kikiki.

  14. Au and saddic are toothless dogs,the mdcs must seek asistance from united nation .citing dangers of human rights violations,uniformed officers/security officers victimization,violence and intimidation of electrolate,riggin of elections.saddc and au can not do anything they have let us down mant tyms can we wait 4 a miracle from ths two african bodies ,

  15. Hiv is better than a madman

    Zvichanaka shingai

  16. It’s only the police officers who managed to cast their votes, whm they failed to manage in the stipulated time, ko mateacher wh failed to vote muchavaita sei ivo vachienda kunovotesa. ZEC n ZANU PF deprived th teachers of their right to vote.

  17. Its very unfortunate that there are people who really wish harm to happen to this beloved country.
    However it is my believe that people who present this opinion in the internet are not true Zimbabweans. Persons who really write deregotories and extreme bad language! We fought a war and many sons and daughters perished. Thirty years down the memory line is not very far. Are the then aggressors not the same appearing now.

  18. how can dis membe say if elections are free and fair yet they have already bn rigged in front of them,thats hogwash he better keep quiet coz we already know they are scared of mugabe.the AU and sadc should have stopped these elections by yesterday coz its already bn proven that this government is not redy yet to hold election.they are just wasting money flying touring nations.thats bull


    Actually the financial markets are more interested in the SADC response..

    We want to understand where this region is headed.

    Who are the leaders?

  20. you people, if you let MDC win, you will let the country fall to the elite. thus why bob has been holding the country to us only. i used to hate bob but now i know the reason. he might be seeming like a dictator but soon you will know why he did so. let a new president within zanu rule.

    1. extra kwazvose

      nyamenyame, u r so uncivilised in this world of civilisation. Wat mex u think dat no one is suitable other than zanu thieves to run e country? All e +ves u see today since 2008 is becoz of e MDCs, wat has Zanu achieved in 33 yrs, abuse of human rights, economic plunder, politicisation of evry plc sector & u call dat good governance? Shame on u puuuuuuu


  22. mugabe may be wrong but we love him SADC and other africa organisations can say what they want behind his back but no one have the guts to pi point him.go ask bush and blair if you want to know more about our president we love our country we dont need war.the decision is ours so if mugabe win thats what we want we dont need your help lets biuld zimbabwe on our own vote zanupf vote mdc

  23. Lovemore Madhuku

    These elections should be free and fair,should we fail to hold free and fair elections,I will go back into the streets and demonstrate.

    Of course Morgan Richard Tsvangirai will win by about 85%.

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