‘Soldiers, police voting will be observed’

PROCESSING of special and postal vote application papers commenced on Monday ahead of elections scheduled for July 31 amid indications that close to
120 000 applications had been lodged with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec).


Speaking on the sidelines of a training workshop for political party electoral agents in Harare yesterday, Zec chairperson Justice Rita Makarau said there was nothing unusual about the special votes as they were meant to facilitate the early voting of security forces.

“A special vote will take place 16 days before the actual poll. There is really nothing special about the vote. It is just an early vote, but the processes will just be the same,” Makarau said.

The voting would not be taking place in military barracks or in police camps as before, but will happen in ordinary polling stations in the wards where everyone else would be voting at a later stage, Zec officials said.

Addressing political parties present at the workshop, Zec commissioner Geoff Feltoe said the special vote would take place over a period of two days at the various wards in all constituencies around the country.

“Special voting allows for members of the disciplined forces and electoral officers, who will be outside their wards on duty at the time of the ordinary poll, to vote,” Feltoe said.

“Application and authorisation of special vote is open to inspection and a list of those that will be authorised to vote will be sent to polling stations. Special votes are now going to be counted at ward level and the results will be combined with the tally of the special postal votes.”

Meanwhile, Zec has warned political party leaders against announcing election results before they were officially announced by the electoral body as that constituted a criminal offence.

“Unofficial or false declaration of results is prohibited. Under section 66A (of the electoral act) it is now a criminal offence for anyone including a member of a political party to announce the result of any election as the official result or purport to declare a candidate duly elected,” Feltoe said.

“The overall result of the presidential election is officially announced by the chief elections officer. We want the right people to announce the results, people who are authorised to do this.”

In 2008, MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti was charged for prematurely announcing party leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s victory. However, the charges were later withdrawn as negotiations towards the formation of the inclusive government gathered momentum.

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  1. Zec matsotsi chaiwo. Masoja anoita postal vote kuti azoitachii musi wemaelections?

  2. 120000 security forces voting im sure that number includes their families too,so that come July 31 they will be voting again thats why those votes wont be talied at ward level so 240000 votes already in the bag for my ‘evil party.’

  3. I thank rita is a learned persorn ,but what is she trying 2 say by sayingvoting will not take places in barracks or campas as b4,but it will take place at normal polling stations.i think our learned zec official need to be reminded that some millitary camps are located in remote areas (bush) far away from towns ,cites and other commnnities ,infact em trying to say ths such camps have no choice other than 2 hev elections held in the camps .rita must take ths into consideration.we want free and fair elections

  4. Good decision by Makarau, kp up the standard. If the security forces vote under the watchful eyes everyone that wl cause pblm to zpf. Good move towards free and fair election.

  5. Why should 120,000 people vote over two days when more than 5 million people have to do so in one day only?

    1. Alisha Kanengoni

      I concur with you my brother how can 120 000 people vote in 2 days this is a matter of rigging the elections.

  6. Polling officers are not given this chance of voting before the actual day yet they are deliberately posted outside their wards .what then is special about armed Forces?

  7. @concerned you can say that again.We zimbabweans claim to be learned, but we have been taken for a ride by Zanu pf and its cronies for 33 years. They rig every election, using same methods, and tangible tactics, and all we do is to just make a hullaballo with no action. Actually zimbabweans are the most cowardice citizens, I hve seen as compared to other nations all over the world.

  8. 120 000 zanu pf staff to vote in 2 days, in sharp contrast to 6 000 000 citizens who will be rushed to vote in 12 hrs. This is a sick joke.

  9. Rita is a decent crook watch out

  10. Lazarus chatukuta

    The soldiers wl make an independant voting choice as happened in 2008,you cannot predetermine anyones secret oppion,2013 election, most intersting.

  11. Tamba -tamba chidembo muswe ndakabata

  12. I agree with you Concerned.Masoja anechii chekuita nekuvoter+ndodawo kuziva kuti maresults e120 000 ava anobuda riini?Tinofanirwa kuenda kumusi unovota vanhu vese tavakuziva kuti zvakamira sei pakavota 120 000.Maziviro angu vanhu vachasara vovoter masoja mazhinji aurawa ,kusungwa kunzi makavhotera MDC,vamwe vanenge vadzingwa basa sezviri kuitwa kuPolice.

  13. 2 days its okay ‘coz they must be someone on duty on the very day of voting, so they must be given a chance for handover and takeover of their duties routine duties

  14. This technology, especially internet, is making it difficult for my evil party to use instructions from the rigging book. Demn!!!

  15. Rita ukaita zvechizanu hokoyo

  16. Anhuwe tinokunda here apa!

  17. Voting 16 days before elections is worrysome who is go to keep those balot boxes I smell a rat here

  18. When r results going to be announced? That could do away with any ‘presumptious’ announcers. Can we please know by the next day latest?

  19. Why 120000 are voting in 2 days.Why soldiers are also voting using special voting system.Zvino hatisi kuzodzora tsvimbo nokuti Gudo rabata kumeso kwete.real change is coming

  20. pakaoma apa

  21. Ko army and ZPS which duties do they perform on election day. Why then are they voting before? Why two days for just a few, when one day is for the whole nation?

  22. morgan idhara.

    yes i like the spirit and facts being said here my fellow zimbabweans!especially ye this inflated number ye 120,000,and y masoja ne zimbabwe prisons service voting those days wat for??vana rita if u play in zanu’s gallery tirikukuoonai.

  23. Did anyone listen to T B Joshua’s message today .

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