Sadc backs embattled Zec

POLITICAL parties opposed to Zanu PF yesterday reacted angrily to reports that Sadc had commended the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) for ensuring that the just-ended two-day special voting for uniformed forces was conducted in a peaceful manner although it admitted the process encountered some “problems”.


The regional bloc on Saturday held a mini summit in South Africa to review the political environment and Zimbabwe’s preparedness ahead of the July 31 poll.

Sadc appointed facilitator to the Global Political Agreement President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania and President Armando Guebuza of Mozambique attended the mini summit with Namibia’s Foreign Minister Netumbo Ndaitwa standing in for President Hifikepunye Pohamba.

In a brief communiqué yesterday, Sadc commended the electoral body for “taking these up as challenges to be overcome on the 31st of July, and called upon all political parties to co-operate as fully as possible with Zec in order to ensure that it is able to meet these challenges.

“Summit encouraged the government, all political parties and leaders to continue with these commendable efforts which will help realise credible elections.”

But, MDC spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi blasted the summit’s position saying Zec had lost all credibility as evidenced by its failure to conduct the special vote.

“They (Sadc leaders) are dreaming of a free and fair election. They (Zec) have failed to handle a small election of less than 100 000 people. What gives us the confidence that they would manage a national poll? They now have a tattered image, a tattered face. They (Zec) are either incompetent or have no capacity to run this election and we are headed for a seriously disputed poll,” Chihwayi said.

His MDC-T counterpart Douglas Mwonzora also said: “Zec has shown that it is incapable of conducting a free and credible election. It failed dismally on the voter registration exercise and the special vote. I honestly do not see Zec managing. That body is now open to manipulation by Zanu PF.”

Mwonzora added the regional leaders had not totally absolved the electoral body of wrongdoing but admitted that there were problems which they hoped would be solved before the month end polls.

Strenuous efforts to get comment from Zec chairperson Justice Rita Makarau and Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo were unsuccessful.


  1. The two ministries, Min of Finance and Ministry of Power and energy who failed the special vote all fall under MDC-T, so who is incompetent? ZEC has a lot of experience and have been running these elections very very well for the past 3 decades so we know they are capable. The only part that can manipulate ZEC process is the part that doesn’t want the elections to take place that is MDCs. It cant be coincidence that power failure can take place only at the printing companies. The world over knows that MDCs want to scuttle the elections, they don’t want elections to take place, they failed to convince the CC, SADC and the world over. So be man enough and swallow your pride and allow the elections to take place peacefully. Zimbabweans want elections to take place we are tired of waiting, Zimbabweans are watching you and we know MDC-T will influence violence, play all dirty tactics in order to discredit the poll after it lost. Tsvangirayi is very much aware that his political enjoyment wont go beyond 31/07/13 thats why he is running around like a confused cockroach.

    1. Rush you are a stupid zpf puppet.

  2. Tendai Chaminuka

    Witchcraft mentality.Murume akakuramba nekusageza hanzi ndakaroiwa,ukadzingwa basa nekusagona,hanzi ndakaroiwa.Everything its ZANU (PF) manipulation

    1. Ko pane chisiri here. Remember when u manipulated the zim dollar zvakasvika kupi? Ndiani aichema kuti britain this, the west this awisira nyika pasi?? Ko sandi kuchema kuti ndaroiwa ikoko chese chese chaipa muzimbabwe ndi blair, ndi bush, ndi merkel. U people are too funny comedy chaiyo mune ma punchlines. Motyeiko kungoti ahh lets just make the reforms tione kuti vanosvikepi?? Kakachembere kegudo rhobhati……a.u. summit yakazobuda sei nhai tendai? He he he harahwa remembers things that never happened lol.

  3. I was expecting Newsday to be quoting their usual source Lindiwe Zulu? Oops she has been been put in her place as she was making unauthorised comments and even lies about Zuma calling Bob.

    1. What place? Rand ririkufaya, where is yo zim dollar? Lindiwe is not losing sleep over some geriatric, misplaced effort yezanu we have issues in this country kuswera muchingotuka vanhu, endai ka and get an eye exam paparerenyatwa mumunyadzise ka lindiwe.

  4. We are sick and tired about the MDC crybabies, ZEC this, ZEC that. You are losing sympathy by being always at the forefront of litigation, complaints and these alleged rigging. We want a peaceful election and anyone who wins should be welcome. It seems MDC is preparing for a loss and want to create a safe landind ground. To me it seems they have a scapegoat in ZEC,they should encourage ZEC to work hard to resolve challenge which they MDC brought by court applications.I will not be surprised that they will even try to distrupt the poll inorder to discredit it.

    1. I hope u prepared for britain that, britain this. The poll is a sham kudhara, registration process, special vote was a disgrace, ZEC discredited themselves their reputation with a simple voting excercise speaks volumes of an even bigger disaster. zec should do more to allay fears being raised by the opposition so far hapana chavaita, no word on y the rwgistration process failed?

  5. Rush na tendai mapedzaka, chiendai munovhiya mbudzi tozokusheedzai tapedza zvinoda brain.

  6. @ wamaromo, lol! You are funny, guy! On a serious note, the MDC T endgame is boycott; always been from the start!

  7. taurai mabhunu

    ZanuPF chiwororo!! The real contest is between Zanu and MDC, not MDC-T.

    1980 Scenario
    ZanuPF = ZanuPF
    MDC = ZapuPF
    MDC-T = UANC (Muzorerwa).
    Handei tione!!!

  8. Lets all remember when we deal with sadc we are dealing with presidents who have professional diplomats as advisers. They rightly sense that mugabe will be hoisted by his own petrad and decided to let the process go forward. They have already expresseed their view that zimbabwe has not fully implemented the gpa and therefore the resulting election cannot e free and fair right from the start. The hope obviuosly is mugabe gets defeated despite the unfair advantage he has given himself. Didn’t anyone listen to TB Joshua’s prophesy last sunday. Tapainda tapinda.

    1. TB Joshua’s prophecy was about a revolution moving forward and not a puppet taking over. Further to that one puppet was told that he will never rule Zimbabwe. You know who the puppet is.

  9. zanu pf for wealth and life, tb joshua is just dream if he said that who said he is god’s prophet . bob is gona beat tsvangson hands down

    1. Yes tsotso or is it tsotsi more like, zpf will win hands down by rigging, it has already started as your cio dept is in full swing rigging.

  10. Rush unorwara kana usingazivi don’t show yo ignorance to the world unoti Zec ine over 3 decades ichi maneja maelections zec was established sometime in 2000

  11. sadc to hell with u guyz u dnt care abt zimbabwe Zec cant even host high skul elections and u work for zanu pf together with ur zec president

  12. Dont blame zuma,no1 can stand up agaist mugabe here in africa.america ne UK zvakanyaradzwa wani,,maida kuti ati chii iro guhwa rekuti ave kurongerwa ranga rabuda.hapana munhu angade kufira yabhururu.fellow zimbabweans,i think we are the right&only pipo,2 liberate ourselves.hapana(pasi rose)angade kupikisana ne let us unite nd stand up as one pipo.

    1. We want a new government in Zimbabwe! we are tired of a goose soup.

  13. Lets hope the opposition coalition has a plan “B” because its now pretty obvious the vote on 31st July will be rigged in favour of zpf and the zpf puppets in sadc will declare the vote free and fair.

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