Pokello dumps Stunner for Elikem . . . apologises to West Africans

EVICTED Zimbabwean Big Brother Africa (BBA): The Chase housemate Pokello Nare has dumped her sex tape boyfriend, famous rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme, for her newly-found love, .

Melissa Mpofu

Speaking in a telephone interview from the Multichoice offices in Johannesburg, Pokello acknowledged that she was in a relationship with Stunner before entering BBA, but that had since changed because of her affair with Ghanaian housemate Elikem in the house.

She said she had spoken to Stunner and they had agreed to remain friends.

“When I left the house, I spoke to Stunner on the phone about the developments in the house and we have agreed to be friends,” she said.

When asked about their relationship, Stunner denied having spoken to Pokello saying he was yet to talk to her to map a way forward.
“I haven’t spoken to her and I will tell you my position when I talk to her. Whatever she told you is the position,” an emotional Stunner said.

Stunner had initially been dropped by Pokello during the Live Eviction show on Sunday when BBA host I.K asked her about her relationship back home and what she would do now that she had Elikem.

“I’m feeling Elikem big time, all day, every day, it is what it is. I will wait for him,” Pokello said, not mentioning anything about Stunner.

During her stay in the house, Pokello rarely ever spoke about Stunner. The only time she would talk about him in passing was when she would tell Elikem about their sex tape.

Pokello said the sex tape with Stunner was a private recording which accidentally leaked to the public. She said when it leaked, it did affect her, but she decided to be strong about it and not make it affect her. Therefore, in a move to correct her mistake, Pokello decided to enter BBA to write and tell her own story.

“After the sex tape leaked, most people in Zimbabwe only knew me as the girl in the sex tape. I, therefore, wanted to tell my own story by showing them the other side of me,” she said.

She said she felt she had accomplished her mission judging from the feedback she was now receiving on social networks with people praising her for her disciplined performance in the House.

Pokello tried by all means to hide her feelings for Elikem though they would show each time other females got close to him. She would always freak out and declare war against the female housemates and up to today, she does not get along well with Fatima (Malawi) and Feza, who both fancied Elikem.

Elikem, on the other hand, always expressed his feelings for Pokello and said he would do anything to get her.

Pokello, unlike most female housemates, always looked her best, something she said all women needed to do. She said she also used to do her make-up frequently because she was the face of Vault Cosmetics, an American cosmetics company.

Pokello said she was not surprised that most housemates disliked her because they were probably intimidated by her.

“I was always looking good in the house, with my make-up and hair well done all the time. Most female housemates were probably intimidated by that as they probably could not keep up with me,” she said.

She added that some female housemates like Fatima (Malawi) probably hated her because of her relationship with Elikem in the House.

“I know Fatima disliked me because at one time she was very close to Elikem. But when Elikem and I were in a relationship, Fatima probably hated me because Elikem could not be close to her like he was before,” Pokello said.

Pokello said she knew she had been evicted mainly for badmouthing West Africans and apologised to them for her derogatory remarks which she said in anger after her country mate, Hakeem, was evicted.

“I want to apologise to West Africans for insulting them when I was in the house, it was all out of anger and I’m really sorry. There is so much pressure in that house and at times you unconsciously say stuff you don’t mean,” she said.

She added that now that she had been evicted from the House, she would focus on her son, Nathan, expand her Addicted 2 Shoes brand and promote the new “Queen of Swagger- All Day Everyday” brand. She has also been offered movie roles in Nigeria, which she said she would take up.

Asked who she thought would likely win this year’s edition of BBA, Pokello said she would want her love interest Elikem to win though a lot of people have tipped Nigerian housemate Melvin. She further urged Zimbabweans to vote for him as he is also representing Zimbabwe, considering that he is now an “in-law”.

Pokello touches down at Harare International Airport today. Free transport to the airport will be provided for her fans at the National Art Gallery at 11am.


  1. Stunner siya kamunhu ako bro,u ar a celebrity nd sh cnt change u.siya shar

    1. It’s no loss for Stunner wacho.

      Elikem will have fun then dump her too or make himself dumped by her. No way you can take a woman serious after that leaked tape for everyone to see. I would be happy to be free.

      Too bad “Team Diki” ya Stunner was revealed.

  2. Good run, good representation Pokie, its sad you didn’t make it to the money zvako but I am happy you got to tell your story… God bless.

  3. maybe ndakasara se tarino, but story yacho yaanoti her own ndaishaya. how does one correct nyadzi dze leaked sex tape by bathing naked in view of the whole wide world? ndinoona vamwe tave kutomubigger- atova role model here mwanasikana uyu?

    1. Aiwa hauna kusara Nero. What story was she writing on BBA? Can we honestly say we are drawing lessons from BBA. Of ocs its entertainment but its a mockery to our values as Africans.

    2. u went to luk for her bath tym . no1 baths wearning clothes hy…… get ur facts rights..

  4. hakana hunhu Stunner siyana nako ,she cheated on yu she wanted that tape to be seen by the whole world ,so that she will gain mailage .look closely to that tape she was smiling .

  5. how did she tell her story by the way…shame

  6. Pokie,Pokie we’ve already missed u.Despite the tape I see u as a disciplined lady.U prooved it in the BBA house.And the cherry on top – u dont drink.Fantastic!!!!

  7. I thought BB gives opportunity for the young guys to showcase good morals only. Its turning out that its all out giving these guys time to fuke around and girls to scramble for the few men. Stanner wakuvara,why did you trade your girl fried at a market(BB). There are some gooras ther,wanzwa butter

  8. vana vavo pavachatanga kuwanzirwa kuchikoro bout their parents sextape,nod pavachaona kuti they screwed up bigtym

  9. Well done Poky u hook up w whoevr u feel n u playd ur game ryt love uuuuuu n all haterz can go drown urselves

  10. I’m soo voting Elikem my Mukwasha!

    1. We are together zvako iwe.Let them leave Pokie munhu haamanikidzwe kuramba achidanana nemunhu.Polikem all the way.

    2. Big up pokee babie love to the max

  11. Besokuthwa singamashark,o’Oga’ belithathela abafazi,hayi suka!

  12. Pokie, would love to see you in Naija movies.


  13. a a akabhamba ,akazorwa butter

  14. Tindo wekuMabvuku

    Welcome home. Vote in the 31 July elections for the candidate of your choice

  15. Stunner arikutonyora rwiyo about it izvozvi.Wait and see.lok

  16. Well done Poki. People have done so many bad things and we do not see their videos. What is bad about you video? were you cheating? no. Be stronger than ever.

  17. Wl plyd POKIE luv yu byb

  18. So Pornello thinks all of us Zimbos are dull morons by saying her sex tape was just for personal use and was leaked, she wanted to be the ‘Kim Kardashian’ of Zim and a whole bunch of other immoral ladies in the world who create those sex tapes to get famous and publicity yet blaming a third party for their leakage yet they’r ‘benefiting” from it.

    1. cmn pornello,if a sex tape is that personal then who leaked it.you!!!!

  19. josefa chinotimba

    Akarasiswa mupfana we murokesheni(stunner).Usadherere ma Girls emutown,shame Stunner.Stunner undhuva kuda zvinhu,chitarisa manje watorerwa chimoko nefana vane zvinhu zvavo,hahahaha.

    Chitora wako wemurokesheni manje.Regai ndiseke zvangu ini.I know this life ndakaitambwa ini ndikasiyana nazvo,until I got mine from location.

  20. so its true zimbabwean men dont stand a chance with these west africans because they are big in parts.ladies want men with big…if you make a mistake of having your girl friend flirt with west africans you will never get her again.

  21. fokorodhemeti

    stunner you were naive to believe that you could have a serious relationship with a shark like pornello. get over it man, she was never meant to be yours. better move on and don’t even be friends with this slut. you will only be prolonging your suffering and humiliation. she used and dumped you without remorse.

  22. Am ugandan and liked porkello bcoz she was gracious and composed amidist all da pressure and hate.she is beautiful but most off all confident and dats wat an african woman represents.wish her the best in life.,and pipo plz don’t hate others becoz they r previledge.get inspired by them pliiiz.

    1. BBA ndeyeNzenza,vana Porkello venyu ava havana chakanaka chatingadziidze kubva kwavari.She (Poki) is a spoiled child,vakomana vanongoswima vachibuda pamadiro.Poki be a good role model. Tinonzwa kunyadziswa zvikuru nemapfekero uye neunhu hwako,zvibatewo zvakanaka,remember your body is said to be the Lord’s temple,do not defile it.

    2. Well spoke Lilie am ugandan luv u and stay blessed……


  23. Stunner dumped,kurambwa kunorwadza veduwe.Anodyiwa ahataure manyebo,anozoziva chete kana achinge azorambwa(System Tazvida).

  24. Mokonzi yaMokili yaZimbabwe

    muimbe Stunner you can top the charts

  25. varikuita basa reku publiciser zvinyadzi vachisiiwa vachifamba muma streets, asi ini ndiriku publiciser need for change ndichisungwa, strange priorities

  26. mapfurire amola

    nxa,hakana hunhu.

  27. Pornello ZRP Law and Order will be waiting for you at the airport and your home to charge you for acting in a porn movie. Wakaparamhosva uchifunga kuti you are the QUEEN of SWAG uchishoresa rudzi rwevakadzi vemuZimbabwe wakasara hauzive. Kana newewo Stunner usafunge kuti wakangwara waivepewo.

  28. You played yo game well Pokie in life there are haters thats what life is all about you cant please them all and please follow yo heart

  29. iyo bba iyi ayaaa. Zvinyadzi,zvinyadzi kunyangwe ukada kuzvichenesa hako hazvichinji. Pklo unosemesa iwe.


    La prostitutas son peor que perras.


    @ Nzara, how can a ‘cumdumpster’ punta pleases you? I dont know whats wrong with people. What can we learn from a whore?

  32. u did ur best girlie, l wish all the best in future as for Stunner sory bro shit happens……….

  33. Ts a game guys,,if u feel losin ,just step down

  34. mwana wachombo…. lyk father .. vana hobho. vakadzi hobho

  35. Stunner dont worry,that kind of a woman are a penny for two.Easy come easy go.Now move on and look for a real woman.

    1. @mukanya
      kikikkk, “penny for two” kikikk, so it means zvikanzi $1 for two vanenge vandikacha heavy!! kikikik. haaa, kalife.

  36. Move forward Stunner man for it happens in life and the good thing is something good is waiting for you.Wish you the best.

  37. Well done ,well done poky i enjoyed every minute watching u ,if it were nt tht jealousy of tht witch cleo n feza u will still be there ,i dnt care wat pepo say ,i like u despite everything mwana wevhu ,

  38. Oh what a waste of resources and attention. This whole thing is unafrican and uneducative!! What do the organizers of the event want people to learn by displaying such barbaric and unacceptable behaviour and acts? As for Stunner and his girl in crime business, the play did not went their way. Its false the tape leaked but they wanted to market themselves and possibly make money out of that like what Ray J and Kim did in the United States. Kim collected over USD10 Million as damages form the person/company that leaked the document. Sorry for you guys it will wont work here. Its even interesting to here Stunner saying my gal/fiance , he knows that there is no relationship , but they are trying to make money. We have got friends who did the same and sell thier female friends to guys with cash. Sorry guys better sing and do other things otherwise you may end up being criminalized , its unacceptable to see you once more doing that !!!!!!

  39. Bosslady Pokey, well played. BBA ndo platform yaakawanawo to show the person that she is, at least other pple acknowledge her for that maida aende kunoita mufundisi here? Now some pple don’t only know her punani, they know her as a person.

  40. Hmmm im speechless

  41. love pokee all way from zambia eish

  42. nyangwe wakzmukwira stunner buh wawachiswa abaya newane zviro zvawo

  43. Dnt hte the player bt hate the game! # fact

  44. Hate e game bt dnt hate the player

  45. witch witch selfsh witch

  46. Thats my gal Pokie, Thank you for representing Zim darling. Kana uchida Elikem we support you haurambidzwe. You can hire and fire kana zvichiita haurambidzwe

  47. zizi kams zizi

    courage pokie, no body is perfect i love your courage. good luck to you and Elikem

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