Ncube, Dabengwa form poll pact

MDC president Welshman Ncube and Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa have settled for a pact following protracted negotiations that failed to culminate in the formation of a coalition ahead of elections on July 31.

Report by Nqobile Bhebhe

The two failed to agree on who would lead a coalition of their two parties.

“It was difficult for me and Welshman Ncube to decide who to step down on the presidential candidate,” said Dabengwa.

Elaborating why the two leaders filed separately eyeing the presidency, Dabengwa said discussions dragged on until there was little time to reach an agreement before June 28 set for the Nomination Court.

Ncube said dialogue remains open from president to council candidates for some to step down for someone else.

“With respect to the issue of the two parties’ presidential candidature, the parties expressed desirability of consolidating their share of votes by not splitting the vote. They, however, acknowledged the complexity of the issue and undertook to consult their respective executive committees to get guidance,” reads part of their communiqué .

“That in any constituency and or ward where one party has not fielded a candidate, the other party will mobilise its members and supporters to vote for the other party’s candidate,” the communiqué said.

The announcement comes amid separate talks by five political parties, including Ncube’s MDC, Tsvangirai’s MDC-T and Dabengwa’s Zapu, mulling the formation of a grand coalition to face Zanu PF in the July 31 elections.

Ncube and Dabengwa told journalists in Bulawayo during a joint Press conference that they were still open for further talks with other parties and were not “shutting Tsvangirai out”.

They said they would only engage MDC-T in the event of a presidential run-off.

Dabengwa said in his discussions with Tsvangirai and his team, the Premier was “allocating roles to Zapu which was unacceptable”.

“Tsvangirai approached me on the issue of a coalition to topple Mugabe with a predetermined plan on the president of the coalition that was not acceptable,” Dabengwa said.

“We have been in discussion with Ncube since December and Tsvangirai only approached me four days after the ConCourt (Constitutional Court) ruling on elections, surely there was no time for detailed discussions.”

Ncube said by not including Tsvangirai in the alliance, they were not shutting him out saying: “this is not a statement to anyone, but it’s a result of certain consequences.”

Yesterday, Tsvangirai was forced to abort a Press conference he was supposed to address with Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn leader Simba Makoni on the coalition after he was informed of the Ncube-Dabengwa pact in Bulawayo.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said it was the two parties’ democratic right to enter into a pact, adding that talks for a grand coalition were still open and a Press conference would be called once there is a deal.

“If something comes up with regards to the coalition, a Press conference will be called. We are in a democracy and they have exercised their democratic right,” he said.

However, Zapu and MDC said they would not allow a situation where either party enters into negotiations with another political party without the knowledge of the other.

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  1. This is good news, we were all waiting for something like this to happen.
    Now guys please do not campaign against each other . Make sure in all
    the constituencies you have one candidate representing both parties.
    There is still time dialogue amongst yourselves so that if possible we
    have one presidential candidate . This could be early christmas for
    your supporters.

    Salani kuhle bantu abahle

    Yimi omunye wenu

    1. Its ok, go ahead and do the right thing. But only remember, sometimes united is the means to fall. Well, wish you success. Where is poor Misihairabwi in all this, if I may ask? Also, where is the genius politician, Prof. J. Moyo in all these decisions, in the back yard of his, if I may ask?

      Zvikara izvi? Kasazi tina,

      1. What scaring most ppl of the North is not necessarily Ncubes issue of a split vote but the prospect and fears of horrors of a
        Definitely that word sends shivers to anyone who thinks of the long and short sleeve era.
        God save us.

    2. Tsvangirai should quit talking about grand coalition another day and face Mugabe on his own. This Ncube thing is now stressing us and further humiliating you. You cant force him but truth is Ncube long made up his mind and we cant change that. I know the horror of the 2008 is still haunting him in as much as it haunts us as a nation but put your trust in the Lord as you shared in Chinhoyi. Mugabe is losing this time regardless of his might man and cheating. There wont be any

      1. Ncube wont form coalition with Tsvangirai. Cant Morgan see that. He is too power hungry to relinquish funds from his foreign sponsors. Furthermore he has a host of aspiring MPs and senators and councillors pinning on his figure-hood to win.
        Forget it Morgan and face it. the future is Gods and a perfect time for election will never come. faith should win you elections and not men. Go is granting us victory in Jesus name.

        1. Tsvangirai is just as power hungry. Do you even remember what caused the split? The senate elections. When Tsvangirai did not win an MP seat and the likes of Ncube were perceived to be big-headed. That is where the plot changed.

          They are better off apart.

          After all, MDC-T imposed candidates in a greater part of Matabeleland(their own doing) and there were a series of political blunders that Tsvangirai made in the run up to this moment.

          I dont blame the people of Matabelaland.

          Its obvious non of the fielded presidential candidates from this coalition will win. This means that the presidential vote in favour of the entire opposition will be weakened. This will be most unfortunate as it will work in favour of Mugabe.

          A run-off is likely to happen. If it does happen, it means they will have to support Tsvangirai as a coalition.

          Mugabe really has to go bantu.

  2. But surely how can men failing to hold together their little parties expect to be Presidents of a coalition with a giant?

    1. QUOTE
      “Ncube and Dabengwa told journalists in Bulawayo during a joint Press conference that they were still open for further talks with other parties and were not “shutting Tsvangirai out”.

      This is a clear diplomatic refusal. When are talks coming when all uniformed forces and election officers are casting their postal ballots this very coming week.
      Just let go of these guys MT.


  4. This is only pleasing to the ears of Phunyu but realistically creates another north vs south.
    Furthermore muchazomuda Morgan uyu pa re-run

  5. saka hamuna kuwirirana / muchanetsana futi kuti ndiani achaitamukuru / jst lv the the race for mugabe and tsvangirai yet imi murikuda kungokinzera cnfsn chete nxaaa

  6. An added advantange to Zanu-pf, Mdc-t no seat kwBulawayo then after elections another Unity Accord bt Mdc/Zapu and Zanu-pf, Tsvangison pamhepo. Icho!!!


  8. No real big deal. Tsvangirais stronghold since shifted to Manicaland.Harare, Mash West, Masvingo and Midlands where he has more councillors than any other party. Ppl dont know tht Mat South since disowned Tsvangirai where he got 29% of the vote in 2008. Mugabe funded by Oberts diamonds had the most populous vote tht syd.

  9. Why shld we go 4 a runnoff. They want znpf to spill blood again and Dabengwa says Tsvangirai only aproached me 4days….. Why do yu always want him to aproach yu? Yo suportes also wil sufer with a Mugabe victry. Who approached who btwn the 2 of yu and why didnt he also aproach Morgan.

  10. A grand zpf project to sway matebeland from mdc.t. If you cant win them, divide them.

  11. muchamama

  12. Two wrongs won’t make it right

  13. Kuyajabulisa to see uMthwakazi working together,not against each other. Asiphumeni ngobuningi bethu siyovoteta ikusasa lengane zethu. Please Mthwakazi omuhle vote wisely, ngoba uMgabe and Tswangirayi bafuna ukusisebenzisa babuye basijikele. Let’s get rid of ZANU and MDC-T

    1. Ngikufisela inhlanhla mfowethu. Ngize ngikhumbule izinganekwane esakhula sizethelwa ngogogo, ikakhulu ekananane ekhukhumala phambi kwabantwabakhe waze wadubuka isisu.

    2. @ Nkunzi Yenja

      There is something that I am missing here. Is this a regional coalition? Are they regional parties? Only yesterday evening MDC’s spokesperson was at pains to explain to the nation, during Studio 7 live talk, that his party had a national outlook and, as such, had vibrant structures even in Chikomba district. Manje nxa sekuthiwa ngeka Mthwakazi yedwa sekususuka kudide ingqondo.

  14. Any coalition of parties opposed to ZanuPF will never win against a military-backed and police-backed ZanuPF. These coalitions are just wasting political space when it is abundantly clear they will not defeat ZanuPF. Even if someone tries to form another party people will not readily accept the new party, they would rather stick to their tried and tested flops. It’s inconceivable that any party opposed to ZanuPF will win. The so-cammed war veterans will not accept any other party except ZanuPF which showers them with largesse all the time.

  15. I meant to say “The so-called war veterans will not accept any other party except ZanuPF which showers them with largesse all the time”.

  16. With this coalition, zanu-pf is nomore.Bambanani zinsizwa ayoyi!

  17. Welshman thinks with his emotions and not brains. We shall teach him a lesson. The Makokoba experience was not a farce. You shall learn again you Zanupf evil project.

    1. chindori chinyika

      mai Nyembesi you are full of hate. you hate all Zimbabwean who do not support your corrupt and immoral tea boy, who has been cooking tea for the past 5 years and drinking it with his uncle bob sidelining Ncube in all important governmental issues. Now what is the hate all about. Tsvangirai is a Zanu pf project who is serving all the interests of his uncle bob. He was sent by his uncle to glob trot campaigning for the removal of sanctions that were imposed on his uncle Bob. After managing to convince the west to remove those sanctions imposed on his uncle, he then came home to cook tea that they drank with his uncle bob and his cousin Mutambara. Ncube was not by any mistake allowed to come near their table. An advise for you and Tsvangirai is to form a grand coalition with Mutambara and Mugabe, and please leave Ncube alone. Ncube is not worried about you and what you are doing, so why are you worried about him.

  18. the coalation of ncube led mdc and zapu
    is a much ado about nothing in 2 main
    ways. 1. The parties are credibly
    unpopular and they are manufestoless
    they stand for nothing and for noone. 2.
    The parties are tribal centred wc is unfortunate and divisive, hwever
    zimbabweans are nw mature to resist
    those forces of illuminati and
    freemansonry. Tsvangirai can unsit zanu
    single handed.FACT

    1. chindori chinyika

      bhidzambi come 31 july you will be proven wrong. you will pay for your insults.


  20. Zimbabweans should relax knowing this was a similar case to that in 08.
    Mdc.t got 22 seats in Matebeleland whilst Zpf got 7seats and Mdc got 10 seats which later reduced to 2 after Ncube was deserted by all his henchmen.

  21. GOD TOLD MOSES(welshman ncube)TO GO TO HIS BROTHER ARON(dumiso dabengwa) TO HELP HIM FREE HIS PEOPLE(mthwakazi) from egypt(zimbabwe)AND PHAROAH(robert mugabe) AND TAKE THEM TO CANAM(republic of mthwakazi)!!!!!!!

  22. We are tired of voting for a regional leader who at the end of the term is deserted by almost all of his legislators.
    Ncube you are educated but not a good leader. Better we go back to the old mdc. My vote is on Tsvangirai this time around.

  23. This coalition wont go anywhere. It only elevates Dabengwas Zapu but believe me these people have no Zimbabwean agenda and are going to lose.

  24. Its a day dream to think a tribe of 15% can control Zimbabwe. A fools party of day dreamers. This is not Rwanda.

    1. chindori chinyika

      Guruuswa major you are a tribalist.

  25. Let the tribal war begin. Comeon let Mugabe and Tsvangirai unite just to show who is a majority here.

  26. Such sectorial parties usually rise on hate rhetoric and manipulating human diversity but truth is on the ground they are just confined to their village politics with no national impact at all,
    History has taught us they never bring development at all and finally resort to violence and crime to gain recognition.
    By that tym many would have been killed.

  27. Oscar chivuna

    Look and see the big picture fellow Zimbabweans. Our posterity will want to know what decisions we made to determine the future. Heroes see far and beyond their bloated pot bellies.

  28. “The two failed to agree on who would lead a coalition of their two parties. ”

    So what the heck is everyone getting excited about; the 2 men are still undecided on who is who’s bitch. We get excited so easily, no wonder why we agree with those who tell us everything is our fault and our spirits are bankrupted so we need deliverance. Then you hear some saying, ehe ehe, shuwa, hatina dhiri!

    1. @ Scott

      Who got excited here sir?

    2. Scott – I like your informative and educative views. Some of these guys are in the forum to make tribal, pat and stupid suggestions yet the purpose of this forum is to bring brilliant ideas for the better of our beloved Zimbabwe

    3. The coalition being talked about is sweet news for patriots as we will only need one stone to kill all.

  29. if these guys entertain hopes of a solid win agree and if u really mean it for zimbabwe and nt fattening ur greedy pockets unite for zimbabweans. our hopes r w u

  30. Thge conclusion is tghat hese guys and Madhuku are happy to have R G Mugabe as president for 5 more years. Their wish will be granted soonest owing to these calculated moves. Dabengwa and Ncube will make a point and then they will be stuck with R G Mugabe to remain relevant

  31. All political parties combined, Zanu PF will beat them hands down in a free and fair election. To prove that, Mugabe is the only leader denouncing violence and preaching peace on the nation while MDC-T’s Morgan Tsvangiria, Welshman Ncube, Dabengwa are silent about non-violent and peaceful election. Since last year, Mugabe alone has been preaching peace and acting peaceful as evidenced by his followers, who up to now have not attacked anyone. MDC-T have attacked four journalists across Zimbabwe as well as unleashing violence against ZANU PF. This shows that MDC are claiming to be democratic yet they are not. Worse still, MDC-T brought the sanctions in order to arm twist Zimbabweans to vote for MDC-T through economic suffering. On a positive note, Mugabe and Zanu PF never arm twisted anyone, instead, they economically empowered Zimbabweans by giving them land, indeginisation as well as education. This is the reason why Mugabe, despite being old, he will rompt to victory with 85% against Morgan Tsvangirai’s 15%. Already observers from SADC region, ECOWAS and AU are here monitoring and have witnessed violence perpetrated against journalists by MDC-T. Zanu PF – icho, MDC, bwa

  32. Zapu during the Nkomo era was united and could get all seats in matebeleland but never managed to control half of the house of paliament. This is what will happen again. Dabengwa and Ncube are just sell outs.

  33. So the reckoning is that there is gonna be a run off? That’s how some hev resorted to partaking of government huh? Let Tsvangirayi face Mugabe alone pliz if all of ya are genuinely concerned about the future of Zimbabweans. Why wait for the runoff? Isn’t the end the same here???

  34. ibhova likadikadika.

    Zinsizwa zakithi, abadala bathi amasongo akhala emabili. Umthwakazi wakithi uyakwazi yini ukuthi thina abomdaka wethole lomzila siyi 14% kuphela, kuthi labo abasempumalanga boba banengi kakhulu, ivoti lakho nxa amabandla amancane engabambananga asiyindawo.


    1. UMthwakazi uyakwazi mhlophe ukuthi silihlekana bhova likadikadika, yikho ubona inkukhu sengathi iyawusol’umumbu nxa kuphakama insizwa ithi yona ingawuhluthuna umbuso ngabantu abalihlekana. Kwakunjalo langeqhawe lodumo uMbiko kaMadlenya.

    2. lingakhohlwa ukuthi kasiwonke uMtwakazi ovumelana lemiqondo ka Welsh loDabengwa. Bambanani labanye madoda ukuze libelamandla okunqoba.

  35. Hate Him or like Him,Tsvangirai is the Neymar,he will score!

  36. saka ini manje ndakufoma yangu grand coalition neelectrolate; vamwe vachada muriko here uko!!! am still open for any talks; huyai mose naBa Jukwa namai Jukwa vacho huyai tiite grand coalition yedu against these selfish puppets……zvese zpf, mdcs, zapu, mavambo, etc hapana kana ari fit to rule this country; MAKAJAIDZWA SITEREKI!!! ndanga ndichimbokunyararirai ndichifunga kuti muchaitawozve sevanhu vakuru izvo mutori busy henyu kuita mahumbwe nehupenyu hwedu nhai…….saka grand coalition yekwangu ndeyekuita lobby for kuti hakuna achafanirwa kutonga nyika ino iyi kusvika Jesu adzoka hanti? ndatenda hangu!!!

  37. This is nothing but a useless pact which serves to benefit Mugabe more than any1 else the people of matabelaland should punish mugabe by resisting all his dirty tricks at all cost .While l agree that when it comes to mps and senators we have vote for any candidate of our choice but when it comes to the presidential candidates lets retire this old man at all cost no welshman and Dabengwa

    1. Don’t be an idiot taking an opinion from a forumite and attribute to a political entity. I hate idiots like you who want to interpret every political circus act with a tribal insinuation. There is nothing tribal here just a bunch of power hungry individuals playing politics.

  38. A preemptive move by Ncube to tie up a hapless Dabengwa who could have got a better deal by aligning with Tsvangirayi. Ncube would have become history as Dabengwa is better positioned to mobilise the former zapu vote. I suppose the guys are trying to force Tsvangirayi’s hand but I have a feeling this will backfire and leave Mugabe smiling all the way to state house. What makes these guys think Mugabe can ever allow a fair run off faced with sure defeat after they have finally rallied behind Tsvangirayi. The extent he has gone to to corrupt the con court shows what he can do. Mind you any election related challenge brought to the concourt will be thrown out. Mugabe needs to be taken out in the first round.

  39. Ncube is arrogant, dabengwa is sober minded but l doubt if he is really seriou, chematama is the real deal here yes we are free to express our views but lets not foget that mugabe is our enemy and 2008 its not very far to foget that chematama can unsit this old man. Lets not divide the much needed vote for mdc.t,, watch how events will unfold!

  40. good bt there ar going with candidates kikiki coz they didn’t agree since dec until nw so hw can they agree with tsvangison munhu ngaazvimirire adyiwa ngaaende

  41. To Ncube and Dabengwa, causing division and chaos among the people in the face of a devouring lion is no good news for anybody. If this pact is not to help Zanu-PF by joining it after elections, what is its big picture? Politics is a game of numbers. Can Ncube pull enough votes to unseat Mugabe or to deny Tsvangirai victory? This is what we should ask ourselves irrespective of our tribal affiliations. We must see the bigger picture unless we want 10 more years of Mugabe.

  42. Let the people from Mphumalanga destroy the Monster they created in Mugabe alone, thina we are ready for ukhetho.

  43. zvimwe fungaiwo

    tsvangs iz the horse likely 2 win. Kule is the only threat. Al other projects of lame n limpin horses are not anywhere near the race, they ar jus there 2 push fo a runoff. Any reasonable person shld b 4 morgie or else no change is gonna come. Remember zim is not under sanctions rather they ar targetd 2 mugabe n his top shatarz. So if h goez he goez with his sanctions. Vote wisely, moregie is more

  44. mina angazi ukuthi abantu bahlutshwa yini nje lapha. Kanti vele owathi uTshwangilayi lo kumele abe nguye ohola wonke la amaparty ngubani. Nxa yena elithanda leli lizwe kanike omunye laye sibone. He is power hungry person yet very ignorant & a pupert for the whites with principles & morals. Yes Welsh & DD r small parties bt well principled men & we will vote for them. I tell fellas this Tshwangilayi guy will loose if he thinks the way he does.

  45. Predictions and counter predictions .Let there be elections and each of all the guys who want to be President will know the truth.One Man One Vote,One Winner.We are getting closer and closer to the D Day.I pray for peaceful,free and fair elections.God Bless Zimbabwe.

  46. sanctions,puppets,stoogies,etc,are just vile words by vile people with vile emotions.then some are chinese puppets,because if they are men enough they should have stood by themselves,after being kick out by the west.only god gave us land and everything natural.the good thing is god made oxygen liberal otherwise eiish…..!

  47. so these guys want to be presidents?hahaha

  48. sanctions,puppets,stoogies,etc,are just vile words by vile people with vile emotions.then some are chinese puppets,because if they are men enough they should have stood by themselves,after being kick out by the west.only god gave us land and everything natural.the good thing is god made oxygen liberal otherwise eiish…..!morgen does not need an alliance to win.bob was beaten last time aand he knows he can be beaten again.thats why he is campaining.

  49. Head of state and gvt,comanda of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces,Mr Welshman Ncube.kikikikikikiki

  50. lobengula kumalo

    dumiso this is for your eyes only. you are my trusted induna’s grandson so get this directive from me: as you well know the basis of liberation is to unify for the purpose of moving ahead. the bridge pillars are standing solid and beckoning your attention to rise above the zambezi and complete the project that will bring not only abundant water but joyous develolpment and modernity unseen for Bulawayo CITY OF EVERYONE. In this regard son, playing dhindiriri chinyimo with a lawyer trained by CHARIS RUDD/maguire/thompson is not the fair option. you should know by now that lawyers are never trained to be fair to anyone. Look at what RUDD CONCESSION did to my bones scattered here Nharirahills in the centre of the kingdom watching over all of you and commanding you to pay attention while I am yelling at you. unite unite unite not by the word of welshmen but through tried and most tested democratic deeds. zimbabwe is one nation and soon enough bulawayo will be the capital city again only when you heed the command of my bones as wished by NEHANDA KAGUVI MAKWATI and me for your urgent completion of the national water fountain of unity project against the unfair law of england. a new epoch cannot benefit this empire state so join hands in unity unity of citizens not monkey business ventures. the youth of today and tomorrow are thirsty for democratic unity unity unity dumiso. top priority for you today is to reflect on why I trashed the lawyer’s “fly blown piece of paper” words few realise the meaning of. THE END of my bones impromptu speech to you.

  51. ncube na dabengwa idzi imbboko ndokurota vachibvisa mugabe pachigaro zvisingafe zvakaitika

  52. There used to be this joke . Two hungry friends were walking ku industry vachitvsaga basa and one says to the other, ” ko tshamwari , tikanhonga dhora, totengeyi?” . They started calling out the choices and arguing until they fought and decided never to be friends again. That’s the story of all the MDCs ,

  53. Ncube and Dabengwa cant beat Tsvangirai and Mugabe, never under the sun. Tsvangirai(44)and mugabe(42). We are facing a run-off and mugabe will kill pple again. Finally, second GNU will be formed.

  54. truely speaking what power did mugabe had to defeat Joshua Nkomo in1980 except that the people of Zim have always voted on tribal bases.Today again people are hesitating to tell the truth point blank that Tsvangirai is not a goog leader. We say we want change, yes of course, we want change but this issue of believing to correct things after mugabe is wrong we should have replaced Tsvangirai with another canditate e.g Chamisa or Biti. we have already noticed Tsvangirai’s dictorial habit and we left him but tomorrow will we say we so him. Tsvangirai is not fair to the pple of Matland coz he went around imposing candidates for the pple and then expect pple to vote them, a serious sign dictatorship. Lets not approve of bad thing done this man for the sake of change. How can he impose defectors leaving loyalists outside a thing that even zanu pf has not done in its gross dictatorship custom and to make things worse those are the people who denied Zimbabweans outright victory in 2008 elections by campaigning against him(morgan). So what is the reason of voting in pple who always change colour like a chamelion. We, therefore, have found a solution to this problem by not splitting the vote. We will vote mdc in the concillor and MP seats and Tsvangirai for president.

  55. tsvangirai jus b confident,tht tribalistic centred coalition z not a threat 2 ur party,remember baba jukwa predicted that ncube wil hv 1percent,dabengwa 1….tsvangirai 85percent,socongratulations,ncube n his socalled mthakazi u now hv 2 percent,while mdc,t z now @ 85percent

  56. Where is Ncube’s support base? Where is Davengwa’s support base?
    Matebeland only maybe. This is ONE Zimbabwe with 10 pvnces. People living in Matebeland DO NOT LESSON TO THOSE MUGABE MESSENGERS FOR THE MATEBELELAND VOTE (100% TRUE). DO NOT WASTE YOUR VOTES. To be honest Ncube and Davengwa are Zanu PF. See the way they ZPF is attacking S Makoni for withdrawing from the race. ZIMBOS UNITE AND SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE.

  57. this online newspaper is biased the comment i made earlier has been removed there is no indepent newspapering in zimbabwe!!! one day we shall be free….

  58. chero mukabata mese Zanu pf haibvi panyanga nokuti ndiyo ZIMBABWE.Without it there could not be a Zimbabwe for Tsvangirai &co took pee on.
    We will defend our freedom now and forever.

  59. Chero mukabatana mese Zanu pf haibvi panyanga nokuti ndiyo ZIMBABWE.Without it there could not be a Zimbabwe for Tsvangirai &co took pee on.
    We will defend our freedom now and forever.

  60. Ncube and Dabengwa are simply throwing themselves out of the political arena, vangaitonge nyika ino. lingaibusa iZimbabwe ingayazibulala

  61. It pains me to here this nonsense written by other people here.why should Ncube be supporting Tswangirayi.this is a multi democratic country not a two party state. Ncube go on with Dabengwa you have every right to do so as prescibed by the law of the land. you have constituency of voters you are representing who will neither vote for twangson or bob.stop being selfish let these guys get their share of votes .

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