Mugabe chides homosexuals again

MUTARE — President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday took a swipe at homosexuality vowing to continue criminalising the practice and dismissed demands that it should be treated as a human rights issue.


Mugabe also threatened to behead homosexuals in the country and promised to uplift the status of women whom he said had a big national duty to perform whenever they deliver babies.

Mugabe, who was addressing a rally at Aerodrome ground, told thousands of Zanu PF supporters that Zimbabwe would never accept homosexuality under whatever condition.

He described homosexuals as “worse than pigs, goats and birds”.

“If you take men and lock them in a house for five years and tell them to come up with two children and they fail to do that, then we will chop off their heads,” Mugabe said emphasising that he would ruthlessly deal with homosexuality.

Mugabe accused some African countries who accepted the practice by succumbing to European countries in exchange for aid.

“We need continuity of our culture. This culture comes from the norm that women carry pregnancies for nine months. If there is anyone who disputes that, he should lift up his hands to say no I fell from heaven,” Mugabe said.

“This thing (homosexuality) seeks to destroy our lineage by saying John and John should wed, Maria and Maria should wed. Imagine this son born out of an African father, (US President Barrack) Obama says if you want aid, you should accept the homosexuality practice. Aah, we will never do that.”

He said the bone of contention between him and European countries emanated from his refusal to accept homosexuality and his vehement stance that it was not a human right.

The veteran Zanu PF leader said his declaration that homosexuals are worse than pigs had attracted international hatred, but said he would not be deterred.

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  1. If thats all zpf has to offer on policy then we have no hope for development, will this bring jobs, better health, better education, housing, clean drinking water. Its official zpf have nothing to offer the nation except empty headed and irrelevant slogans. It is already a known fact we dont want this “gay rights” thing in Zimbabwe, we don’t even have ordinary rights in Zimbabwe.

    1. This is part of his speech,its not his policy.

      1. Tim that still does not address the issue that zpf has nothing new to offer the nation. Anyway usually when something is mentioned in his speech it is policy because he said it, thats how he has ruled Zimbabwe since he became executive president.

        1. The fight for economic freedom is nothing new, my friend. It is a fight that has been raging the world over for hundreds of years! It will continue for many more years and I am in support of anyone who takes up this fight against ‘the man’! There is also nothing new about what Morgan is fighting for, what is new about blacks being employed in their millions by a handful of white people?

          1. Faggot rights are not human rights

    2. Jongwe Rachembera – You are one of those who have hate in the heart for the sack of hate. You are commenting on the issue of homosexual of which you agree with Bob”s stance but then you duwel l on the slogans. You emphasise the cry about slogans to even obliterate the original subject. Then I ask you who do you think should give you clean water,education, etc? Bob and Morgan are only leaders to facilitate you to provide yourself .

      1. My advise to you dungas and Scott is stop smoking mbanje.

      Zimbabweans awaiting Mugabe to lose…
      All thirsty to cheer victory with a JUICE…
      Goebels Charambamanheru is despondent….
      Knowing Zimbabweans are finally independent…
      He screams, what has hit us?…
      While Zimbabweans sing ‘how nice!’…
      Too late to change your old 3-legged horse…
      We knew this would happen ofcourse?…
      Jonathan once warned, retire from old age…
      Before joining Zanupf’s Stone Age…
      You could now be Save’s garden boy…
      After you mocked him ‘Teaboy’…
      Hezvo Machinja voti bwaaa….
      Kumira nemafaro kuti twaa.


  2. generally the majority of zimabweans do not want gays

    1. That’s true. Ipapo we all agree without argument. Let them be protected by normal laws and not have special treatment. Am glad MDC now shares that Zim opinion


    1. He has, a few times but this newspaper will never report that. The other day he ‘chided’ pedophiles and called for their castration but this paper reported the story with a rather condemnatory tone towards the President..


  4. Homosexual this homosexual that rubbish tell the people how you are going to get this country moving again if you have nothing to say dont say it in public

  5. mwana wevhu hatitambe ukanzwa tichiti zim inyika yavatema muchena takaneta naye ndosaka taka mudzinga chero iye sawe wacho achatiza kunogara kunyika ye Ekizail ( UKAIONA SABHU WAIZIWA )

    1. AK 47 urikutaura semunhu angaari muhope kubva April 1980 urikutomuka hakoso. Ndiani asingazivi kuti ino inyika yevatema. Saka nyika yevatema inofanirwa kuparadzwa saizvozvi here uye vanoguta muri vashomanana kudaro. Manje ruzhinji rwamuka hamungarambi muchitiita madunununu muchiti tyisidzira. Sabhu yeyi?

      Hekani waro hombarume…
      Ngatisimudze minwe…
      Hamuwone hazvisi cool…
      Kutongwa naVasekuru…
      Gore rino anochiwona…
      Kuchemera mai vake Bona…
      Simukai tinovhota…
      MaZanu abva adhota…

  6. waka waka waka(Pinky)

    they r sure worse than pigs. i dont know about the beheading though.

  7. ukuguga kwamhlasela wena akasawumani nje heeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk hararians will be changing their names crossing Limpopo futhi come 31 we wl see more shoooona refugeeeees

  8. Pasi Nejongwe

    AK 47 uri zidununu,why should mugabe continue wasting tym on homosexuality iye achinatsoziva kt muconstitution yedu takazviramba.we,need clear policy pronouncements kwete matoto aya

    1. Repetition for emphasis wakenda kuchikoro here?

  9. Done though about that we apreciate and we dont want that too but no lits push up our nation’s economic situation.

  10. I do like this gentlemen very much or do i agree with some of his policies but here i agree with him 100%. Gays or homosexuals or whatever you call them don’t have rights. Our own rights myt be fringed but they don’t have any rights whatsoever. They deserve to beheaded.

    1. Command Center

      Well said Chivhu. I am MDC-T 100%, but on Homosexuals I agree with Bla Bob 100%. The fact that we disagree on most of the issues for economic emancipation, corruption and other state machinery issues make me MDC, but on Homosexuals I am ZANU-PF 100%

  11. I do not like this gentlemen very much or do i agree with some of his policies but here i agree with him 100%. Gays or homosexuals or whatever you call them don’t have rights. Our own rights myt be fringed but they don’t have any rights whatsoever. They deserve to beheaded.

    1. Chivhu, yes you agree with him 100%, so does the majority of Zimbabweans. But do you want to tell the nation that for this country to see development where we are to see the once vibrant industries, jobs etc, we first have to clean up homosexuality. In our situation as Zim. we must vote the 90 yr man into power for the sole reason that he wants to deal with gays in his next five year term in office. Man ooh man! Zvimwe muchionawo.

  12. Why does Newsday continuously attack the President on his stance on homosexuality when the majority of us Afrikans find the practice equally abominable? Unless Newsday serves the wishes of the minority and is a tool to push for the minority agenda!

    1. Why do you continuously attack Newsday and since when is reporting news an “attack”? Highlight a sentence in that news report that indicates Newsday has “attacked” mugabe’s stance on those misguided gays. Scott you continue to display your inability to read and comprehend you must work at herald house or some cio office.

      1. I continously attack Newsday for their pathetic reporting. FYI, the speech was not about homosexuals or faggots, fairies, poofters, morphies, queers etc but it is reported as though it was about such. Can you count the number of times Newsday has come out huffing and puffing against the President for ‘chiding’ queers? I didn’t think so!

        1. Talk about pathetic reporting? Read the herald (all the issues for the past decade or so) then you would get some sense of what you mean. I have tried to follow your comments but alas you are really some mixed up fellow. Just how old are you?

          1. That rightly points to your sexual orientation. it stinks.

          2. no paper actually gives a damn all the papers have picked sides, its 100% predictable which stance each paper takes. all i know is that hatidi zvemagay rights zvachose, infact all in favour should be arrested

        2. Highlight a sentence in that news report that indicates Newsday has “attacked” mugabe’s stance on those misguided gays. You rant but you never answered the question.

  13. 100% behind President on this one.

  14. zvikwangwhani zvenyaya iyi roverai kuma border gates kwavanozvirava pakupinda mu zimbabwe mavanenge vakokwa kuzodya nokumwa nokumbundirana nemi vasati vadzokera kwavo kunoitwa matsvina iwawo.

  15. I find homosexuality difficult to understand and I do not accept that fact that anyone with such tendencies should affirm this publicly. I believe such people should do this within the confines of their bedroom, house etc
    I do not believe Mugabe is behaving appropriately by calling these poor souls in public, we have in our law that makes homosexuality same sex marriage illegal. Let Mugabe leave it at that instead of using this as an electioneering gimmick.
    I am Zimbabwean with very conservative views on this subject and on abortion but having lived in California for the last so many years it seems one in three (I am exaggerating but there is some truth to this) person s here is gay. In Saudi Arabia the ruling elite would hang such people but these very same people are no better.

    1. He speaks about it because the opposition is leaning towards changing those laws if they come to power. I am sure you saw how Obama was viciously resisted by the Republicans and the Christians when he showed a leaning towards ‘equality’ and ‘choice’, which are now woven into America’s social fabric and protected by the law more than the rights of straight people! Ask Morgan what his position is and he ducks and dives, at one point he proclaimed he would allow same sex unions and at another he was extremely vague in his answer. You can also ask Madam Joyce Banda in Malawi. After taking money from Babylon she swore to legalise lesbianism and it is now ‘legal’ under Malawian law. Speak of selling one’s soul for shiny things!

  16. He described homosexuals as “worse than pigs, goats and birds”.

    Actually, he said worse that dogs, pigs goats and all the rest..

    1. Yet Oscar Wilde in his letter to Queenspark called it ‘…the love that will not say its name’

  17. oltho i m nt much a Zpf bt i totally i agree with em ipapa, vanosemesa vanhu ava nxaaaaaaa, ngavirambe zvichingitaura HATIZVIDE PRERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, ndakuzovhotera zanu manje

  18. Saka mad bob wants us to believe the sole reason he doesnt along with europeans is homosexuality? Gtfoh. It is a human right issue i.e. denying people a choice same way he denied 2m voters their right to vote. Guys this hate speech by mad bob is goin on fo far too long the guy takes life way too seriously, he hates everything about the modern world, he hates textbook economics, he hates and then kills mdc supporters, he calls people who dont like zanu bewitched, he hates white people, he hates black people, he hates women like lindiwe zulu, he hates jamaicans, he hates local hospitals henhad to go all the waay to singapore, he hates south africans, he hates mandela says he was too soft to whites wtf. Mad bob is just an arse with a mouth kufunga kushoma pane muchembere uyu

    1. You are obviously oblivious of the ritualistic function of homosexual acts and you are unaware of the great value the western power players place on this esoteric knowledge. You think it’s all bout queers having sex with each other for pleasure? If it was all about pleasure, why would they care if the country’s laws allow such perversions or not so long as they make a profit? You need to read, study, research, meditate and pray to allow yourself to have wisdom and knowledge. Maybe then you can connect the dots instead of allowing your hatred of ZANU PF to turn you into an imbecile. You are a bright young lad, anyone can see that..

    2. If you believe that’s all its about, you’re lost.

  19. Tongogara Reloaded

    What is his stance on corruption, ethnic cleansing, freedom of speech etc these things are not being mentioned at rallies.

  20. After he lost his ‘homosexual virginity’ at the hands of Banana the fellow has never recovered his marlbes ever again. It was a traumatic experirnce for him, watchout for his memoirs by Nathan Shamiyarira.

    1. dude, really? you are still pretending to be me? Come on!

  21. This is no human right. To hell with them, i totally agree with oscar, agogo. its totally a disoder that one has to keep to self. ipapo ndinoti pamberi ne zanu

  22. After he lost his ‘homosexual virginity’ at the hands of Banana the fellow has never recovered his marlbes ever again. It was a traumatic experirnce for him, watchout for his memoirs by Nathan Shamiyarira. What a stink!

    1. It just goes to show the shallowness of MDC-T’s brains pool when their trolls start copying other users’s names for their hogwash postings. This is a free comments board if you want to conter the real scott’s comments use your own username. It’s clear that you are a Selous Scout hence the masquerade.

  23. very funny indeed

    pasi tsvee kutaura nyaya dzemuno munyika yedu to embark and waste time on a wild goose chase. street women are now better off mumabhawa umu thru exploiting zvidhakwa who are fearful of being stigmatised as gays pavanenge vavaramba. they feel empowered and will vote zanu pf. asi hey!

    1. Chisiri chemuno chaataura ipapa chii? Read the story and understand it before rushing to comment.

  24. Sane way as heterosexual right are not a rights issue

  25. jongwe rakadhakwa

  26. What man could not do in his hey days, surely he cannot do in his dying days. Kunyepa chaiko. Kwawe kutatarika uku.

  27. the issue of homosexuality is nw water under the bridge ZIMBABWEANS spoke strongly against this barbaric act during the constitution out reach and it is nw enshrined in the new supreme law so lets talk about other issues we haven’t achieved yet like how we are goin 2 create employment for millions unemployed youths,health delivery,how we are goin 2 deal w corruption..MR SCOT l promise you Zimbabweans ar not dull if Tsvangirai try to change e law on homosexual dfntly wl show him the door,so for nw lets focus on real bread and butter issues not nyaya dzekumanyowa dzinosemesa.

  28. Ini handioni chinoswera chichiita munhu hasha kubuda furo pamuromo over a full grown adult who has decided kuti ini ndoda hangu zvekufemerwa mugotsi nevamwe varume.Its a choice that one makes just like all the other sins written in the bible and God will deal with them in their time.Zimbabwe iri kuda kurarama and this homosexuality issue really can’t be on the forefront of our development agenda everytime if at all it has anything to do with development.Lets talk bread and butter issues Mr Mugabe,this economy needs solutions not history and dwelling on semantics

  29. A side kick or so, has lashed out at me because s/he thinks the origional, geniune origional, genuine fake and the origional genuine fake scott has the patent rights to this tag. Sorry this is Zim invade a farm, a factory or a mine who cares so long as u do it in the Fuhrer’s name? Less so a Viking name oh give me a break ‘sons of the soil.’ what was Chinamasa promoting when he said prisoners must be given condoms? Is he not more Zanu Pf than Banana was? Forked tounges, my foot!

  30. Guys this is politics at its best. The old man has managed to sway you from the real issue and divert your attention from real hot issue affecting our country. He knows where those things are practise dbut he does nothing about it. Is that a justifiable reason why he wants to still linger at the helm of Zimbabwe leadershp? Definitely no. Idi Amini tried this when things were getting worse , attack neibhours but time was up people gave him marching orders.We want employment creation, jobs, food and security, unity , peace and development. Equal development opportunity based on merit and not favour. These are less affecting issues and they do not deserve attention at such platiforms in as much as we dont like thieve, murerers etc.

  31. mugabe is right.chopping of their heads off ummmm ….

  32. Malcolm X once remarked: “If you`re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

    And to a great extent it seems as if this is the tragedy that Zimbabwe has suffered at the hands of the mainstream media, especially in the West, since the land reform programme started in 2000 and more so in the context of the coming general election.

  33. Tendai Chaminuka

    Ko tipeiwo update yerally yekuMasvingo.Uku kune vanhu vane fundo havatevedzeri zvemanga manga.Vakafundiswa nanaMuneri.Kuti vangaita chaunga sechekwaMutare kana kwaNzvimbo.Bodozve

  34. When we are done and cleansed of homos, we will go fo musterbators. Ahoy Ma Zanu!!!

  35. its obvious no1 wants gay ryts in zim br ryt now sekuru mugabe shud tok abt other pressing matters lyk job creation,mapererwa mdara makungotuka vanhu chete

  36. Yes Mr President, l agree with you. We are not only maintaining Cultural values but We are also maintaining Christian biblical values. We cannot get aid in exchange for our souls. we cannot compromise our dignity and be reduced to inhuman behavior because we want aid. Yes l do agree with the President 100%

  37. Yet Oscar Wilde in his letter to Queenspark called it ‘…the love that will not say its name’

  38. very funny indeed

    Dvinyawhatever can you identify any tribe or chief leading such abomination which is outlawed too. Its a foreign thing to our nation inobva mu cultural and traditional leadership. Other countries have islamic and caucasian people who embrace that. Its a smelly matter here

  39. I am actually a former Grey Scout.

    1. Well that explains a lot.

  40. Am not an avid fan of ZANU bt pama gays apa i share their point of view, am not happy either with the way MDC-T does not have a hard-line stance against them…. the constitution refuses their union in marriage but not their relationships, so technically if we see them showing a
    affection in town….. we cannot do anything and they can argue it in court and get away with it….. it starts like this…. that’s what happened in rsa… now we have gender confused Africans…. no policy inemsoro yet from either of the parties bt pama gays apa, support is rendered for them bt not enough support to vote for them on issues of gays chete

  41. very funny indeed

    Look here gentlemen, there is no sense in quibbling over what all brothers and sisters agree on. Just get to realise it is foolish to brand your own sister or brother you know is not that specimen uchinyatsoziva hako manyepo ako wopumha mumwe huroyi you can end up motemana namatimuro as it is a very foul unacceotable joke yakaddaro to proud zimbabweans hazvizi zvinokambirirwa mavhoti.

  42. Okay gentlemen this is becoming boring. Uncle bob, what do you have to offer. All we have heard on your campaign is Homos and Adulterous Tsvangison. What are you laying on the table? What can you do different NOW to improve our lives?? Don’t waste time on trivial things.

  43. My vote counts

    GALZ was registered by zanu government hence their offices in Milton,Harare. People this is cheap politics.As a typical African and Christian homosexuality is an abomination which I will never want to be accepted in the law.Both Mugabe and Morgan have moral shortcomings personally but that seems peripheral to more pressing bread and butter issues

  44. Munhu akaita muhomosexual anenge atadzira mwari kwete iwe munhuwo zvake… Dont use your power to impose your principles on othr pple

  45. On this one Mugabe is right we homosexual are worse than dogs

  46. president talked about issues of education, fulfillment of supporting black african farmers thrue paying their farm produce for them to be able to stand on their own financially, the need to utilize resources for the benefit of locals, need for owning the means of production to refrain from promoting only white initiatives instead support black empowerment, not to rely on parties who alwayz say jobs are created by whites, we can also create employment thrue using land and its resources not to be always think that whites are employers. he also touched on issues to do with the need to protect our African values, for they match the bible standards and easily translate into real righteousness and add on the fact that we must refrain from homosexual practices. he also emphasized on the need for a peaceful pre and post election period.

  47. we dont need these creatures called homosexuals in Zimbabwe

  48. Mugabe does not read this forum neither will his moles communicate this. So when you post keep it to a level that benefits inhabitants of the lower level food chain quarters.

  49. I used to think twas a taboo to talk about these things nway the greatest command is to love God with all yo mind heart n soul n second one like it is to love yo neighbor I think from a biblical point of view sin is sin u can’t apply lipstick to a bullfrog all those who lie. commit adultery .kill do not observe sabbath bear FALSE witness do not respect their parents r same as gays they r far away from God the lord teaches us to love to lift a fallen brother f one is gay it needs deliverance from God no human law can ever cleanse us from gays twas practised since long ago only God can heal dis nation of that evil

  50. Kusekana kwaana kamba. Kuona huswa muziso remumwe mako muine zidanda. A murderer and a homo are all agents of darkness. Repent before u judge others.

  51. Mugabe is a bigot period… his relationship with Grace amounts to Paedophilia. BIGOT

  52. hanty mu new constitution takazviramba here zvehomosexuality … so really we dont have to say it tym and again….. taka ti no kudhara….

  53. Limping Badly A Zanoid Donkey 89

    He should attack the gays in his own party… Like fat Kaskuwere and Jonathan Moyondizvo.

  54. ZimbabweanAmerican

    It sounds Newsday is in Support of Gays(Since its a newspaper company owned by SouthAfricans who are seeking to push in the tolerance of Gays in Zimbabwe) ,the President is right by using the example of animals being better than gays .It is something that cannot be accepted in our (Zimbabwean)Culture ,just because the rest of the world condones it doesn’t mean we should condone gays aswell.It is true David Cameron not Obama earlier during the year said he and his government will not endorse any African Country that supports Gays .And as a a country we should not allow gays to be married in our Country so as to receive Aid thats Nonsense.I am not political at all I do not support Zanu PF or Mdc or anyother Party at all but I think the president is right in not tolerating Gays but not to the extent of Beheading gays though (thats a little to extreme). Yes the President has hurt the Country in many ways but he is not entirely wrong in all his Laws and Policies he has done some good things for the Country and Newsday has comeout has the Newspaper that seems to Paint him wrong all the time .I agree with the reforms the country has taken on Gays and it looks like Newsday is trying to promote Gays in Zimbabwe in subtle way by using the President (Since evidently not alot of people like him ) to change Zimbabwean People’s minds on Gays.Please do not USE THIS NEWSPAPER to Try and Pollute our Lovely nation into accepting Gays into our community ..

  55. Thomas Sargent

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the socialists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.

  56. Everybody has a choice. But nobody must use AID as a bargaining power in support of the gay movement and practices. Mugabe has got it right. Let those who want to be gay do it but they should not ask everybody else to carry their can of worms. Why don’t they free all the pathological serial killers, robbers etc fromt their jails and say that God created them that way to the criminality cannot be their fault? African leaders must be very weary of this gay canker. It has nothing to offer society but pure and distilled chaos.

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