MDC-T demands seized voter certificates

THE MDC-T has accused police in Zvishavane of confiscating voter registration certificates from its members as part of a plot to block them from casting their vote in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

Blessed Mhlanga

MDC-T lawyer Herbert Tafa last week wrote to the officer-in-charge at Zvishavane Police Station demanding the release of the certificates.

Tafa alleges that two police officers, only identified as Constables Shuro and Zvenyika, seized the documents on June 9 to expedite investigations into alleged electoral fraud by Itai Pasura, the party’s council candidate.

“Pasura was arrested on July 9 facing allegations of fraudulently providing the 372 people with fake affidavits so that they could register as voters. The matter did not go to court, but the police then confiscated the certificates of registration as part of their investigations,” said Tafa.

“We have instructions from our clients which is to ask for the release of documents confiscated by officers Shuro and Zvenyika during their investigations. These documents include 187 certificates of registration and 372 photocopies of certificates of registration.

“The officers clearly indicated that the said documents were not relevant to their investigations, but they could not release them.”
He warned the police that refusal to release the documents would leave his clients with no option, but to approach the Constitutional Court.

“Refusal to release the documents amounts to a deliberate infringements of our clients’ rights to participate in the election . . . we will thus approach the court for remedy,” said Tafa.

MDC-T Midlands South chairperson Lillian Timvius confirmed the matter.

“These people who are perceived to be MDC-T supporters might not be able to vote on July 31 if they don’t have those certificates on them.

“This appears to be a mischievous attempt by the police to deny them a right to vote,” she said.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko could not be reached for comment yesterday.


  1. The train of revolution is unshaken, change is surely coming

  2. winning by hook and crook thats zanu

  3. Mapurisa asashandisiwa kupinza fear muvanhu nokuti hazvisi kuzoshanda izvozvo.We demand a new governance, is my vote.They had over three decades to prove their worthy, but as each day elapsed they became worse.

  4. Haa zvinoitwa nana Ndinindamubata vokuZvishavane zvinonyadza. Pakuita zvinhu zvirikabias, zanupf inumber 1. Manje kuna Mwari kudenga.

  5. Why does ZEC use the principals to enact some quick legal instrument that compels the Audit firms in the country like Price Waterhouse, Baker Tilly , Camelsa and others inclusive of the Government’s own auditor general to do a quick sweep clean up of the voters roll? These bodies can give the roll a clean bill of health. We still have two weeks before the poll…Come on Zimbabweans an election is a very simple exercise, lets SHOW the world we can do this…No need to go into an election with a dirty roll as alleged presently by many rightly or wrongly this is a fertile new ground for discord..

    1. ….Apologies, the post should read “Why does ZEC not use…”

  6. Bhoramusango varume , tanzwa nekugaramumachochombe imba tiinadzo kuzim, tanzwanekutsvinyirwa kuhomeaffairs kuno kuSA side.

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