LIVE UPDATES: MDC-T in Mashonaland Central

NewsDay Online team brings you live updates from the MDC-T rallies to be held in Mashonaland Central province ahead of the watershed harmonised polls scheduled for July 31.

Updates by Cecilia Kamuputa, Wonai Masvingise,Aaron Ufumeli, Tapiwa Zivira

17:15 – Councils and House of Assembly are introduced to Tsvangirai.

16:35 – “MDC-T government will enforce devolution to ensure equitable distribution of resources.”

16:30 – “Gold panners will be regularised  and officialised for their safety.Farm workers should be paid and protected from abuse.”

16:23 – On violence, he says JOMIC, AU and SADC are there and he urges all party supporters to shun and report violence.

16:20 -Tsvangirai says no one is going to vote in the company of security officials. He says Mash Central is full of people who are seen as alien but can now vote.

People will have their privacy during voting MDC-T government will compensate those who sacrificed for the MDC-T struggle for democracy.

16:17 – They will also try to curb corruption and looting in the diamond mining in Marange.

16:14 – MDC-T will work on social services, standard of living, clean water and better sanitation. Free primary education.

16:12 – “With a good road and railway infrastructure, Zimbabwe can be a hub of  trade.”

16:10 –  They will also spearhead infrastructure development (railways and roads).

16:00 –  He says MDC-T will address the rural housing problems.

15:59 –  He says they will reverse multiple farm ownership and put in place a rational land distribution system.

15:58 – He says some people in the farms are afraid of losing the farms, but promises that if they are producing food, they will not lose the farms.

15:56 –  Tsvangirai says Zanu PF destroyed the agricultural sector and MDC-T will address the bread basket issue.

15:54 – He says Mugabe revealed he needs to rest but is being forced to remain there by his party.

15:53 – “We want a servant leadership that is in touch with the grass roots”

15:52 – “We do not just want power but we have a 5 point plan to restore Zimbabwe’s economic progress. We first have to address governance issues like the abuse of police power” – Tsvangirai.

15:50 – He says Zanu-PF bungled the voter registration exercise fearing first time voters would vote for MDC-T.

15:46 – “Inclusive government was meant to provide room for free and fair polls”  – Tsvangirai

15:45 –  He says SADC saved Mugabe by their facilitation process.

15:42 – He urges supporters to look back to 2008 when the country faced its worst economic crisis.

15:38 – Tsvangirai starts his address by thanking Mash Central supporters for being resilient in the face of Zanu PF retribution.

15:17 – Mangoma addresses, says the News Constitution was a move towards an MDC-T victory. He says the party  is set to ensure equal distribution of resources.

Supporters at the Chipadze Rally.
Supporters at the Chipadze Rally.

15:11 –  Party National Organising secretary, Nelson Chamisa takes to the podium, says MDC-T is poised fro victory.

15:03 – Proceedings continue with the introduction of the MDC-T provincial executive members. Zwizwai presiding.

14:55 – Tsvangirai arrives in Chipadze amid cheers from party supporters.

14:35 – Proceedings have started at Chipadze Stadium with Opening Prayers and introductions of those coming from various constituencies in the province. Tsvangirai is expected to arrive in a few minutes.

14:00 – Tsvangirai is accompanied by senior party officials Nelson Chamisa, Elton Mangoma, Murisi Zwizwai among others.

MDC-T supporters scramble for party T-shirts at Chipadze Stadium, Bindura.


13:55 – Tsvangirai is due to address people in Chipadze Bindura at  1500 hours.

MDC-T supporters in Bindura.


13:44 –  In Bindura, MDC-T supporters in red regalia are all over town, preparing for Tsvangirai’s arrival.

13:40 – “If you need hope, vote for  MDC so that we won’t go back to 2008. Kasukuwere closed industries and we will open them up”

13:37 – “There is a very strong element of fear among the people. My message is, fear has to be translated into hope of a new government and a new era”

13:35 – “It is a pity that the people of Mash Central are still suffering besides having fought in the liberation struggle.”  – Tsvangirai

13:32 – Tsvangirai delivers a speech at the Rushinga Rally.

12:50 –  Meanwhile there is a heavy presence of Zanu PF supporters sticking Kasukuwere’s posters on cars and buildings in Mt Darwin, some few Kilometers from where Tsvangirai is addressing people.

12:45 – Tsvangirai will pass through the Voter Registration center in Mt Darwin on his way to Bindura.

12:40 – People are also complaining that the 35-40 cents/Kilogram they are being paid for their cotton is too low and that they are not getting payments after remitting their maize crop to  the Grain marketing Board .

12:39 – Issues raised by people include complications they are facing during voter registration.

12:38 – Prime Minister Tsvangirai walks around Rushinga Business Center, hearing issues from the local people.

12:24– Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has arrived in Rushinga.

MDC-T supporters at Rushinga Business Center.
MDC-T supporters at Rushinga Business Center.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is expected to address a rally in Rushinga in the next 15 minutes.



  1. so you only follow mdc-t rallies. what about mdc-n, zapu and zanu pf. you are really an independent paper.

    1. Wona ZBC ne herald ka. Wakambo complainer here when ZBC requested $165000 for covering MDC- T Manifesto launch rally im Marondera, only a day after covering the Zanu pf one live in Highfield?

    2. You should also ask ZBC this question when they campaign for ZANU everyday. Zvarwadzaka Kkkkkkkkkkkk

    3. Surely you cant accuse newsday of tribalism or anything remote. This paper is run by Trevor Ncube and more than half of its staff are from southern region of zimbabwe. This doesnt translate that they should support Ncube, Dabengwa, etc. I saw interview last week of supa mandiwanzira on this paper. That guy is zanu pf to the core but newsday doesnt take sides. This paper was in highfield as well wen mugabe unveiled his manifesto . This is reporting par-excelence

      Well done Newsday. Shame them at zbc and herald

    4. How can they follow Bob’s rallies ma zvikopokopo zvakafa.

    5. Warwadziwa bhururu, wonder if you thought of ZBC, Herald and Zanu PF and their propaganda lies. At least as for MDC these are true stories

    6. Outstanding Goto Moto

      Wena muface why are you reading the paper, go and read the herald.. We have enough of zany party rubbish on zbc,herald and chronicle.

    7. Goto shamwari lets be honest here, Tsvangirayi’s Coalition for Change yatikuvadza, he has finished off our party Zanu PF. We don’t stand a chance in these elections this time, lets not kid ourselves. I have decided I am not going to waste my vote, I’m supporting the Coalition which will bring a New Zimbabwe. Icho!

    8. I heard Jona Moyo telling a colleague that our plans didn’t work as planned. We were hoping that by declaring the elections at short notice, the MDCs would decide to boycott. Things haven’t gone to plan so far, Mugabe is angry about it as he can clearly see that we are sinking by the day. Jona is angry with himself as he comes under attack from cde Charamba & cde Chinamasa. We need to rethink things, time is not our side anymore.

    9. dai pasina newsday hameno kuti chokwadi taichinzwepi. keep up the good work guys. come 31 july u a going to be the state newspaper.

    10. nyube should not waste time ,31 July is not far. He should quickly join others and campign together. Toda kuzora butter this time.

    11. @goto, point of correction my brother. Newsday has been following the Zanu-PF proceedings since morning. Check the following link. Usangowawata zvisina nebasa

  2. Goto,fuseki,go watch,zanu tv,

  3. great job newsday,keep up the standard and continue giving us updates

  4. Stoney ginger beer

    Murume uyu akaregererwa anozadza nyika nema red cards, next stop is mashwest, then sanyati, gokwe, midlands, masvingo, mutare, beitbridge, zvishavane, hwange. . . .before the final in byo on 27 july.

  5. Save musacheuke muridzo Rushinga kata

  6. Together to the end marching to a new Zimbabwe

  7. takurira nhamo

    go Newsday go an extra mile even the ZPF ones show ZanuBC how it is done vanyare

    1. lionel shumba

      True newsday you have done well. Keep it up

  8. Ndokuti zvazvinhu ka uku….Newsday keep up the good work.

  9. Ko ingoyambukiraika papfungwe Save paduze wani nepamuri. Tatenda basa sebasa

  10. Its pathetic that my most loved paper has chosen to be partisan. U were d only impartial paper left in Zimbabwe but wish…

  11. Madyira Chidhuza

    MDC-T yafararira kwese kwese vadzidzisei ku Rushinga ikoko Save kuti donje ravari kurima vanoritengesera kuti ma factory achipera kuvharwa.

  12. Stoney ginger beer

    Goto hausikuona here kuti what it means is that other parties are not holding any rallies. We all know that there is still that possibility of elections being moved forward. Madhara ako are busy following cases/appeals at the election court to see if they can buy some more time from them through the usual funny rulings of their judges, just to keep on confusing the ppl.

  13. takurira nhamo

    let the Newsday do it live for MDC-T remember the 160k quote for live coverage from ZanuPF in order to frastrate the people’s project

  14. gore rino ;;iro rino iri mugabe and his boolikers will cm 2 xtinction.

  15. Stoney ginger beer

    I personally don’t see anything partisan about this reporting. Newsday are simply giving updates of events taking place, if there nothing taking place kuzpf or any other party for that matter, should we blame that on the newday reporters. May be you would want them to make a headline that ‘no rallies by zpf’ coz if truth be told the highfield rally was featured in same manner.

  16. xhosa bere mudhunte

    Thats the road to a new zimbabwe: what abou the population admin?

  17. job well done newsday crewkip on updating us please.

  18. keep up in touch with the people and hear their concernns

  19. please let the mdct campaign freely so that we conclude a free and fair election we also need to know how aspects of riging are going to be dealt with

  20. Save this is our tym lets do an around zim tour tichivatendeutsa kumamisha ikoko…..thanx newsday!

  21. Bhora mberi save mugabe amama. More updates pliz uNtil save vadzoka kuharare

    1. Welsh never hd any manifesto he was waiting for Morgiza n Bob so that he come up with his edited

  22. Keep it up Newsday. Keep updating us on these campaigns. Cover all parties so that we can judge by ourselves

  23. aiwawo Kumusha kwangu hamulume. We are Zanupf not MDC. Zvifadzei hamuna kuona huwandu hwedu pamaprimary nhai?. Maiti kutamba! Just for you guys Saviour 20 000 other parties 2000?

    1. mupanduki zvachose

      kuma primary amaiti sabhuku ngaauye nevanhu vake saka maida kuti vana mai vedu vasaende mozoti ndeve MDC mozovapisira dzimba dzavo zvamakaita 2008 uye zvamajaira. vakauya kuma primary enyu asi takavaudza kuti Save ndivo vanovhoterwa. Hamunyare kuvhotera mushakabvu zvake. shamwari dzake dzose dzava zvipoko achakutongei? MRT ku State House RGM kwa Murombedzi kwazvimba kunotamba nevazukuru ndokunge anavo?

      Mapurisa nema Soja vapnduki thank you for showing that your brains are still intact!

    2. zvechokwadi waratidza kuti une chigudu chepfungwa nekuti haufungi.the primaries were for your dead zpf nd not mdc so were you expecting the mdcs to join your nonsense?thats why muri ma condom ana are going to see the shock of your life come 31.go bek to grade 3 iwe bharanzi.

  24. vanhu ngavauye vega kwete not being bused. Tsvangirai, viva.

  25. takurira nhamo

    Newsday give us the estimated number of people in attendance

  26. Tapiwa shumba N

    Newsday u a doin a good job,fambai navo save avo kusvika mustate house,vane rudo semi muchapiwa korona,w also want mafigures evanhu vanen ge varipo pamarallies,gud work newsday crew

  27. mafira kureva

    go mdc go zpf musango

  28. takurira nhamo

    chugudu wind of chance is fast blowing and never ends to surprise, even if asingalume let him send his message and the people will judge not iwewe naSaviour murume waPsychology

  29. Tapiwa, Hakuna vanhu just see the picture and the report “that says walking about and hearing issues”. Pane chaunga hauwane time yekufamba uchivhunza vanhu. See picture

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  31. Agreed Nhamo winds of change are coming . Isu paneSaviour pfacha tiripo zvedu paTsakare tondofara zvedu pachibondo. Sorry guys your horse was proved during GNU so basa rapera. What I edge every Zimbabwean is to vote peacefully kwete zvebenzi rinoti tikakundwa tichatora pfuti iyo rekeni usinga goni kuibata. We are all Zimbabweans. Zvakafanana nekuti panoteve nevanhu vanosupporter Caps mufunge as if Dynamos haipo. Kkkk

  32. vamwe muchafenda zanu yenyu yarikitwa zvine mutsindo.

  33. Champion pictures you won’t get them because hakuna vanhu. Vachatobudisa ekuBindura kune masupporters akati ooo pahuwandu. Mark my words brother. Let Vote peaceful for ZPF

  34. See Champion, sendinemushonga mukanwa vabva vabudisa picture yekuBindura wazvionaka?

  35. Thanx guyz.sisonke kuno kuWedza.we bn left in th dark by the partisan state media,u quite a treasure.Kudos pliz.pambili nebasa

  36. NdatengaTicketRekuendaKuZimKunoVhota

    save tinemi ndatenga air ticket remusi wa 28. tirikuuya kuzokuvhoterai. Morgan is More

  37. Pliiiz chigudu don’t insult me by invytng m to yo rotten zpf party. wake up my bro can’t see the wind of chnge z blowing all ova th cntry. Rub kapcture kechizanu kari kuface kwako. Ndapota hangu.


    1. kubviwa nawo ku harare yekupi you confused coakroch?bindura pple can reason more than you.mira uwone the shock of your life.

  39. Reuben Ndlovu

    Zimbabwe is very far from coming right. We may vote the dictactor out but next comes an idiot. if it were not for tribalism and century old grudges Zimbos would have voted for the right person. you know who.

    1. your a tribalist my man go to hell

  40. Chief Nyashanu

    Thank you newsday… This is heralding a new political dispensation where ZANU pf will get the wages of their sins over the years. There is no doubt that Robert Mugabe is too old to cope with the hectic election campeign and has no agenda for the people as he seem to be obsessed with his 1980 triuaph return from the bush war. Since then he has failed to grow beyond the 1980 independence euphoria. His speeches are littered with fowl mouth typical of a banana republic leader. MDC-T is unstopppable.

  41. howaboutwomen\\\'s league

    munhu weZimbabwe anogona kutuka vakomana heyi. common streetwoman! is that what made up zanu pf womens league?? streetwomenleague woye!!!

  42. Your right my bra

  43. Whats all this excitement about this Tsvangston guy he is going to run out of steam very fast and will lose and cry foul as usual. The other day some people were excited over 10000people at a rally which is very insignificant when compared to the 6million plus eligible voters now tavakuratidzwa vanhu 15 and the same people are getting zealous. At this rate uchaona Newsday will start recycling pictures this is desperation.

    1. Look mu’dictionary’ for the word ;sampling’. It is significant for munhu asiri weZANU to go to Mash Central on political business and attract 15 people vauri kutaura. Mhondi zhinji dzeZANU ndokwadziri ikoko.

  44. mutirowafanza

    more pictures newsday plz

  45. Isaika mapikicha tione. Tanzwa kuti hakuna vanhu. Itai tione zvaiita kuMarondera

    1. Uchaona vavaku recycla mapicture ekuMarondera manje muri kuzorwa butter seri neseri gore rino. Unofunga munhu anebrain angavhotere those stupid policies which seek to reduce everyone into servants of foreigners, why not support the small businesses and those struggling local firms which stood by the people through thick and thin. Hanzi ndine shamwari dzine mari…kovakadini kukupa mari yacho for the past four years, unoti vanhu vaizoshaya mvura mutown kana ma pot holes maidaro makagadzirisaka. The truth is that there is no money your so-called freinds are actually reeling under the Eurocrisis and US has a public debt of 18trillion over USD50000 per capita for those who care to know. Varikuda kutorarama nezvemuno

  46. Zanu ngeye ropa,your just fooling yourself you guys .muchasura kuti bhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  47. Why dnt yu complain abt zbc,herald n sunday mail,,???wakamboona these 3 vachipublisher anythng nyc abt mdc-t or vanongovatsvagira mhosva!ska usarwadziwe!

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    Hezvoko ,muchamama gore rino

  49. mutirowafanza

    Thank you so much,so much thank you

  50. pandukai mash centrel,bvunzai in ndapanduka zvachose.

  51. @Muza sibanda its mid week most of people are at work

  52. Jembo chembo razvimamira

    Pliz can someone tell mi wat is vote splitting.pliz munhu ngaavotere paanoda hapana chinonzi vote splitting vanhu vezimbabwe kuda kuzzviita vanhu vakadzidza zvenhema netumavoko ivote chete zvekuti ncube ari ega makoni ega tswangirai ega mugabe ega zvinebasa rei anodikwa ndiye kungozvisevenza kwakanaka hautamburi unoda kuimproiwa nani.

  53. kuwanda ndokuvhota here,nyangwe vakaita vashoma ku bindura asi mosangana muballot box

    1. taura hako tembo.ngavabvunze imwe mbavha inonzi tendai savanhu ku mbare.bhora musango mbavha dze zpf.tosangana paku kanzura.

  54. Save kana vapinda paNyanga Newsday tichaita State newspaper.

  55. tichaona tanyanyiwa

    ukonekuko ngatichinje maitiro vot fr MDC-T

  56. Musacheuke muridzo Save. Tapinda tapinda, gore rino zanu mapfidza. Munodei vezanu pano endai munoverenga herald uko.

    1. Thank you for job well done newsday . This is great staff . Please also cover Zanu Pf MEETINGS so that they will notice a difference their paper THE HERALD and NEWSDAY , PAPER OF THE MOMENT . Once again thank newsday and all the guys behind this paper . Save soilder on we are very much behind you …………..

  57. What I like about MDC T rallies is that people attend willingly unlike ZANU which force marches pple to rallies. MDCT for life.


  59. ndozvavanoita vanhu vemdc t vanotuta van hu veharare voti pangapane vanhu iyo iri nyika yose zvino munonyebera ani muchashamiswa zanu yakapenga ndadziidza

    1. dzvombi wakasara.wake up ugeze ku face.most buses were hired on friday for your dead zpf manifesto.can you tell me why?stop busing people vazviendere vega so that you will see kuti they are true zpf or not.otherwise taitoda free gig yana sulu na jah prayza not zpf rubbish.

  60. @Goto,Newsday is for the voiceles, if you want your Zanu puffery, read Zanu herald, zanu bc, Zanu chronicle,or go to the heroes acre/ache or shut up. Moreover newsday gives your Zanu a platform, the only problem is you will never understand what they say, imperilism, Obama, Tsvangirai,Ncube. You jave been given the platform,look you are complaning or contributing, who shut you out. Otherwise keep your silence.

  61. Freedom train is going around the country, come July 31st. MDC-T Reps ngavarindire mavotes avanhu. MDC-T must protect people’s votes from tampering by the Israeli company.
    So the ZRP recruitment exercise was meant to prop-up the votes? In any event there is no way ZRP number is 60,000.

    The payroll should be checked, excluding reservists who are part-timers without permanent employment contract with the ZRP.

  62. Thank you newsday Ztv shut us

    kuti newsday ndokuti newspaper.well done Trevor Ncube and Company

  63. Zanu Pf is not going to win the forthcoming election but after winning MDC T don’t forget the contribution made to you and people of Zimbabwe in general.Let this newspaper continue its critical role of giving people real news in the new coming Zimbabwe after this year 31 July.

  64. there might be a one party state in Zimb very soon

  65. mabhunu muchapera

    honayi macomrades makaitanharo pandakati maelection ngaambomira. MDC taifunga kuti vacharamwa. Vamugabe taakuzodyiwa manje. please taurayi nemacourts so that elections are postponed further may be to end of october. ZANU woyeeeeee.

  66. Mangwende we Zimbabwe

    Aaa! ini ndanyarara pari zvino because dzimwe hasha dzandiri kuverenga nemamwe mashoko anonyadzisira hazvisi zvinoita vanhu vane mbiri yekufunda mu Africa. I can see political violence in writing. Please pause and learn to love each other.

  67. Why must one vote for a candidate who is not going to last for the term. Who is this mugabe boy to defy the will of the people by seeking to be elected when he knows very well that he about to die. He wants to smuggle another dictator into the position

  68. you are correct manginde, tsvangirai will one of the days run out of ideas just like robert has. however it is good that he is doing something now which people are asking him to do. i like him for that. the day he will run out of the ideas we the people will tell him to step down and i know he will not like our dad robert who does not want to listen to us.

  69. Multi-media,our cry for decades. Thank you for job well done Newsday.Proper reporting.Those that come here and start to complain are missing it.I hear some of our friends here are making suggestions to the effect that after 31 July 2013 Zimb will have a new administration led by Dr Richard and that the paper should be rewarded by making it the new state mouth piece.To reward the paper yes,but no to making it into Herald/Chronicle thing that has made us foreigners on our soils.These papers must compete to report on virtually anything particularly on Zimbabwe.Once more well done Newsday,thank you Studio 7 and SW radio Africa.

  70. thank u newsday , tipeiwo ma photos akawanda boyz , ini ndatononokerwa nekuno voter ini , handiende kumisangano bt i know peku votera , for my future

  71. newsdayday ndizvo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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