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Karateka hubby abused by wife


A HARARE woman, Merit Chitekero, accused of bashing her husband Farai Munyoro, yesterday turned the tables against her spouse and told the court it was him who physically abused her.

Report by Feluna Nleya

The woman even produced her husband’s karate certificate in court to prove her claims.

Munyoro had approached the Civil Court seeking a protection order against his alleged abusive wife Chitekero.

“I am seeking for a protection order because my wife is always insulting me and abusive,” Munyoro said.

“When I was going to serve her with the papers last night to come to court, I went in the company of a police officer, but still she insulted me. This abuse started long back whilst we used to stay in Marlborough until we moved to Kuwadzana, but she still beats me up.”

But Chitekero said she did not see the reason why Munyoro should be granted a protection order as he was the one who abused her as he had a karate certificate which she produced in court.

“I do not abuse him or assault him, instead he is the one who abuses me,” Chitekero said. “I have been protecting my marriage while not saying anything about his abusive nature. How do I beat up someone with a karate certificate? He has a karate certificate, so how do I fight someone who has that? He is the one who is abusive as he hid the baby clinic cards only for me to find them yesterday when I was cleaning the house.”

When magistrate Tatenda Manhanzva asked whether she would oppose the granting of the peace order to her husband, Chitekero retorted before walking out of the courtroom: “Let him be given the protection order, I don’t mind, then we start from there because he thinks he is cleverer than me. I will deal with him in my own way, there are many ways to deal with him besides applying for a protection order.”

Munyoro was granted the order he sought.

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