Junta takes over polls: MDC-T

THE MDC-T yesterday claimed the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) had lost control of the elections to State security agents as it emerged uniformed forces were, at some centres, still casting their ballots as special voters by early yesterday, several hours after the cut-off time, in violation of electoral laws.


Addressing a Press conference in Harare, MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti said his party would make a High Court application to contest the outcome and approach Sadc citing a litany of electoral violations.

Biti absolved Zec chairperson Justice Rita Makarau and some of the commissioners of wrongdoing, but castigated some members of the secretariat whom he said were
disregarding directives handed down to them.

“There is a total disconnect between Zec and their officers on the ground. Unknown elements have literally taken over the show. They (Zec officials) are now taking instructions direct from the junta,” he said.

However, Biti did not produce evidence of how the alleged junta had taken over.

Biti’s comments were echoed by MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, who told party supporters at a campaign rally at Mutora business centre in Gokwe that Zec had deliberately bungled the special voting to rig the polls.

“They failed to handle 80 000 voters in two days — how can they be expected to handle six million voters in one day, on July 31?” Tsvangirai queried.

He said failure by Zec was not by coincidence, but was planned.

He said artificial shortages of special voting ballots had been created after Zanu PF had realised that the police whom they had thought would vote for them were actually going to vote for the MDC-T.

“They want to steal the elections through the special ballot vote. They had all the 80 000 ballots, but what their intelligence told them was that the police also wanted change. They then created an artificial shortage and only released 5 000 special envelopes,” he said.

Tsvangirai also accused Zanu PF of bussing its youths to vote as police officers at the Mount Pleasant Hall polling station.

In Harare, Biti challenged Zec to explain what legal instruments they had used to extend the special voting period beyond its scheduled cut-off time.

“The continuation of special voting is a clear breach of the law, which we are going to challenge in court. According to Section 81 part 14 of the Electoral Law, the process should have ended by 7pm on Monday, but uniformed forces are still voting as we speak,” he said, adding that they would file their application before the end of the day yesterday.

At Town House in Harare, members of the uniformed forces were still milling around at around mid-morning yesterday and only dispersed at 12:20pm after they were told to go back to their stations.
One police officer told NewsDay: “Yes, we were still voting by 5am (yesterday). We are under clear instructions that we have to vote before returning to work,” she said.

Biti cited cases in which Zec officials were allegedly reduced to bystanders.

“In Midlands, an officer-in-charge of one police station ended up as the presiding officer . . . In Mabvuku, the voters’ roll was completely disregarded as uniformed forces were only asked to produce their force numbers . . . In Manicaland, MDC-T polling agents were chased away,” he said, adding that Zanu PF was now panicking after realising that their ploy to intimidate uniformed forces members by forcing them to vote in their bosses’ presence had hit a brick wall.

Meanwhile, Zec yesterday admitted the process had turned chaotic, adding the commission had decided to get those that had failed to cast their ballots to vote together with the rest of the electorate on July 31.

“. . . a substantial number of members of the disciplined forces and electoral officers of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission were unable to cast votes because their ballot papers did not reach their special voting centres before the close of special polling or at all,” the statement read.

“The Zimbabwe Election Commission will, therefore, ensure that all persons who were deprived of the opportunity to vote between 14 and 15 July 2013 will be able to vote on 31 July 2013 when the rest of the electorate votes.

“To this end, only the names of those who actually cast ballots during the special vote will be deleted from the ward voters’ rolls that will be used for polling on 31 July 2013.

“Lists of those officers who voted on 14 and 15 July 2013 and those who failed to cast their ballots will lie open for public inspection at the offices of the Chief Elections Officer.

“The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission sincerely regrets the inconvenience caused to members of the disciplined forces and of the Commission itself, to political parties and to the nation at large.”

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said the police were yet to establish how many of their members had voted.

“We will issue a statement soon as we are still consolidating information from throughout the country,” she said.

On Monday, police sought to blame the MDC-T for the chaos that characterised the special voting process.

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  1. Zvakaoma.Saka MDC muri kufunga kuita sei.These elections should be stopped.We heading nowhere guys.
    ZEC please give us a break.We have lost faith in you.
    Kusvika rini tichitambura nhai weduweee.

    1. If police want change whats wrong with letting them vote.pasi nenyonga nyonga

    2. Nyonganyonga yose ndi Biti. Duzvi remunhu

  2. Biti can say anything and believe him at your own peril or rather idiocy?. visit Team zanu pf 2013 face book ppage for more details.

    1. Don’t need to see zpf lies on facebook have been feed that old propaganda for 33yrs and have had enough lies from zpf. Team zpf have been given a RED CARD so get with the programme Mr “Reason”!

  3. What will happen to those who are going to fail to vote on the 31st of July????? Extend the period by 2 days for justice. we need justice. Not unjust peace

  4. When Tsvangirai said ‘We are not ready for elections’ he was not fearing defeat, he was just being reasonable a quality most of us lack.

    1. True. You are very reasonable.

    2. @Maunza-Of course you are dead right if there is proof that we are not likely to be ready for 31st July then here it is. Dont go far to find the source of this malady, it is these so-called analysts who think they have answers for everything under the sun and when the effluent hits the fan they are nowhere to be seen. Some people say there is nothing like an educated fool (and this is no oxymoron)..Now they misled the management at ZANU that all was hunkydory putting unnecessary pressure on ZEC to prove a point..You see the difference between a wise man and a fool is that while the wiseman thinks himself a fool and tries everything to improve his lot the fool thinks he is wise and continues to dig a pit for himself. As I have said in the past these so-called professors have been the cause of an otherwise vibrant ZANU with their idiotic experiments! If these professor idiots (again not oxymoron) are put to pasture immediately ZEC can still do it..it is just that they can not do much with distractions from this motley bunch. I have faith in Justice Nikurawu, all she needs is tell these medlar imbeciles to BACK OFF and mean it this time!

    3. KIKIKII Tsvagirai REASONING, even robots have better programs, kikiki wandipedza.

  5. Zec says they will delete the names of those who voted, who knows that all the names will be deleted. This might be another rigging strategy where some people will vote twice.

  6. Wait so if the police are goin to vote on the 31st who is goin to be manning the polling stations because that was the reason for the early voting isnt t??

  7. Junta taking control of the polling station, already something is wrong here, the whole process must be disregarded, we must all wet and vote on 31 july 2013

  8. there you are, now you are doubting ZEC’s credibility but you secretly joined hands with chief vampire in appointing makarau. never trust a vampire, people from matabeleland have never supported him and tsvangirai foolishly showered him with praises.

  9. MDC tabirirwaka.Do we have in place mechanisms to ensure that those who voted surely will not be able to cast a second vote?Isu tichaparara zvedu nekutambura

    1. Dont worry Nathaniel, pavachavhota pechipiri ndipo pavachavhotera pavanoda chaipo chaipo vobva vaita cancel the previous vote yavamanikidzirwa kuita

  10. Makarau and the other commisioners must come out clean that there are nolonger in control of this whole charade and leave the zanu agent kazembe to run the show least they soil their good names.

  11. I agree that at Mt Pleasant, quite a number of youths with blood dripping, straight from a zuda shave and oversized police uniform were moving around Bond shops. Also, police officers were voting at Mt Pleasant Hall yesterday around 0700hrs. ZUPCO buses were parked at Bond shopping centre and a police bus loaded with blankets among the ZUPCO buses. I thought voting was to end 2400hrs Monday.

    1. it’s the Zanu PF way of doing things. they bussed-in people to their Marondera “STAR RALLY” from Harare and surroundinong areas sending the wrong impression to the Oldman and the rest of the world that they have a great following. Come 31 July the oldman and friends will be surprised by deception played on them by these people they force to their gatherings.

  12. Monyanyoda kugwirana kutonga nyika yamusina kugwira

  13. cameon biti you are a lawyer ,your case lacks merit and u have not produced any evidence to show that the junta has taken control,thse are mere allegations ,and u no every well dat at law such actions need to be corroborated……mdc kumusha……..zec regaiite basa….mazikwara…..bhora mugedhe

  14. Black crow….Zimbabwe demographics are such that at the end of the day you will have to vote for Tsvangirayi or Mugabe or not vote at all in which case you will have no moral right to complain of anything going wrong in the county’s gorvenance. Please don’t let some over ambitius politicians take you for a ride.

  15. To: The Honourable Prime Minister, M R Tsvangirai (Incoming President of the Republic of Zimbabwe)
    : Honourable T Biti

    I humbly ask that your options for this election be carefully calculated, Its sad our respectable courts seems to be tied or have little to change the scenario but our last hope is SADC. The message i beg you take to SADC is : They should just say to Chinamasa and the old man, yes you respected your own courts (concourt) so go ahead with the election but then as sadc they should not certify the election as legitimate. Let the concourt legitimise this election then. All these election remember should be premised ffrom the GPA without the GPA, There is no president of Zimbabwe.

    So go ahead Save go ahead TB we almost there. imagine the big man attending birthday when all others are busy campaining! is he serious with election nway? no!

  16. Manje if u think of another Gnu , u are worsting yo time. Biti wakaba mari yakabva ku imf. Uri kutya. Zec is allowed to extend voting hours if voters ar stil queing.

    1. Voting does not to spill into another day. It must stop at 12 midnight. That is the constitution. Asi hauna kuenda kuchikoro. Verenga constitution ne electoral law.Haasi maprimary elections eZANU aya.These are serious issues.

      1. taura zvako iwe ndochakwadi zanu inoda kshandisa umbavha hwyakaita pamaprimary elections

  17. Before 31 july,all political parties should ensure that the number of special votes directed to Police,army,prison and other diplomatic members should correspond with what is on hand.Unused ballot papers should be accounted and list of those who voted must be presented.

  18. MDC yaakutokwata kudhara hapana rigging apa kurohwa feya feya guys. Reading from the recent events (the jubilations and cheering when Bob steps on the scene at zpf star rallies people love their revolutionary leader and MDC is history mungazviramba zvenyu machinja asi ndozviripo.

    By the way why are people getting so ecstatic and jubilant when Bob step on the scene at his star rallies yet we made to believe that people hate this man and are being forced to attend….food for thought

    1. That will be dertemined by the Vote on the 31st dony count yr chickens b4 they eggs are hatched .

  19. Tendai Chaminuka

    Stop confusing the electorate by trying to make excuses for your imminent defeat.Court the electorate not spend time chiding them.Surely how can a Prime Minister use a derogatory street word to belittle am important sector of the state.Ndindamubata.

  20. musharukwa wekanyi

    Ths z a vry sad devlpmnt…but guys do any one still remembers …th most learned Proff…LUV MO MADHUKU urging us to VOTE NO?wht dd ppl say….makati Madhuku atanga..anopenga…is atribalistic….all sorts of names…now if I may ask…WHT HAS CHANGED?as long as ZNF nd sekuru ar in power then forget abt change..coz junta beniffted frm hondo yeminda,now hondo yenzara..but thy do not care coz zvovo zvirikufamba…ths is why I voted NO PAREFFERENDUM….MY SUGGESTION THOUGH VERY LATE…..if only we voted NO…then the powers tht b wld now know tht vanhu vaneta uye havachada..but hey guys..too late too little….shame maZimboh…

    1. @Musharukwa- Well I hope with time you will come down from the mountain seeing it beginning to get dark and it looks like it is going to rain. If we had voted No what would have happened?..we voted NO in 1999 and your NCA then later said with hindsight they should have campaigned for a Yes vote..now we voted Yes you are telling us we should have voted NO…what other mysterious riddles have you in store for us..?.Look no further for the reason why you removed your idiotic seves out of the equation than the fact that you do not know what you WANT and your boss has welded himself to a project which he does not own but for some strange reason only HE knows he believes he does..

  21. I smell a rat madoda. Are we saying the officers who failed to vote are going to literally abandon polling stations where they are providing security and travel to constituencies where they are registered to vote ! Is this practicable ? With this cocktail of conundrams, another GNU is in the offing !

    1. @mental gymnastics- mental gymnastics indeed! Interesting post this! I suppose they could be the first ones to vote in those centres where they are registered and they can carry out their duties at the same polling station.

  22. musharukwa wakadhakwa kutadza kurimafodya kana mbatatisi zvadzo kana kuitawo kasmall business sevamwe kondivoka vazadza mota muharare takatarisa. Zvekumirira bhasa kuti vachadzo kubva UK vozondikupinza basa unovuraya vana nezhara. For your own information the west is also struggling with rising unemployment, just last week THE PENTAGON sent away 650000people back home saka musanyeperwe kuti the good friends will bring money vatoriwo patyt. Its now a fact that the capitalist model has failed hence economic crisis in the Eurozone and the States as well

  23. rega tione kuti tinosvika kupi

  24. MDC is up for rude awakening mirai muone.

  25. Whr is th evidence of vote rigging nhai biti!matangaka.lets g fr elections period.

    1. Zec has confessed that things were not orderly so wat are u talking abt ,,,,,, read newspapers firts and be updated b4 u comment.

  26. It is obvious that Rita Makarau is a ceremonial operative who has virtually no power over ZEC. It is distinctly possible that she could resign, or be forced to resign rather, any time before 31/0713, giving full control to the chaos faction that is driving Mugabe, the State and everything else in Zim. Hamuna chamati maona!


    DISREGARD ALL THESE VOTES (14/15 JULY). AND LET EVERYONE JOIN THE SOME LINE ON WED 31 JULY zec. Fairness Period. Some of us are going to travel 573km to cast my vote considering 7am to 7pm I will get to a polling center. AFTER OR BEFORE GOING TO WORK UNOVHOTA. NO TO RIGGING AND COMPLICATING OUR NATIONAL VOTE. THANKS

    1. but the pooling officers did not vote as they were not recruited whats special about these Zanu Pf security guards?

  28. I would expect Biti and company to be excited by the fact that not all policemen managed to excise their democratic right to vote. After all you have been disputing the numbers from the word go, how is t then you are crying foul?

    1. Because if they did not vote Where are the 69000 Ballot Papers????

  29. A lie repeated endlessly fools the gullible & to them becomes gospel truth eg 1) “MDC invited” sanctions ruined our economy 2) Tsvangirai doesn’t want rushed elections bcoz he is afraid of losing 3) MDC caused the chaos in special vote the list is endless. This is precisely y Zanu fears Media reforms.

    1. Unorwa pfungwa Go to Ngomahuru/Ingutcheni for tablets Gava

    2. WHO INVITED SANCTIONS BE HONEST gava? Gava which economy was ruined you Can you talk about sanctions une USD muhomwe reScud. Asi waitishungurudzawo here Gava.
      THE PEACE YOU ARE NOW PREACHING TODAY IRONICALLY CAME THROUGH THESE “TARGETED SANCTIONS” on you THUGS. Thanks for sanctioning we now enjoy peace in our home and streets today THANX EU

  30. My fellow zanu pf supporters lets not support the irregularities by zec.hamuoni here kuti dats hw we chase away potential repenterz from other parties.if smthin z wrong its wrong.tikasupporter it becomes suspicious.every party shld show dat it was affected.thats hw we build a non corrupt and focused zimbabwe.we need to be honesty to teach honesty.thats patriotism.lets let every1 have no doub on our cleanliness hence victory.viva Matibili….

  31. My fellow zanu pf supporters lets not support the irregularities by zec.hamuoni here kuti dats hw we chase away potential repenterz from other parties.if smthin z wrong its wrong.tikasupporter it becomes suspicious.every party shld show dat it was affected.thats hw we build a non corrupt and focused zimbabwe.we need to be honesty to teach honesty.thats patriotism.let every1 have no doubt on our cleanliness hence victory.viva Matibili….

  32. whats going to happen after these elections? obviously the main contenders will not agree to defeat………..violence is most likely

    1. If there is Violence we MDC will win. We are more than you and now we know the majority of the Army and Police support us as well

  33. Reason……im gna trash u..u zanu piece of shit.our man Morgan.not your man mhdara moron mugabe

    1. takeiteasy marcaves

      Mozy you are right that is exactly the way you mdct people behaves and talk. Mukasatuka zvenyu hazvirewe chinhu.

  34. In the past special voting was called Postal voting until the new constitution. In the past it was a very good rigging tool as this voting was conducted at camps and barracks. This new shift frustrated the Zanu Pf security guards bosses as they have no chance to influence the voting pattern of their juniors who are getting nothing in terms of returns.

  35. takeiteasy marcaves

    Surely even a drugged person or about to die whose salvation can only be mdct can never be a fool to vote for mdct. Especially the security sector. At their every rally if they dont vomit insults to this sector the rally will not mean anything. Surely how can tsvangirayi say the security forces whom he is using as a campaign tool wants to vote for his party? He recenlty made very questionable statements about the security forces and went further to call police officers vanaNDININDAMUBATA in a very mocking way and expect the same people to vote for him. Well may be there are some in the security forces who are not well in their minds to promote such insults. But the truth is tsvangirayi is trying to hide by the finger when defeated to say that the forces were forced to vote for zanupf knowingly very well that he has messed everything for himself. Mungatonga nyika nekutuka here vakomana? Ingaite nyika here inotongwa nekunzi ida zvandinoda ini chete? Will that be democracy you talk about? Thats why your party is called a project for the western. They told you the word democracy but failed to explain what it means. Now you are bombarding everyone who has a different way of seeing things with you. Is that the democratic change you talk about? Then zimbabweans watchout mukapinza mdct mupower muchazvidemba becoz zvose munofanira kuzofungirwa.

    1. THE PROBLEM IS CHUHURI, CHIWENGA, ZIMHONDI, BONYONGO & SHIRI why giving political comments in uniform. Now Good Officers are on the firing line from PPLE. THANKS TO ZEC we voted freely. BHORA MU…../

  36. Iwe asingatuke ndiani, ndiani aiti PM vakashata, ndiani akati vanhu vemumbare havanamitupo? Security sector is judged by its actions. Vanhu vangani vakauraiwa in 2008 asi hapana kana one ati apinzwa mujeri? CIO nemasoja vauraya vanhu vakawanda kunzi hanzi wasapoterei mdc. Unoti mdc is a prject of the west ko zanu haisi project of the east here. Ndiani anomhanyira kunorapwa ku east panzvimbo yekuenda pa parirenyatwa? Ma chinese are running the country. Vhura meso 33 years uchakavata kudaro. ZBC ndeyemunhu wese wemuzimbabwe kwete zanu chete, same goes for zrp cio ne zdf asi tarira uone vese vakarerekera ku zanu. Ndeipi nyika iri kutongwa nemunhu ane 89 years?? Changamuka nyika yaparara iyi uchamuka nyika pasisina unoendepi nekuti robert anongoenda ku east odya nyika rutivi uchinkwangaya wakamirira zimutsetse kuti utenge chingwa chaicho ndokunge chiripo chingwa chacho.

  37. Vote ZANU PF vakomana nevasikana. Mogidza we you has already forgotten you Jubba paapinda mu GNU. Veduwee njenjeraiwo kani.

  38. Why do u thnk th extension in voting timings was meant for rigging duzvi…… Anyway mese u are confused cockroches nemukwasha wanyu Mogiza. Zimbabwe will neva be a colony again. Vote ZANU PF for peace, prosperity and economic emancipation!

  39. Ladies and gentlemen, it just could be election fever pitch which is now leading to accusations and counter accusations. ZANU says MDC delayed and MDC says ZEC working together with ZANU delayed. Isu vavhoti, we can clearly see that the proclamation of pollin date resulted in battles and some processes where delayed in the process.

    ZEC did not provide time for court challenges which followed the nominations so there were delays due to that. The explanation given by that lady Makarau was very correct. Printing is done by an external company, they do the typsetting and this may take a bit of time. If printing started on Friday for some ballots , there is no way they could have been at the polling station on Sunday.

    Now this led to the chaos which followed, it was not MDC or ZANU but maybe the Suprem Court ruling and resultant proclamation by our dear leader.

    I do sympathise with MDC but I think they are focusing too much on rigging possibility that they may fail to do the real thing: campaigning and getting the electorate to vote for them. Let us examine previous election margins, there is not much separating the MDCs and ZANU so this election will again be marginal. MDC, please spend time with electorate, even do second round rallies in ZANU strongholds. You will wake up with egg on your faces when beated pants down.


    Alex uri dhodi rekupiko nhai ZANU ZANU chii, amai vako kumusha hava kwanise kutengawo bhurukwa rekupfeka chairo. manje come 31 july majembere ako acharohwa ne earthquake chito sano tsvagai kwekuenda kuexile. silly animal

  41. Chinotimba Barwe

    Dont worry pple of ZW, God z on our side. 31 July election- its programmed ZEC vs GOD. Kana utsotsi nekubirira zvichfadza Mwari let it be so. But if God hates it then He shall change their wicked schemes/plots into FOOLISHNESS. May their evil advisors be like Ahitophel in the Bible. Its Zec vs GOD. Thank u lord 4 your intervention. Amen.

    1. Haa iwe don’t mention God’d name in vain please. God is for everyone and his ways are not our ways. Why not pray for peace and prosperity to this nation than to pray kuti a certain person ahwinhe.

  42. I just don’t follow bwedi iri! He fights for people who neglected registering as voters, some since 1980, but does not care that the armed forces should not loose their vote and voice. Double standards at their worst. Its time he started packing his bags from our government offices and head back to Blantre or face jail for abusing the IMF loan funds.

  43. @ Alex- your line is supposed to read “Zimbabwe will never be a Chinese Colony again!”

  44. When in February Professor Welshman Ncube said elections should be held no earlier than 27/09/2013, he was scoffed by some who said he wanted to stay in power by crook. He was later joined by Tendai Biti in his call. Tsvangirai who all along had opted for early elections only started to make a call for September elections in June. All along, he had said elections should be held in May. Tsvangirai, this is really politics, its not Monday cakes u were eating with Mugabe. It now calls for the application of brain power. Vote the Green Machine, Vote Welshman Ncube for President of the Republic of Zimbabwe!

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