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Chikavhu takes a laugh at elections, politics


A HARARE T-shirt social commentator, Bobby Chikavhu has taken a humorous pounce on the current election period in Zimbabwe by releasing his latest “Garments of National Unity” various T-shirts on the elections series.

Tinashe Sibanda

Inspired by the need to serve God than the country, Chikavhu’s T-shirts come with drawings and statements based on current political issues, with a humorous twist in them.

“We all need to play a part in making the country a better place thus to me humour plays a major role in doing that,” he said.

He says, “The mere wearing of someone’s face on our bosoms inspires us to tear each other ‘aparty’ and this is what inspired me to step out of the crowd and come up with these garments that seek to ‘Uknite us in stitches’.”

Chikavhu said his current distribution which was going for $25 for one was just, but the beginning of more humorous T-shirts to come.
He said given the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming elections, this sought to touch the issues that divide people and bring out a sense of humour.

“This seeks to unite us people as we laugh at ourselves about the issue and by wearing our sense of humour on our sleeves enables us to walk the talk of reconciliation through the celebration of our diversity and divergence,” said Chikavhu.

He said through this move, he was aiming at showing the whole world that Zimbabwe was a safe “laugh tourism” destination were people do not get persecuted for merely laughing.

Chikavhu says he strongly believes that laughter is a great healer and that the political leaders are also meant to laugh it off as nothing more than just humour.

He said he was hoping to distribute a lot of the T-shirts throughout the country via his Stitches on T-shirtts Facebook page and website.

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