Voters’ roll in a shambles — Zec

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) yesterday said the voters’ roll is in such a bad state it would need to be cleaned before credible elections could be held.

Report by Wonai Masvingise

Zec chairperson Justice Rita Makarau, addressing editors from various media houses in the capital, also said at least 44 days were required from the day the President proclaims an election to the holding of the polls.

“It is trite that a credible electoral process begins with a credible voters’ roll which is acceptable to all stakeholders. In my view, it should be an easy matter for us to have a credible voters’ roll if we agree on what it should look like beforehand,” Justice Makarau said.

She urged the media to assist in cleaning the voters’ roll by making the public aware of the need to inspect the roll.

“The commission is concerned that the voters’ roll may not be in the shape that it ought to be in before the harmonised elections,” she said.  “In particular, the commission is concerned that people who lawfully registered as voters in a particular ward may have found their names removed from the roll of that ward without their knowledge.”

She added: “It is common cause that a lot has been said about the state of the voters’ roll. Some have alleged that their names have been removed and thereafter replaced on the roll. Some allege that their names have been deleted for various reasons.

“It is on the basis of this grave concern that Zec is calling upon each and every one of the registered voters to inspect the voters’ roll during the 30-day voter registration exercise and bring to our attention any anomalies that they may pick up regarding their registration.”

The Zec boss did not, however, say when the 30-day voter registration exercise would begin, but hinted it could be by the end of this week.

The state of the voters’ roll has been a cause for concern to prospective voters and last month Vice-President Joice Mujuru expressed shock after she found only nine people from her village registered as voters.

Many have also been reported to have found their names removed from the roll without explanation, raising suspicion of election rigging.

The Zec boss said the commission had now received $20 million from Treasury for the voter registration and education exercises and teams of two voter educators per ward would be deployed from today.

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    1. Nyika ino yandikandisa mapfumo pasi…

  1. what do you expect if it was managed by Tobaiwa. By the way at what age does a civil servant retire?

    1. @Chokwadi- Good question..

    2. thanx Rita, thus true. rega tiregiste tivadye nedzungu ravo iroro. Demand the >44 days mari ndeyekuteya pama perdiem once in 5yrs in your ministry

  2. Speech delivered at Sapes Trust, Harare, Tuesday 4 June 2013 by Hon.
    Douglas Mwonzora

    1. Introduction

    The new Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe has made its first constitutional case ruling since the promulgation of the new constitution of Zimbabwe. However, before assenting to the constitution and apparently with this case in mind, President Mugabe swore in two judges to the Supreme Court and ipso facto into the Constitutional Court. The swearing in of the judges immediately before the commencement of the new constitution was clearly designed to avoid the more rigorous and transparent provisions of appointment of judges under the new constitution. It was also designed to pack the new court with what the schemers and think tanks in Zanu PF thought were judges sympathetic to Zanu PF.

    2. Why the case was filed

    The case was clearly sponsored by the chaos faction of Zanu PF to achieve three results. First, it was to force an election in June 2013. Second, it was to enable President Mugabe to singularly set the election date without consulting the Prime Minister as is required by the Global Political Agreement. Third, it was to force elections in Zimbabwe without the necessary reforms. Fourth, it was to avoid the election being in proximity of the UNWTO.
    3. Evaluation of whether the objectives were achieved

    It is apparently clear that the Zanu PF schemers basically failed in their ill-conceived endeavours. The sadistic strategists in Zanu PF wanted an election in June for two reasons. One was to trigger in the minds of the Zimbabwean voter the intimidating memories of the June
    2008 violence and therefore achieve the harvest of fear.

    The second was of course to avoid key reforms, especially the 30 day intensive voter registration exercise from being implemented and the voters roll scrutinized. However, the dates set by the Court, appropriately removes June as an election month.

    Further, with political will and the necessary national and international pressure the reforms are possible in the period given.
    In disqualifying June as an election month, the constitutional court referred to the legal impossibility on account of the necessary pre-election formalities that had to be done.

    In other words, probably without intending it, the constitutional Court acknowledged the necessity of reforms before elections.

    The Constitutional Court created dangerous precedent where the Court could set election dates on behalf of the executive. Instead of simply ordering the President to announce the election date by a particular date, the Court went on to set the period within which the election had to be held. Therefore the Zanu PF strategists inadvertently secured the usurpation of the powers of the President to set election dates. This could not have been their intention.

    It is clear that the Zanu PF strategists did not want elections within the proximity of the UNWTO. However, the attempt by the Constitutional Court to balance the political and the legal effectively puts the election date in relative proximity to the UNWTO. The MDC has always been on record to say that it prefers elections before the UNWTO provided all reforms were completed.

    It appears to have been the hope of the Zanu PF strategists that the Constitutional Court would pronounce that the President could act alone in setting the election dates without having to consult the Prime Minister as is required by the GPA. Tellingly, the Court avoided this question.

    This means that even within the period set by the Court, the President has an obligation to consult the Prime Minister on the election date.
    Further the international community particularly SADC can still influence events in Zimbabwe. Information at hand suggests that there is an extraordinary summit on Zimbabwe on the 9th of June 2013.

    The MDC position is that the issue is not so much on the date of the election. Rather the issue is the conditions under which the elections will be held. Therefore, key reforms that have a bearing on the freeness and fairness of elections have to be implemented first before the actual elections so as to avoid another disputed election in Zimbabwe.

    First, the new constitution provides for a mandatory extensive registration exercise for a period of at least 30 days. That voter registration exercise should be followed by a period of inspection of the voters roll. The money for this exercise has already been secured and therefore the exercise must commence immediately. Because this is a constitutional requirement, it is not bendable.

    Second, media reforms which should result in all contesting and interested parties having reasonably equal and fair access to the state media during the election campaigns as provided in chapter 7 of the new constitution must be implemented first. Because this is constitutional mandate it is not bendable. This reform does not take ages to implement.

    Third, the spectre of violence has bedevilled all Zimbabwean elections since 1980. With this in mind, the new constitution makes it clear that Zimbabweans have a right to elections free from violence.
    Therefore mechanisms to ensure the total eradication of all forms of violence especially state sponsored violence must be put in place before the election. This is not bendable on account of its constitutional justification.

    Fourth, Chapter 11 of our constitution provides for security sector reform. In terms of this chapter, members of the security services must not be partisan in that they should not campaign for or against a political party or cause. They are also obliged to respect and obey the fundamental rights of Zimbabwean people. Further, they should not take part in civilian institutions except in periods of public emergencies. Therefore, a code of conduct, governing the behavior of security services during elections has to be put in place before the elections. As the genes of this provision are the constitution this is not bendable.

    Fifth, key legislation which have a bearing on the elections have to be amended in order to bring them in conformity with constitution.
    These include the Electoral Act, POSA , and AIPPA.

    4. The Legal implications of the Judgement

    Precedent can at law be a double edged sword. In this ruling clearly driven by political considerations the constitutional Court has made pronouncement and precedent that;

    a. It is permissible for any citizen to approach the Constitutional
    Court and assert a right no matter how remotely they are affected by the violation or potential violation. This is now different from the legal position that existed during the determination of the United Parties v Minister of Justice case.

    b. In interpreting constitutional provisions, the court must be
    liberal and lean more in favour of the violated or potentially. In other words, the interpretation favouring the violated will take precedent over that which favours the violator.

    c. All executive decisions or omissions are subject to judicial
    review. This means no executive action or inaction is beyond judicial reproach or enquiry.

    d. Zimbabwe must be brought back to constitutionalism. The state must
    never be allowed to fail to abide by constitutional or legal provisions.

    5. Conclusion

    The MDC’s position that key reforms have to precede the elections is justified by the constitution and the judgement. All these reforms derive from clear constitutional provisions. As the Constitutional Court has ruled, Zimbabwe must never be allowed to ignore any of the provisions of its constitution. Therefore, the constitutional provisions upon which the MDC is basing its calls for reforms to be implemented before elections can be held. For the MDC, the issue is not so much about the date of elections. It is more about the conditions under which the elections are held.

    YES – Together we can complete the change!!

    1. Tichafa Tazvigwira

      Truth. Reforms are the key to undisputed election results. ZANU PF MUST not fear reforms, lest they will expose themselves for what they are in the eyes of voters.

    2. Obey Marashwa

      Constitution is one of the reforms so it should not be implemented alone without its allies, i.e. media & military. anyway, thanx to Zec Boss, Rita on her concern about us Zimbabweans. Everyone go and register zvipere pachanzapo naMorgen toenda kure

    3. History has an unfortunate penchance of repeating itself. My simple advice to Zec and all the players in the GPA is to repeat what we did in 1980. We were then crying for “one man one vote”,remember? So its simple to just do away with this issue of the voters roll that is always in shambles and allow all zimbabweans over 18 years to vote in what ever ward or constituency they so wish just like we did 33 years ago as those elections, just like the upcoming ones are watershed elections ushering in a new democratic dispensation in our beloved Zimbabwe. There should be no problems now as there were no problems then. The indelible ink will prevent double voting and this can also prevent long unnecessary queues as people will be voting nearer ther homes and work places. It will also eliminate voter apathy and the voting can be done in one day thereby reducing costs. Think about this everyone and lets lobby for this.

      1. Taura hako Jangora! Ngativhote sezvatakaita muna 1980. Tinotyei kana zvirizvo zvakatitoresa nyika. Ko ivo vana cde Chinamasa ngavapinzeka nyaya iyi kumusoro ikoko tione kuti vana Mr MWONZORA vanoiramba here.

      2. Good point. Ngumbono omuhle lowo Ndoda

      3. Jongora,Good point, ngumbono omuhle lowo ndoda.

  3. That’s why they want to rush for elections without reforms. Those on Facebook pliz like Baba Jukwa’s page and find the truth about the evils of ZANU PF.


  5. Who is responsible for the voter’s roll shambolic state?
    Why can’t that be corrected? These questions are crying out for answers.

    1. Mr Mudede. He is in charge for the first election under the new constitution.

  6. Kanti vele ngu mkabani yena lo omubi kangaka ingathi ngumthakathi wezigodo.

  7. Coalition of all parties is the only way to go unger these circumstances.MDCs ,MKD, ZAPU, must field one presidential candidate.The rest will be history.


  9. madzimba chengeta

    hey good people ..have you noticed how Mugabe and Makarau look alike!!!

  10. La Mashona ayamangaza, they keep on saying voter’s roll is in bad state. Why are they not cleaning it?. Shonaz messed it up just to keep their living God in the Office, so plz shut up and do the right thing.

    1. mhata yamai vako wazvinzwa. mai vanosvirisa iwe wakatungidza mwenje. mukosho wasekuru vako uzere matuvhi. kusviba sepasi pejende rababa vako. mbuya vanogera choya neslasher. Pfutseki

    2. @ yenja ukatituka tinodzokorodza gukukurahundi and be careful

    3. You are nothing but jus a dickhead

    4. Haunyari kutaura ngezveMashona vamwe tiri kutaura ngezve way forward neZimbabwe? Wakafonyorwa musoro ngemDziti!

  11. Voters roll yekwenyu yakamira sei Nja?Nyaya yemaShona yapinda papi uye tiudze kuti madzitateguru ako ndiani? Ini ndiri Musena ,saka handituke hama dzangu dzeku Moza.Nekuti werudzi rwangu varoorana zvino nemarudzi ose muZimbabwe tangova hama tose ,uye hakuchina chaiye angati haana ropa rechikaranga,ndau,zezuru,ndebele,kalanga,tonga,manyika,namamwe ose marudzi.Mukoma wangu akaroora mundewere,nevamwevo vakawanda.Mzilikazi naLobengula vaipamba mamwe marudzi,pavakasvika muno,vakapamba chaizvo mashona,vakadzi,vana vechidiki vaizoitwa mauto nemadzimai.Saka tinoona kuti nhasi vazhinji vanozviti mandewere asi vari mashona.Verudzi rwenguni or mazulu chaivo muno vashoma ,vamwe vacho ndivana Khumalo,avo vanoremekedza mamwe marudzi, uye vazhinji vavo havapapariki.Saka ive uri ani ,vakabva nepi haungadai une ropa reshona here?

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  15. Nkunzi yeNja this is not about Shona people,the system of zanu pf .this are devils banosila we have 2 vote them out 4 the future of our kids

  16. A leopard will never change its sport. As a person who doesn’t understand Shona language, I assume that I’m being insulted here. Anyhow mina I suffered a lot under the leadership of Shonaz and insults won’t destroy me but will make me strong. Mthwakazi people please wake up and vote for the Green Party. Ngyazazi mina ukuthi ngingubani ngiphumaphi nemvelaphi yami so ma blood is pure Ndebele and I will never marry a Shona woman because ngiyawanyanya

  17. Jabulanikulekani

    what do you get from insulting shonas yourself. will that change gukurahundi Grow up Nkunzi yeNja

  18. regional politics has no place in a new Zimbabwe and tribalism won’t help us.maNdebele namaShona we are all Zimbabweans let us be 2gether on this support each other masibambaneni madoda let’s fight 2gether we will win

  19. mundex uyu ngaakure mhani. Grudges don’t build a nation.don’t waste time muchizviti muchatitonga,u wish. Haikona kutanga tribalism dzinokupai stress.

  20. Lord have mercy on us so that one good day we, Shonas and Ndebeles will all accept that we are his people and that where Zimbabwe is concerned, we are one family.

  21. wotiwo mari hatina. Dare richitiwo july. Makarau wati voter’s roll matoto.

    Varume vakuru nevakadzi vakuru hamunyare? Kana muchitadza kuwirirana izvi, ko mozodii kana motonga?

    Vavakidzani vanongoti, hesvu!


  23. Wena Nkunzi yeNja…if you don’t understand Shona then how’d you know that geja was asking if you really are completely Ndebele and how’d you know that he brought up the issue of Shonas and Ndebeles marrying? You couldn’t possibly have just guessed that he was talking about this and just happened to respond to his questions, could you? Anyway, fact is whether or not an individual is Shona or Ndebele, that’s got nothing to do with the subject of this article. Let’s stick to that and talk about this tribalism some other time.

  24. Come elections, the whole of Mthwakazi will be painted GREEN. Sizoziphatha manje, sithi aziibuye emasisweni. Sibuyele emasikweni ethu ababethi bayawabulala bahluleka oNtaba kayikhonjwa laba.YITHINA ABANTU THINA ZIZWE SIKA MZILIKAZI KAMASHOBANA

  25. unoziva iwe nja unodakurohwa chete!

  26. Nja… Uzokhala. You are not being fair. Plz just try and grow up

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