Police back Mugabe

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police has once again openly declared allegiance to President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party.

Report by Feluna Nleya

Police recruits who graduated last Thursday wished the 89-year-old leader a “resounding success” in the forthcoming elections.

Mugabe was the reviewing officer at the pass-out parade at Morris Depot where 546 police trainees who underwent six-month training graduated.

Mugabe was pampered with praises by the recruits.

“We celebrate your life and leadership as you are the practical definition of a revolutionary cadre — one who sacrificed his life, works hard for the nation in the midst of significant risks and you are self-dedicated. You were motivated not by petty concerns and self-interest, but by a vision of our peaceful desire,” the recruits choreographed in one of their major parades.

“Your call for pan-Africanism should invigorate other African leaders to be united and support each other for the development of the entire continent. Your Excellency, we appreciate the peace and tranquil environment that prevailed during the constitutional referendum. It was in compliance with your call for total peace.
Your Excellency, we take this opportunity to wish you resounding success in these imminent harmonised elections.”

The cycle patrol unit then took over the show performing a drama in which two fighters, donning United States and British flags were up against another one purporting to be Mugabe. In the drama, Mugabe puts up a spirited fight before a sympathiser, Russia, comes in to assist and they defeat the Westerners.

After the victory, “children”, depicting Zimbabweans, are served with milk, an indication that locals are having milk and honey — enjoying the fruits of Mugabe’s sacrifice.

Throughout the proceedings, ushers serving distinguished guests were dressed in Zanu PF regalia, making it difficult to distinguish a police passout parade and a campaign rally for the former sole ruling party.

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  1. Nyasha muziti

    Thats why yu move around with torn shoes torn uniform en yu call ths a celebration i guess thats why yu r always abused in camps and oarkward contributions.

    1. Murambahundi Gukuratsvina

      ‘Oarkward contributions?’ Wat dat?

  2. no i dont…

  3. The grand coalition of Zimbabwe Parties will romp to victory,come election day

    1. no matter how many coalitions you wish, it will always fail the same way Raila Odinga failed in Kenya, the very friend of mr. Tvsangirai!

      1. tsvangirai will win next election; even without a coalition,mark my words.

      2. Not this time around my dear sorry, Cde Gora.

      3. What does Gora mean? That is why you chose that name nokuti you are aGORA Short brains brainwashed and never see that everyday is new keep on keeping in 1980 and back

      4. Kenya yapinda papi apa? Chihuri abusing office!!! last kicks of a dying horse!!!!

  4. The ZRP is was and will be always supported by ZANU-PF. So whats wrong with ZRP officers commiting themselves to the President?

    1. you can say that again…

    2. Gora, are you genuinely ignorant or just arrogant? What is wrong, Gora is that it is not just Zanu P.F. supporters who pay taxes. Therefore, the people whose salaries we pay are suppose to serve all irrespective of political affiliation.

  5. In our ranks we do not have secret support! We do it publicly so that you may know our position, is that clear?

  6. No all police officers support ZANU PF maybe the Chief Superintendents and all above that rank because they were given good cars and a good salary package of nearly $1000 a month!!!

    1. shut up u call that a good salary i call it peanuts

  7. please vote mdc if u dont want mistreatment from the police

  8. lets vote for our liberators. mistakes were made but lessons were also learnt. one more time for President R.G Mugabe please. Look at Tsvangirai and Biti, what do you think? vangafambise Zimbabwe nemahumbwe avo ivava? hameno…

  9. Let us go and register to vote. If you want to have a non-partisan police force know who you are going to vote for.

  10. Brian Chikwati

    I just do not know what will be off the ZANU PF Police when ZANU loose as it is definitely going to l.Morning police prayers daily are that ZANU must win.There are officers whose role ios to design support songs and whatever anticipating ZANU to win. That is history.ZANU if finioshed, and its not going to be supprise.Senior officer are preparing to move out off their offices with all the property in the office. Same.


    1. Simweena Bantu

      Wakadhakwa shuwa drunkard


  13. I watched this event on SABC News and it looked like North Korea!!!

    1. correction. sentimentalization by the media makes it look like North Korea

  14. Morgan is More

    Kedo kwana iwe
    , wts wrong wth u, haugute kunyarwa wakaita sei, nyaya yyako inebasa rei . Utikwanire kushata kunge robert arikudya lemon

  15. The boys and girls joining police and army today are our children who are desperate for jobs.Look at the majority of them,from very poor family backgrouds.What else can they do besides being made to recite whatever nonsence the criminals will tell them during training.Failure to obey will result in one being sacked if not killed.

  16. Go to hell machinja namorgay wenyu tsvangirayi anotonga nyika anoigona hoyo chose chinhu kubvunza zvake zvaanoziva mumusoro zero ndinofunga chero kukwira mukadzi akatobvunza kuti zvinoitwa sei ndambomusupporter bt e.e idofo zvaro ndakufamba nabob gushungo wofe voteeee zanuuuu pffff nyika ndeyedu musanyeperwe kedo famba nebhora

    1. Jongwe ngariuraiwe iro

  17. It was just a way of praising Mugabe by the instructors so that they get immediately promoted like what they did in 2008. You may think these recruits are now Zanu pf, bt allas, that’s not the case. Mupanduki mupanduki chete. If Mdc-T makes sure Postal voting by Police is free & fair, Zanu will sing the blues. Inenge iri ‘bhora musango’ left, right, front, rear & centre.

  18. Go to hell machinja namorgay wenyu tsvangirayi anotonga nyika anoigona hoyo chose chinhu kubvunza zvake zvaanoziva mumusoro zero ndinofunga chero kukwira mukadzi akatobvunza kuti zvinoitwa sei ndambomusupporter bt e.e idofo zvaro ndakufamba nabob gushungo woye voteeee zanuuuu pffff nyika ndeyedu musanyeperwe kedo famba nebhora

  19. Go to hell machinja namorgay wenyu tsvangirayi anotonga nyika anoigona hoyo chose chinhu kubvunza zvake zvaanoziva mumusoro zero ndinofunga chero kukwira mukadzi akatobvunza kuti zvinoitwa sei ndambomusupporter bt e.e idofo zvaro ndakufamba nabob gushungo woye voteeee zanuuuu pffff nyika ndeyedu musanyeperwe kedo famba nebhora baba chatunga bhora mugedhi

  20. Most of the industrial companies have closed and the only viable employer is now ZRP .What about those graduating from vocational training colleges and universities who is going to employ them?Some train for six months and get employed by ZRP.I hope those who train for four or more years are qualified to be employed outside Zimbabwe.Sorry kwazvo.


  22. Bob zimbabwe ndeyedu finish yo job which were left by our forefathers VOTE ZANU PF pasi neROkukopa iri MORGAY rokubatsirwa kufunga iri chero Coltart akazvitura everythin sadacc african union botswana dofo

  23. Nyika Ndeyedu

    it’s stupid and irresponsible to play the tribal card, if you truly love your country then please dont go that route. I dont think kedo is Zimbabwean and those who are heating up in anger because of him then you are doing exactly as he wants – to cause tribal/civil conflict and Somthoya is right to say Kedo’s mother must have been shagged by a dog before he was conceived. pamberi ne peaceful Zimbabwe.

  24. Go and like baba Jukwa on facebook.

  25. Baba Jukwa

  26. 31 July 2013 election day, Vote ZANU-PF! Icho!!!

  27. This is utter utter. Cant even get involved in village politicks of Zimsec failures, masquerading as ZRP Officers who learn by rote to sing their master’s praise songs even at this late hour. Remember Roma burning, German disintergrating while Mussolini and Hitler were fiddling as our dear comrade is doing.

    1. For yo info, recruits have 5 O levels including Maths& english


    1. what i konow is that there are alot of christian police officers and these have a conscience. they are doing their jobs and they know what is just.

  29. a normal person will never vote for a 90yr old to rule, country has been taken backwards by 100yrs, carrying water buckets in Harare, trees gone to provide firewood in cities, potholes in 1st street, wot really difference ve zanu brot after independence? lets be serious guys vana need jobs, food on their tables not empty slogans and desperations, wake up, zimbo does not belong to pple who went to war only but to every zimbo.dont they get tired of stealing here vanhu ava?

    1. we are left with no choice otherwise we have to vote for a clueless puppet who runs to neighbours for any slight discomfort and is always whining like a little baby.


  31. Rascism in Mdc-t Bulawayo Province is being spearheaded by Ward 2 chairman Mr Mistopher Ncube at the same time he is beneficiary of white peoples house donations in Robert Sinyoka

  32. The majority of young members of ZRP joined the organisation not because they love the job, but out of desperation [financial doldrums my brother]. They are not career policemen at all and their allegiance to Zanupf is suspect. One way of making a quick buck is by joining ZRP and quickly move to Traffic Branch. Have you ever noticed the life styles of our traffic cops ? Aint it amazing ? The state of our economy is a disgrace. Whilst industries are shutting down, ZRP, ZNA, and ZPS have been recruiting massively. Does this not tell a story!

    In psychology they say human behaviour is complex and unpredictable.

    Note that the recruitment base is flooded with ZANU and MDC sympathisers ! Have you noticed that many youths feature at both ZANU and MDC meetings/rallies. America learnt the hard way that a human being should never ever be trusted. Remember the Wikileaks saga and the recent Snowden case. Your praise singer today is inherently a Judas Iscariot !!!

  33. Chinoziwa ivhu kuti mwana wembewa ari kurwara.
    Apa tirikungoitawo nokuti ndikokunobva nzungu dzatirikurarama nadzo, hakusikudakwedu.
    Tiri tose pachinja. takato fizukawo ne zanu like anyone else. chanza ndizvo.

  34. chiranduchirandu

    ngatiende kunovoter pliz pliz

  35. the president’s father was malawian so technically speaking that oun aint shona so kedo wateva u yelling yu brainwashed too myopic……i hate speaking against leaders bt people like you really piss me off and one more thing this aint about them getting leadership its more about the people they lead zimbabweans need true leaders that have them in mind and at heart not uneducated scoffers who claim to have died and fought in the liberation struggle this is 21st century we need intellectual personel that are man of value with substance and morals to lead and run the country

  36. Guys lets stop shouting Morgan is our next president these uniformed police officers are just like us it’s a programme you know they are being forced but they wont be with them muballot box so reminder Tsvangirai is going to win wthr who likes it or not we are tired nxaaaaaa

  37. Get me right what i said is true Morgan for ever

  38. Aint it amazing that some of the bigwigs in ZANU[PF] were once bigwigs in tyrant Abel Muzorewa’s UANC ? They merely jumped ship when Mzoe’s canoe was sinking !

    The political flip-flopper/chamelion Johnso who used to attack His Excellency left, right and centre is now holier than the rest in ZANU [PF] ! This world ! You aint seen nothing yet.

    Patriotism is relative because people are self centred.

  39. God let your will be done,the people of Zimbabwe hve seen enough,we pray for your intervesion,4gve us Lord,our selfishness hv caused many people to suffer,hv ur way in us AMEN.

  40. Stupid childish police display is an embarrassment. What kind of mentality is this example?

  41. This is hate speech.I have never seen anyone proud of brutalising others…dai Mari vakunzwira ngoni warega kuparara .kana kuti ngavangokuzorodza izvezvi Iwe SATAN

  42. The news (pause) read by (pause) Osc Phambuka.

    Meanwhile, Zanu Pf has lost the erection and that ends (pause) this news bulletin.


  43. The news (pause) read by (pause) Oscer Phambuker.

    Meanwhile, baba jukwa asijiki.And that ends (pause) thie news bulletin



    Read the handwriting on the wall you bloodthirst demon in zanu.Zimbabwe Christians pray this evil and see true prosperity of God. Devil you are a lier,this time haulume

  46. hamawe mapurisa anzwa nekumanikidzwa

    1. ko mapurisa acho anombotambira marii?

  47. go & vote peacefully

  48. yea..zimbabweans..if morgan takes over pliz jus dont do anythng to harm us the police officers especially us whom u see daily in towns n streets..we wil have largely participated in his victory..all that u hear is from the offices of wc some of this guys u never saw on streets coz they either fly or drive…

  49. Free and fair Erection

  50. unopenga Cde Gora ZRP belongs to the whole nation not zanu pf

  51. mapurisa acho anyanya kupusa ,vanombotambira marii?

  52. cde gora,
    mh*ta yemunhu, tsvina chaiyo.

  53. u see here mdc ndiyo ine vanhu vazinji zanu vanhu vairi chete saka svinurai mazanu hakona kurara.isu we are ready for any thing if zanu pf will rpeat zvayakaita ichifunga kuti tichakwata kwete kwete tino imutsa yerudzirumwe

  54. we are seek and tired of what is happening in our country zimbabwe.we are all zimbabweans ,have a say on 31 of july everybody will be free to choose what is good for him or her.z.r.p. Does not belongs to a certain political part; but it only support the current leadership for that moment. Dont blem the zrp. Even tommorrow;if the leader changes you will find zrp firm on the ground supporting that new leadership

  55. Chekai jongwe iro rakurisa

  56. vote pokello for sexual freedom

  57. PLS GOOGLE “”AU ON ZIM ELECTIINS”” now.Seyi MaziChinja asiri kutaura nezvakabva kuAfrica Union nezvuro?Dr Zuma has said ‘”no one can tell Zimbabweans what to do.She said people should choose wheather to follow the rule of law or not.Zimbabwe chooses the earlier.Even after Sadc abused itself by forcing us to do what is legaly wrong,we will comply and make that appeal to the court.
    But its very significant that The biggest and final Authourity on the African Continant has openly voiced its anger for the way Sadc sided with one side on political grounds ignoring the rule of law.
    Still we will prevail.Our constitutional court s ruling is final and thats it.
    If someone thinks is clever in this Sadc grouping and try to impose a regime change agend on Zim,i am sorry.This country is sacred.And our Leadership is sacred.

  58. Tsvangirai our next President.Mugabe has ruled for too long n we suffered for too long under his rule.

  59. In other countries like Zambia u can walk fo 20km without meeting a police bt in u can’t walk 50 metre . What are they fo ?

  60. do not worry about this so called ZRP’s supporting chimugabe or zanuyaora, they forced to do so and want to feed their families like you and me. the only thing is that when you see them on television you are tempted to thing they are zanu PFocho come election day zanuyaora pfocho musango nebhora.

  61. Tsoko dzevahnhu

    Tumadofo twevanhu. Kuri kufarira kabasa ikako kekuswera uchitsva nezuva uchichengeta mwana wevamwe amai. Get away, bvunzai your seniors vagara pabasa and they will tell u kuti mamwe anongori mazita ekunzi baba vari kubasa. Little idiots, pazvakazopasa chirungu through the 4th supplementary exams ndokuti ndoenda kuguta kunotsvaga basa ndokuona marobots kwakunyora tsamba kumusha kuti tazogarika…futseke mhani iwe funga mushe. Iwe uri kugara pai, ko mai vako, ko sekuru vako? Cant u see ivo pavari kugara nezvavari kupfeka nekudya?Wandinyadzisa manhi recruit, chidzokera unotaura chokwadi manje kwete all that they made you memorize and regurgitate……… am watching u……………….

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  63. Machinja munopenga the current president is Mugabe and that will not change even after the coming elections. So on such speciall occasion maida kuti speech yaCommissioner irumbidze Tsvangirai panyaya ipi? Maida kuti vati tinotenda PM Tsvangirai nekuunza maSanctions muzimbabwe, nekumhanyira kwavanoita kuSadcc nekuEurope kunobvunza ikoko nekuti havagone kuzvifungira voga. Uye tinotendazve PM nekukwira kwavanoita vanasikana vavanhu vachivanhumburisa and then dump them uye tinovatendazve nekuramba maElections and to try to defy the ruling of Constitutional court. munopenga.

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