Parties hail Sadc

THE South African Development Community (Sadc) has been
hailed for stamping its foot down and stopping Zanu PF from
stampeding the country into elections without conditions for credible polls.


At a special summit held on Saturday in Maputo, Mozambique, Sadc directed government to go back to the Constitutional Court to ask for an extension from the July 31 deadline it set for elections.

President Robert Mugabe last week unilaterally declared July 31 as the date for harmonised election, sparking an outcry from other political parties.

The two MDC formations in the inclusive government, Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn, Zapu and Zanu Ndonga came together and condemned the move by Mugabe who also unilaterally gazetted amendments to the Electoral Act to realign it to the new Constitution using temporary presidential powers.

In a communiqué, Sadc said: “Summit acknowledged the ruling of the Constitutional Court on the election dates and agreed on the need for the government of Zimbabwe to engage the Constitutional Court to seek more time beyond July 31 deadline for the holding of harmonised elections”

Sadc also said there was need for media reforms, upholding the rule of law and wants its officials to be part of the Joint Monitoring committee as well as the deployment
of observers.

The summit also implored the parties to the GPA to undertake measures to create a conducive environment for the holding of peaceful, credible, free and fair elections.

Reacting to the decision, representatives of parties that were fighting Mugabe over the July 31 election date and political analysts yesterday commended the regional bloc for standing up to Zanu PF.

“The most important thing is there was unanimity among Heads of State that it was wrong for Mugabe to proceed unilaterally against dictates of the GPA to agree for the roadmap and date (of elections),” said Welshman Ncube, president of the MDC, whom MDC-T’s Tendai Biti said  “fought like a bull terrier” in tearing apart Zanu PF’s position at the summit.

“We should have sat down as government in light of the court judgment and comply as government. We hope Zanu PF has learnt that unilateralism doesn’t pay. We told Mugabe clearly to act as President of Zimbabwe and not as first secretary of Zanu PF and it was clear that Sadc implored him to do the same.”

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said his party welcomed the outcome of the summit.

“We think Sadc as a bloc now  understands the Zimbabwean
situation better than before and it is more focused on developments within Zimbabwe than before,” he said.

Mwonzora said Sadc, especially the South African president Jacob Zuma and the rest of the facilitation team, had retained a principled stand on the matter despite a barrage of criticism from “some Zanu PF loose canons”.

“Our argument has never been about dates, but it has always
been about conditions under which elections are held. We require mechanisms to curb violence. There is need for a Code of Conduct for security forces especially governing their conduct during polls, with a penal code which the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission can enforce.

“The need to open up the State media, especially ZBC, to all contesting parties and the need to re-align all the laws with implications on elections, the National Security Act, Posa, Aippa.

“All these can be easily done.  Why we were not able to do them is because of intransigence of Zanu PF and its leader. With political will, they can be done. If I was asked for instance to write the Code of Conduct for the security forces, I would do it in a day.”

MKD leader Simba Makoni said: “We would like to commend   Sadc for remaining seized with the situation in Zimbabwe. The position is in accord with our (coalition) requirements. It reinforces our position. We will be engaging   government so that we can have   elections on an equal footing.”

Efforts to get a comment from Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo were fruitless.


  1. Macon Dickios

    You Kusile Dawn don’t talk nonsense… Equal footing or no equal footing, you are going to lose badly. You are better off rejoining ZANU than being in some sellout coalition.

  2. Zenyatta Mondatta

    Magumo must shut his mouth because we all know he is a secret ZANU project. Him and Mtambara the bullet headed idiot.

  3. i told you on friday . after the SADC meeting we will see who will have the longest last laugh.get arranged you zpf idiots.soverenity yakaenda when you called Mbeki now zuma and lastly when you abandoned your zim kwacha.tiritose mumvura nemumvura

    1. So you are celebrating a 14-day extention (that is if ever its granted)? Which is nearer to 31 July, 14 Aug or 31 October?

      1. kikikikikikikiest!!!!!!!!!!!!! A miss is as good as mile my friend. Its not possible to hold election by the 14th of August. Talk of implementations my boy.

      2. Shallow headed. There is a full report read it instead of spewing your ignorance.

    2. There is nothing to celebrate the SADC meeting endorsed the Concourt Judgement and requested the President through the Justice Minister to seek an extension of time to comply with the courts judgement. However the President who was a respondent in the case has already complied with the courts ruling it is difficult to see how the court will allow the President to reverse his earlier compliance and ask for extension of time to implement reforms that have already been legally made the proclamation in the Gazette. Its either the Heads of State are ignorant or they realized they were dealing with ignorant politicians. Can the court reverse its own decision without an substantial material changes facts. Can the court be asked to endorse an illegality by allowing a situation that it has already judged to be in violation of the constitution to persist and what significant changes will the 14 day extension period bring or most importantly since parliament last day will be outside the period required as extension The only material fact is the 14 day period coincides with UNWTO conference so its an attempt not to have elections during this period. Finally the courts will definitely view this application as an approach with dirty hands to endorse the contempt sentiments expressed by some respondents to the constitutional court who have vowed never to accept the 31st July deadline threatening to override the decision through SADC, AU e.t..c or finally boycotting the elections accusing the president of arrogance by conforming or promising to respect the courts judgement.

      1. John Ndebele, you seem to base you response basing on what the herald is telling you, I would advise you not to waste you time reading herald.Mugabe has agreed with the summit and he is happy to go back to the Court to seek an extension.It would be a disgrace for the Nation to accommodate a two week conference at the expense of the Nation’s freedom right, just ridiculous to give such an excuse.If they are free and fair elections they will not even affect the conference infact that will cement our marketing our resources as a destination for conferences.Conferences will not make us stop breathing , we are not the first to hosts conferences like these, electioneering process is about candidates revealing their manifestos and voters choosing what they think is best options for them.
        Within five days we will be knowing who won, and if there is going to power transfer ,then all will be arranged .UNTWO will not interfere in any political situation, elections are not about war, its a peaceful democratic process enjoyed by civilised society, it is not the end of the world for anyone.
        When the President confirmed he was happy with the Summit ,we believe he would implement the requests of the Summit, again you have to know that his request to the court is not only from himself but he has to agree with other leaders of GNU parties.As we all now know that all times Zanu tries to find its way to manipulate.
        If we base our judgement on UNTWO, next will be because we are receiving a big shipment of Zupco Buses!!! What I am trying to say is now its time we have to catch up with events in the real world, leaders come and go , we need proper policies which govern or guides those gorvening us to follow.The UNTWO conference has to go on and election process has to as well , better two weeks before then we know results before the conference!!!

        1. Hamadziripi what exactly did SADC say about the judgement and seriously what reforms can be implemented within the 14 days that they have failed in the past 5 years, and are still failing to implement now. The dates of the elections remain those proclaimed while the fate of the extension remains in the hands of an appeal by Patrick Chinamasa and the decision of the Concourt to that appeal. The right to vote politicians of ones choice is a democratic right derived from the constitution according to the judgement it is not a privilege accorded through the political will of certain politicians. In extending the time line the Concourt will be condoning an illegality that the judgement Mawarire vs The President and others have ruled against. Courts deliberate on the interpretation of rules and regulation not on appeasing political egos. The Constitutional Court passed a decision on the timeline of the executive in terms of the constitution that decision found that the President by not proclaiming the election dates in time had violated the rights of the applicant however considering the complications the president was granted a 30 day reprieve to address the wrong. Does a thief enjoy the right of protection from courts to hold on to stolen loot for a period or is restoration of property or right a matter of urgency to the victim. Some of the the respondents have already indicated unwillingness to comply with this judgement and for the court to ignore this would be undermining its own authority. while engaging on an ego trip. Unless the Minister introduces facts that are material and fundamentally different to those existing prior to the original application whose knowledge would have affected the courts decision had it been made aware these there very slim chance to warrant a review the judgement stands.

          1. By the way Ndebele, the GNU was formed not because there were no courts, but because there wasn’t an agreement on how free and fair elections are to be done. So this GNU had to come up with a clear road map, that is a clear agreement on a free and fair environment in which elections that will not be contested again a done. Hence the need for reforms before the elections

          2. Some reforms were not implemented in the last years…not because they needed time but more because Mugabe and Zanu couldn’t be bothered. Now they are…because the cat is out of the bag.

          3. Just as a point of interest what would the Concourt do if these dates were not met for any reason? This possibility of this can not be discounted. The Presidency (executive authority) is shared between three principals, so in sober enviroment, the suit is not against the person of the president but the government, hence the need now for Chinamasa the Justice Minister is being asked to go to court.

          4. I am sorry John Ndebele taking law in a manipulative interpretation does not take wrong into right.Twisting situation because it suits your interest and trying to rush ademocratic right of people , also protected by law and just ignored on this judgement.We have to take the whole process of elections into account, by giving such a short time without considering the process on the ground is irresponsible and defeat the whole purpose for the rule of law, it will end up as manipulation of law!!! You might give excuses on the process of the voter’s roll its not yet complete and have to be reconciled and balanced or verifications, besides that again look how the aliens issue is being processed by Mudede.
            Reforms you are quering about , these are issue on GPA agenda and mandate for GNU and will enable for the process of free and free elections.We cannot let Zanu to pick and choose at their will, we are not want the attitude of fake elections just to mock the nation, we need a proper policy for the process of free and fair election not disputed by anyone.Why would be Zanu rushing for sham election they know very well they will be disputed.they have to commit themselves to what they agreed on the Global Political Agreement.We do not want the elections to be disputed after because it doesn’t benefit the nation but a few in their illegal deals with conning rich nations.
            Material which is fundamental is there for the minister to present to the courts , doesn’t need a lawyer to see it.The same way he appealed for extension of those three constituents, procession of voter’s roll and GPA issues.
            We have to be real to respect the rule of law not the manipulation of law to suit your personal desires which are hazardious to everyone.

          5. Ndebele, I just hope you are level headed for the purpose of all fairness in judgments and arguments, not necessarily throwing away your line of argument, but looking at what we want to achieve as a nation. By the way, WHY DID WE GET INTO A COALITION GOVERNMENT, was it a result of democratic elections. How did our courts allow that to come into effect, with what provisions of Zimbabwean law in the Z.a.n.u. p.f government. Is it not true that con-court had to endorse and implement many amendments to suit what had been proposed by SADC. My understating is SADC is not dealing with legal laws f Zimbabwe but the political crisis in Zimbabwe which requires us all, including the courts to harmonise the differences

        2. solid thinking,i like it

      2. You are one of the people who can really understand the situation on ground ndebele. i have been wondering if all these idiots from open sip, to kiyakiya and a bunc of followers what really thy were celebrating for. Instead, they have just been simply told that the Con court holds the key to this issue, and its the same court which they said overstepped its mandate. Its so pathetic how confused these guys are. If at all, the right people to celebrate are ZPF, because they are the ones who
        ignored this GNU SHIT, AND INSTEAD OPTED FOR THE COURT , OF WHICH SADC HAS ENDORSED, Either deliberately, unknowingly or foolishly.

        1. I like your social network name, Reason, but your statements do not show the same. If you have an argument show reason and substance. you seem to be full of offensive texts, and political hatred. Lets use reason to show and challenge whoever.

      3. @Ndeble- You do sound quite competent in these issues..What about the extension given to the authorities against the by elections of the now famous three? Why would the supreme court refuse this humble request, its only 14 days anyhow.?

    3. munorwei zambuko

      sadc shouid stand with us coz tingashatirwa nemaponda

  4. no ranting please you majority tribe your mwana wekumusha mentality has killed all prospects of development people a suffering you think any party will put food on your table. Now mdct you are in the corruption band wagon ,what will claim to have corrected in history , 17 sitting mps losing primaries? The gravy train is smashing , lets see how your new broom will sweep.

  5. The way to go now is a grand coalition. I think after considering everything Welshman has also been a hero of this struggle. Biti says he fought like a terrier. Let’s let bygones be bygones and forge a fomidable front to defeat zanupf with such a majority which will allow us to remove those limitations inthe constitution which were imposed by zanu pf. I would like to suggest that given his history Weshman deserves one of the vice presidential positions in the new government. Remember he was the sg in the united mdcs. Denying him his deserved position on the basis of the split makes us no better than zanu pf which denied a founding father of nationalism Ndabaningi Sithole hero status on similar grounds. A coallition predicated on this would be very powerful. After all with zanu pf out of the way there would be space for everyone. The same applies for priscilla and other senior members of the mdc who were senior members of the united mdc. People would only be against this for selfish reasons but let’s all focus on the bigger picture. We can always fight our small fights with zanu pf out of the way otherwise we will doom our children to a future under an oppressive zanu pf. We should realise that voting for mugabe is voting for mnangagwa bcoz bob will hand over power soon after winning.

    1. @Magame, you are naive. We in ZAPU will never be in a coalition with white Rhodies. Suka wena!

      1. I am not sure a Zapu member would use this Rhodie language. Typical zanu pf. Zvatyisaka. The prospects of a coalition are really scary to you.

        1. Nebuchadnezzar

          Don’t taint ZAPU with your selloutism, ashol Magame.

      2. Nkomo had no problem with the Whites Dixon you racist!!!!!!!!

        1. Murambahundi Gukuratsvina

          Nkomo had very big problems with the whites, shasha. His ZIPRA guys shot down two Air Rhodesia Viscount planes on the Hre-Kariba route and guess what….those planes were full of WHITES. Hahahaha

    2. Magame, although I agree with you on coalition but I beg to disagree with you in terms of power or position.One thing I would say yes these people you are talking about have contributed a lot in the struggle , however I would not like to go back to the same problem we are facing with Zanu whereby they think buttering people with positions would cover everything
      and all is forgotten!!!
      We need to seek implementation of rules which opens up for any Zimbabwean with merits will be able to achieve.The two leaders you have mentioned Morgan and Welshman they all have different talents and their talents if used together can be so strong and can produce such a good force, however they also have their weakness which also can destroy everything they could built.Let it not be a coalition for the sake of it , but lets make a guideline policy so that we will not have a worse problem than we have today.
      And also let us remind these leaders that it is not about positions of power, but to make a complete change of gorvening.The desire for Zimbabweans is to keep their power not to be manipulated by leadership as we see today.Lets give our leadership a challenge and also monitor them that they are implementing our wishes as they promised.We should mnot surrender our democratic rights to anyone, just because he or she is charming, we must monitor the daily events on the ground.We were sleeping for the last 33years , we are awake now and what has happen must not again, this will told our children’s children.

      1. 101% in agreement. Leadership should not become like a right it has to remain on commitment and merit. If leadership goes rogue change it, it doesn’t matter who. Well said bro.

  6. Gravy Train Hwindi

    You da one who is ranting, @ Bakwena.. MDC gravy train has finally run out of gravy, only soup left…

  7. Hahahahaha! Reforms in 14 days? Celebrating 14 days? Don’t be childish please! What SAD said is diplomatic speak for confirming 31 July. Serious people know it very well that the constitutional court will not entertain that application for extention.

  8. organised warrior.

    Apparently the con court has final say. Mabharanzi arikufadzwa zvisina kana dhiri. Politics hadzidi vana vadiki.

    1. Con court has final say but the resulting election needs sadc approval that why our sovereign leader always runs when he is summoned by the sadc ‘court’. Madagascan courts made a ruling allowing 3 three candidates disqualified under a sadc agreement but sadc still insists they should not stand and sadc won’t recognise the result of the elections. Zanu is desperate for sadc recognition that’s why they agreed to the formation of the gnu after their resounding ‘win’ on june 27 2008.

      1. After whose resounding win? I am lost

  9. Matambo Silvester

    Hapana apa, the court will reject the extension request and so what? The puppets are running out of time.

    1. I think to preemptively say the concourt will not consider an extension is futile in my opinion. This election is not only about favouring a good outcome for the opposition but for everyone including the very same concourt. Therefore I believe it will be also in their best interest to provide a workable environment no matter how small it will be for its own future’s sake

    2. Your mother is a Puppet who plays on my string

    3. Do you argue objectively or just with scorn

  10. 29 June, 31st July, 14 August

    Come anytime for election we at ZANU always ready any day. Sellouts must be put in jail, together with other practitioners of major assholism.

    1. Haiwaho! “We” uri 1? Even if we go for elections now, do you know who the so called “loyal” police and soldiers will vote for. We are the people, we will vote for what we think is right

  11. Mhinduroiripo

    Zimba ndoye vanobvuma kana vanopokana. Zimba is for those who agree and those who disagree. Mwari tibatsireiwo

  12. Demons & Demagogues

    So Biti says Welsh fought like a terrier? Isn’t a terrier a small noisy dog whose bark is worse than its bite? Hahahahaha… Now wedu mdhara Bob fights like a lion, not like some small useless dog.

    1. Bad names like “Demons”, “Lucifer”, “Devil”, etc are used by Zanu pf sympathizers, why?

  13. lets use our brains, not hating others. this political game needs level headed poeple. patience is always the key. Let those destined to rule fear God not to kill poeple as is done right now.

  14. Demons & Demagogues

    @Vanhu, Who is destined to rule? Tsvanguyari? Don’t make me luff.

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    4 Lochview P school 02/07/13-05/07/134 Tennyson P school 06/07/13-09/07/13
    Team 2
    Henry Low P School 14/06/13-17/06/13 Greenfield P School 01/06/13-21/06/13
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    10 Lady Tait Primary School 03/07/13-05/07/13
    Cotton Research Pri School 06/07/13-09/07/13
    Sakubva Beit Hall 10/06/13-13/06/13
    5 Dangare P School 14/06/13-17/06/13
    19 Fern Valley P School 18/06/13-19/06/13
    9 Nyamauru Sec School 20/06/13-23/06/13
    15 Chirowakamwe P school 24/06/13-27/06/13
    7 Dangamvura Beit Hall 28/06/13-01/07/13
    17 Scared Heart P School 02/07/13-05/07/13
    16 Mt St Mary’s Sec School 06/07/13-09/07/13
    Runyararo primary school 10/06/13-11/06/13
    2 Mucheke hall 12/06/13-13 /06/13
    7 Rujeko hall 14/06/13-15/06/13
    10 Helen-mcghie primary school 16/06/13-17/06/13
    15 Daitai primary school 18/06/13-19 /06/13
    16 Makona secondary school 20/06/13-21 /06/13
    18 Chekai secondary school 22/06/13-23/06/13
    17 Manunure secondary school 24/06/13-25/06/13
    19 Mapunzure secondary school 26/06/13-27/06/13
    20 Gozho primary school 28/06/13-30/06/13
    22 Gunikuni primary school 01/07/13-03/07/13
    34 Gwamanjoma pri schl 04/07/13-06/07/13
    31 Maweza primary school 07/07/13-09/07/13
    Mpumelelo primary school 10/06/13-13/06/13
    9 Mkoba hall 14/06/13-17/06/13
    10 Matinunura secondary school 18/06/13-21/06/13
    7 Mambo secondary school 22/07/13-25/07/13
    2 Riverside primary school 26/06/13-29/06/13
    5 Senga primary school 30/06/13-03/07/13
    4 Lundi primary school 04/07/13-06/07/13
    15 Takwirira primary school 07/07/13-09/07/13
    Mbizi youth center 16/06/13-18/06/13
    14 Kwekwe polytechnic college 19/06/13-21/06/13
    6 Globe and Phoenix hall 22/06/13-24/06/13
    8 Amaveni hall 25/06/13-27/06/13
    8 Zisco club 28/06/13-30/06/13
    Rutendo hall 01/07/13-03/07/13
    5 E.D.Mafidhi primary school 04/07/13-06/07/13
    2 Torwood hall 07/07/13-09/07/13

  16. This sadc thing is losing it because the concourt is not going to take that nonsense . and mr ncube was trying to show his chishashi/mukurungai that he can debate

    1. Tsotso yemunhu

      1. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  17. “Ndevere ngarife” that was our slogan when we deployed to deal with them in the 80′s and I Will never regret killing these foreigners they hould be harassed until they relocate back to zululand and the Kalanga should relovcate back to Botswana They should follow their brothers who relocated back like Mthuli,nkosana, sifiso davengwa,peter moyo and all unpatriotic Shona people should also follow them on the great track of the 21st century down south. No ndebere will ever rule this country, we know that Mdc is their puppet why was it formed soon after nkomos’s death. I was part of gugurahundi and also worked in Magnet house in bulawayo I played my party guys lets deal with their fronts the mdc once and for all. do you know how I toss around with fomer zipra guys here in bulawayo If i say jump they say how high boss, I send them to kill any one, now we used them to establish CIO bases in south africa we also kill the Ndevere”s there in Jozi they are very fearful of shona guy. All the Malayitsha’s are now part of us. Pamberi na gushungo he shall rule until his final second on earth.

  18. Command Centre

    Grand Coalition
    President: Morgan Tsvangirai
    Vice President 1: Welshman Ncube
    Vice President 2: Simba Makoni
    Minister of Home Affairs: Dumiso Dabengwa
    Minister of Finance: Tendai Biti
    Minister of Foreign Affairs: Priscila Misihairambwi Mushonga
    Minister of Information and Oublicity: Nelson Chamisa
    Other Senior Ministers
    Job Wiwa Sikhala
    Elton Mangoma

    1. wakapenga I great coalition…. sando dzako

    2. Of all the pple mentioned above, priscilla is the worst because she cant articulate anything. Most probably u have heard her speak on issues and your choice might be based on newspaper stories about her. Ko thokozani vomuisa kupiko.

    3. Philip Tsikai Chatora

      That grand coalition may be the best option under the existing circumstances but Zimbabwe needs a vibrant democracy with several parties competing for power. Of course MT is the best person to lead the grand coalition though leaving some ZANU (PF) elements is not recommended as an all-inclusive Government is what Zimbabwe requires in order to move forward. The likes of ED Mnangwagwa (Ngwena) and Joyce Mujuru should be included in a post-election Government if we are to enjoy lasting peace. The Crocodile as they call ED is a brilliant lawyer and strategist despite the public perception of many who view him as an unrepentant hardliner. His track record as the Speaker of Parliament is there for all to see-He introduced the concept of Parliamentary Information Centres and Portfolio Committees during his brief tenure and after the Tsholocho Declaration many had written him off only to surprise all and sundry when he saved ZANU (PF) from the jaws of defeat in 2008. Like him or not the man is a shrewed political tactician thus my contention that he has to be in any post-election Government. I hold no brief for his Party but if the truth be told, the Press has dwelt on many negative aspects about him at the expense of his immense contribution to the liberation struggle. I have had occasion to chat with him at some gatherings and found him to warm and amiable. Morgiza is in a class of his own as he has made huge sacrifices for the total democratisation of Zimbabwe and he is the face of the opposition. One person I reall admire is his Chief Secretay, Mr Ian Muteto Makone, whom I worked with for eight years at the Grain Marketing Board. He oversaw the transformation of the Grain Marketing Board in the 1980s and left it in a very stable position though it has now sunk to its lowest. Mr Makone is equally a skillful strategist who should be included in any future Government.

  19. Kedo dofo…tryin t distruct us frm e OG story.atisi madofo sewe bharanzi


    1. True. The chief advisor is trying to clean up his mess in the herald. I wonder if he even went to law school coz kana chirungu chacho haagone. The correct saying is , you can’t have your cake and eat it not you can’t bake your cake and eat it. Of course you can bake your cake and eat it. That’s what most people do. Perhaps I digress but this man gets on my nerves due to his ignorance leading to his poor advice to the president.


    Now its high time for Zimbabweans to choose their future.

  22. “Ndevere ngarife” that was our slogan when we deployed to deal with them in the 80′s and I Will never regret killing these foreigners they hould be harassed until they relocate back to zululand and the Kalanga should relovcate back to Botswana They should follow their brothers who relocated back like Mthuli,nkosana, sifiso davengwa,peter moyo and all unpatriotic Shona people should also follow them on the great track of the 21st century down south. No ndebere will ever rule this country, we know that Mdc is their puppet why was it formed soon after nkomos’s death. I was part of gugurahundi and also worked in Magnet house in bulawayo I played my party guys lets deal with their fronts the mdc once and for all. do you know how I toss around with fomer zipra guys here in bulawayo If i say jump they say how high boss, I send them to kill any one, now we used them to establish CIO bases in south africa we also kill the Ndevere”s there in Jozi they are very fearful of shona guy. All the Malayitsha’s are now part of us. Pamberi na gushungo he shall rule until his final second on earth.jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    1. Certified psychopath I guess.

  23. Evidently sadc heads of state didn’t hear the lion roarng but instead heard the small bull terrier barking. Maybe the lion is too old and could only meeew mew like a small cat.

  24. Zanu mamama nekaharahwa kenyu.

  25. Whilst some of you people are busy ululating the SADC communique, the Minister of Justice has a right to accept or reject the SADC directive to approach the Concourt for a 2week extension since the SADC directive has no legal standing or enforceability status in Zimbabwean court.

    Of serious concern to me is that whilst we have renowned lawyers in the fold of Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube, who must abide by the dictates of the ConCourt,. Notwithstanding, they are busy rubbishing the verdict of the Concourt on the international arena to score cheap political points. Indeed, such untoward conduct is blatant contempt of Court and rubbishes the rule of law.

    1. AZ. Mr Chinamasa has NO POWER over that communique Dai aivanaro asina kuenda kuMaputo KUNOUDZWA ZVOKUTITA vaANNALIST.
      Unoita President waChidyausiku!!!!!? Kwete wangu. Beware

  26. Tambaoga Shirichena

    The messy facing our beloved country was averted by Sadc’s resolution that has stamped its foot down and tamed Zanu PF from stampeding the country into early elections without positive conditions for credible polls. The Prime Minister has done a good job in light of the Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs’ embarrassment of the President in front of other heads of states. Thank you Newsday staff for credible news reporting. Dumisani Sibanda and Moses Matenga keep the ethics and show others what makes a good publishing house. Let’s hope other journalists will take a leaf from your wisdom and learn to release positive and developmentally oriented reporting standards.

    Saturday’s proceedings is a slap in the face for unprincipled advisers who seek to derail the true spirit of the GPA and nation building after Sadc directed government to go back to the Court to ask for an extension from the July 31 deadline it set for elections. Last but not least, other political parties must be applauded for their inputs to defer early elections without reforms. This is a positive stance that must have been done from the onset of this inclusive government in 2009.

    1. Tambaoga, from your comments it seems you have not read the communique`. Please re-read it again then you will see that your comments are based on what you hed from Biti and welshman but not from the contents of the official summit document

  27. Its written elsewhere kuti Lovemore Madhuku aka Mad-huku went to the Maputo Sadc summit as a ZANU PF legal expert.Now we know Madhuku you are a snake in the grass! You do not have the people at heart at all! Viva Tsvangirai .viva Morgiza viva.

  28. we the minorities dont care we were butchered ,still sidelined under a fake unity accord and now the former national youth leader who punctured Joshua Nkomo’s car Mucheke stadium in1985 now turned champion of democracy calls upon other village politician join hands to unseat A liberation party without any offer. Some statements uttered without thinking later turn costy

  29. Guys i have been to a registration centre, i was shocked, how can it took 8hrs just to register a name, this is a rigging strategy, very few people are going to register especially in towns where MDC has a strong support, ZEC officers employ a go slow, this is where rigging begins, you are busy making a lot of noise on the papers, but on the ground rigging has begin Zimbos whats wrong with you, open you eyes, MDC do you have an intelligence, what are they doing, don’t leave ZEC to do it alone, very soon there will be registration of people in the Diaspora, who knows ZEC can employ CIOs to be deployed in various countries to do the whole exercise, what will they do rigging, MDC open up your eye and get envolved at every level, you are working with the cowards, MDC employ strategies and counter strategies you will win, kwete kugara muma office then you think you will win

  30. if the con court has a final say, why was the ruling on byo by-elections not upheld. some of the commentators munongowawata musati mafunga. saka unofunga kuti mahead of states aingotaura zvinhu zvavasina ku inquire before here

  31. To all foolish zanu faithfuls, this is not a difference of just 14dys. This is a major victory in that SADC will not recognise a shame election like the one Mugabe wanted to push for. Yes the final say lies with the con(fused)court, but to what good if they persist with the July 31 date which will most definately result in a contested poll result which our own regional bloc will not recognise or acknowledge?
    Chidyausiku and company have been given yet another easy out from that stupid and ill advised if not idiotic judgement and i strongly suggest they use it wisely and the same applies to our poor old “leader”.

    Just like the Rt. Hon. PM stated, no reforms no elections. Period!

    Zanu yaora!!!!!

  32. mabhunu muchapera

    zanu pf and mugabe mamama. reforms first.

  33. Lets have a coalition and get rid of the 33year monster rule.Please first voters go and register.Those who voted last time 2008 go and inspect the voters roll.Those who were considered as not Zimbabweans go to Makombe room 100 and change you ID.I know this time we are going to make it.I checked my name this morning I am just waiting for the day to change the system.

  34. “Ndevere ngarife” that was our slogan when we deployed to deal with them in the 80′s and I Will never regret killing these foreigners they hould be harassed until they relocate back to zululand and the Kalanga should relovcate back to Botswana They should follow their brothers who relocated back like Mthuli,nkosana, sifiso davengwa,peter moyo and all unpatriotic Shona people should also follow them on the great track of the 21st century down south. No ndebere will ever rule this country, we know that Mdc is their puppet why was it formed soon after nkomos’s death. I was part of gugurahundi and also worked in Magnet house in bulawayo I played my party guys lets deal with their fronts the mdc once and for all. do you know how I toss around with fomer zipra guys here in bulawayo If i say jump they say how high boss, I send them to kill any one, now we used them to establish CIO bases in south africa we also kill the Ndevere”s there in Jozi they are very fearful of shona guy. All the Malayitsha’s are now part of us. Pamberi na gushungo he shall rule until his final second on earth.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkpppppp

  35. I wonder what kind of reforms are going to be implemented within this time frame.On what grounds will the Justice minister approach the Con court to extend the poll date.It must be done in accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe and it remains to be seen which legal basis will be used.In other words Sadc was trying to say go back and solve this internally since these are matters involving the courts.

  36. con(fused) court na mad huku

    I like this. Mad huku means mad chicken to those who may not understand shona. Of courrse the highest court in the land is confused.


  38. Coalition!Coalition! Coalition! please
    Welsh,Morgan,Simba,Dumiso people want a coalition NOW!

  39. Coalition Please

  40. If political parties managed to block the devil using a coalition in Maputo ,then that coalition must be unleashed against the devil during the Presidential election.People want a GRAND coalition now please.

    Grand coalition of parties formed to face ZPF in presidential elections.
    Mhururu nemuridzooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  42. Parties hail Sadc for asking ZanuPF to go back to the Constitutional Court to have the time extended by 2 weeks! What a load of drivel. ZanuPF controls all the levers of power and are able to control the pace of any reforms. What is it the MDC alliance hope to achieve in 2 weeks which they failed to do in 4 years in the GNU? ZanuPF military dictatorship has already stated there is nothing to reform. ZanuPF will go to the Constitutional Court and get the 2 weeks extension and do nothing basically.
    The idea that security personnel should state they will be neutral in the mock elections is laughable. They will refuse to state this and will make sure ZanuPF wins the election by force. ZanuPF is not under any obligation to abide by the resolutions of the Sadc summit. I don’t see why the MDCs are going to town over the Sadc resolutions. There will be an extension of 2 weeks and nothing is going to happen. ZanuPF can choose not to register any more voters and there is nothing the MDCs can do about it. This is what is going to happen. The conduct of security personnel in Zimbabwe will not change because of Sadc summit.
    The problem in Zimbabwean politics is that civilian parties are treating ZanuPF military dictatorship as a civilian party. Therein lies the problem. Civilian parties cannot compete with a ZanuPF military dictatorship. It’s like someone trying to fight against an armoured tank (ZanuPF) with a pistol.
    MDCs should have informed Mbeki, Sadc, AU, UN and EU, way back after the 2008 violent mock election that Zimbabwe is under the grip of a ZanuPF military-style dictatorship then the whole world would have known what they are dealing with. People in Zimbabwe feel it’s unpatriotic or taboo to criticise the army which is supposed to have “liberated” the country from colonialism so they come up with this mealy-mouthed nonsense about “security sector realignment” when they actually want to say oppression by a ZanuPF military dictatorship. Robert Mugabe is just a powerless façade of the military dictatorship.

    1. You seem to have it bro. But some of these important facts need to filter to all including opposing leaders and Zimbabweans as a whole. Hence need of inclusive and extensive forums.

  43. kedo wat are u going to do next kana mandevere aenda, u are so stupid, the british should hav delayed until lobengula pushed u into mozambique and zambia

  44. Is it true that Madhuku Lovemore was part of the Zanu pf team that went to Maputo? Im surprised to say the least. I wander how much he is getting for his consultancy services- he must be charging per minute- but its painfull to realize that the same man who has been pretending to be standing for the rights of Zimbabweans is offering his expertise to a party that’s fighting the people of Zimbabwe. By the way he said he wants to form a party after the elections- he could have realized the winning team and the losing team and positioned himself accordingly.


  46. Please Newsday allow us to put “likes” and “unlike”. Some comments here are “too good” to go without a ‘like’ or a “thumps up” while some are too “Unzimbabweanish” and deserve a “thumps down”

    1. @Chokwadi – your comment would get a “thumbs down” NOT a “thumps Up” you stupid ignorant moron. What is “thumps up”?

    2. Noble idea and I Like it

  47. con(fused) court na mad huku

    We the 7 accenting judges of the confused court would like to unreservadly apologise to the nation of Zimbabwe for allowing ourselves to be used to read out a judgement written by one patricia which we purpoted to be our own. Zimbabweans know us as highly learned people who would never sink so low as to be so blatantly unprofessional in discharging our duties. We hope you will understand bcoz patricia had threatened to reposses the plasma tvs and farms he gave us to secure our allegiance on the bench. Please forgive us Zimbabwe. For and on behalf of the confused court………….GC.

  48. 31 July 2013 election day, Vote ZANU-PF! Icho!!!

  49. Mugabe had a torrid time at the SADC Summit mainly becoz he was misadvised by Chinamasa and Madhuku on the Electoral Act processes relating to Proclamation of the election date and the New Constitution. Mugabe as the State President agreed to seek an extension of 14 days to complete other processes. The problem is that it is Mawarire on behalf of Zanu pf who first went to the Concourt to get a judgment which served Zanu pf interests and Zanu pf could use to call for elections on July 31, 2013.SADC saw through all this and said Mugabe through Chinamasa must approach the Concourt on behalf of the whole govt and not Zanu pf alone to tell the Court that the govt cannot implement their Court order becoz it will be violating the new constitution. Since we have 4 months within which to hold these elections (up to 29 Oct 2013) I see no reason why the Concourt should not grant the extension. The UN Tourism conference has nothing to do with the legal processes. Those are political issues and not legal issues. Concourt has been given a chance to redeem itself and deal with Mai Phiri and Nyikadzino’s court applications all at once and as provided for under the New Constitution.We wait to see if Mugabe ,Zanu pf and the Concourt will defy SADC and the Zimbabwe govt and cause chaos.

  50. tsvangirai, you said mugabe should think about people not power, now it is your chance that you and ncube think about the people. food for thought.

  51. Asi chero mukati Morgiza hee hatimude ndezvekwenyu izvo! Ndiani akambonetsa baba Chatunga saTsvangirayi? Save muri vahombe, ndofunga kare kwenyu maive chigogodza chemunhu. Aah ini ndakutyai SAVE!Taiti ZIZI rinenyanga mupaka matiratidza imi SAVE kuti manhenga chete ayo!!!!!!!!!!! U GOT MY VOTE MORGIZA. U can count on me Dziva

    1. he is the first one to emerge after we took our land and hence has the support of the mighty West. ana Nkomo were miles ahead of chubby but were not supported due to their stance on our resources.

  52. Mutirowafanza

    Its all out in the open now. Madhuku is Zanu no question about it. What we want to know now is whether or not the rest of NCA members are also Zanu. Pleased NCA members come out in the open and tell us whether or not you are with us in this struggle to liberate ourselves from this shit regime. Budayi pachena please otherwise we will take it for granted that you are sellouts like musoro banga.

    1. Mugabe once claimed that NCA is just one person: “Madhuku, Madhuku, Madhuku! He is the leader, and he is the members also.” It might be true.

  53. Mageja Siziba

    For the benefit of the uninitiated in real-politik. As the highest constitutional court in the land, our ConCourt made a final determination on the issue of harmonized elections to be held not later than July 31st. It cannot be told what to do by SADC Heads of States, or any external authority. It values its independence in its relations to the other pillars of the State-the Executive & Legislature- in Zimbabwe & will fight tooth & nail to maintain it. It will be clear already to the ConCourt that the Executive & others will be approaching it with “dirty hands” when the request for extension is made. It is a forgone conclusion that the request will be turned down for that & other compelling reasons.

    Even with the best will in the world, how can decisions of our ConCourt need the confirmation of outsiders to make then authentic, or legal? Which country on earth accepts that its courts are subordinate to other foreign jurisdictions? America? South Africa? Tanzania? Russia? Somalia?

    The SADC resolution simply required Zim parties to diplomatically go back & sort out their problems with the ConCourt instead of bothering everyone else in the region. It is now back to the status quo. Elections will be on, come July 31. ALL parties will participate in a credible plebiscite which SADC & the rest of the world will recognize. This is why the President as an astute politician agreed with SADC to approach the ConCourt for an extension of time which he knows will never be given by the learned judges.

    1. @Majega Siziba – you stupid fool. There’s nothing astute about trying to trick other political parties by ZanuPF. The aim should be to hold free and fair elections not trick oher parties. If he is confident he can win why try and cheat others? Idiot

    2. Iwe President achasarudzwa ndewedu SEZIMBABWE kwete Con Court na”CHIDYAMATOO’. SADC FORMED THIS GNU wakadii kuramba in the first place. ZIMBABWE IS GUIDED NE UN , AU NE SADC YACHO
      ONAI MBERI maZanu PF.

    3. Why was the GNU formed if our systems are so foolproof. There is always a moral interpretation of the law. Baba Chatunga “won” the 2008 elections so why did he invite the prof and Tsvangson. Baba Chatunga’s “victory” was morally wrong and needed the real winner to legitimize him. Besides I see BC doing the same again. A disputed election and another GNU where he will tell everyone, umwe neumwe (MDC, Zanu, ma China, generals, Gono) paangaari. As the commander in chief he will declare “as you were” before the elections and see if anyone will complain. The only new thing will be Tsvangson will be given the other vice president post, remember ZPF has not resolved this issue because its waiting for Tsvangson. The generals will have to start saluting Tsvangson and Bob will have fixed his legacy.

    1 Some of these Parties/People are NOT genuine see WHAT HAPPENED IN “MDC-MUTAMBARA” NOW MDC-NCUBE.

  55. Hippopotamusshit

    at least there are some people who have their senses intact not the hoard of Zanu Pf side kicks who think that the presidential flatulence is odourless. thank you SADC for the order. it may be obeyed or ignored as usual but at least you have made the madman understand that his decree is a nonstater. its a shame coming from a president who has a law degree. so much for being educated. let the games begin.

  56. Nebuchadnezzar

    Coalition of Asshols.

    1. Murambahundi Gukuratsvina

      You are full of turds, Guluva.

  57. The President agreed to consult the courts, I think that is a noble gesture, he showed that he is willing to do what is best for the country, he showed a willingness to take it in the chin like a man as opposed to what most thought he would do. A point to note here s this, SADC did not make a ruling, they cannot. All they did was to request the president to approach the court with the aim of seeking a 14 day extension.

    This is the million dollar question to those celebrating SADC’s move: Who has the final say in this matter? Is it SADC/GPA or Constitutional Court? Does SADC have the jurisdiction to overrule The C.Court’s decision in Zimbabwe? Did they?

    The ‘coalition’ is its own worst enemy, they have put themselves in a very tricky position. They now hope for a favourable decision as far as the 14 day extension is concerned from the same court whose ruling they rubbished before the SADC leaders. Whichever way you look at it, a court ruling was made by the C.Court and it is constitutional and it is legal; that is why SADC is on record saying they acknowledge the court’s decision.

    I wonder what’s next. Whatever happens, we need peace and unity amongst ourselves no matter who wins this election..

  58. Murambahundi Gukuratsvina

    Go back to Zululand, assholist dog.

  59. Murambahundi Gukuratsvina

    @Guluva, go back to Zululand you assholist turd.

  60. lets do this thing we ar with u PM

  61. @ Chin,the extra two weeks will allow registration of voters to end on the 9th of July as per Zec schedule.Registration was going to end on the 28th of June according to the electoral act,the day when the nomination court was going to seat giving a premature death to voter regisration. Now you can imagin the number of people that can be registered in ten days.Its quite a big number he?Maybe a million new voters he?This is part of rigging he,reducing the number of voter registration days.Vanyangira yawona.

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