Madiba’s illness ‘painful’: ANC boss


CAPE TOWN — South Africans should take a moment to send their thoughts and prayers to ailing former President Nelson Mandela, ANC chief whip Mathole Motshekga said yesterday.


In his opening remarks in the budget vote debate on the presidency, Motshekga described Madiba’s poor health as “painful”.

“Millions across the world share our love for Madiba and I am sure that he is kept in everyone’s prayers. We wish the family much strength during this difficult time,” Motshekga said.

Reference was made to Mandela’s 100 days speech to Parliament in 1994.

“Down the years, human society has pitted itself against the pestilences of poverty, disease and ignorance. Progress has been achieved while reverses have also been sustained.

“It is incumbent on South Africa to be in the company of those who have recorded more success than failure,” Mandela said at the time.
Motshekga said it was because of Mandela’s vision that MPs should debate the presidency’s budget in a way which was in the public interest, and lived up to the mandate given to public representatives by millions of South Africans.


  1. Mandela sold out the struggle. He is a hero for whites because he protected their ill gotten interests. May the Lord forgive him.

    • mhofela, you need help. Madiba is an old man, dont be selfish. Let him rest. As he wont rule or do anything for anyone, its now becoming expensive to keep him alive and the number of people working around him around the clock are making easy money out this old man. ANC are wanting to use him to win elections, just like they are doing here with Mugabe. Its all about power

  2. Its sad at times, when people are asked to be praying for an Old man, when we know the bible says, 70 years is the length of life given to man. Mandela is 95, which is a grace period of 25 years over the limit. Sorry to say, this is breaking the Heaven Law, and he is now an illegal alien on earth. God blessed Mandela with long life, let us ask God to take him, because now he is in pain and not enjoying life any more. This is not being cruel, but Mandela shall one day die, he can’t live forever, we should be selfish to be praying for him to reach 100 years and what is he going to be doing for anyone? The next closest person in age in Mugabe. The true leaders who stood the test of time, unlike what we now have, people wanting power on a silver plate, and give the country back to corporates, how sad really.

    • No matter how old they are, we do not wish a person dead in African culture! As sure as we can be that they will die, we don’t shout about it. Let God’s will be done

  3. His illness is devastating indeed. We pray to God to give us strength to care for him even in his last days on earth. Its not our duty to determine that one’s time is up on earth. May be in the encyclopedia of Gukurahundi it is. That’s cruelty to say his continued living is an expense to the nation. Why do we torment his family with such reckless comments? His family needs comforting. Lets comfort them in hard times like these.

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