Live Updates: Zanu PF primary elections

NewsDay Online team gives you updates from  the Zanu PF primary elections being held country- wide.

Updates by Cecilia Kamuputa and Tinotenda Samukange


'Ballot boxes' used in Kwekwe.
‘Ballot boxes’ used in Kwekwe.

18:04 – In Mutare South, Nyasha Chikwinya beat the sitting MP Fred Kanzama.

18:02 – Kadoma – Counting has now started after delays in voting yesterday Owen Ncube wins Gokwe-Kana constituency beating current MP Busi Ngwenya.

17:58 – In Buhera West,  Oliver Mandipaka has been declared winner. His challenger Wilson Nzuma claims massive rigging and says he will challenge the results.

16:05 –  Marondera Central constituency – Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairperson Ray Kaukonde has won.

 16:02 – In Chegutu East, Zanu PF political commissar Webster Shamu has emerged triumphant  against John Mafa.

15:57 – In Buhera North, sitting MP William Mtomba triumphed  while voting is progressing in Mutare South.

 15:26 – In Makoni South Mandiitawani Chimene  has won.

15:18 Harare – Onesmo Gore has won in  Southerton.

14:44From the readersPaita nyonga-nyonga paUnit D Chitungwiza primary elections. Mamwe mazita oshaikwa vanhu votadza kuvhota

14:25 – Win Mlambo romps to victory in Chipinge East. Adam Chimwa wins in Chipinge West while in Musikavanhu Joshua Murire triumphed.

 14:09 –  Makoni Central/Bikita West – Uncorfimed reports says Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa and Businessman Munyaradzi Kereke have won in Makoni Central and Bikita West constituencies respectively.

 14:07 –  Trinity Munowenyu has won the Mutare Central Zanu PF ticket.  

13:52 – Chivi Central MP Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana has lost to Ephraim Gwanogodza.

13:35 – Redcliff Constituency current MP Isheunesu Muza falls to Haris Ncube results yet to be announced.

13:12 – In Zhombe constituency former MP Daniel Makenzi Ncube was uncontested and in Silobela businessman Mthokozisa Manoki Mpofu won uncontested.

12:45Kwekwe –  In Mbizo Constituency Moses Murada won after polling 1248 votes over his nearest rival Onisimo Zhavairo with 635.

12:36 Kwekwe Central constituency – Masango Matambanadzo won with 1578 votes against Conelius Mupereri’s 883 votes while former Kwekwe Executive. Mayor Stanford Bonyongwa trailed with 497 votes.

12:29 – In Kwekwe constituency Masango Matambanadzo  has won the bid to represent Zanu PF in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

12:20 –  Chinhoyi – Voting is continuing this morning while at some centres counting has begun. Unconfirmed reports says Businessman Philip Chiyangwa is leading. Richard Chafausipo one of the contestants is alleging irregularities.

11:52Makoni West – Minister of Agriculture  Joseph Made has failed in his bid to represent Zanu PF  after he lost  to Kudzi Chipanga  by a margin of close to 1 000 votes.

11:48 – Chipinge South – Enock Porusingazi claims victory after beating facing  five others.

09:53 –  Mutare – Voting continues this morning  in Mutare South and West. In Some parts of Mutare West,  sitting MP  Fred Kanzama said voting started this morning because there were no ballot papers and ballot boxes.

Wednesday June 26 – 08:31Kwekwe – Results coming in show that in Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s wife Auxilia won the right to represent the party for the Kwekwe senate seat.

18:48Kwekwe – Voting continuing at Chana Primary School in Mbizo. Anyone with an ID now being allowed to vote after the voters roll was said to be in shambles.

17:42Guruve – Primary elections in Mbire have reportedly been postponed to Wednesday due to the late arrival of ballot papers.

17:22Chiredzi – Elections officials arrived around 1600hrs at Chitsanga hall,Musikawematanda and Chiredzi christian college but voting has not yet started. Voters are complaining of possible rigging as it is getting dark and electricity has just been switched off.

17:04Redcliff – Disgruntled Zanu PF supporters allege rigging and say the party’s voters roll is in shambles and should be discarded.

16:22 – Voting yet to commence inRafingora because Marian Chombo’s name is not appearing on the ballot papers. People still waiting to be advised on the way forward.

15:58 –  Chiredzi – As at 1445, polling was yet to commence  as there were no ballot papers and ballot boxes. At Chiredzi Christian College there were less than 50 people. The rest had gone back.

15:53 – Kwekwe – Polling station at Amaveni  has been closed as factionalism takes toll. Supporters of one faction locked outside. While Zanu PF is conducting primaries, voter registration is also taking place .

15:50 – Zvimba North – Max Chipindo whose huts were burnt   had been threatened during party meetings for supporting Marian Chombo. A woman  accused of tempering with ballot papers was also arrested.

15:40From the readers – “Ballot boxes just arrived in St Mary’s so it’s game on here as we speak now”.

15:30Bindura South Nyava It is Remigeo Matangira Vs Venenzia Madhake. Ballot boxes are said to have arrived at 1300 hours.

15:15Norton – There are complaints about voters being turned away. Voting started after 1300 hours due to the late arrival of ballot papers from Chegutu. School authorities are said to have denied Zanu PF permission to use their schools which led to some wards having their elections in open spaces.

15:10 Kadoma – By 1400 hours, voting had not yet started.

15:05Chegutu Urban -Voting started at 12:30

15:00Chegutu rural – The primaries are confusion-marred with voting still to begin by 1300 hours. People were anxiously waiting for polling officers to arrive but others were already leaving.

14:03Chipinge lowveld –  From the readers “There there is nothing too tavekutodzoka kumba isu. Tabvira kudhara takagarira muna mwaChecheche chiregai timirire wavachatipa wacho handiti ndivo vanoziva.”

13:57Zvimba North – Polling yet to commence in Zvimba North where Ignatius Chombo is battling it out with ex-wife Marian and President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Edwin Matibiri. Marian Chombo’s supporters now threatening to boycott polls.

13:55Mutare-Voting yet to commence, officials still trying to sort out ballot paper issues.

13:52Rusape – At Vengere Hall people are yet to vote since there were no ballot boxes and papers in the morning. Boxes are now here but there are no ballot papers yet. Just over 30 people are gathered outside the hall. 13:50ChimanimaniFrom the readersTichakangomirira hatisikuziva kuti chii chirikuitika. There is no action here.”

13:49Zvimba – Two Huts belonging to a Marian Chombo supporter were set ablaze last night near Katawa secondary school on the way to Rafingora.

13:33Kwekwe – Clashes between rival factions clashed at Mbizo 7 over alleged imposition of candidates. Voters being asked to write the name of their preferred candidate on the ballot paper as there is no provision to place an X. At Emthonjeni in Mbizo voting yet to begin.

13:29 – Zanu PF chairman Simon Khaya Moyo says results from the ongoing primary elections to be announced tomorrow at 10 am.

13:22Mabvuku – Voting progressing smoothly at Chikurubi.

13:01Marondera – MDC-T Mayor Farai Nyandoro has declared he will stand as an independent legislator for Marondera after two of his favourites out of twelve wards aspiring Councillors won to represent MDC-T in Marondera Central thereby shattering his dreams of becoming mayor of the town.

Zanu PF leadership on Sunday directed all provinces to conduct their own elections and source their own funds for logistics Mashonaland East province sourced 8 000 litres of petrol and printed 900 000 ballot papers some of which were delivered this morning.

The province also assisted the police with fuel as ZRP was incapacitated. Mashonaland East governor Ray Kaukonde confirmed the development saying the house was now in order and voting was underway.

12:22Epworth – Voting progressing well at Domboramwari.

12:04 – In Chinhoyi voting is yet to start as the officials to conduct the voting are yet to arrive on the scene. No voting material such as ballot papers. Only a few people observed at Chinhoyi vocational training, Hunyani primary and Chikonohono primary.

12:01 – In Chegutu, voting is  yet  to start. Officials running around buying buckets to use as ballot boxes.

11:53 – In Chikanga -Dangamvura constituency at Beit Hall in ward 7, less than 20 people were present around 1000hrs when NewsDay visited the area.

11:52 – In Mutare Central and Chikanga-Dangamvura constituency voting process yet to start. Voting was set to begin at 7 am but by 11am there was still no activity.

Zanu Pf Provincial spokesperson Charles Samuriwo said the delay was an administrative issue as well as a strategy to contain double voting by members

11:44-In Norton by 11am no sign of voting had started .Candidates said they were still waiting for the poling officials to arrive from chegutu.

11:37 – Mbare – Voting has begun. Tendai Savanhu’s supporters turning away supporters of another contestant only identified as Mashiri.

11:33Gormonzi –  There was chaos at Chinyika primary. By 11 am nothing had happened and some delegates had begun dispersing. There was heavy police presence in anticipation of violence.


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    3. Makorokoto E Gwanongodza for winning primary elections I am excited about this may God help you destroy MDC formations in the next elections. Thats Good.

  2. Political leaders should desist from candidate imposition! Why do they want to exercise parental guidance(PGA) over other parents? We, the people, have a right to choose our representatives. Impose and lose!

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  39. kuRaffingora ,Great Gain farm maballot papers asvika na6pm ,more than 200 voters go back home without voting ,they was big choas

    1. Raffingora ! Mbora musango kana mai Chombo vasina kupinda

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  46. Unit j chitungwiza zengeza constituency ballots arrived early but chaos started when names of pple died in 2010 appeared tactical rigging only a few had their names on voters roll. Some vowed to vote for opposition if they dont get a chance to chose their candidate there was large turnout but one tenth of the pple who were there voted some lost patience coz of disorganised bt three quarters dd nt find their names bt instead names of their dead relatives& some relatives who ar outside the country

  47. Musakwa has failed n u want to impose him on Bikita West. Dr Kereke has a lot to offer. Give him the chance otherwise bora musango. Zanu PF mupangwarire ipapo. Kutopa MDC mukana pachena.

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    No voting 6pm mt darwin south. No ballot papers. Schools used as polling station. No learning. To vote Tuesday

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    I wonder if HE RGM voted in the primaries or his name was not on the roll in Zvimba or Borrowdale. Give us latest on the last few in Zanu because:

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  54. One aspiring MP only received the shock of his life when he discovered that his name was not on the Ballot paper. Haa ma1. Itamba wakachenjera, iwe zvaunotipa update taura nawo maMP candidates utiudze. Ini ndotoridza Tafadzwa nyarara.

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    If what I gather through this informative paper is anything to go by,there is chaose in Zanu Pf.It then becomes a paradox that Chindori Chininga died for reveling that a lager part of our diamond revenue goes to the elite in Zanu PF.The likes of Obert Mpofu,Emmerson Munangagwa and Chiwenga have failed to bank role their party’s primary election. I guess all idiots who still support Zanu PF have been presented with practical evidence that the former ruling party comprises corrupt individuals whose focus is wholly on personal aggrandizement while the Zimbabwean population is wallowing in poverty. On a different note I am happy that Zanu PF is setting a precedent before the watershed election that national IDs are authentic substitutes for a below standard voter’s role. What’s going on in Malaysia/Singapore? Kindly keep me posted please.

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  61. But you see what gentlemen & ladies, I also witnessed a situation where in Ward 4, at Jersey gardens, some meter boxes were switched off by unknown culprits during time of votes counting. It sounds as if people of the same part are enemies but we a trying to come up with one contestant. Now, supporters to the losers will automatically vote for the opposition MDC. So for MDC to win, its ZANU PF which paves clear way for it. I was very disappointed by that scenario last night around 8p.m.

    Now people are saying most of those who won in Primary elections did vote buying, which will lead us to lose because people are disgruntling. Guys rectify this.

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    Varikushupikirei isu tisingazovasarudze pamafinals.

  63. New Generation

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  64. We are going to see more than 1 candidates per constituency representing ZPF

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  69. The Talking Voice

    Imagine a parliament without Paul Mangwana,Joseph Made , Elias Musakwa and Ignatious Chombo. Who will fire mayors now? ZTV and Herald are reporting exactly the opposite of what we are seeing on the ground, I don’t know where they get their news.

  70. Mr. Editor. I wish you could learn to report facts. Not heresy. Please dont do this guesswork reporting come harmonized election day. Be professional. I beg you.

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  77. Masvingo south ward 30 votes were seriously riggied, pple from other constuencies were ferried to vote for matakanure. There was no voter`s role. To everybody`s surprise, the number of votes are more than the number of pple who casted their votes.

    1. Its true that rigging also affected the senatorial results for Masvingo,it was clearly what we call day light robbery

  78. Plz update us abt kwaNhema Shurugwi

  79. kana Tongai Kasukuwere apinda aaa bhora musango

  80. New Zanu PF on the way…

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  82. the high turnout is a warning shot to MDC.Gore rino mairasa.Muchasahaya pekupinda nekunyara.
    Kuma Comrades i say lets send them packing.Manje Blair na Bush navowo vakabaya.vachadzoka vokumbira ruregerero.tichavaudza kuti Guvhu rako ndere Zanu pf.
    But ON YOUR KNUCKLES DOWN!!!!.GIVE US 1000 GOOD pressups.!!!

    1. it will be a clash of the titans

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  84. The great babylon will fall, cant wait for the great Zanu to fall, kwakwakwa we love this, thank Mr. Paperman Forgive for using that name I am nothing like that sorry maZimbabwe Amahle, I have been busy trying to figure out what we will become after the election, or after the death of our president, you now we should prepare our self for the worst and hope for the best, zimbabweans we are suffering in the diaspora, i do not have a decent home, am in sudan, what kind of life is dat, i also would like to come back home please Zimbabweans vote that man out I appeal. On the other note i do not know, there is a website with Jobs like this one Zimbabwe Free Clasifieds and Jobs can iet a job there, help out people

  85. ko Matebeleland

  86. taona kuti kana bhora rembabvu raoma toita bhora musango ma comrades


    Evidence awash shows that the primary election in Masvingo North was marred by outright irregularities. A candidate, Davis Marapira who had lost outrightly, trailing behind two candidates,Thomas Ziki and Mudukuti, was announced as a winner. This was because Marapira was Mavhaire’s bootlicker.

    Correct results that arrived at the Provincial Directorate were as follows:
    1. THOMAS ZIKI – 3063
    2. MUDUKUTI – 2618
    3. MARAPIRA – 1571
    4. CHADEMANA – 1216

    Come to think of it. Such rigging amongst themselves. The cock shall come home to roost.

    Food for thought.

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