Leo Mugabe seizes Chinese firm

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s nephew Leo Mugabe has been ordered by the High Court to surrender business premises he had seized from a Chinese firm on Tuesday last week.

Report by Charles Laiton

Mugabe is accused of having unilaterally taken over 5th Floor, Coal House at number 17 Nelson Mandela Avenue where offices of a Chinese firm, Hwange Coal Gasification Company, are located.

The firm’s lawyer Everson Samukange accused Mugabe’s nephew of applying the “laws of the jungle” and that it was Mugabe’s actions that prompted the Chinese firm to seek the intervention of the courts.

“He (Mugabe) had taken the law into his hands. He had no court order authorising him to act in that manner. He was applying the law of the jungle, that is the reason why we went to court,” Samukange said.

On Wednesday last week, Mugabe is said to have ordered all the firm’s employees based at Coal House to leave the premises following which he allegedly secured the premises with new locks.

Samukange said Mugabe had declared to have taken over the firm with the intention of changing the management board and the whole company set-up.

Mugabe’s actions then led to an urgent chamber application by the Chinese firm seeking to bar the President’s nephew from seizing the company.

Hwange Coal Gasification Company is owned by a Chinese firm Taiyuan Sanxin Economic and Trade Company with a 75% shareholding, while the other 25% shareholding is held by Hwange Colliery.

High Court judge Justice Francis Bere on Friday ruled that: “The applicant (Hwange Coal Gasification) and its officials be and hereby restored unhindered possession and control of 5th Floor, Coal House, 17 Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare.

“The respondent (Mugabe) and anyone claiming rights through him be and is hereby ordered to maintain peace and undisturbed possession and access to the Applicant, its officials and its employees to the 5th Floor, Coal House.”

Justice Bere also ordered Mugabe and anyone claiming rights through him to “immediately and forthwith” return any documents, offices and office keys and any other such effects to the Chinese firm.

The matter was heard under case number HC4386/13.


  1. Hauna Mota Hauna Imba

    Chidofo che ZANU chaa desperate sa kule wacho. Ko waakubvuta zvinhu zvemazhingzhong sei ko? Asi zve Look East policy zvakapera? Mbavha, Demmetti.



  2. Monathan Joyo

    Haunyare here mubhrandaya iwe?

  3. like kule

  4. Ko baba vake chaivo ndiani,mwana asina mutupo?

    1. mudhidhimas mutasa

      mwana wehure uyo

  5. Joseph Chinotimba

    He stole Stewarts and Lyods, ran it down now he wants zhingzhongs

  6. Zanu pf for life. Icho!!!!

  7. andie chembiza

    gonzo na chingayi zvatoshorana

  8. Tomorrow news will be .. “New twist to Chinese Company saga”. Mark my words!!!

  9. Why do these grabbers want to reap where they did not sow?thats unacceptable truly speaking

  10. There is no rule of law ! We set the pace [precedence] but when our children follow suit we cry foul.

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    1. When one report what are you gonna do?

  12. Zvamunovaiti vanhu vasina mutupo, are you not sounding exactly like Mugabe, who has incited hatred against the Malawian descendants of Zimbabwean citizenry? Do you honestly believe there are no Malawian descendants who respect the rule of and aspire to live honestly? Surely I don’t think Chiyangwa, Kasukuwere, Chombo .Grace etc, who have pulled down the once vibrant economy by lootocracy are Malawian descendants. Cut them some slake pliz.

    1. taura hako…….we are even doing better than the so called non-bhuradhayas!!!zvobhowa mhani!!

  13. Jonathan Moyondizvo

    The brother Patreck Zhoauouwu once tried to grab some white guy’s aviary at Lake Manyame a few years back but was thwarted. These brandhaya brothers are all very greedy…

  14. Zimbabwe will not find peace as long as Zpf in its current state remains in power. The actions of Leo are only a tip of the horrendous malady in the Zpf leadership.

  15. Mr Moyondizvo, we let zpf loot for decades because of our naivety of being distracted by flimsy things like being plied with masese at independence celebrations, while the leadership looted big time. Be careful not to distract again while you are busy blasting a few mabrandaya as you call them, while the shona and ndebele are also busy enriching themselves with loot. By the time you wake up most shona and Ndebele will have enriched themselves and only 2 greedy branadayas will have attempted to loot and stopped dead in their tracks. In the end they will have looted nothing. Don’t be so ethnically hateful.

  16. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  17. The ZANU PF culture of taking away things from anyone and being proud of it is down right bad. This culture is what our children are being taught and this really spells doom for our country now and in the future. What is says in simple language is that as long as you are politically connected, are related to influential murderers in the CIO or army you can take whatever you want without even justifying your action. The likes of Leo and the well connected have been stealing public funds and propertyy yet we do not see them investing in anything worth talking about. Infact is the power was to go today these very people will rapidly turn distitute. When I see what is happening in Zimbabwe I really feel for our kids and the future of the country. There is no more pride of success achieved through hard work, what a culture we have adopted all compliments of ZANU-PF

  18. Vatorerei vanzwe

  19. When you sleep with the devil.

  20. Now they are seizing Chinese companies , its getting hilarious now! These people are surely getting stark raving mad in their pursuit of easy wealth

    ZANU ma one and you honestly want th

  22. mashotopiyana



    1. Look, Tambo Inyoka!

      Very good.

  24. Look Tambo Yenyoka

    Mhatayenyu Mukoma Liyo.

  25. so chinese are sllowed to hv 75%.wat hapenef to thr so called indegenisation.vote wisely in these elections

  26. china 75% locals25% was it not supose to be 49% and 51% resp

  27. Tambo, Look Inyoka!

    The Chinese enjoy different percentages to locals. They are our ‘friends’, you see…..

  28. Nyoka, Look iTambo!

    @Kenge you are right. This indigenisation bullshit is a game of greed and opportunism for fat thugs like Kasukwere and drunkards like Leo. Why didn’t ZANU pursue this indigenisation crap for the last 33 years? Why suddenly now? Greedy bunch of shameless thieves.

  29. i salute you Leo Mugabe for remaining steadfast to the gains of independence. Some of the chinese community are taking advantage of the look east policy to exploit our resources , that is not what his Exellence intended it to be. Today colliery company limited is on its knees because of unfaithfull bussiness practices being done by the chinese.The contract must be revisited urgently before hccl colapses.Bana bemu Hwange bamuyabula

  30. Stewerts and Lloyds, Baldwins Steel he turned them into industry tuckshops and bottle stpres now he is into another entity and this party allows that, please where are we going as a country. How can we be a sane country where business is under threat everyday and expect to move forward. Such grab tactics should not be allowed because soon we will be grabbing each other’s properties when we are done with all non-indigenous people’s. tadzokera ku stone age kwaiti she uyu airwisa uyu otora mombe dzake, owedzera nzvimbo yake ndiko kwatiri kuenda vaMugabe vakatarisa.

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